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"Dreams about Protection"

Israel: United States

From the perspective of my dream, I am looking into this dream from above, and I see myself in a gym with a clown who changes into any of your worst fears. He was going to attack as he is in his clown form, but before he could, I,  the one in the dream, call to God, and I see Jesus in front. The Angel Armies marching behind him ascend from Heaven and land on the floor, then Jesus Christ is by my side with all of us marching together, and before I can see anything else, I start to wake up.

Jori: United States 

I looked out of my house front french door windows and saw red and orange in the sky. I thought it was a North Korean bomb but then got down on my knees and started to thank and praise God.

Ariana: United States

I had a dream where I was inside a store; big box store like Walmart, for example. I’m my dream I was an employee and noticed someone had their attention on me. They weren’t staring, but listening, to my every move as if they were examining me.

 I immediately had an uneasy feeling and became overwhelmed by a feeling that I had to avoid this man at all costs. 

He was dressed in a purple/brown suit with nice shoes and a hat that was covering his face. His skin was brown and leathery, and his hair was a mix of dark and light gray. I felt that he wanted to approach me. 

Them a customer came to ask me a question. A perfect get away from this man as I was distracted by helping the customer who was also a male. 

I believe this customer was Jesus or an angel sent to protect me. Or to remind me that I am a child of God with strength and freedom. 

After I assisted the customer, I looked for any way to avoid the man. So I floated to a refrigeration station that had yogurt and pretended to be Interested in it. (Which I actually was after my dream and couldn’t remember what yogurt but the package was quart size and white with purple letters).

 I continued to have an uneasy feeling and floated up and away into what I Can best describe as the warehouse/storage section of the store. Once I landed safely and apart from this man, I awoke from my dream. 

The entire dreamed seemed to have lasted minutes but had to be less than three. Was this man Satan? Was the customer my angel sent from heaven? 

I trusted my instinct and intuition. I believe I escaped and Can feel a seance of lightness and spirituality. Am I my own angel? I have many questions about this dream and encounter.

Raquel: Belgium

I dreamed that I was in an African house that belonged to my son. He lived there with his girlfriend. She called him into the bathroom to get her hair done. She is African. The hair is very wavy, and As my son brushed it, her hair was completely flat.

Meantime, I looked at the front door of the house and saw through a small opening a finger of a black man. I told my son that he was an enemy and wanted to rob the house. My son kept guarding the door, but when I went to see the house, I noticed the side door was open because it did not have the lock, and I saw a dog scared outside. So I had to close the door without the lock.

I looked up and saw my son in the living room giving the pacifier to a baby that was in the cart; then we heard bursts of machine guns, and when I looked through the window, I saw African soldiers armed, and they killed the enemy.

Then I said to my son, "When the enemy comes against us, God sends someone to protect us."

Elaine: United States

I had a dream  I was looking outside from above looking down, and I see a man killing several people with his sword. After he was done, he came after me or whoever was in the building, but somehow I escaped and ended up in the building where the pastors were.  I was behind the pastor hiding. The pastor was praying boldly, and then we heard the news that man died.

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Dreams About Protection

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