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"Dreams of Out of Body Experiences"

Janess: United States

In my dream, it was pitch black, with only a patch of light where I was stationed, and there was a brown stained carpet and a brown couch beside me.

It was a third-person dream; I could see myself crying, rocking back n forth, praying to God. My prayer was incoherent, but I knew I was praying because of my hands.

I was also shaking, but not just me; the room was shaking too. I was in an unnatural way, and then I woke up in a pool of sweat.

Shannon: United States

This was no dream. I was not asleep; I was tired but sitting upright on the couch. I was about to get up when an entire scene flashed before my eyes; it lasted for only a split second in our time.

Everyone knows what an intrusive image or thought is like in a flash... but not this. I was lucid and felt like it was at least 10 minutes in real-time. I don't understand, and it's bothered me to this day.

The feelings were determined but mournful and exhausting. The sky was oscillating dark red, purple, and brown pigments.

The moon was the most vivid red, with a giant chunk missing like something took a bite out of it, with pieces of it floating all around. And the moon was also literally hovering lower than planes fly.

Looking around, I was somewhere east; pretty sure it was Jerusalem cuz that just makes sense. The ground was covered in rubble, and massive chunks of stone from what I'm sure was a temple.

People were all around, all praying, some hitting their heads against whatever was left standing while praying, and some were praying while picking up the stones and placing them back onto the busted walls.

I went to grab a piece to help, and the wind kicked up. The moon was sitting still. Then thunder came with no lightning. No clouds, but it began to rain. It was warm and thick. I would almost feel it.

Then I noticed it wasn't water. It was blood. It got heavier and heavier, and the only thing that did was make the people work harder and pray louder. It was over as soon as I got that one piece of stone on that wall.

I would never play about something like this. I still don't understand what happened to me because I was awake and almost standing. I was still bent at the knees in the middle of standing up. And it was that fast.

I will most definitely acknowledge this was an out-of-body experience, but even that is an understatement. I felt the emotions, and I could smell dirt and smoke. I could feel how warm that blood was hitting my skin but not the wetness.... finally found someplace I could share this.

BTW this happened in 2014 when I lived in the Texas panhandle. I was spiritual and believed, and it wasn't something I prioritized... But anyway, thanks for reading, and sorry for my poor grammar.

Maybe someone can tell me what the heck happened.

Tebogo: South Africa

I'm experiencing going out of my body many times and look at my body lying on a bed, but I don't see when I come back into my body. The first time I was scared, but now it's nice because I appeared in two incidents where I saved lives.

In the first one: 

|Two guys were fighting, then my soul went there, and I saw myself holding a knife on the blade side to defend the other, then in the morning, blood was all over in the street and broken bottles, and no one was dead.

In the second one: 

 I saw myself walking in the middle of the road at high speed on the top of a hill road, then it was about to fall out of the way, and I went over on the side, and the driver managed to control it.

I enjoy knowing how to control my soul out of my body.

Rosa: United States

I had a dream on 1/8/21. I dreamed I saw two angels in the sky, heard loud winds, and felt like I left my body. 

I could not see; I then prayed and called my daughter, and two small kids, a boy, and a girl, came downstairs (she has three kids, two young boys and an 11 yr old girl). 

They could not see just as I could not, then our eyes opened, and I told my daughter Christ had come and that she needs to repent. 

It felt so real. I have never had a dream like this before.

Madi: United States

It was about four years ago; I dreamt I was in a black space, but my body wasn't there with me. Then I heard a big, intense man's voice telling me to prepare because I am the next, Jesus. It scared me & I struggled to wake from the dream.

Charlotte: South Africa

I was going through a rough patch and very depressed. Before having this strange dream or out of body experience, I noticed that there was always this brown butterfly around me.

On the night before this experience, I kept on seeing shadows quietly and very swiftly go past my doorway, and soon after, this brown butterfly flew inside and sat on my fridge.

Anyway, I only went to bed at approx.2an that morning after crying most of the night.

It wasn't long after falling asleep when I dreamt of my late parents visiting me. I do not remember what they said, but I remember telling myself that I had to get up and write the numbers that they gave me down. I had major financial issues at that time.

I pushed the blanket off of me and lifted my head from the pillow to get a pen and paper to write the numbers down when I realised that the room was engulfed with white feathery clouds.

I closed and opened my eyes to be sure that I wasn't dreaming, and I looked around the room and realised that I was awake.

