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"Reushawnda's Tribulation Dream?

June 24, 2020.

Recently I prayed, asking God to give me a dream/ vision about what it would be like on the day of his return. Instead of a rapture dream, he gave me a tribulation dream:

I was with my graduating classmates; we went on a camping trip suggested by our staff. We went, and weird things happened. 

By coincidence, I arrived there first with my dad since my siblings were already living there. The next day they disappear from the dream, and it was camping day. I saw protest people in riot gear protesting on behalf of the prisoners. 

There was a pink Smokey substance looming in the air. Things got so weird that I wanted to leave, but I needed to see where my dad was, and he wasn't picking up the phone, and I got scared. 

So my car was trying to be stolen, so my friends and I left in my car to escape. I called my dad's friend on the way to ask if he'd seen my dad; he said no.

When I arrived at the western Church, my mom's ex, who is associated with the military, was there and seemed suspicious with the other officers and law.

Leave Now!

When we were about to leave, there were other students from the camp arriving at the church, and my friend was trying to warn them to go, but deep down, I knew if we stopped for a second, we would put ourselves at risk. So I urged my friend to leave now, and I hoped my car wouldn't break down anywhere. 

We Hit the highway and went downtown to the fairgrounds where some other classmates pointed us out, and we talked, but I left with my one friend because I had this fear of being seen. I came across this place like a community center. So I and my now one friend stopped and took a shower.

Is Jesus Coming Back?

When I got out, I went outside; the sky was pink and orange mixed like an apocalypse. There wasn't any grass, only pinkish dirt that was reflecting the colors of the sky. And as soon as I hit the air, I choked; it was like my throat was on fire; my airway was quickly shutting up, and my head felt like it was going to explode; it was a scary, horrible feeling. 

I then went back inside and found my friend, and he was hiding from the officers, so I hid inside a bathroom. I asked him, do you think Jesus is coming back?  I don't remember his response, and (I'm not sure why my faith was doubtful). Then people in green biohazard wear came in and just snatched my friend right up! I was scared. 

Next, I was clothed sitting on a chimney next to a young boy/girl and their mother, they were eating, and I notice the mother putting a chip back in her child's neck after cleaning it, and I saw a black kid getting tested. I noticed how both kids were dripping sweat, so I asked aloud, "why isn't your son getting tested he sweating so hard?" 

Nowhere to Go

The mother smirked and said, he did get tested. 

So I steered away from him. Then i notice a bottle filled with a clear sticky substance that was being used as a fake to look like sweat or symptoms of whatever was "going" around. 

I panicked, realizing I had nowhere to go, and I then woke up.

Reushawnda: United States

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Reushawnda's Tribulation Dream

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