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"Dreams of the Deceased"

A Question Often Asked: 
Do dreams of death or running water mean someone is going to die?

Dezra: South Africa

Dreamed about my mother and father, who are in heaven telling me not to worry; they will come and fetch me soon.

Joel: United States

I dreamed I was searching for my mother. I heard that she was in this tomb. I found and her she was alive.

 I went up inside the tomb and went to sleep on a grave, and I suddenly saw a bright white light all around me. 

Could someone tell me what this dream means?

Nita: United States

I keep dreaming of my deceased husband; last night we were all preparing to church, his decease sister and her children were there. I also dream that my daughter and I were driving and the baby had a bowel movement. I don’t understand; my deceased husband is always in my dreams. Lord God tell me what he is trying to tell me?

Maurice: Country

I have four Spiritual encounters, all of which happened in 2020. 

  • In the first one: I saw my dead grandmother in a dream, and she took me to Heaven in a rose garden outside the pearly gates. She told me that she loved me and that she was sorry that she died so early in my life, I was 4 1/2 when she died, and she was wearing a white gown. 

  • The second experience: I saw my great grandfather on my mother's side, dead for 31 years, so I never met him. He appeared at my grandmother's bedroom door, and I asked my grandmother, who was sitting right there in her chair. I asked her did her dad have a curly mustache, and she said yes, and when I told her that her dad was standing about 2 yards from me, she was so happy and uh, then he just disappeared. 

  • My third encounter: I saw my deceased Family's in my bedroom. I saw my great grandparents and my uncle Ronny and my baby sister that died during childbirth, my uncle and my great grandparents and my uncle, also my little sister was there; they were all smiling at my sister and me was playing with me [they were all on my mother's side]. My grandmother on my father's side appeared; then, on

  • February 2021, I saw a robbin and what that means is a loved one is saying, I am with you.

Patricia: United States

I dreamt I called my childhood guy friend on the phone and wanted to come over to his house. When I arrived at my childhood guy friend's house, I didn't find him. Still, his dead younger brother was there at his mom's house; somehow, I knew she was there asleep in the room.

I had to be quiet, it was late, and it was dark. Still, it could see his dead brother on the couch clearly; he got up and said, what are you doing here? And I said I was looking for your brother. He said I don't know where he is, and he and I were talking face to face like he was alive; it felt real.

He rubbed his head, either confused or worried, but it was so vivid, don't know if he was worried about his brother who still lives, I can't remember what he was conversating to me about his brother anymore, but I know we were talking I just can't remember. When I woke in the morning, I remembered clearly I saw him and said to myself why I saw him and why I was talking to someone deceased as if he was alive.

It felt so real and Soo vivid. But what was the meaning of this dream? I know it was him. I saw him clearly face to face and heard his voice. I knew it was him. What does it mean when you dream with a person that is no longer here.

I found it weird he was my childhood guy best friend"s younger brother, and he was killed in Mexico months after arriving down there, maybe 4 or 5 years ago now. What does it mean when you dream of a deceased person?

Tammie: United States

Last night I dreamed that I was driving down a beautiful road when suddenly a huge wooden cross wit a white sash attached came flying past.

Next, I was still driving in a tunnel of sorts, still beautiful but dreamlike and fuzzy, asking myself what is going on when Jesus appeared in a bright, beautiful light with his arms outstretched. Suddenly I realized in my dream I was in heaven.

I immediately started looking for my loved ones that had passed and connected with them and was so happy; they were answering questions I have wanted to know from them since they have passed. But then I suddenly awoke.

Mary: Australia

What does it mean to have a dream of your deceased father inside the home we lived in Carrying a huge white cross on his back.

My Dream about My Deceased Mother
After my mother passed I started reading the Bible as never before. One night I prayed that God would send her back to visit me in a dream just to let me know she is okay.

Jordan: United States

I dreamt of being in heaven. I was 16 years old, aged 30 now. The dream began with walking into a huge stone worked mansion, golden, radiating light.

I was walking through the house and saw my loved ones that had passed away, my grandfather rocking in a chair, my father, who has passed away this same year, rocking in a chair. Eventually, I made it to the back balcony, In which we were centered over a street radiating of gold or a highway instead, and it was full of life.

