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"A Dream about My
Deceased Mother"

Hello, My name is Greg, and this is about an experience I had after my mother passed away! (My mother was actually my grandmother and my best friend!) She had passed away, and I was devastated; I mean you can lose friends, and it hurts! But to lose your mother is a totally different experience. 

After she had passed, I started reading the Bible like never before.  About a month later I woke up one night having a rough time.  Shortly afterward my wife woke up and we started talking about what was on my mind; after about 2 hours, I said that I wanted to get some sleep before the kids woke up! 

My Dream

After fixing my pillow, I said to my wife, "I wish God would allow my grandmother to come and visit me in a dream just to let me know she is ok."

I'm not sure how long I was asleep but remember waking up in my dream to an alarm clock and saying to my wife; we have to get the kids. We had left the kids in a field below our house all night, I know, crazy huh?

As I was walking over to our kids, I saw an old man and woman standing at the edge of the field, and I heard a voice say,  "we have been here all morn watching those girls chase butterflies."

Man in a Tuxedo

After getting the kids in the car and the doors closed I looked over to see a little old man sitting next to me in a tuxedo with no shoes, and I was instructed to drive! But before making it to the end of the road I was wondering who he was, and how he knew about all the things he is telling me? Because he knew everything about me, (and everything else)!

He had me drive to the hospital where my mother had passed away! We entered the hospital and were walking up an incline, with him still talking about things that only I was supposed to know! 

My Mother

At the top of the incline were family members that weren't actually my family members! For instance, my brother wasn't my brother my wife wasn't my wife and same with other family members. 

They were saying, hurry up she's waiting on you, and I  asked, who's waiting on me, and where did he go, and they said, who? At that moment I saw the little old guy in the tux with no shoes turn to go down a hall, but he stopped, looked over his shoulder and without a word, just a nod, and smile and his facial expression, said to me, (I gave you what you ask for). 

I walked in the room to see my mother setting in a chair, and she looked at me with a smile on her face. Without speaking her facial expression said, "awwww I knew that you would be worried about me, but look, Greg, I'm fine;" 

I was blown away, she had no wrinkles, and her hair was so shiny you could see your reflection! My neighbor and my aunt who had passed before her were there. This is how I know it wasn't just a dream! 

My Wife's Grandparents

I kept telling my wife that I knew what they were saying to me. After three or four days of repeating this, she said, ( Greg that's telepathic). She explained that in heaven you wouldn't need to speak by words that it would be telepathically! A few weeks had gone by, and she was reading a Christian book that said you would never see someone in heaven that hasn't already past! That's why it wasn't my brother and wife etc.  I knew them as my brother and wife but different people! 

About a year after that experience, we were looking at family pictures, and she flipped through the photo album, and there was a picture of her grandparents that I had never seen, and it was the man and woman who were watching the kids chase the butterflies! I knew it was them because he was wearing liberty overalls and was much taller than her grandmother, the same two people! 

There are people on earth that don't believe in God, and I feel sorry for them. I try and share my experience with everyone I come across because I think Jesus came to me that night and he was the man with no shoes! I hope someone gets something out of this message! 

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A Dream About My Deceased Mother

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