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Ronica: United States

Before I came to the Charis house in 2023, it was summertime, and I had a dream about being at the circus. There was a lion that came up to my child and me while I was pregnant.

At first, I wondered why it was coming to me and thought it would eat me. Instead, it looked me in the eyes and placed its head against my pregnant stomach. I remember the words courage and integrity from Jesus to me; then, the dream was over.

I asked my granny what that dream meant she said it was Jesus talking to me in the dream...I want to go deeper and have a better understanding.

Josh: United States


My wife and I had to drive to NYC for a funeral, which was easily manageable in our subcompact. However, once there, we had to chauffeur around family members that flew. Not possible in a subcompact.

I tried to rent or borrow something suitable to no avail. I decided to take both of our vehicles, and my wife, who knows nothing about NYC, would follow me wherever we went (airport, hotels, cemetery, etc.).

This would have been a catastrophe, totally undoable. My wife didn't even have a cell phone. I don't know what I was thinking.

The Dream

My wife and I are at a church affair in line for our food, and we get separated. I go to my table, and someone says, "Laurie is at table 4." I go, and some people tell me, "Laurie is looking for you. She is with so and so," I go, but never did find her. Then I woke up.

I immediately knew God was warning me not to take two cars to NYC. It would have been a catastrophe, as anyone who has ever encountered traffic in a big city knows.

Jonathan: United States

My best greetings to the reader, To the point I've been giving the gift of dreams, prophesy and intuition of the spirit. With that said, I have been getting these dreams for years without finding a place where they can be interpreted properly.
I have many amazing dreams, but let me start with the most recent.

It began in a dark void, and I found myself swimming in shallow waters enough that if I stood at 5'7, the water would be at my hips. In this clear, beautiful water, I was looking for a specific stone, like a flat river smooth stone with scriptures written on it, and I was with another person telling him that Im looking for a stone with a scripture from Psalm, but not sure which verse but will know when I see it,

As I duck my head underwater to find this stone, I find one with a scripture on it. I was reading it but knew it wasn't the one I was looking for. I remember saying to myself how amazing that the salt water didn't destroy the writing on it and how it was preserved, and when I couldn't find it, I wanted to ask Jesus, who was sitting on my left above the water.

He was busy looking at what appeared to be light coming from His left eye as if He was watching a movie like a projector film would look. Still, only His left eye and I saw images flickering at the end of the light, and He was really focused, so I didn't want to bother Him.

On His left was a child sitting next to Him, watching what He was doing and what I was doing.
But I didn't pay much attention to the child, just acknowledged his presence.

Then I woke up. I was at peace in my dream, and Joy was with me. I searched for that psalm verse I was looking for and tried using keywords related to the dream to see if anything would come up, and nothing.

I did pray about it, and this is what The Lord chose to reveal to me:

The stone represents Truth; The ocean represents the vast unknowns. Because I was searching for a specific stone means I'm searching for specific Truth either about myself or The Lord.

Being I'm swimming in shallow waters, which means safety and ease in the unknown, swimming in salt water means that the Truth is in stone, my answers, My spirit and heart are preserved in Truth, which represents Jesus.

Jesus watching a film is Him preparing to Judge the world, and me being next to Him means I won't be judged because I am in Christ, and Christ is in me.

That's what I think it means, but please feel free to share your interpretation.

Loretta: United States

I dreamt I was at the crucifixion of Jesus, crying as a drop of his blood fell on my cheek.

Then I found the Ark of Covenant buried under the cross of Jesus with blood on it; the blood was; still alive after 2,000 years, and then it was tested. It was the same as my blood type. What does it mean?

I asked God to bless my upcoming marriage with children. Could the Ark of the Covenant have anything to do with the marriage covenant?

Aiden: United States

I had this dream on 9/21/22

What I remember of the dream is that I was running away from my dad. I was in what looked like a maze of golden walls.

As I was running, I turned a corner and saw Jesus. I came to a screeching halt, involuntarily fell to my knees, and put my right hand out. I felt Jesus put my hand in his, and He said, "Stop running. Come with me."

I don't fully remember all He said. But the next thing I knew, I was walking with Him back to my dad. He turns me around to face him and hugs me.

After that, He puts his hands on my shoulders and says, "Live on. Life will throw many things your way. Just come to Me when you're in need."

I woke up and tried to make sense of what had just happened. I realized that I needed to get my act straight because, at the time, I didn't have the greatest behavior. (I still don't) I need help reconnecting with Jesus.

It's been hard because I always feel this heavy weight pulling down on my heart; I need to get back with Him.

Dana: United States

I dreamed I was on a carousel with three people my two sons and a boyfriend. While I was on the carousel, it lifted up in the air, and I began to fall more like float into darkness, but as I did, I saw a bright light and prayed. The more I prayed, the brighter the light got.

Krista: United States

So I usually have vivid dreams as is. However, every now and then, I have a dream that stands, and we'll I had one last night.

Part of my dream was when I had Jesus coming through the clouds. I had seen his face and his hands. He reached out and was pulling me through the sky and anything else. He was not sad, nor was he happy.

I am religious, but I'm not entirely sure what my dream meant.

Jack: United Kingdom

I was in a strange room, like a bedroom or a hotel bedroom setting. I was in the bathroom, and there was a woman there.

She had a tub in her hand, and I knew if she wiped the tub grease with her finger and put it on the mirror and it was white on the mirror, then I was going to heaven; if it was black, I was going to hell.

As she went to dip her finger in the tub, I was praying to Jesus, saying how I want to see him, I want to be with you, Jesus, and I want to hug you.

But I wasn't 100% certain about what I was praying. I had doubts and started to become scared, thinking of what hell would be like if the grease was black.

Then the woman wiped the grease on the mirror, and it was BLACK! My heart dropped, and I didn't know how to react. She wiped more on the mirror, which was still black, and said, "DIRTY".

I was pacing back and forth with my head in my hands and asked her, "Can I repent?!" And Do I have time to repent?! She said, "No".

I remember waking up with relief because I wasn't there again; I was back in bed.

May God reveal what these dreams mean for us and guide us closer to repentance, full love, trust, and faith in his Son, The Lord Jesus Christ, who dies for our sins, that we should not perish but have everlasting life in him. God save us.


September 23, 2022

My Dream:
A relative told me that if I remain shy and quiet, I will continue to be broken and hurt, or something similar like that.
Then, at the end of the dream, I realized she had given me a word from God, and I was looking for her to ask her, “Was that all you had to say?” As I wanted to know if there was more God had to give.

Emmanuel: Nigeria

I had a dream last night that I saw Jesus in the middle of the moon on the cross with fresh pain, and while I was seeing Jesus, I was sinning and crying for forgiveness and for Him to cleanse me.

Yessica: United States

I was outside and don’t remember exactly what was happening, but out of nowhere, I saw Jesus in the sky. He was shaped like a cloud; His body outlined his robe and hair.

At that moment in my dream, I thought, he is here, he is coming back for us, and this feeling of peacefulness and happiness filled my body.