I walked towards the street, but I was stopped by a robed Man and was turned back to go back into the house. I spent time with my passed loved ones. Then I woke up.  

What does this mean

Apthemis: Philippines

I dreamt about a family who found their mother's remains littered all around the house. 

There were teeth and bones, but one thing that did not belong to their mother was a cross with iron nails sticking out. 

The daughter brought the cross to the church, but when they got to the church, they couldn't bring it in. There was a force that kept the cross from entering the church.

 The girl then hugged the cross with iron nails so that she could bring the cross inside, but she couldn't. Then she nailed the cross into her toes with a four-sided ninja star, but still can't get the cross with nails to the church.

Emmanuel: Nigeria

I use to see my late mother in my dreams. She passed on to Glory more than five years now, but I use to see her almost every time in my dreams.  In the dream I had last night she is throwing a stone and wood to me, and I dodge it, and it hit my junior brother. 

Please, what could be the meaning of this type of dreams. 

Gina: United States

My husband passed unexpectedly over a month ago.  I had my first dream of him in a familiar room but different because one of the walls were windows with sun rays shining there and the room was white. My husband was standing there, and I went to him putting my arms around him laying my head on his chest asking him,  are you ok,  and why did he leave? Before there was an answer, I woke up.

Tamara: United States

I had a dream about my deceased grandmother. She was smiling and hugging me. In front of the home of our family, Mother and siblings grew up in.

 I told her I missed the family times; it’ was always happy moments and she has been missed. But I felt happy, and definitely, she was as well. It’s been over twenty years now.

Ime: United States

I had a dream of my deceased father who passed away almost one year ago. I was walking into a church when suddenly I see the back of his head. I step closer towards him, and he turns around and looks at me. I rush over to him because I was so happy to see him there! I look at him, and there is a soft light around him. I grabbed his hands, and he is looking at me. I then look at my niece and ask her if she too could see him! She did not look towards him. Then I woke up! I looked at the clock, and it was 1:11 am. I feel at peace, and I'm filled with anxiety...not sure why.

Misty: United States

I have been having dreams now and then about people who have passed away. And it’s always very subtle, but I realized my dreams are about those who have passed on; the dreams seem relatively short and not scary.  I dreamt about an aunt who was sitting at a long table who didn’t speak or say anything to me, but in her life, she was deceptive and controlling. Then I dreamed last night about a friend I had visited in the hospital who had already died many months ago   I’ve probably had five dreams about deceased people over the past nine months. Then in the shower last night I thought I heard heavenly music very distant…   Then when I started to enjoy it, I heard some weird, eerie music, so I began to sing and praise God and then it left. I’ve been asking God to help me remember my dreams, and I have been about the past few weeks, and I have been journaling them... but dreaming about seeing dead people is strange to me. I need some help to clarify. Thank you! MistyMike: United States

I had a dream last night that included my deceased parents, with my dad in a red shirt and me feeling like he was in purgatory.  He came into a parking lot and then disappeared.  All of a sudden I was lifted off the ground and was flying and I could feel Jesus and was calling out his name.  I landed in my aunt's house, and she had the whole inside painted and called me to a porch to ask if she could use that room for herself.  The porch had my mother’s piano that we have in our house.  It was very vivid, and I woke up with tingles and goosebumps.  Any ideas on interpretation?

Asmeret: Canada


I dreamt being back home I believe. (Eritrea). And I think it was time to come back to Canada that’s where I leave in real life. For some reason, I felt my uncle ( deceased was my favorite one) was on the bus in front of the buildings. I asked him to get off the bus he was in. He did, and I opened my purse and gave him $100usd from the money I had in my purse and told him “take this will help you with something “ because deep down I was feeling guilty that I didn’t visit him on my stay. I mean I felt he was alive. He didn’t say a word the whole time. And I believe he went back to the bus. I am of a Christian faith. I pray that the Spirit of God will reveal the meaning of the message. God bless.