I then tried to see through the clouds and noticed that there was a circle mounted on the wall before me, and I tried to figure out what it was. I noted that inside the circle were figures neatly placed around it. I focused from the centre outwards, and I saw dainty feet with legs slightly crossed; then, a shawl was neatly wrapped around the private area and across the waistline.

As I drew my eyes along upwards towards the end of the inner-circle, I saw the arms and then the face of a round-shaped baby face image with BEAUTIFUL, curly hair. I suddenly realised that it was an Angel.

I panicked, and my eyes fell on the adjacent wall, and I suddenly saw a round beam of light flicking off radiant colours of blue, green, and yellow.

I was scared and managed to get off the bed and dash for the light. Everything in the room was in order, although nothing had happened on there. It was quiet and peaceful.  I sat on the bed in awe at what I had just experienced.

I would love to know what that really meant, and I know that something supernatural and wonderful happened. Could somebody pls interpret this for me. 

Jina: India

Dreams I saw:

Years back "I saw some people, their souls were ascending to the sky, and after I saw them, I asked for my forgiveness, and my soul started to separate from my body (I could feel it like how it got separated from my body)... (only till that part I can still remember) ...

George: United States

My dream started as I was stuck in a building with three other unknown individuals. Suddenly they were being killed off one by one. When it came to me, I fought all I could, and then I guess I died, but a light came to me and asked if I'm a believer for which i certainly am. 

The voice in the light asked if I want to ascend, and I said yes, mind you, I was very scared, but I knew I had to do it, it just felt right! Suddenly I traveled insanely fast through a tube of light reached a place of weightlessness.

My "human shell" was shed, and I rotated forward and was a figure of pure golden color of light glowing, but still in my human form. It was amazing as I could feel butterflies in my stomach as this transformation took place. 

I definitely feel my soul traveled outside my body; it was amazing. I took from this dream that I need to get on the path to things that are important for the time is near. Rapture is near. I believe wholeheartedly.

Mitchell: United States

I had an event. I felt myself separate from my corporeal body, and I traveled many seemingly trillions of light-years from my body. I saw far away worlds with obvious different but distant moving forms. 

Then, suddenly I was sitting next to Jesus. He didn’t need to speak. I felt total peace. He gave total love, trust, and compassion. I’ve never felt Anything quite like this before. 

I was on his right-hand side. The communication I still have is still processing and evolving. He is peace beyond comprehension. I was only with him for a short time. I am not at a loss of words; however, it has completely changed my soul. 

I’m a man of science. I would consider this event real and would not discount this happening, no matter what my physical life entails. May my words travel to those who seek such love and comfort. Peace be with you.

JD: United States

I woke up in spirit from my body, and I was fighting death. All was black except the bright white figure next to a large deep hole that I was falling in. The figure caught me and pulled me up.

 I woke up going back into my body with intense pain like a bat had hit me.

Connie: United States

I found myself in a closed in space. It seemed less of a dream and more like an out of body experience. 

In the tomb, there was one way in/out. The walls seemed hand made because I couldn't make out stone or brick. No electricity for lighting but there was light present. 

My natural self-image of today was standing before others who looked to be from ancient times. I stood still on the ground. Only one man could see me, well, he's the only one who made eye contact. He was preparing for something and was given something to eat as if it would put him to sleep for a long time. 

He wasn't alone; another person was doing the same in the tomb. He seemed alert and in decent health. Able to speak and think clearly. His hair and eyes were dark brown. His hair was straight in a loose male ponytail. He seemed like a man made of flesh and bone, normal. 

The language spoken was something I've never heard, but that didn't matter. The story of Jesus was the only thing I could relate this too after waking up. When he looked at me, I knew who he was, and he knew I knew. 

I stood there, judging him in comparison to the man on the cross, but it seemed like two different people when based on the image alone. I was a little confused upon waking. Why show me your human form and not the mighty Jesus glowing or with a halo.

 Maybe it wasn't him; all I have is a lonely feeling. I wonder if anyone else has dreamed of him in this form of state?

Krystal: United States

I was driving down the highway with big beautiful mountains ahead of me. Then,  the mountains started exploding and falling down.

I started floating out of the car into the sky and when I looked up into it was dark and cloudy except for one area of the sky I saw beautiful lights of all different colors as if I were looking into a kaleidoscope.

