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"Dreams of Flying"

Kay: Australia
I had this same dream 3 times n although I have had flying dreams in the past,  these were and FELT different.  I dreamt that I was flying above crowds if people,  I would land but then immediately trouble would happen around me so I would take off again and fly over the trouble. For days after these 3 exact dreams,  I actually felt I had literally flown in my sleep

Brenda: United States
2 weeks ago I was here @ home by myself in my recliner & I was praying. God took me in a vision to my church & we were in revival. He picked me up & I was flying around in the sanctuary & in my hands I had glitter & I was sprinkling it down on everyone. God spoke to me & said, "You are my angel", when I came out if the vision I was crying & praising God. Can you tell me what that mean?

Pam: United States
I have been struggling with worry about family members and I have been praying for them, but still was worrying.  I went to sleep, and then dreamed that I was flying high up in the clouds.  It was wonderful, I felt so free and unafraid.  Suddenly, a giant hand appeared in front of me.  I wasn't afraid, instinctively I knew that this was the hand of God.  I didn't hear a voice, but the hand reached out and touched my hand, and I touched back.  I felt such peace and happiness.  I awoke, and know that I was literally touched by the hand of God, letting me know that He hears my prayers, and is reassuring me. What a great God we serve!

Zinhle: South Africa
Good day, in the Name of Jesus.   
When the earth is wearing me down, and pressing on me, I have dreams of flying out of the earth into a peaceful place where I feel love, and a warm welcoming spirit.
In the dream I always fly as if I'm departing my body and going up, leaving the earth. It feels like I'm going to my parents house.
Once when I went there I heard a voice talking to me, but I couldn't understand. In the place was a very beautiful rainbow colour.. The clouds were like candy floating,  like a peaceful and safe place...
I responded to a voice saying, "Your assignment is not yet done, there are people who need you in their life, and there is so much to do and complete.." Then the voice said, "it is well..."
So, in all my dreams,  when the problems and troubles of this world have worn me down... I fly there for comfort. It's like my fathers house, where I can always receive comfort and love

Christal: United States
Heres one of my dreams i still dont understand.i was flying above. Earth in space as if my body were just a spirit and calling for Jesus and as i was flying i looked down to earth and saw three buildings that were abandoned and Windows busted out and i saw a huge bubble and than out of the sky a huge sword came down and at the tip of the sword was shaped like a fish and it went to the bubble but did not pop it and it hit the ground which caused a earth quake and people were running and screaming and floods were everywhere and and fire started and people were screaming and saying it was the end of times and we were all goin to drown and a man's voice said no good promised to never flood us again that we were goin by the fire this time and that is all i remember and the whole time i was above with someone who i don't know and just watching everything..

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Dreams of Flying

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