I knew when I woke up that I had to change and be better, for he was letting me know he was near and soon coming back.

Laurie: United States

I have had a few dreams of my soul rising up towards the sky.

It's always dark and nighttime. I reach near the top of the clouds, and I can look down to see the ground. I'm way up high in the sky, and I'm not afraid to keep going higher.

In the center of the clouds is an opening leading to a bright light. I can hear God's voice saying, it's not time yet, and I'm sent back to earth.

This dream is always nearly the same. My soul is ready, but God says not yet; it's not time. That's all I see and hear.

Kat: United States

I had a dream that I was in a house with glass windows everywhere, and my husband (we are separated) came there to run a scam on this blonde boy who ran the house.

For some reason, he left his coat, and we found a gun in it. I asked this blonde man to please get rid of the gun. He went to do so, and I walked thru one of the glass windows.

The first barefoot step I took, I was lifted face to face with God and was scolded. I felt terrible when I woke up, like I had let everyone around me down.

I don’t understand the dream but being scolded by God left an impression on me that I still cannot shake.

Julie: United States

I have been having this dream for a few decades. I see something gold moving in the sky, it gets closer and closer to me, and then I realize it is a cross. 

When it hits the ground, it turns into Jesus. He says something in a language I do not understand and then says Go and serve God. Then I always wake up. 

My latest dreams are me hearing the tribulation horns. These dreams have been more frequent and intense lately.

Jamie: United States

I can’t remember everything, but I’ll tell you the main parts. 

In actual life, my boyfriend and I had been talking about going to a beach but heard a storm was coming, so we decided not to go. However, we knew the storm was coming in my dream, so we decided to plan ahead. 

We said, “ok, since it’s coming on the weekend, let’s go two days earlier,” so we did that. The sun was shining, and for some reason, we ended up walking to the beach, and now that I think about it, we were walking literally on the beach.

We were in the middle of the ocean, but there was no water; we were walking in the sand, and it was long and narrow. I remember us trying to get to the other side where an island was, and as I looked around, I noticed There was a whole group of people we didn’t know, from kids to old adults, but most were people we had never met before.

While taking that all in, we turned towards the island. I look up, and I see the biggest “wave” tsunami ever, and I remember thinking, “this is it, we’re dying” I was scared, but I wasn’t that scared because I just kept hearing a voice saying believe, trust his timing, believe. 

So I simply felt a sense of calmness. I turn around my boyfriend is gone (I failed to mention we had his daughter, but she wasn’t in the dream until now), and I’m panicking looking for his daughter, and he’s like, oh she’s fine she’s with some guy. I remember being so mad at how careless he was. He didn’t care about either of us.

I still felt calm about the tsunami. By the time the tsunami came down, I had realized the water was only at our necks. The water wasn’t filled with debris; it was a pretty blue/green color, and I remember “walking out of the tsunami back onto the sand. I was only worried about his daughter at that point.

After looking back at the dream when I woke up, I felt like God said we don’t do anything on our own terms. It’s all in His timing. We wanted to outrun the storm, but God said, “no, you’re going through the storm, and I’m going to see you through it” “believe and trust.”

Kayla: United States

I woke up at 5:06 a.m. and read my Bible while listening to gospel songs and praying; then, I went back to bed, but could not fall asleep. 

I was telling myself and thinking that Father God wants me to do something else, but I don’t know what, so I asked Father God if there was something He would like to do.

After a while, I fell back asleep, and I think it was around seven something by then. 

In this dream, I was looking at my hands, and there were large red symbols that covered the majority of my hands; they were Illuminati signs because that’s what I stated in my dream.

The sign on my left hand had a figure of a medium-large human to the right with a small Illuminati sign underneath encased in a circle with the rest of my hand having red lines going around; to and fro. 

My right hand just had a large Illuminati sign with lines also going around.

So, I turned to my sister (I was in her room, and she was sitting or lying on the bed), and I asked her did she have these on her hands? she answered, “no.” then she asked me what they were and I responded, “Illuminati signs.” 

She then asked what happens if you have them, and I said, “Our soul is automatically damned,” and I started moving from one foot to the other, saying, “Oh hell no, oh hell no.” 

I think my sister asked something else, but I can’t remember, but I responded, saying, “I’m going straight to hell.”

Johnson: Nigeria

I had a vision; In it, Jesus Christ gave me the wings of an angel, two white bracelets for my right hand, a ring for my middle finger left hand that has silver color outside, but golden color inside.

He also gave me a special shoe for my left leg that its signal can reach anywhere in the world, and a special kind of superhero suit. Please, what are its significance and meaning.??

Ronald: United States

I dreamt last night that I kept seeing a bright white light and Jesus... He kept asking me to be his white light knight against evil... Not sure what the meaning was. 

I awoke saying I'm Jesus White Knight over and over again... Can't get it out of my head...

Ken Canada

I dreamt that I was lost in the middle of a maze of WW1 trenches and surrounded by millions of demons, and all of a sudden, in the distance, I saw a light approaching and demons fleeing away from it.

As the light got closer, it was a man wearing only a cloth around his waist. He was covered in dirt and blood. He said, "follow me, and I'll lead you out." Then I woke up.

Shakila: United States

I’m not sure that this was a dream about the rapture, but I still want to talk about it. 

So in this dream, my family and I were in our living room, and it suddenly had gotten very windy and kinda dark, so I went out on the porch to look outside. 

Once I had gotten outside, I said, it’s about to rain; it’s going to be a bad thunderstorm. After I said that, I heard trumpets, and a boat was floating in the sky. As soon as I heard the trumpets, I told my mom that he was here, I said mom god is here; he is back. 

Then after that, I woke up, but IDK if it was about the rapture, but I wanted to get it off my chest. I felt as if God was telling me to be ready and prepared for his appearance.

Sa Jo: United Kingdom

I dreamt we were in church, and music played from the speakers, but we couldn't stop it even though we pulled wires out. The pastor said we should just allow the song to play out then we will carry on with service...she asked what the song was saying, and it was something along the lines of "Come/come to me". 

Then I and others were outside chatting, and one of our pastors sitting next to me said she felt something. I saw a breeze around her, and I said, I feel it too ...we were feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit! 

Then she started clapping; we were enjoying the Holy Spirit when we suddenly hugged as we started being whooshed upwards speedily. We were filled with such joy and excitement. 

I suddenly realised that I hadn't sent an evangelistic text to someone when I had been prompted to do so; because of this, I knew I wasn't going all the way. I started pleading for mercy and forgiveness but knew it was too late, like the many who hadn't given their lives to Christ.

I realised I was dreaming and was so relieved. I went outside knowing that there would be wickedness. Someone tried to stab me, but I said, I'm a child of God, I won't be stabbed in my dream, and I attacked them.

 I then woke up and shared with my church family that we shouldn't delay obedience, especially when it's to evangelise. Let's not miss out. God bless us all and have mercy!