As I got closer, the image of Jesus was more clearer. I reached for him, and he reached for me, but before I could touch his hand, I felt like I fell back into my body and I woke up.

Douglas: United States

I just had an afternoon dream while napping. I have been having problems with my leg, and I was laying in bed when a spiritual being entered my room. My bed was surrounded by other people also. The spirit was wearing a long white robe and was bathed in white. He came to my bedside and put his hand under the center of my body and lifted my spirit from my body and carried me into another room that was unfamiliar to me. There were three beautiful female spirits there. He told me that one of them would be my eternal companion. I then woke up back in my body. I am 66 years old and have never married. Just this morning In my prayers I had asked for personal revelation on this same matter. I truly believe this dream was an answer to my prayer.

Whitney: United States

I dreamed that Jesus and I were standing in a hospital room looking at me. There was a doctor/staff male or woman doing something on me. jesus and I were in white gowns

Lyn: United States

I was walking on the sidewalk in a grassy park. Monochrome green grass, I suddenly thought I dropped something, I retraced a few steps but couldn't find that I had.  I looked around and felt a sense of being lost.  I looked in all directions not knowing how to get back or where I came from.   
I saw out of the corner of my eye a sharp turn to the right about 100 yards away.  When I looked it, it was very plush plants and flowers on both sides. It was extremely vivid in color, blues gold and purple, and very sunny light.  
I looked back from where I'd come,  a cemetery on a grassy hill came into view and then a few tall buildings.  When I looked straight to the right to see the colorful path again, it was just dark and drab like where I was standing.  
It seemed like it was getting dark so I decided to head towards the buildings.  Winds started howling, and then the winds became long monotone Gregorian chant sounds.


I sure wish you could interpret my dream for me. I guess I would put it as an "Out of Body" dream?  Or Fear of Change?  Which scares me. 
I woke up right after the dream, and I had a sense of awe and fear about what it meant.  My biggest fear was that my heart had stopped in my sleep or something and I was supposed to walk to that light.  But I feel fine and everything. 
And I also worry about making a huge change in my life right now so it could mean that too, but in the dream, I chose to walk back looking for my life. The Gregorian chant tones were repetitive and ominous, and I walked determinedly towards the buildings for that town to not be alone. Maybe the chant was supposed to be sacred and calming or whatever, but that's what scared me. 
They started as I walked back and stepped onto a sidewalk on the edge of that town. What does a dream like this generally mean? I'm sure there's a category?

Mandy: United States

Out of Body and with Jesus
I had a dream that I left my body sleeping last night, and I went through the sky upwards through the dark to Jesus, and  I felt safe, although I was scared at first. Then I viewed cities from above with Jesus, and he showed me them..and I saw a huge shadow of the cross over the cities. I kept trying to talk to him.  It was amazing!

Mikey: United States

I've had a number of dreams about God and Jesus and angels.
I had a dream that I was suspended somewhere in the universe, and there was a white telescope that was in front of me not very long maybe 10 feet and there was a girl who I felt was a messenger or a guardian angel I don’t know which. She told me to look, and I see God use his index finger, and drew with his huge finger something that was suspended in the stars, but I didn’t understand what was written... and I was in awe of it. I was amazed at how large the finger was and how when he wrote this message in space a trail followed the message. Afterwards, I looked at another point in the sky and I saw a gold and white formation that was glowing and I felt that it was Heaven. I can’t describe it...but looked like gold and white mist and clouds with thousands of stars coming together...like another galaxy. When looking at this from such a long distance I saw what could only be described as great glory and it took my breath away. God wrote a message that I do not remember and was stuck on a word that i did not know or understand. When I woke up, I could not believe how real the fear was that I was feeling. I couldn’t describe the fear I felt, but it was a fear I’ve never felt before. It made me realize how small earth is and seeing how powerful God was and his wonder and glory that I could only describe as being so magnificent. The thoughts that came to my head when I finally fell back asleep and woke up in the morning was that He is a Just God who wants me to conform to His Likeness and answered my question of who and what a good Christian is...Jesus. 

I told God this morning that this dream did not count and if he was trying to talk to me or to tell me something in writing I have no idea. But I was in absolute awe. The last thing that happened to me in this dream I was looking at earth from another distance and the feeling of being excited to go back and tell the world that He is God and to repent and worship Him but the angel who was next to me looked disappointed and sad.  The thought that entered my mind from her was that, "for some, a sign as gracious as this, is still not enough for skeptics and nonbelievers."