"Graham's Dream of His Mother

Ascending to Heaven"

This is Graham's dream of his mother ascending to Heaven 

Debra: United States

This wasn't a Jesus dream, but l just had a special friend die, and l asked God to let him come to me in a dream. l hardly ever dream but that night in my dream there was a curtain in front of me and when l opened it there stood my friend, and that was it, dream over!

Barbara: United States

I had a dream about my grandmother who is dead. We were at church I was looking for her she was in the back when I was about to go back there she walked out in a black suit with gold in it. She was singing in the church choir she and some more people were separated from everybody else. But I only saw her really on her side and the other hand we ordinary people. She and I were talking then church started, and my grandma was singing what does it mean me having this dream?

Laura: United States

My pastor died. He was an apostle. In the dream, we were in heaven. He showed me a robe and one angel wing,  what does the dream mean?

Nikki: United States

My deceased father and uncle always visit me in my dreams to protect me. In my last dream, my deceased Uncle came to me and told me I am called to preach.

Madhavi: India

Saw Jesus lifting my deceased baby in his arms.

Gabrie: Lebanon

I saw my dying father looking not that old, but with a dark black beard saying I do not have any more money, I proposed to give him.

Sharon: South Africa

Good day, I have many spiritual dream encounters. This dream is frequent. I dream of 1000  dead people standing in front of me. Then I start praying, "Eternal Father, I offer you the most precious blood of your dearly beloved son our Lord Jesus Christ, in union with masses said throughout the world, for all the sinners everywhere for sinners in the universal church those in my own home and within my family. Amen. In my sleep  I can recite this prayer, and the 1000 people disappear, and a different lot of 1000 appears, and I repeat myself.

NANCY: South Africa

Last night 27/03/18, dreamt about my late mum. We were in the fields, and I saw something like a helicopter coming to where we were sitting. The man who approached us was Jesus, and my mum ran towards him. I felt very dirty and sinful, so I kept my distance. As he was coming towards me, I shouted please don't come near me I'm am a sinner please forgive me. Then he replied you are forgiven. Still, I couldn't go near him as I was really afraid of my sins. Then he called a group of women, and he started teaching us about how to forgive each other. What does that mean anyone who can interpret for me? 

Chukwunomso: Nigeria

In 2016 I dreamt I'm in a church praying with some group and behold a corpse of a little baby was laying in a casket. Then I looked at it and shouted to Jesus, and the child was restored to life.

Stephanie: United States

In my dream, i was driving, and I thought I was driving really fast which was dangerous. It was dark outside, and I was told it was going to rain badly. I was told to go inside a house to protect myself from the rain. While I was in the house, it started to get darker. I then looked outside, and there were some white lines in the sky. After that, people that have passed away started to come down from Heaven. They started talking to me, and I thought to myself whether I was dead or alive. I was waiting for them to tell me I was dead. They then went back up to Heaven, and I asked myself if my children were with them. I thought that if my children were there why did I not hug them or kiss them. However, I was not sure if they were with those dead people coming down from Heaven. I then woke up from that dream. Thank you! Please get back to me soon.

Emy: Philippines

He night before my birthday, I prayed that I hope God would give me another chance to see my grandpa. More than that, I saw Jesus Christ up in the sky behind a moon. Everything was all white, but I could see clearly that it was him. I was so in shocked that I couldn't even believe that it was him. In my years of existence, I never thought that this is the best birthday gift that I could ever receive. Though his face is not clear. I know that he wears all white down to his knees. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ

Maria: Canada

Drempt of deceased sister in law was wearing all black with a black veil

Karen: United States

I certainly hope I hear an interpretation to this...well...I'm not sure how to describe the end feeling..but I felt peace, (I never wanted this dream to end)resolution and proof that there is a higher power. Well..that is my belief..however..I truly can't wait to here the replies to this dream

So...here goes.