Dan: United States

I had some crazy dreams, but in one of them, I found myself on a road, and there were no people whatsoever (probably in the world, at least that's how it felt).

The road was dirty, and I had a broom. Apparently, I was supposed to clean this road to make it ready for Jesus to return. I kept thinking of these verses:

The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God. Isaiah 40:3 KJV

The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. Mark 1:3 KJV

And even when doing it, I looked ahead, and it seemed so impossible, so I wasn't happy, but I did it anyway. 

The dream ended, with me sweeping an empty street, not knowing if it would ever end.

Mimi: American Samoa

I looked up at the sky, and there was a Black Hole...enlarging...then a large brown hand emerged thru the opening with an ornate Gold book... I stopped and said, "you gotta be kidding."

Anthony: United States


I had a dream/image awhile back, and it has been bugging me ever since. I can't seem to stop thinking about it, and I have been trying to figure it out. So the dream/image was of a woman's name (i sort of know her); her name is Renee, and next to her name was the #77. I have read and been told #7 is GOD'S number. Can there be an underlying message from my dream/image? 

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the meaning of her name to see if there is any correlation to my dream. Her name is defined as"reborn" or "born again."

I know it's a long message. But, it's stuck in my head for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Banessa: United States

I just became born again with Jesus Christ, and I had a dream that I was in a forest dressed in white laying there with another woman and a baby of few months old or so and a white owl flew down next to the baby, and I got frightened, so I grabbed the baby and ran. What does this mean?

Hannah: United States

I had a dream that I was driving on a road near my house. It’s a fairly busy highway. I was peering over my steering wheel trying to see the sky because I was looking for Jesus’ return. 

When I didn’t see it, I brought my eyes back down only to see Jesus himself standing on the side of the road. 

I was startled, and it was so surreal. His hand was on the back of a child, and they were facing the traffic. Jesus looked serious, intent, and at work.

When I woke up, I prayed for the Biblical interpretation of that dream. What was the significance of me seeing Jesus? I prayed for God to guide where I went in scripture. 

I opened the Bible to Ezekiel 33 - very, very relevant. The night before, I had implored God to use me to help bring my brother and others to faith, and I asked how I could help.

Prayer answered!

Name: Country

I had a dream that came from Jesus.

There were Jesus and a group of about five or six of us walking in the desert, laughing, and Joking.

Jesus was telling us all about the good things that were going to happen for us, and we were all very excited. We were happy.

All of a sudden, we came to what seemed like a cliff or a small mountain, and Jesus says, "We are now gonna run up this hill/mountain "with ease."

We just beleived it and without hesitation ran up the hill. It was easy, but it shouldn't have been!

When we all got to the top, we started jumping up and down, cheering because of what we'd just done!

Then I slipped....

I held onto the edge of the cliff and panicked. I said something along the lines of "Jesus I'm gonna fall.." and he just looked down at me with a look of disappointment on his face...

And then I woke up!

I knew it was a dream from God. I knew what scripture it mirrored, but I sought counsel.

"Jesus would never look at you like he was disappointed," my Christian friend said. And that put doubts in my head. Before I asked her opinion, I immediately knew that dream was from my God and have known that ever since. Amen! 

I am blessed to have received a message like this, confirmation that my prayers had been answered, and it was only my doubt that was hindering my strength.

The lesson is, some Christian friends won't always give you the best advice, even if they mean well. They are ignorant of your experience so, trust your instincts while listening.

All I have to do now is thank God for his grace and answering my prayers to my happiness aligned with his will! And wait patiently aligning my thoughts to his truth. Prayers answered to the glory of God through the blood of the Lamb!!!

Serilda: India

I am Serilda, and I am finding it really difficult to ride the bike as I fell down three times at the turning point on the road despite of praying to Jesus and asking the Holy Spirit to give me courage. Yesterday I just lost it, and before going to sleep, I questioned Jesus. As I was really fed up,s i asked Jesus you don't love me. If you love me, why is this is all happening? Why I am unable to do things in your name. For me, it seemed everything in vain, as I felt God is not listening to me, and things are repeating. While I was in a deep sleep, I had a dream of Jesus. I saw an image of Jesus in a shiny golden colour in the night sky. His right hand was showering some rays, which I did not understand what it is. It was a bright light.

Jamie: United States


I saw four guys outside at night in some gated off area. The guys were putting on their suits, like superhero suits, but not. The suits were to protect them when they went outside, and they were white. They were about to go outside the gates.

Interpretation: Put on your spiritual armor before going outside, and every day.

Shawn: United States

I had this dream in 2015, and it begins like this: 

I am walking on a narrow dirt footpath when a young woman walks by me in the opposite direction; she is heavily pregnant, she acknowledges my presence with a warm smile. 

Later, I walk this same path, and I see this same woman walking the opposite direction again, and instinctively I know it’s years later; she has a young man behind her walking in the same direction.

 I know right away; it is Jesus! He stops me, puts His hand on my shoulder, and says, “Marriage is sacred.” He walks away, and I am filled with a profound sense of awe. At that time and it is still true today, I am standing for the restoration of my marriage. Thank you, Jesus!

Stephany: United States

Feel free to contact me. I have very strange dreams for the last ten years it seems never to get better if anyone wants to talk about their experiences just contact me Guidance

Robert: Philippines


I dreamed of my father, who already died last 2003. I saw him looking only to me without any words or saying. it happens many times.

Also, I dreamed of my past boss usec momo. We both have the same surname. I dreamed that I talked to him. And there is one time that there is a flood in my dream I saw him pick up the car out of the flood. In reality, I want to be one of his bodyguards today as he is now a congressman in a political party list.

Jag & Shalini: India

Please pray for mine and my family's deliverance from witchcraft and healing and especially for me and my wife Shalini, both senior citizens.

The WOG lays down that the effectual prayers of a righteous man availeth much, and if he or she has committed sins, they shall be forgiven.

Thank you for your spirit-filled prayers for us.

May God bless you most abundantly.

Richard: United Kingdom

A  friend gave me a vision or prophecy he had for me:

He told me to drive the smaller red car (my wife's) when at my home and put my car in the garage. 

I was to use my car to go up North (my car is a white Mercedes), and when I did, I was to put the red VW Beetle out in the drive so that it could be seen. 

If there were feathers on my window sill, I was not to touch them but use a brush to remove them. 

If I saw a man at the near side of my car, I should step back a few steps and be on my guard. 

This was the vision, and it confuses me.

LORENZA: Northern Mariana Islands


I just had a dream last night that I'm at my job, and I saw doughnuts on the table, not sure if I ate one, but then the scene changed to inside my office, and this guy's name is Carlos. He's my cousin in real life, in the dream he was showing me a schedule for the conference that we (employees have to attend).

So he was telling me to choose three days to attend this conference; there were six days of the conference, so he said either I choose the three at the beginning of the week or the other three. 

Carlos is my cousin who lives in Palau. Please help me understand this dream.

Dustin: United States

OK, I need some kind of help deciphering this dream. I want to say it was like two years ago.