Response to Mikey from Linda: United States

This is a response to Mikey: US - Dream of Out of Body Experience

God loves you. He wants you to know how awesome He is, which you became cognizant of in your dream. It most likely was heaven from a distance which He showed you.

The fear which you felt was to prompt you to respond to His offer of salvation: Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. John 3:3 (This means a person must repent of all of their sins and invite Jesus to live inside. When a person does this, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside, and the person is “born again.”)

You were shown heaven from a distance, but to “see the kingdom of God” means to be able to enter into God’s kingdom. When a person repents and is born again, that person becomes a Christian, which means “little Christ,” or a Christ follower. Jesus _is_ the Christ (which means ‘Messiah’ in greek) or Yeshua ha Meshiach (in Jewish).

The Word of God (the Bible) will then become alive to you as you read His Word. 

Jesus is returning soon to rapture His born-again believers out of this world before the wrath of God is poured out on the face of the earth.

He wants you, after accepting Christ as your personal Savior, to spread the gospel to others so that they, too, have a chance to repent before His soon return.

Venessa: United States

I usually have a hard time sleeping every night because I go to bed so early and then I wake up in the middle of the night on this particular day I kept myself up until about 10 PM I had came across something spiritual I really don't remember but It just put in a good place I prayed for everyone and I want to sleep.  I had such a peaceful nights sleep which I haven't had in a long time and I remember in my dream I looked up and I said thank you my Lord I was covered in like a hijab or some sort of head wrap n completely covered in a beautiful dark with flowers drape or shawl. Only thing that was showing with my face I seem to appear much older and I was sort of floating like in water or something and there were people around me rejoicing at that moment in my dream I felt so peaceful so holy God called me by a different name he called me Dasha I don't understand my dream but I know it was holy I felt it I felt such peace and joy in my heart and I woke up with such peace and rest in my heart I'm trying to make sense of it

Tammy: United States

I had a out of body experience years ago in my teens. I didn't feel well. I went up stairs to take a nap. As soon as I laid down I fell asleep my spirit immediately came out my body, I looked upon my body laying on the bed. I went to the stairwell I couldn't go down, so I sit on the top stair. I watched my family precede with there day passing back in foward. I walk to the window in saw my father working on a car. Then I went back to the top stair. I saw my eldest sister coming up, I went back in set by my body. I wanted to wake up, I knew of my sister touch me I would. So she passed me in went the closet, then when she was done she pass back by and barely touched me in I woke up. I still remember it like yesterday.  What does that mean.

Heather: United States

I had a dream that I was laying in bed with a long white nightgown on. I was sleeping with my hands crossed a glowing and spectacular light overtook me and lifted my spirit up from my bed though my body still laid below me, I didn't look down I just knew. As I was lifted to the sky I felt the most overwhelming sense of peace and satisfaction and I knew that it was God who had raised me from my bed. I have only just recently had a spiritual awakening and It was my best dream but I have no idea what it meant.

Amber: United States

I had a dream a few years ago that I was flying with angel wings.  My clothes were simple, just a tank top and beige shorts though.  I was flying through an unoccupied or country-type area.  The colors of the dreams were so beautiful and uncomprehensive.  The pine trees and grass areas were so emerald-type green. The sky was pink and purple, and the there were sandy-type areas that were actually golden flakes.  It reminded of an out-of-body experience that I had in May 2010 were the Lord showed me the events of the future.  As a Catholic, my Christian friend had to explain the rapture to me.  The thing that correlated with these two encounters was the golden dust sand.  In my dream, I flew to the ground, knelt down and grabbed the sand and ran it thru my fingers.  
My out-of-body experience - I was in an area that was only the bluest of skies and the most golden sand.  Years of praying for understanding of both, the Lord revealed to me that those two areas were Israel.  I knew nothing about Israel, but I sang a Christmas song, "Oh come oh come Emanuel who is the King of Israel" as a child.  The Lord first came to me when I was three, but the only thing that I gained from seven years of Catholic school was Jesus loved me and Noah built an ark. These couple of many experiences has me so intrigued of my purpose in the future. I was so sad for the passing of John Paul Jackson on Daystar because I wanted to write in and ask for interpretation.  Please respond with any interpretations that the Lord may give you...Thank you in advance


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