On March 19th, 2016 my 46 yr old brother passed away from liver failure...heavier drinker then we knew with liver enzymes elevated ten yrs prior. We were at the time estranged. On April 20th, 2016 I had a "dream."  The first thing that happened was that I dropped to my knees...I had no control, and it felt so real.  The next thing I noticed was that my arms/hands extended and this brilliant gold light beamed from my fingers/hands.  I was in awe at that and then looked up...I could hardly speak..but I wanted to so badly...it was if something was controlling what I could say and when I could say it. When I looked up I saw a figure ...and above the figure were more lights.  These lights flowed in many different colors.I noticed that the figure I saw was changing its attire..especially the hats.  I recall a hat that looked like the hat on the captain from Slippers seafood.  As I struggled to figure out who was standing in front of me..it hit me..and I was able/allowed to speak...and I said.."Roger"? (My dead brother's name) and he said ..yes.  I was still struggling to form another question.I had So Many and was feeling I was only allowed a few questions.  Then..I simply said...I love you..and he said...I love you too Karen..I can't for the life of me recall my next question..but the last one I asked was..are you happy?

Then the lights began to fade...ever so slowly, and he.bowed his head and faded...without answering me.  I just remember feeling after this that it was all ok between him and I...and the peace...omg...I can't even describe it.  

I look forward to knowing what happened to me in this "dream."

Thank you 

Jane: Canada

After losing my sister, i dreamt I was walking, and skipping so happily with her holding hands on bright green grass. Sky as clear blue could be. The air was so light and clean. I felt I was in heaven with my sister. I was so happy to be with her I didn't want to leave. She told me I had to go back it's not your time yet you have your daughter to raise stop searching and believe. I'm fine here I can watch from above.  I woke up sad then happy because I felt in my heart I had been in my sister's heaven. Was that a sign from God showing me through my heartache?

Maria: United States

Dreaming of my deceased favorite uncle standing on a beach, with his hands stretched wide toward heaven. I'm always starting from his back side, then going around him and seeing his face.

Gladys: United States

Dreamed was sad laying on the bed sides way,  over my wedding dress. When by surprise my deceased husband arrived got on the bed towards me I hugged him with tears of joy to see him, he smiled and hugged me, too! Then I woke up.

Anthony: United States

Two weeks after my grandfather passed away I had a dream about him. In my dream, I woke up at my grandparent's house and saw my grandfather sitting in his wheelchair with his back towards me. I was confused trying to puzzle all this together. So I walked towards him and asked him "Whats wrong" he then told me "Elena(the nickname he gave me) I am lost. I replied "What do you mean lost in what way are you lost?" He replied again "Elena I am lost look" from there we walked to this dark world. No sign of life just dark and plain. It was like walking in the streets with sunglasses with nobody but you. In that dark world, he had both his legs which were amputated before he died. I can't recall what exactly we spoke about. I was trying my best to guide him. I then prayed the Lords Prayers once I began to pray the Lords Prayer. I see a small dot of light emerge out of nowhere in front of my grandfather and me. It opened up fast with lights and fog looking. I cant explain the lighting Its something I've never seen in my life. The fact I was in a dark place and lights to emerge from nowhere and no blind me surprised me. On the side of the light, I saw a man figure in the fog and saw my grandfather walked towards him. Once he crossed I woke up from my dream. What stayed stuck in my mind was something about Hands of God, Gracious Hands, Holy Hands, Right Hand, Blessed hands. I don't recall what exactly it said, but it was along those words. I cant explain this dream but just to Acts 7:56 or why it happened to me.

Merissa: United States

When I was a little girl around 7 or 8. I was standing in a line in heaven and I seen other peoples loved ones picking their family members and I look up and waved at someone and then I felt a hand on my shoulder and told me don't be scared I have chosen you to be in my family and then he left and then picked my brother and so on. I've been having that dream for a very long time, and sometimes it adds more each time I have the dream. Sometimes I know things I would never have to know if it hadn't been for that dream. I told my mom about the man that chose me. She told me that was my grandpa. Mind you I never met my grandpa on my mom's side. He had died five years before I was born. Can anyone explain this dream, please?

