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"Dreams about Protection"

Kayla: United States

October 6, 2021

This dream took place outside, and I don’t know where, but I remember there was a massive body of water and an enormous rock formation.

So in this dream, there was me, a classmate, and some strangers; we were walking across this big border and jumping off it to the detached side. 

I was following behind someone, and when that individual went to jump, I shouted, “No!” because I knew I couldn’t swim in the dream.

The rock shook when the individual jumped, and I slipped and fell and started sliding. 

I held onto the border for a couple of seconds, then let go and dropped into the water, but before I hit the water, somebody called out to me, and I noticed someone jumping in after me.

I was sinking to the bottom but didn’t panic or feel like I was drowning, but I knew I was. Although my body was facing upward, I could see the bottom of the water, and I saw it was very dim. 

As I got close to the darkened part of the water, I closed my eyes, but I wasn’t dead.

I didn’t feel anyone grasp me but sensed myself being lifted out of the water.

Keltye: Canada

I prayed to God to show me / protect me from evil. 

I soon had a dream about a man wearing certain clothes. He had curly blondish hair. His eyes were red in the dream. 

I met this man a year later, in 2011. He was wearing the exact same clothes as in my dream.

Also, over the past recent years, I have asked the Lord, God, Holy Spirit to give me people to intercede for through prayer. I have received well over a hundred dreams. I receive specific details which I find afterward to be true.

For example, On the same night, I dreamt about two different celebrities. I looked them up on the Internet when I woke up and found out they were friends.

God bless anyone who reads this.

Kayla: United States

I, my sister, and another woman got trapped in a bus after entering it for some reason, and the bus started to flood and fill with water. We desperately tried to find a way out but to no avail; the bus was completely flooded, and we began to drown, I knew we were drowning, but I didn't feel its effects. I started to close my eyes when I started to die, but then we were saved.

In this dream, an alien invasion was taking place, though all I remember was standing, watching the large alien drones like from the war of the world's movie with Tom Cruise making their way through. Then someone, a woman, grabbed me on the shoulder and said, "Kayla, you have the power of God in you" or "You have the power," I think that's what was said.

I looked at my hands and saw a shiny gold throughout the freckles of them, and I looked over to my right, and though I didn't see it, I knew that they had the power of God too, and they were pulling this long large intestine-like-thing out of something. I then turned around, facing forward, and started pulling and taking lava magma out of this hole in the wall.

I didn't feel any pain or the effects of the lava, and I did that for a while until I then walked over to the right and started doing the same thing. The dream transitioned to me, helping people pulling this big thing out of something; I believe it was one of the alien drones, then I woke up.

Kayla: United States

I had a dream where a friend and I were in a room sitting on the bed and talking, and I see a shadow of a person with a knife, and so I scream at them “no,” and they stop and before they enter the room, I hide under the bed. 

They walk into the room and make it to the opposite side of the room, and I crawl under the bed to the side of the room where the door is, and my friend sees me and starts pointing at me and showing the person with the knife where I was. 

I yelled, “why did you do that” and I run out of the door, passed them, and then, for some reason, I could not get out of the house. The person with the knife is chasing me, and so I call out to Jesus and ask him to help me. 

I say, “with the blood of Jesus Christ, please help me,” or something along those lines, and in my dream, Jesus Christ literally took me out of that situation and saved my life.

Nina: Israel

28 November 2020

I'm not a baptized Christian, so I don't think I count as one.

This night, I dreamt that I'm kissing some guy, he says: kiss me more, then his eyes turn black, I'm trying to back up, but he is actually almost glued to my mouth; then I manage to push back a little, I'm scared, and I'm thinking, what I should do?

Then I remember the only prayer I know, in Russian, I'm trying to start to say it, the words don't come out, then somehow the sound goes out of my throat,  and I say the first two words:

Our father... and he loses grip on me, and I wake up.

Woke up scared. Took me a while to go back to sleep.

Meelah: United States

I came across this website while seeking an answer for the Dream I had last night. I’m not the best storyteller, but I’m going to try my best. So here goes...

I remember being at a gas station with my two children. As I was pumping gas, all I remember is looking up into the bright blue sky and seeing it being ripped open; this was followed by beautiful, extremely tall angels who sang and flew all over the sky. 

I was honestly so in awe that I could barely register what was happening around me. Then just as fast as the angels arrived, they were gone. So I instantly got into my vehicle with my children and drove. I didn’t know where I was going. 

Something in me told my body what to do. I almost didn’t feel as though I was in control of my body anymore, not in a possessed way but in a guidance sort of way. 

The last thing I remember is sitting at a bar seeing every person in the building turn into “demons” or whatever you might want to call them. I witnessed them eat and kill him. 

No matter what, they didn’t touch me. It felt as if a positive energy was surrounding and protecting me.

I apologize if my story doesn’t make much sense.

Danielle: Canada

I don’t remember much about my dream, but from what I can remember, I was somewhere unknown to me, and there were strong winds like a hurricane.

