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Dolly: United States
My dream started with my husband and I in a casino trying to learn a new cardgame that does not exist. The dealer told me to learn the game on a videomachine across the way. I was reading the machine trying to understand the game when it all of a sudden turned into a purple roller coaster and to mysurprise I was in the center of a carnival.
From a tower in the distance my name was called so I approached the tower and a man told me to go to the top of the tower. The steps were on the outside of the tower and I was hesistant but needed to find out who and why someone was calling my name.
When I reached the top I went through a doorway into a small open room where a grey haired older gentlemen in a bright silver suit with a beautiful smile and an older woman with blond hair, who, although she was elderly she seemed so young to me.
The woman took me towards an open cement wall. From where I was standing I could see everything as far as you could see. I looked towards the sky because there was a brilliant white spot, and all of a sudden the sky opened up and thousands of beautiful angels came out like a flower blooming in the morning and theykept coming.
There was no end to these angels. As they covered the sky like butterflies they grew larger and I got a better look at them, and I was in awe. Their eyes were a beautiful piercing blue and they were ever so perfect. All I could do was smile and I was so happy as they acknowledged me as they passed.
In the distance, as the angels were continually covering the sky, I saw gold-like sparkles spotting the sky, and as I looked at each one they would open and I saw St. Anthony in one, The Sacred Heart in another, Moses, a golden angel.
Before I could continue to look at each gold sparkling area of the sky, the sky opened up again and the four horsemen appeared. They were so large, and myheart fell. But as they came across the sky the horsemen disappeared from their horses and all the horses turned brown and gracefully galloped off into the horizon. It was a beautiful dream and yet all day I have been grasping for answers.
Every morning I pray for mercy on the world, for strength and guidance. I pray to keep the world in love and to show us how to love each other. The Archangels to protect us and all Angels and Saints to come to our aide. As beautiful as it was, I find it disturbing.
I have drempt of angels, and although they never speak to me, I know something needs to be done that is coming my way to handle. Usually pertaining to my personal life.
I am hoping someone may be able to help me understand this dream. It would be greatly appreciated.

  • J: United Kingdom
    I was in my bedroom and this was being 'printed' out on akind of scroll on the wall for me to read:"New Testament 55-56 57-58 59-60"I cannot find anything that might relate, and wondered if you could help, as ithas stayed in my mind and feels like it should mean something to me.

    Melinda: United States
    I dreamed it was a bright sunny day. And I was walkingout my driveway in which goes toward the East. I look up and clouds are rollingin...and I see an image, and it was Jesus returning. I have had a few dreams ofJesus returning. In another vision it was like I died and I was floating towards my front door.And as I am about to go out the door there sat my papaw on a stump...telling meit was not my time to go yet. After that I woke up quickly!

  • Tshaki: South Africa
    In my dream there was this old man who often attends at our church and is apreacher of the word. We were on the raod and he was walking behind me. As wewere walking he asked not in words that where is my white collar(the oneussually warn by reverends). In reply I asked him where his was because I feltthat it was not neccessary for me to wear that as I was not a priest or reverend.
    I keep on thinking about this dream

  • IMA: Bolivia

  • Matthew: United States
    Before I went to bed I was texting this girl who i am trying to pursue. Thatnight I felt so anxious because of her. When I fell asleep i dreamed about talking to my brother, we were both dressed up all fancy. I remember in thedream telling myself I finally got her. Then I remember I was lying on the top level of a bunk bed with only a white mattress with no sheets. I looked up and there was a showerhead above my bed. The showerhead had a control panel with buttons. I pushed one with the number 3 on it and water sprayed me in the face. I don't remember anything after that besides doing a one arm planche, (a strong gymnast hold i have been training).Interpretation(according towebsite)The showerhead spraying me - reciprocalconsummation(marriage/sex)
    White bed - holy, peace
    Number 3 - holy spirit, new beginning
    Me and bro dressed up - celebration
    One arm planche - achieving my goals
    I think the dream may be about me marrying this girl. She is a godly girl whom I admire so much, but she's so distant. I pray to be with her. Marriage is what I want more than anything, and this is basically all my desires coming true.My brother is my best friend and the one arm planche is like a very highachievement. I have been praying to God to communicate with me through dreams.All i can do is wait. I would appreciate anyone's intake!! thanks