I was laying in my bed asleep, and all of a sudden, I felt like I completely lifted out of my body, and I was shooting up into the air, and I could see other people around me that were also being lifted. When I looked at them there eyes Warm bright as if their eyes weren’t Eyes anymore, they were like lights Very bright lights. 

I remember just waking up, but that dream made me continue to dig deeper into God, and Jesus. I was baptized and saved before, and have always believed that Jesus is the son of God and that he died on the cross and rose on the third day.

 I think all of that and I still have, but I also fell away from God in this dream got me interested in that, And it made me feel like I want to dig deeper, and now I had a moment of redemption where I just fell to the ground and gave God all of me, but I dream never left my mind, and I don’t know what it means

Joseph: Uganda

I was walking through the streets of Entebbe, Uganda, with Jesus, dressed in all white. I was working with him, and was very excited and couldn't wait to go home and tell my mum that I had gotten a job and was working with Jesus.

Immediately a thought came to me that my mum will ask me if I had asked Jesus about my life issues (unemployment among others). So I asked Jesus, and He told me to get a job, I also asked Him about my obsession to move and work in California, and He said to me that whatever my heart wants most I will get; (He gave me an example of a cup and a small bottle lead cover, that the cup was me). 

Jesus also told me first to build rapport with my dad and that I should see him (dad) every day for 25days. I also asked Jesus about the small business I want to initiate, and He told me to get a job first, and through that job, I will get connections that will help start and build my business.

Bless ya'll.

Carlo: South Africa

I dreamed that Jesus was on a bus with us and that a guy who previously sat next to Him hadn't sat there for three months. Jesus said to him, "It's been three months since you have sat next to me."

Zemenay: Australia

In my dream a lady I know told me she had a message from God, to me, and she came closer with her mouth to my right Ear to tell me.
Then just when I was ready to hear the message from her, I wake up from my sleep before I hear anything from her . I wish I heard the information that comes from God....!!!

Does this have meanings ..,.,

What is that meaning? 


Dawn: United States

It was a very short dream. It started with three coins. They all had a saying, but I only remember one, and it said peace. Some lady in my dream said when you find all three coins, Jesus is coming. 

I found the peace one and walked outside, and people were pointing in the sky; there was a large image of Jesus, and somebody said Jesus is coming!! That was all of that dream. 

When I was younger, I had two dreams that were the same, but the 2nd one, it was like it awas fast-forwarded; when I woke, I saw her.

 I dreamed that st. Ann was coming. I was running and didn't know what to do. When I awoke, a lady was at the end of my bed wearing a white gown and had red wavy hair, and she was looking at me. 

I asked my mom, who was St.Ann? We looked it up, and she's  Virgin Mary's mom. I always wondered about that.

Danny: United States

I'm going to start this out by saying I ain't religious. I'm getting confused now because I don't know how to take things that have been happening!   I had 2 dreams in the past year or so, the first one I was in a bad place in life and drinking. I asked for a sign and went to bed.

 I had a dream of pure black and giant white letters scrolling by. One word said, "David" and "Come unto thee." Don't know if that means anything but seems weird because I never read a bible. 

That isn't why I am messaging...I am messaging because I don't know who else to talk to or ask about this next dream. I just had this one a few days ago...

I saw myself standing in a red field..blood-red sky and on the left side was an army of demons and monsters standing with humans and the four horsemen coming down from the sky. 

On the right side, there were angels with wings and robes standing with other humans.

Jesus came down and with a flaming heart wrapped in thorns on his white robe, said," I need you...I need your help." 

Then I woke up! So I'm a little freaked out right now and kinda lost with all this. Just looking for a little more understanding or insight.

Conni: United States


Amaka: Nigeria

I saw my self in a thick forest with someone, looking for a certain fruit. As we went to the other path of the bush, we saw a very mighty ocean when we wanted to go back because, no way to cross.

Suddenly, I heard a voice from heaven which said, don't go back for I will make way for you both. Lo, and behold the ocean split into two, and we passed.he also used the cross to create a step for us after crossing the ocean because where we were to go to was high.

He said to me again, go and advertise God just as people advertise their goods. I really need help pls; I need to serve God.

Ryan: United States

I had some kind of weird vision with these orange words that told me I was chosen; it could be because I'm a bipolar schizophrenic because I also heard voices. It freaked me out, so I went to a mental hospital, but I always would see these strange orange letters in my prayers regarding the book of Mormon.  I didn't know if it was some sort of Brainwashing they did to me, or it was god, but whatever it was I no longer see it when I pray.  I don't know if I was actually chosen to do something or if it was just my imagination, but when I saw these orange letters, I heard a voice say Nephilim. I didn't even know what that meant, and I had to look it up;  all I want is answers

Fernanda: South Africa

Hi there, I had a dream last night of a cloaked woman with praying hands, and there was a color light green and white as I'm looking at flyers for my healing business and that came into my dream. I don't dream and haven't had a dream in years. So this came as a very big meaning. Just not sure so much what the cloaked woman with the praying hands means. The color green I know is for healing and nature etc. 

Azee: United States


Here is my dream. I was on the top of the mountain, and I saw an angry red horse coming out of a gate, and a white, and pink color horse followed him, then the red horse went back to the gate. 

After that, someone gave me food in a bowl, and this older man put his arm on my shoulder and telling me the food is for me. It was tasty, and he was talking to me and walking with me to the top of the mountain.

I saw a volcano erupting out of the mountain; I was amazed and about to take a picture when I saw another volcano to the other side of the mountain; I knew immediately that this was the end.

 I said to myself without fear. I have to tell my husband that Jesus is the only way, and before we die, he needs to accept the LORD; I was running to him when I woke up. 

Please let me know what my dream means I have been praying to the LORD to speak to me through my dream; thank you so much.

Beverly: United States

Last night I dreamed the Sun and the Moon came together in the sky and was such a bright brilliant orange and yellow, then Gods face appeared in the center of the two, his face was a large as the sun and moon were big. I heard him say, “People” as I fell to my knees...I was the only one who went to the ground as far as I could tell.....then I woke up. I didn’t hear anything else he said, and I was scared when I woke up, I wish I knew the meaning of this. I think it was a sign of some sort. My husband and I are buying a franchise, and I hope it is a good sign.

Eileen: United States

Last year while working as a Catholic Teacher, I was subjected to severe bullying tactics by a parent.  At the time I decided to leave the school as nothing was being done about it because they were afraid of losing the family.  I had a special dream of Jesus on the Cross laying on the church altar.  He moved his hand and face and showed me a pathway which was full of peace and light.  I felt He was letting me know that it will be alright.  Recently my son wants me to move to Corpus Christi, which has caused me much reflection.  Last night I dreamed of the same dream I had in the past and realized Corpus Christi means the Body of Christ.  I feel I can now move forward in peace

Amanda: United States

I dreamed that I went into the "darkness" to get my sister and found her sitting "on the border" of darkness with a stream of light shining on her. I stretched out my hand to help her, and she grabs my hand. I tell her we got this don't let go.