I remember being so terrified, and Jesus was standing close by, and I told Him, “Jesus, please help me.... I’m so scared”. He smiled and hugged me tight, and He said to me, “don’t be scared, I’m here with you, and I’ll protect you”.

It was so beautiful, and I cannot stop crying because I felt so safe in His arms. Thank you, Jesus, and I love You ❤️

Annie: United States

I was on break at work, and I took a nap. I was in a crowd of people, and one of them tried to suck my soul out of me. Doing what I knew best, I prayed and called out to Jesus. Jesus stood on one side of me, and John stood on the other side. 

I looked at him and said to myself, Jesus the Son of God!!! John told Jesus he was tired, and he said it again. We started walking, and Jesus was whispering in my ear, but the only word I could make out was Adam's name.

Elle: Country

I had a dream that my family and I were in the midst of a war, and the soldiers were killing each person, family by family. 

Then, as it was my family’s turn to be shot and I was begging for repentance from god, someone (I can’t remember who) said to spare us, someone instructed the solider to let us be alive.

The bizarre thing about this dream is that I can’t forget it, I usually never seem to remember any of my dreams, but I can vividly remember this one.

Erlinda: Philippines

I dreamed I was sitting around a fire with Jesus and two other men. 

The first guy taunted Jesus. He said, "you don't have power on your own. Everything is from God the Father". Jesus smiled at him and said, "very good. You're halfway in understanding Him. YES. Everything comes from God." The other guy sitting beside Jesus said,

"Jesus's relationship to God and us can be compared to a train rail; You and God the Father are the side rails, and Jesus is the middle that connects." I finally understood, and I said, "oh, so without Jesus, I cannot connect to God. I need Him. " 

After that, I dreamed a demon was after me inside my house. I was very scared. Jesus came and fought with the demon while I waited outside my house. Jesus came out with blood and took me with him. 

Before we enter the house together, He took a white rosary with a white cross from inside His mouth and put it in my right hand's palm. Then we entered. 

When He opened the door, the demon was there standing there like a big black shadow. We tackled it down. Jesus held the body, and I the head; then, I asked its name and cast it out. It spiraled around us before vanishing. I was so scared, but Jesus is holding me. It was a fantastic dream.

Sunday: Philippines

I had a dream last night. And in my dream, the venue is in our house. When I woke up in my dream and go to the sala, I was shocked because it is not our sala anymore; it becomes a creepy big whole where my relatives stood on the side for them not to fell.

And then I saw Satan anywhere wearing his black hood just like the demon portrayed in THE BIBLE movie. His eyes are black, and his face is pale. I saw him beside my relatives glaring at me while I am standing at the door of my bedroom.

And then I go to my relative, and then it happened, I saw Satan again but far from our relatives already. I was so worried about my relatives, so I hug them.

And then suddenly, Satan shoot me with his gun, and those bullets got slow-mo before it hit my stomach area. I even saw it closely before it hits my stomach. As far as what I remembered, I didn't feel hurt, but I just woke up in my bed crying, "He is coming to me, but JESUS CHRIST IS THE STRONGEST; YOU ARE JUST NOTHING!"

I said it confidently in my mind because I really trust GOD that if I die, I will soon wake up. I was waiting for Satan to get me, and beside me is my younger sister, who is sleeping, and it seems that she had no idea what is happening.

When I felt that Satan was near me, I shouted the name of JESUS CHRIST. "HE IS WITH ME AND YOU SATAN; YOU ARE NOTHING. MY ONLY GOD IS JESUS CHRIST!"

After this, I don't know what happened because I suddenly wake up. But a minute later I knew that it is just a dream, so I confidently said it to the evil that he cannot get me because GOD is with me. And then, after this, I wake up opening my eyes.

Warren: United States

The dream was of a peaceful house on the outside but yet inside was very evil but yet calming. I knew the home was evil, yet I felt no harm or threat.. then I went outside and walked through a field of fire, feeling no heat.

Nikoletta: Cyprus

I saw a dream today, 19/4/20 Sunday Easter Day. I was in the church in my dream, and I saw the picture of god where he is on the cross crying, and all the people in the church and me pray and say its a miracle, and then the devil came and was looking for me to take me with him, and I was calling, father, father, help me, and I woke up

Jo-Ann: United States


I received the following vision from our Lord God on May 9, 2014, at 6:14 am:

I saw an illuminated man standing inside a fishing boat at night. He was Jesus Christ! 

Jesus and the boat were facing forward, and I was viewing from high in the air. The boat was moving to the center of the scene below me, and it was on a body of water. I thought of the Sea of Galilee. The waves were moving gently, and the boat pulled up to the shore. 

I saw Jesus walking out from the front end of the boat and stepping on the ground. He began walking forward, and three wispy illuminated people were walking directly behind Jesus. They had been in the boat with Him. They were all walking toward a large rectangular structure directly in front of them, and the structure looked white. 

Since I was viewing from up high, I was unable to determine the height of the structure. 