Patricia: United States

I just woke up from a dream. My Mom and I were traveling south along the coast when we ran into a lot of snow. It was not a storm. We got out of the vehicle to step into the snow. The snow was nice and warm, yet it did not melt. Mom and I played in the snow, throwing snowballs at each other. Then I saw a bus. I ran up to the bus to ask if my Mom and I stayed along that route, would we reach our destination. His answers were not relevant. Then we saw a young lady or girl, asked her the same question, and she answered in the affirmative. Overall, it was a pleasant dream. It was a whole lot of snow, but we seemed to enjoy it. 

My Mom transitioned into glory last May. I am her only daughter and her caregiver. We lived together for over eight years. She was 86. 

Before taking this afternoon nap, I was in heavy Worship and Praise. I love the Lord.

SAL: United States

I dreamed that my deceased husband and I were on a bridge and he was talking to his cousin about seeing him at church, the cousin responded I would see you on Sunday. All of a sudden my deceased husband and I were swept away by a wave of water. We stayed on top, tossed two and fro. Eventually ended up in a ditch of safety and from there to a house of safety.

Phinah: South Africa

My daughter passed away in July; she had cerebral palsy whenever I see her in dreams she is either trapped in some place like a cave or crying the next one a lady told me that she has turned to a ghost because her soul is restless.

Glenda: United States

I dreamed about my Mama she just recently passed. She was kneeling down and holding a big lock in her hand that was attached to a big treasure type chest, and her face was really clear

Kimberly: United States

A month or 2 earlier I had asked my dead grandfather in law to tell Jesus to please give us a baby. I said that he was closer to him then we were. Well I went on about my life and thought nothing else about it until one night I had a dream that my dead grandfather in law was sitting a bar and behind him were two cloaked men. I could not see their faces, and my grandfather-in-law just sat there with a smile on his face. He never talked. The cloaked figures, however, did talk, they said: "she's late, she's moody, she's pregnant!" They weren't talking to me directly, but I knew it was for me to hear. Sure enough the next day I found out I was! I know what this dream means, I was just wondering if you had any idea what the cloaked figures were supposed to represent? I feel like this is good news and my grandfather-in-law was trying to let me know that he did pass the message along and he was a very religious man who deeply loved God. However, the dream took place in a dark bar which is weird because he never drank. So Idk if these were good cloaked figures or not. They had no light radiating from them as angels would, but they seemed to predict things I did not know.

Geraldine Furlow: United States

My brother passed away in 2001 and my sister 7/2016 at first I was just seeing my brother just his smiling face. Then yesterday I started seeing my sister 10/4/2016.shes on a train riding with a sweet smile on her face. She's wearing this black dress with white designs.I preached her services. She looked at me and simply said Thank you.

Stacy: United States

My friend dreamt that his dead mother prayed in tongues over him. What does that mean? He said it felt real.

Lucy: United States

My son has been having dreams first one was about actually seeing someone sitting on his brother's bed he wasn't scared he felt very much that it was a visit from his grandmother he believes very much that he was awake because he called out to me.I turned the hall light asked if I could see the dark shadow on the bed before I turned the light on I told him, no but he was determined to talk about it in the morning.Then he said after I turned off the light the figure was still there then this thing slowly crept to his bed and held him he told it just to leave and all of a sudened he seen orbs everywhere then that the person went into this big orbe so big he said that it lit his hole room but he still felt like this person didn't want to let go so he said, grandma, if it's time for you to go that he would watch over us and that everything was ok suddenly all the orbs and the big orb surrounded by a blue light left peacefully, and he knows he was awake.The day after he did dream of her and that she was looking at dad and said that he looked good and young and that she had faith.Next time she was old again, and at first glance, she had one eye like a Cyclops but then she was back to normal.Next one he dreamed that in the house rain was coming down so hard that you could barely see anything through it in this dream he called for me and his father I told him that not to worry everything is alright and he and his dad went outside, and it was clear as day.So why is he seeing his grandma so much and what does all this mean

Yhasmine: Bahamas

I lost my adult son at age 22 last December in December 2015; it's so hard going on, al I can think about is how much I miss him. Lately, I've been dreaming of him and this one dream I had a few days ago, made me wonder if he has been trying to communicate with me. In my dream I was lying on my bed, and I picked him up and placed his upper body on my chest, he was deceased in the dream, all of a sudden he was alive, and I was so excited. He was wearing a long sleeve white shirt, and I called my sister and said he's alive, somehow I was outside by a wall with him, but all of a sudden, he was a baby about one, and he was sitting on a wall wearing a short white set. I picked him up, and the sun shone so brightly behind us. He was just laughing, and I started tickling him in his hand, and we were just laughing together. It's the happiest I've been since his passing; I need to know the meaning because it may mean something important or his way of telling me something. Any reply would be appreciated.