 On our walk back, there was a woman who stepped out and asks if we knew a particular person. I told her no; then, a man stepped out, and my sister took off running. I yelled for her and then a strong voice says, you've been summoned, and I turn to see who said it and see my friend sleeping. 

I start to lose my breathe and run towards her yelling, wake me up. Then I woke up pulling my friend to me saying, wake me up, am I awake? She says, let go, and I will tell you; that was just the start.

Now I understand that Jesus wants me to be his co-worker and to proclaim the good news to his people using my mess as a message.

Paola: United States

I was dreaming in my sleep, and suddenly the dream went dark, and another scene appeared. I had to get up from the bed in this new dream, and someone was guiding me toward a window in the other room of the house. The window was without glass, and  I was guided to look into a backyard.

The backyard was an orchard, with beautiful grass. The trees were shining and the leaves were sparkling; not from the sun but from inside out. The light was coming from the. The trees were loaded with all kind of fruits.

Each tree had three kinds of fruit on the same tree. The oranges and pears were on the same tree. Shinning not from the light that was coming from the sky, but from inside out of the fruits, like a diamonds shining inside each fruit.

 Then the guide told me to look closer at the tree in the center of the garden. There was an apple tree. The apples were so bright that I could not stop to look at them, they were looking gold, but the light was shining out of the apples. Even the grass in the orchard was shining with a bright light.

Chelsea: United States

When I was a child, I had recurring dreams of myself swimming across a long river with a bridge underneath me and people swimming behind me but no one in front of me. 

When I was 15, I went to a church for three days with a boyfriend at the time. On the third day the pastor, who did not know me, said to me that he had a dream that I would wear a red cloak and carry a sword, and I would lead people away from evil. 

At the time I didn't think about it. A few days ago I saw a picture on facebook of a really long bridge, and then a recurring dream from my childhood popped back into my head, and let me set this straight, I've never seen that bridge before, only in dreams. 

I just want to understand more about the dream of the bridge and what a pastor had told me when I was a young teenager. I believe in god but I just don't think I'm so important to be destined to do what that pastor said. Help me understand, please.

Oluwaseun: Nigeria

I dream that I saw one hand around the wall that hand draw cross (✝) and wrote Jesus beside it. That same hand drew two slashes (//) and wrote beside it, Satan, thief.  And the hand wrote another word; that we lift Jesus above Satan.

Marty: United States

I am going through difficult financial turmoil, which.  No need for detail.   At my darkest point, I fell asleep asking for just a little guidance on a path forward. Within a couple of hours, I was dreaming of a clean white sheet on either a big bed or table.   
I think He’s telling me that he’s going to start me over with a clean slate.

Cezar: Country

I dreamed I was an angel with children under a tree that sits under a cloud and Jesus told me I have to go back to earth since I still have a mission. 

Robin: United States

Found out I am a prophet who read police cases and find missing people through dream or visions. I was laid off work. I saw a new brief about missing boy In Pekin Illinois. I had been praying and looked computer and saw a missing boy new brief. Robert Bee was missing in Pekin Illinois. I look at the image of the missing boy Robert Bee and got sleepy and said, God, if you do missing cases then tell what happened to this missing boy Robert Bee. I went to sleep and dreamed this. 

Missing Boy Dream
Date: 2016-12-05
Country: United States
State: Illinois

I was looking at a news notice about a Pekin Illinois boy missing. Robert B. Bee was last seen at 11 a.m. In Pekin. The boy is four-foot-six-inches tall and weighs 110 pounds, and has red hair and blue eyes. He has a rash on his left cheek from poison ivy, and was last seen wearing a red and gray shirt, blue jeans and red Nike shoes, police said.

Monday, November 28, 2016, 05:16 PM

PEKIN, Ill. (WLS) -- A 13-year-old Pekin, Ill., boy missing since Nov. 11 has sparked an endangered missing person advisory, Illinois State Police said Monday.

Pekin is located just outside Peoria, which is about 170 miles southwest of Chicago. Anyone with information about this endangered missing person should call the Pekin Police Department at 309-346-3132.

I had a dream about this boy Last Monday. I looked at the boys' photos online, then dreamed this dream.

I had a dream that a boy fell into a lake, and his dad was looking for him. It looked like this boy.

I had a strange dream about the boy — not sure who. His father had a hard time with him. The boy fell into the lake, and the police came and drugged him out. His dad was upset. I think the dream may be about this boy he is missing, but not for sure. I remember from the dream the boy was hard to handle. The boy was — the Pekin boy. The dream showed daytime. By lake or body of water. It showed — the father with the police there. They pulled the boy out of the water. I don't know if he was dead or alive. But I saw the father yelling.

I saw the father, telling the police his son was hard to handle.

The dream showed the water was not frozen. The father had no heavy coat on and the police there were several police cop cars and the father only. It was a bright sunny day. The water was not frozen when they find the boy

I am not sure if he was dead or alive. I saw the father yelling and freaking out.

I saw the police pulling the boy out of the water.

I saw a bright sunny day. And lots of cops and the father.

I see a boy is the Pekin boy.

The Pekin boy has been missing since. November 18, 2016

After this dream, I notified the Pekin Police and did it did help find the killer. I saw his face in my dream.

Natasha: Namibia

I Had a dream that I was sitting next to the feet of God, I could see him from the waist down, and he was wearing a beige/creaminess robe (dress like). He looked very huge, and I was the size of an ant.. the light in the hall, where we were sitting was coming from his robe and he told me in a calm voice, " My Daughter Natasha, the place where you are is not where I want you to be" and I woke up.

Anchi: India

In my dream my sister trying to take out my soul by praying and I was scared  and she can do what she wants and I pray out lord Jesus Christ saying lord it is not you I know and suddenly I reach in a holy big white cloth and I ask my brother what is this my brother told me see our lord Jesus Christ behind the holy big cloth can you feel it and I told him yes brother I can feel it and I touch our lord Jesus Christ I was happy it was real and our lord Jesus Christ show me a map and after showing the map out lord Jesus Christ disappeared. I didn't remember the map properly. Please anyone can explain me what is going to happen. 

Brenda: United States

I had a vision as I was driving one day. I saw a money bag float across my windshield. The way that the bag floated I came to realize it was a vision from God. It seemed so real that I pulled off the road. When I looked around I saw an armored money truck riding by me. But there's no way a bag of money could float. I thought about it for some time. In the dream I came to realize that God was telling me something. It was just a I thought. Since the bag was floating away from me. It meant that I was going to be having trouble in my finances. Sure enough sometime later. I started having financial difficulties. This was years ago and I'm still having troubles. I feel that I'm having these trials because of where God is eventually taking me. Just like the story of Job. My restoration is coming. I wanted another believing Christian's opinion. Also, how they might translate my vision. 

David: United States

I had a dream where I was standing in front of the doorway of an entrance to a church when I looked up I saw a crucifix with Jesus Christ on it. I looked up, and a drop of blood from the crucifix fell into my eye, and then I woke up.

