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"Dreams of Out of Body Experiences"

Venessa: United States
I usually have a hard time sleeping every night because I go to bed so early and then I wake up in the middle of the night on this particular day I kept myself up until about 10 PM I had came across something spiritual I really don't remember but It just put in a good place I prayed for everyone and I want to sleep.  I had such a peaceful nights sleep which I haven't had in a long time and I remember in my dream I looked up and I said thank you my Lord I was covered in like a hijab or some sort of head wrap n completely covered in a beautiful dark with flowers drape or shawl. Only thing that was showing with my face I seem to appear much older and I was sort of floating like in water or something and there were people around me rejoicing at that moment in my dream I felt so peaceful so holy God called me by a different name he called me Dasha I don't understand my dream but I know it was holy I felt it I felt such peace and joy in my heart and I woke up with such peace and rest in my heart I'm trying to make sense of it

Tammy: United States
I had a out of body experience years ago in my teens. I didn't feel well. I went up stairs to take a nap. As soon as I laid down I fell asleep my spirit immediately came out my body, I looked upon my body laying on the bed. I went to the stairwell I couldn't go down, so I sit on the top stair. I watched my family precede with there day passing back in foward. I walk to the window in saw my father working on a car. Then I went back to the top stair. I saw my eldest sister coming up, I went back in set by my body. I wanted to wake up, I knew of my sister touch me I would. So she passed me in went the closet, then when she was done she pass back by and barely touched me in I woke up. I still remember it like yesterday.  What does that mean.

Heather: United States
I had a dream that I was laying in bed with a long white nightgown on. I was sleeping with my hands crossed a glowing and spectacular light overtook me and lifted my spirit up from my bed though my body still laid below me, I didn't look down I just knew. As I was lifted to the sky I felt the most overwhelming sense of peace and satisfaction and I knew that it was God who had raised me from my bed. I have only just recently had a spiritual awakening and It was my best dream but I have no idea what it meant

Amber: United States
I had a dream a few years ago that I was flying with angel wings.  My clothes were simple, just a tank top and beige shorts though.  I was flying through an unoccupied or country-type area.  The colors of the dreams were so beautiful and uncomprehensive.  The pine trees and grass areas were so emerald-type green. The sky was pink and purple, and the there were sandy-type areas that were actually golden flakes.  It reminded of an out-of-body experience that I had in May 2010 were the Lord showed me the events of the future.  As a Catholic, my Christian friend had to explain the rapture to me.  The thing that correlated with these two encounters was the golden dust sand.  In my dream, I flew to the ground, knelt down and grabbed the sand and ran it thru my fingers.  
My out-of-body experience - I was in an area that was only the bluest of skies and the most golden sand.  Years of praying for understanding of both, the Lord revealed to me that those two areas were Israel.  I knew nothing about Israel, but I sang a Christmas song, "Oh come oh come Emanuel who is the King of Israel" as a child.  The Lord first came to me when I was three, but the only thing that I gained from seven years of Catholic school was Jesus loved me and Noah built an ark. These couple of many experiences has me so intrigued of my purpose in the future. I was so sad for the passing of John Paul Jackson on Daystar because I wanted to write in and ask for interpretation.  Please respond with any interpretations that the Lord may give you...Thank you in advance


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