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Linda: United States:

I was laying in the floor of intensive care waiting room husband very very bad with heart. I fell asleep and later woke up and saw bright lights out the big windows and there was a cross there lit up and a pole beside it with a light . It kept drawing me closers was the most peaceful thing I have ever felt. I did not want to leave .stayed that way for about 5 min. And my friends thought I went crazy from being so tried but I still fell this vision . Can you explain. This

Agnelius: Malaysia

I dreamt that I was flying in space full of stars. Was anxious. Then I entered waters, thought I was going to drown, but instead found I can breath under water, but it was dark. Then found myself on a meadow. Many colors. I can touch and feel the colors, saw my house there, and saw a cross of sacrifice. Turn my head and saw three suns.

De Andrea: United States

I had a dream that five year old daughter was laying beside me in the bed with a white Veil over her face could not remove it. It would not let me remove it at all what does this mean.

Femi: United Kingdom

I dreamt of fishing and caught two cat fishes and I was fishing in a clean water that is like very untroubled clean water lying beneath the water is a big cat fish and decided to jump into the water and catch the fish then I woke up, what is the meaning of this plz?

Terry: United States

I often have prophetic dreams. Since Oct.  2015 through march 2016, I've had 4 Religious in nature dreams

Dream 1: 

There are 3 priest sitting at a long table, I'm bringing clothes from my closet and placing on table, as I do that the priest bless everything I place on the table. Everything was blessed except for a bright red dress which they wouldn't bless and I had to return it to the closet.

Dream 2: I was standing in front of some kind of opening, someone asked me if I wanted some light I said no I had light, as I lifted my arms and light shined out from both my arms. But this person told me I always should take more light till I was filled completely with light. 

Dream 3: 

I was laying down, it appeared with no clothes on. And on my body in several places was Jesus name etched into my skin. It was relayed to me, that it was permanent and there was nothing I could ever do, that would cause it to be removed. ..it was permanent. 

Dream 4: 

I was at a party and 2 shooters were there, one shot me in my leg,  as I'm running from him screaming I didn't do anything, it wasn't me and hiding from him. All at once I stopped running sat down put my arms up and said, I am yours,  if this is my time I'm ready to go. 

Last dream was in March 2016. 

I have general idea, but this are a bit different, from prophetic dreams.

Thank you! Terry

Mary: United States

I have dreamed  a few times, of be'n with others i do not know, but it is like we are gathering others, taking them to a place of safety, constant gatherings..  then it goes to a field, one that reminds me of my aunts and their is a huge circle with people, some i know, others  i find myself in the center, just slowly turning circles to look at all these people that are gathered. there is no bad or ill feelings here.. it is peaceful,. 

Josh: United States

I was in a coffin and I wasn't really dead and the pastor was talking and as he was talking, I was in the coffin and it was hard to breathe and as they closed the coffin everything turned dark and I just started falling down and it felt like it was never going to end and I don't know if God was trying to tell me something or if it was just a dream.

Raymond: South Africa

I was talking to my uncle on a road that was apparently made in 1939 and I dreamed about the road 3 times now. Then we looked back at the city there was a volcano in the middle and there was lava everywhere. Then we got back in the car, and I was covered in lava but survived. Then I said "The hell raises." Changing my life.

Mathew: Australia

I dreamed of an old man Walking in the sky

Jeannie: United State

I dreamed of a person handing me a lit glass torch and I kissed it many times

Sonya: Australia

Dreamt of my deceaced mother handing me a necklace when I look at her it's in the rotting body stage she then blows a kiss in my mouth which is a loud whistling noise

Elizabeth: United States

I  had  a  dream, my  dream  was like  my sister  and  I  was walking  and I  hear  a voice  that  said  the earth  is on fire, before  I  could  look   up I hear  people  screening  and  running  and the fire was falling  everywhere  from  heaven  I told  my sister  let run and  we  was running  with  my  little  daughter  in my hand, while  running  we saw this  tall man standing,but he  was  not  running  just  standing  there,before  we could  get  to  him, he  said  just  stand right  there  and put your  left  foot  up and stand  on your  right  foot, and  he  told  my daughter  on his  shoulder  while  we was standing  looking  at  people  running  and some  falling  into the fire while  the  ground  open.

Anye: Sweden

This was very short i sat on my bed and half asleep and suddenly i saw like a  heavy flow of water pouring down on me.pls really want to know what this means

Peace Akanno: Nigeria

I dreamt of been pursued by the whirlwind which two guys were in it,thereafter I dont know where this speed came came from all I knew was I was uttering Blood of Jesus,lo and behold It dropped me in a church only for the guys in the whirlwind to hold me and they turned ashes,after this I shouted praise the lord there and both old and young responded,pls what does this dream means?I'll be very grateful.

Daniel: United States

I had a dream where im on this iland and all of a sudden im not looking through my eyes but rather seeing through something else. And i see a bunch of figures in brown robes. One of them had the robe down and i saw his head but not his face. He had like a yellow furry head, and half a crown on his head. 

Later on one of the robed men came up to him and said " how ya doin my furry yellow friend". He smiled but then he looked at me and said it's time. I then apear in another part of the iland with two strang girls. It felt like we were looking for something but i don't know what. 

I walked towards the tree's and i saw faces in each tree. Then a voice came out of no where saying to "wake up". Then i apear undear the guy with half a crown. 

I look ahead of me seeing one of the girls who looked like it turned evil. I look up to the guy and again i here the samr words "wake up Elias". Then i wake up.


I had a dream of beautiful grey clouds. I these grey clouds were horses with people on them, the horse were a beautiful grey also. This cloud made a perfect circle in the sky. Then I looked down to feet, a holy bI left was laying there, then I feel to my knees praying. Any suggestions?

Cynthia: United States

I have been having dreams of the diseased. My Best Friend/ Cuzzn. My children's Grandma. My Children's father! In fact I dreamed just this Morning that he was searching for me.Can someone pleas tell me what these dreams mean?

Beke Tamaraumiemene: Nigeria

I was closing my eyes and sang a wokship song in a dream for church and the members of the church day left me behind when I open my eyes and I didn't know the meaning of the dream

Augustus Boltchaga: Nigeria

God bless you Chioma. You have a message but I understand God wishes you could make more out of the materials you got. You should ask God for the "gift" of interpretation. The School, students, your sister, mother, all have been representatives of one thing or the other. The clouds, the angels, the golden colour, THE TREE OF PEAR, all have their meanings. 

It's good you got the concept, but the aim of this delivery is still concealed, at least not fully delivered. 

God gave the description of his beautiful bride: She (church) must be taught of God (school), God's spirit being teacher (Isaiah 2:2-3; Micah 4:1-2). The bride must live a spiritual life, and have a life led by the Holy spirit (your mother and sister in a home with you). See Romans 8:14. Then the obedient to God's leadership are the sons of God, the bride he is coming to rapture. Christ is coming for an obedient and HUMBLE church (the pear tree). 

What he tries to say with the Tree is the parable of the mustard seed/tree... to be contd.

Reginald: United States

I had a dream I was standing on front of a ship with my hands stretch out to the heavens. And I felt I was actually on the ship what does it means

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