Laura: United States

Dreamed I was standing in a field of gold/brown grass, and a tree was a far distance, and it looked like big planets were everywhere, and  I was holding someone hands, and the feeling felt so good like no worries. I felt so peaceful within I can't explain the peace, but I was shocked by what I saw it was so beautiful at the same time...Its like I had a choice to stay or not I don't understand it I had this dream at least 2 or 3 times in life and I don't yet understand.

And I keep getting the words sage_Hebrew_Gates_City_protect_I lay_gather

Which I don't think these words and the dreams come together? Or maybe! But I believe God is trying to tell me something mostly, most of my life.

Jose: Mexico

About four or five years ago I started going to to a Christian Church after I got baptized. I was like 14 years old at the time...So time after that I might say I was devoted, and one night I dreamed, it was short but concise, I was there like in the Skies, and then from above a City came it was Golden surrounded by clouds and like shinning dust. And there came a deep voice which said: " I'll confuse them to the point that they won't know what they say." And then I started to came down and woke up. I asked my shepherd what does that mean, but he did not seem very excited about it, maybe because of my age, so time after that I got away of God's word, and some months ago I received like "my second call", and I'm trying to get back on God's path.

Charolette: United States

In my dream, it was completely dark except for a very bright light in the sky. Although I couldn't see faces or people, I knew they were there in the dark. I was telling everyone to follow the light as I was following the light. Each time that I awoke, I would fall back to sleep and continue with this same dream.

Marie: United States

I once dreamt that I was by a sea and I entered in the water for swimming when I don't even know how to swim in real life and when I got out from the water I was naked and my body was all tattoos with green leaves writing in the Arabic language. I don't even speak, but somehow I knew the word and understood it then I heard a voice stating, a descendant of David. 

Carol: United States

I had a dream early this morning that I was singing in a group. After the singing, there were other groups of singers all around. I felt expectant. We held hands and started to pray. When one of the singers started blowing over all of us, it became like a rushing wind that was so powerful I fell out in the spirit. When I awoke, I felt the sense that I needed to remember and understand what this meant to me and a situation I am going through.

Darius: United States

I just had this dream last night, August 7, 2018. In the dream, I was the pastor of a church. In the beginning, everything was going well. There was order and peace in the church.
Then suddenly church members became unruly and difficult to work with. I attempted to preach the true gospel and laws of our Father, but no one wanted to listen. Members began to leave left and right, and all I remember was feeling like a failure for not being able to lead God's flock effectively.
I walked out into the churchyard following members who decided to separate from the church. Off in the distance, I saw the figure of a man wearing all white. I stood there with my curiosity piqued and as the man approached closer, he held his arms towards me.
The closer he approached I noticed that he was not dressed in cloth or even composed of flesh or skin and bone. He was made of all white dogwood flowers with the most beautiful ice blue eyes I have ever seen. I exclaimed, "Jesus!" When Jesus finally reached me with his hands outstretched to me, I reached back.
So innocently and almost child-like we began turning in circles like children play during ring-around-the-rosie and singing 
"Jesus loves me this I know. For the Bible tells me so." And as we were turning around and singing, I could hear faint speaking coming from him without him opening his mouth.
He told me not to be afraid to lead my people. You are needed."
He then stopped turned around and looked to his left in the direction of an old baptismal pool. As we both gazed at the pool, dogwood flowers grew about the pool. I looked back at him, and Jesus gave such a warming and loving embrace, and then I proceeded to walk to the baptismal pool.
I started singing aloud and preaching, and I began to attain more and more church members. I made my way up the baptismal pool, I noticed that a person was waving their hand in the pool water but it was turning murky.
I bent over and touched the water, and the water became clear and clean. Afterward, I began baptizing people left, and right and soon after that, I awoke.

Val: United States

In my dream I am a minister with an outdoor church, near water, and a congregation that wants to be there. And they are concerned about me.

Amy: United States

When my dream began I along with other people were in a shelter. There was a great terrible storm outside.  I could see many tornados and the sky grew very dark and the wind was strong.  I began to beg the people outside to come I. To be safe from the coming storm. There was a few came in, but they didn’t seem worried about the storm, no matter how much I begged. The wind got so bad it blew the shelter door closed.   I looked around, and I saw hurt and wounded people all around.     For some reason, I was to go to the basement. So I went down the stairs, and as soon as I stepped off the last step, it got dark, and water started coming up all around me.  I cried Oh God! I can’t swim.  Then a man in a lifeboat came out of the dark, as I climbed in the boat a swift current came and took us down a long dark tunnel.  It was so rough and rocky.  Then I saw a boat turned over and a child hanging on.  I cried, but there was no way I could help her I wasn’t I. Control.  The father I got it got very dark. But when I reached the end of the tunnel, it was so bright, and my boat began to glide over to the right. I saw people all dressed in white. As they took my hand to help me out of the boat, they said we have been waiting for you.  I said it wasn’t me It Was The Man.  Then I woke up and thought what an odd dream.  As soon as the thought went through my mind. He began to speak to my heart and told me what the dream meant.  

He said child the storm is my anger. The shelter is the ark of safety.  Stay there.  The doors are the doors of mercy which o e day very soon will be closed forever.  The hurt and wounded people you saw are so many broken homes and lives I have mended.   The basement is the grave. The child you saw at the boat are so many of my children barely hanging on. They must be encouraged, or they will perish.  The end of the tunnel is heaven. The 

Robed in White are my people waiting to welcome you home.   The man in the lifeboat is me....... I will never leave. Or forsake you..... but you must indirectly to the end. ...

SR: Uganda

I dreamt of a cloudy crown with three words of king king king written on it. It descended, and I held it and was using it as a shield on my journey.
I was heading somewhere.

Thomas: United States

Guidance-My dream was in a school setting in a lunchroom. I'm 27, so I haven't been in a school for a while now, but I still recognize the school. So there were these two lines for getting food. You had to pay and enter your code to get food, well a midget yes a midget didn't have enough, and he had to walk away. Then someone said haha now you have to walk the walk of shame.for some reason I quickly said be quiet and a ground-shaking volume. I turned to see a man I guess was a famous actor/magician that took my hand as I was going to give him a handshake and hold on. I was given a vision during this time that showed all these tools and weapons but what stuck out was a stick with what looked like a seven as the handle and had two twisted over crossing roots that had Hebrew words written on them, and I could read them. The guy I know his name started with two Cs chaterliuqe or something along those lines. It was weird in my dream I looked him up he was a director and looked like he was in a circus flip team from one of the videos I saw of him. Then after I looked him up, he started talking to me. He kept nodding his head in agreement while I was reading this text sometimes he helped me out with words. One I remember looked like c) and the text glowed gold as I would read them. Then at the end, he said to repeat the sentence at the end. Later to be known as Jesus. She, yes the text said she was known as Jesus. This threw me for a loop being taught Jesus was a man. I've been having prophetic dreams lately and have been coming true days even weeks later. I also have a feeling I'm starting to get psychic well have been for my whole life, but it's really starting to happen like out of nowhere I'll say a word or phrase, and either that same day or next I'll be driving and that word would appear on a truck or in a book. Also I noticed it writing songs or drawing especially drawing.I'll draw a random image and a few days later I'll see that image it's gotten to where every time I draw I show my family, and then they end up calling me saying remember that image you drew for me I see it right now, and they would send a picture of it and sure enough it was the same image. Should I try to focus on enhancing or training myself or is there someone out there who can guide my abilities.