  • Coby: Netherlands
    On April the 19th 2012 I woke up at night and couldn't sleep anymore, so Istarted praying in tongues. I saw a bright light and got the words 'He shallreveal the future to his servants.' I fell asleep and dreamt they were afterme, tried to put me in a sort of rehabilitation centre/ concentration camp, but Icould just go my way, but at one point I couldn't escape anymore. They came atme, like Nazi's, they wanted to give me a shot and take me there, but I said:I'll just come with you. My children were there separately, I saw them, walkingbye. Somehow the people that had to look after me and my children werefriendly, but it was not nice everywhere. Then I saw a two calendar pages 20and 21 December. God bless you,

  • Artur: United Kingdom
    I had a dream not so long back, I was in a van with this man ( who'm i'dnever seen before) and we are driving on country rounds, then we finally stopin a small field with what looks to be a broken down water tower. We both getout and he guides me in to the tower. Inside the is a small chair with a bookon top of it, I picked up the book, opened it, but instead of words there arenumbers placed out just like words would be, in sentences and paragraphs. Ilooked up at the man to find out what this was, he had plain clothes on, darkhair, but distinctive burning reed eyes, I asked what this was, and he repliedvery driely, this is the book of revelations, read it!...... A couple of dayslater I went to the local library to get the book and have a read, it took agesto find but in the end I got it. It was the passage of John, the weird thingwas that a man with burning red eyes came to visit him, to take him up toheaven and told him to right down what he sees and hears.........would be intrestting to find out if this mean anything

  • Anna: United States
    "Dream of a Bright Light" The Bible says you will be handed over to bepersecuted and put to death. I've noticed those who are counting on a pretribrapture never read this verse in the Bible, nor do the preachers ever mentionit either.

  • Gylinda: United States
    I had a dream of a bad car accident and my cousin and his friend was injured. The car blew up but they survived the accident. I prayed nothing like this happen to anyone, but this feeling and dream just will not go away. Can you tell me what this mean?

  • Jamie: United States:
    I saw my husband and and i with a newborn baby.

  • "Spirits and Demons" by JoJo - A short Christian article on how, through Christ he was able to break a terrible 6 month vision or encounter he had with a strange realm of spirits.

  • Zak: United States
    My dream started off in a school. I was walking down the hallway of s schooland as I was passing a classroom, I looked in. The class room was full ofstudents. One student in particular, a young black girl had a toy of somesorts. It looked like a small disc that was red, white, and blue. She sent ittwirling in the air and it landed at my feet. The teacher got mad and told herto come to the front of the class. As she was getting up, I twirled the toyback at her. She looked at me and said "your a brave one". Instantly, I wastransported to a boat in the ocean. It was like a tourist sight-seeing boat ofsorts. I was sitting next to a woman and her young boy. We looked over to ourright and a submarine popped up. the ship captain came over the intercom andsaid something about it but I cant remember. But then another submarine cameinto sight. This one was much different. Unlike any submarine I have ever seen.On the side I believe it said "Plymouth". Anyways our boat comes up right nextto it as if we were going to climb on board. We stand up to climb aboard andthat's when the water around this "sub" seemed to be pushed away and a door onthe underside of the ship opened up and sucked us in. Two men helped pull usin. Then the door closed. And I could hear the water crash back against thesides of the sub. Then we started diving. I could hear and feel the moans ofthe sub as the water pressured built up. As we went deeper, it felt as if everymolecule in my body was vibrating. Then I woke up. I am baffled by this dream.

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