Yvette: United States

Dreamt of standing before a tan, white and brown mixed marble headstone with a beautiful live red rose suspended in the middle of the headstone. There was no name or date on the headstone.

Wilson: United Kingdom

I lost my mother September 2015, and I had a dream that she told me she was being driven to meet my brother,  but when she got there Jesus was waiting for her. I can't stop thinking about it wot was she trying to tell me ???


My brother died of suicide.

I found Myself in heaven in some room of infinite proportions.

To My left were people moving toward and past me to some unseen place where I knew they were going to greet my brother. I also knew I was not allowed to go with them. To My right were white covered tables as long as I could see and there were children sitting in chairs on both sides of multiple tables.

Through the crowd, moving between them and toward me was my long deceased Grandmother. She asked me, " what are you doing here  my baby?" Like when I was a child.  Gentle, loving.

She took both of my hands and sat me at the end of the first table with two chairs. In the other chair was a boy child who said his name was Matthew.

On the table right next to ours I saw two grown ladies in white robes standing behind it. On the table was a two-foot stack of papers. Floating down from nowhere pages kept appearing and fluttering onto the stack of papers. The papers were righting themselves in a perfect attack as they fluttered down one by one.

I stood, and they beckoned me to Look.  As I stood, the stack completed. On top was writing and I could understand some of the words and sentences. One of the women stamped it with a seal. Like it was official.

I could see it was my brother's life contract.  That it was finished. Done.  I asked what it was and they told me it was my brother's life assignment. That he had done his job and done it admirably.

I could see the Word Eden like an address. Some ribbon shapes the stamp imprinted on it. One said "complete."

 I understood his work "for this life" was done, and heaven was going to welcome him back. Back home. 

The air was thick with joy and happiness. A celebration. Then I woke.

Cynthia: United States

I had a dream about my best friend/cuz.We were having a conversation about her moving in with some New guy she had met recently. I asked her if he knew, she said, what? That I'm spoiled rotten? She smiled and said yes, he knows! You know my Mother, (my aunt Idell) already told him right? And she and I laughed like, we haven't laughed in years! She died from complications of AIDES! And I haven't dreamed of her in years! Please tell me what it means! I had the dream early this morning. June 7th 2016.-And when I woke up, it was around 7:45 am. Thank You in advance.

Mrs. Cynthia A Smith

Emma: United States

My husband recently passed but he comes to me in a dream, I ask him questions but know answers. What does this mean?

Elizabeth: South Africa

Hi, I normally dream either breastfeeding a baby or nursing a baby. A lot of times God does give the meaning.But lately, I've dreamed of my late sister dressing me up or doing my hair .for my wedding. She looked happy .i've lost a husband to death just after my sister .ur was both unexpected deaths both people that believed in me.I am engaged to be married .please tell me the meaning if my dreams .thank you.God has always given me answers ti my prayers.

Jenny: Nigeria

In my dream, I saw coconut milk kept in bowls to throw away because I couldn't get oil from them. All of a sudden I had much good oil; was excited in the dream and showed my mum and my late sister (who died four years back). Even used some of the oil to rub my hand.

But my late sister kept pouring out the oil and wrote a list of coconut in it for us to make another oil. Was angry with her in the dream. I am really worried; would need and interpretation of the dream. Thanks 

Cynthia: United States

I had a dream where I was flying when I realized I could fly anywhere I wanted; I ended up in what felt like heavenly clouds above the earth. There were people sitting around in a park-like setting in the clouds, everything was beautiful, and I seemed to be conversing with them mentally. I have a deceased sister that I called out for, I saw her in the distance, but she wasn't aware of my being there. What does this mean

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