Padmashree: India

I had attended a retreat and returned home on 14th July 2018. I received healing at the retreat, and during the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I was touched. This morning I was feeling uneasy n tossing around in my sleep, and I am telling God to speak to me. And suddenly high up I see the word SUSTAIN. My eyes opened, and I felt a sudden chill and had goosebumps all through my body. I checked the time, and it was 3.02. I recited the Divine Mercy prayer and opened the bible. I saw Psalm 99 which said praise his holiness. After about 2 hours I couldn't go back to sleep. When I closed my eyes, I had a vision of the bleeding face of, and it disappeared in seconds. I opened my eyes immediately after that. Feeling strange

Rosalie: United States

I dreamt I was seated knee to knee with Jesús.  He said to me hold on to the second child.  In my dream, I was carrying two children in my arms and was struggling to hold onto the second one.  When I was with Jesus, and He said that I remember saying to myself that He saw me with this babies.  That’s my dream.

Thea: United States

I had a dream that I was in the woods with a friend, and she was telling me of how bad her life was, and I told her to pray to god he would make it better. I knelt to pray with her by a tree stump, and I looked to the left of me, and there stood Jesus I got up he put his arm around me, and we were now inside a glass building looking outside. And he said to me, my child it will only get worst then he showed me a vision of the plane hitting the world trade center.

Victo: India

I saw a dream that I was crossing a big lake of water on a narrow road. I was scared I could drown, but I manage to cross, and after that, I was climbing a big stair of rocks. The grip I was holding was loose, and I might fall, but still, I was trying to climb and at the top was a church; If I could climb the stair up that rock the rest of the road was good and smooth.

Morgan: United States

I had a dream a few years ago. I had forgotten about it, but for some reason today it popped into my head. I was with my grandma who is very religious. We were at a park together. It was just her and me, and the two of us knew Jesus was coming to take the saved to heaven. I was nervous at first, but my grandma said: “it’s going to be okay.” And I looked up at the sky, and I felt a feeling of peace come over me. The sky had all sorts of colors; the most beautiful pinks and blues, and my worry started to fade away. An indescribable feeling came over me; one that can only be described as content. And then blue, beaming lights shone down from the sky, and all the fear I felt seemed to wash away. I think the lights were guiding/bringing us to Heaven.

Abby: United States

I had a dream where I was in some apartment building that looked like my home inside, and I woke up from sleep and went into the living room and seen my mom sitting on the couch. I asked her, “did we just get in an argument” (and I was talking about my boyfriend's sister.   We had just recently got kicked out of their father's house, and a bunch of drama went down) and she said “yep, y’all did. ” So I go to the back room of the house, and I’m trying to wake up my partner, and he wakes up, and I’m telling him,“we have to go we have to leave, we got into an argument with her. ”   He says  “I know, I know we did” then saying that he sits up, and I look out the window, and there’s a machine cutting this big tree. It grabs it where it cut it and swings it in a circle motion almost hitting house I said: ”oh my gosh there way to close it almost hit the house!” My partner is like “ yeah what the f” and we see it cut down a little limb in front of the house and it catches the building barley and it starts to crash we sit on our buts and hold hands and it’s so loud and we keep falling my eyes are closed I’m scared for my life and alls I can her are people screaming in terror and talking to my partner about how to position myself and them I here “take my hand ,take a hand” by a bunch of voices I’m scared to open my eyes so I peek and then open them and it’s like dirty hands coming out from under something and I remember something about don’t be scared to take a hand if you feel like your falling and see hands to take one bc it’s jesus (I’m not sure where I heard or what I  thought of) and So I reach for a hand and it was just a light grab and it’s like the hands start pulling me and my partner and as soon as they did I here “your in the real world now, baby” but wasn’t from my partner it scared me so bad I was trying to wake myself up and I did and I was just breath took in and thought I was really being pulled to either heaven or hell,I am pregnant and do have crazy dreams but this was by far the most exotic dream I’ve had I definitely think it was to tell me something (not to minion I was crying last night and upset about a lot of things that’s going on in my life) could this mean anything?

James: Nigeria
I saw lightning around me , then felt a little pain on my left leg, there was rain too, in search of my way home , I met a seamstress who allowed me stay at her shop while the rain ended.
She offered me a cup of water in a pretty long glass cup.
I couldn't finish the water as I found little particles.

Alicia: United States

Guidance and Prophetic
If it was an actual dream, I dreamt I saw a steep hill that was made up of little rocks. It kind of curved to the left at the top. The most stunning thing was 1/2 way up the hill was a man in white: long white hair, long white beard, pristine white robe with a golden tie around the middle and brown sandals. I felt such a powerful sense of peace looking at him. He just looked straight ahead at me in complete silence. It was probably the most peaceful I've felt in my life. Starting at the top of the hill were people in ratty brown robes, and they kept stumbling and falling as they walked down the hill and passed him & moved on. When I came to, I realized I'd just been staring at the ceiling in almost a trance state with that peaceful feeling buzzing through my body. I don't remember ever waking up. I've believed for 15 years it was a spiritual message telling me that I was going to have a tough road ahead (and I have) but that he'd be by my side always. The most powerful experience I've ever had. I was in Europe at a place called Medjugorje when it happened. It's something I will never ever forget. I believe God continually tries to show me He exists and I try to hear the messages as much as I can.

Mary: United States 

I had a dream that our church light bulb blew out over the pulpit and I went to get a new one; when I went, a man was working on the church telephone line on a ladder, so as not to disturb him I went under the ladder. An assistant pastor blocked my so that I could not come out from under the ladder. I asked why was he blocking my way and that I was going upstairs to get a new light bulb so that he could see: but he would not move. When he started talking to the man on the ladder, I quickly moved around him and went and got the light. Can you tell me the meaning?

Patricia: Germany

Hi, After I found out that I was four weeks pregnant, I dreamt of someone handing me a baby in a white sheet ( boy) and asking me to name him Christian. He was big in weight; I couldn't see his face or the man's voice that was instructing or asking me. The man's voice was firm but neutral and not instructing but asking firmly

Glennis: South Africa

I dreamt I ran away from my husband to meet up with the great love of my life.  This life was perfect and exceeded my imagination of perfect love. However, the wonderful man was physically tortured. 
I know now I cannot expect perfection from my husband and must love him unconditionally as Jesus loves me.  The torture clearly indicated that Jesus suffers due to our sins as the human race and for those who do not turn to Him in repentance.  In my dream, I wanted to save Him but I cannot, as I'm not His only child.  
He left a scripture with me before I woke up, Blessed are the pure in heart....He explained that being pure-hearted means, we have no intention to harm one another

Tarhata: Philippines

A vision of the cross of JESUS CHRIST. Pluck out after a hole in the middle and water rushing out

Judy: United States

I dreamed that my husband was in a swimming pool at the very bottom lying on his back. His arm and legs were spread eagle, and he was making movements like "angels lying in the snow." What I noticed is that he had a slight smile on his face and seemed at ease and peace. We are separated right now. I live in California, and he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are friendly and have attempted to reconcile, but it has been difficult.