The ground around it was dark, but I suddenly saw an evil black form floating just above the ground from the left side of the scene. It was rushing toward the structure, and another one was rushing from the right side. The two were wearing black robes, and the robes were blowing wildly in the rush. At the same time, Jesus and the three people were stepping inside the structure. The moment they entered, I could not see Jesus and the other three. 

It had a roof, and I realized the structure was God's pavilion. I saw Jesus exiting at the opposite end of the pavilion a few seconds later. He began walking to the right of the scene, but the three people were not with him. Jesus had left them inside. While Jesus was exiting, the enemy was floating back to where they came from, and the vision ended.

"For in the time of trouble He will hide me in His pavilion; in the shelter of His tabernacle, He will hide me; He will set me up on a rock. Now my head will be lifted up above my enemies encircling me; therefore, I will offer sacrifices of joy in His tabernacle; I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the Lord." 

(Psalm 27:5-6)

Praise God forever! Thank You, Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit! I love You!

April 7, 2020

Onyekachi: Nigeria

I had a dream where some group of police force arrested us and as I was trying to escape and one of them shot me, but as I was calling the name of Jesus, I woke up, with force.

Jamie: United States


I'm going around in a black space, to doors trying to get them open. The doors are just floating around, and they are blue. As I get to a door, there is a person there who hates me, but it's like I have this status that makes them not attack me right away. 

The other person near the door protests me being there, but it takes them a few moments to be able to take action. The person doesn't appear to be able to move from their spot. The person throws something at me in anger just as I get to the door and open it. I try to get through and flinch when I am nearly hit. This happens several times.

As usual, I didn't think this dream meant anything until I started writing it down. The Lord impressed upon my spirit that the enemy is angry that I'm going through the doors that God has set before me. He is trying his hardest to make me fall, but the Lord has protected me. I flinch, but need not worry. I asked the Lord to confirm this message was from Him. I was lead to this scripture:

Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Israel: United States

From the perspective of my dream, I am looking into this dream from above, and I see myself in a gym with a clown who changes into any of your worst fears. He was going to attack as he is in his clown form, but before he could, I,  the one in the dream, call to God, and I see Jesus in front. The Angel Armies marching behind him ascend from Heaven and land on the floor, then Jesus Christ is by my side with all of us marching together, and before I can see anything else, I start to wake up.

Jori: United States 

I looked out of my house front french door windows and saw red and orange in the sky. I thought it was a North Korean bomb but then got down on my knees and started to thank and praise God.

Ariana: United States

I had a dream where I was inside a store; big box store like Walmart, for example. I’m my dream I was an employee and noticed someone had their attention on me. They weren’t staring, but listening, to my every move as if they were examining me.

 I immediately had an uneasy feeling and became overwhelmed by a feeling that I had to avoid this man at all costs. 

He was dressed in a purple/brown suit with nice shoes and a hat that was covering his face. His skin was brown and leathery, and his hair was a mix of dark and light gray. I felt that he wanted to approach me. 

Them a customer came to ask me a question. A perfect get away from this man as I was distracted by helping the customer who was also a male. 

I believe this customer was Jesus or an angel sent to protect me. Or to remind me that I am a child of God with strength and freedom. 

After I assisted the customer, I looked for any way to avoid the man. So I floated to a refrigeration station that had yogurt and pretended to be Interested in it. (Which I actually was after my dream and couldn’t remember what yogurt but the package was quart size and white with purple letters).

 I continued to have an uneasy feeling and floated up and away into what I Can best describe as the warehouse/storage section of the store. Once I landed safely and apart from this man, I awoke from my dream. 

The entire dreamed seemed to have lasted minutes but had to be less than three. Was this man Satan? Was the customer my angel sent from heaven? 

I trusted my instinct and intuition. I believe I escaped and Can feel a seance of lightness and spirituality. Am I my own angel? I have many questions about this dream and encounter.

Raquel: Belgium

I dreamed that I was in an African house that belonged to my son. He lived there with his girlfriend. She called him into the bathroom to get her hair done. She is African. The hair is very wavy, and As my son brushed it, her hair was completely flat.

Meantime, I looked at the front door of the house and saw through a small opening a finger of a black man. I told my son that he was an enemy and wanted to rob the house. My son kept guarding the door, but when I went to see the house, I noticed the side door was open because it did not have the lock, and I saw a dog scared outside. So I had to close the door without the lock.

I looked up and saw my son in the living room giving the pacifier to a baby that was in the cart; then we heard bursts of machine guns, and when I looked through the window, I saw African soldiers armed, and they killed the enemy.

Then I said to my son, "When the enemy comes against us, God sends someone to protect us."

Elaine: United States

I had a dream  I was looking outside from above looking down, and I see a man killing several people with his sword. After he was done, he came after me or whoever was in the building, but somehow I escaped and ended up in the building where the pastors were.  I was behind the pastor hiding. The pastor was praying boldly, and then we heard the news that man died.

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