Lucky: South Africa

I dreamt of myself in the village I have never been at before, where I was told on the dream to go and heal a person who was sick. After that, I woke up and draw down a village which I saw in my dream. It happened that one of my colleagues is his village.He showed me a picture of the village that's where I could see clearly everything I saw in the dream.

Velma: United States

I had a dream last night that it was the end of the world. I saw a large lion in the sky and on the ground in neon letters it said saved. I would like to know the meaning of my dream.

Destiny: Nigeria

I dreamt that coconut milk was poured on me, please what does it signify? 

Richard: United States

I was in a church praying. While in prayer I closed my eyes then saw a neon green skeleton looking into my eyes. When it realized I could see it, it flew away. Then I saw a dark blue stone wrapped in a silver barbed wire; the silver was so fine it was better than a mirror. After that something touched my tongue; then when I tried to talk, I spoke in tongues. Years later deep in prayer, everything disappeared, and four symbols materialized in front of me in a baby blue lighting type color similar to thunder. The first 2 were keys. One was about 5 feet long the other was about half an inch, I saw the number 7 then a triangle with a T at the bottom of it. Until this day I haven't made out what it means or why I had that happen to me. I met a man or an angel when I was 17 named Gabriel, if that counts. If anyone can help me with this vision or help me to understand it, I'd appreciate it.  thank you

Kent: Singapore
As I lay in bed and fell asleep. I was awoken suddenly with the whole room being illuminated with light glowing from the wall in front of me. I saw a vision, and my room was all illuminated with a beaming glow, and it was visibly yellowish bright, and as I reach out my hands, the glow of lights seems to cover both my hands and my pair of hands was glowing with the illuminated light. 
I thought I was dreaming, so l closed my eyes and it was still the same. I did it three times, and it remained unchanged. 
There was a sudden peace, peace that is so overwhelming that no words could describe. I have never experienced such peace before.
Momentarily it slowly dissipated and I was back into the presence of my bedroom. I looked at the time, and it was 3 am in the morning.

Tevin: United States
Dreamt many dreams in the past few days. Last night I dreamt of a tall old white guy, whom I've had in my dream before. We discussed scriptures but had a disagreement. So I pulled out the Bible to show him in the scriptures.

David: United States
I had a dream this morning I was standing at a store and I was about to leave and I looked up I saw Jesus staring down all over everone and he was waving at us but the part of the dream a man walk up and ask me who I was still in love with and I told him my partner off 15 years and we saw my partner and the man stood there and told us to go to heaven together I never somthing like that but I feel so blessed Jesus has always help me threw so much in my life I would never go down wroung path no matter what happen I no he will always be there amen 

Crystal: United States
I was laying in bed about to sleep when I looked up because I felt someone there I thought maybe it was one my children coming in to say good night but didn't have time to think all this it was weird. My mother who had passed in June 2014 was standing beside my bed in front of me holding my father's hand.She Said "Crystal, honey; it's ok daddy ok he's with me now he's safe.
My father was in the v.a. He's 84 I jumped up immediately and grabbed my phone called my dad he was alive. He said he was fine, and we would talk tomorrow but asked why I called what happened?, so I told him. He said he wondered what that meant?. I knew, at least I thought I knew, that's why I called, but I told him I didn't know but one thing for sure when it happens whatever it means we will then know he agreed. Three days later I got that call from the hospital my father was having chest pain it was the e.r. Doctor explaining the risks of having to put a stent in the heart so forth but dad took the DNR off he said but had me as his medical decisions. I Said of course if he's saying help him and he's fighting then I'm fighting beside him. There's a verse that tells you, to come and be ready when he calls not to go back for your things this was a very hard lesson in that but God is a very merciful God there's more to this story in the answering prayer section if you'd like to continue reading. I'm young in learning the Bible a young Christian but a believer and lover of God for sure. I learned in God's world there are no coincidences those are his graces miracles I chase them all of them I find wonder lessons love missions all for him and his kingdom and helping me grow into how he sees me. 

Kathy: United States
I dreamed that I was about to preach at a morning service and there were only about 6 people there. We were first on the porch and then we went to the pulpit. There were a lot of distractions, including me not remembering what my scripture or my message was. The scripture and message changed. I had to immediately pray and then preach.

Isaac: United States
I went to a White Castle where there was no light nor darknesses it was dark grey but i heard voices i  couldn’t recognize the language but it looked like the Tower of Babel i really don’t know and then i was on my bed and then something invisible was tugging my sheets then i saw hand prints on my bed and when i layed on it all the these hand prints popped up and i felt them

Mandy: United States
A loose knot on a big rope gold tussle on the end and bright light on the end of the rope…lots of people standing on a circle and the number 50 and a cake and the Paster of our church sitting with his wife on an office desk   the rope and everything came down from the heaven...

Rose: United States
I dreamed the blessed mother  brought me three gifts in three separate boxes she told me Roseann I have three gifts for  they were  set on a table I never opened them i don’t know what was inside I can not stop thinking about 

Sharon: South Africa
i dreamed i saw this bright light and the images of Jesus as we all are familiar with looking down at me and the cross on the hill and Jesus keeping a sword in his hand pointing it down to me and I'm looking up to him and the sword edge sort of rest on  my left shoulder. than the next morning my left hand side of my body was a bit sore and stiff.Please help me with this dream.

Charity: South Africa
Hi, greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been strange dreams connected to heaven. Few days ago,vi had a dream attending one conference to another. I saw a group with ladies wearing robes and a word came to me that I must tell those ladies that they are chosen to pray for marriages and all troubles faced by women in general world wide. I left and saw a group of man and woman, there I was told to chose one person who to accompany me to the next group, there I chose a man in a blue suit and he asked a man in a white suit to come with us so that they will return together. I got to a group of children, primary age and I was told to take them with, Now as we we were walking, the man from previous group and children came a car behind us as we reached where two roads separate. The one on left was wide meant for cars and one going to the right was for pedestrians. I said to the children let's take a one to the right its a long way but much safer. They all refused and took the shorter one and a voice said its okay continue and let them be. Now I was walking alone it shocked me to see that car taking the direction I took I got a little shaken that I might get kidnapped, why would a car use a pedestrian road. It passed and in it there was a fat white lady and stopped at about few meters away. I continued to it's direction when I got where it stop it disappeared and there appeared a slim bride in her white wedding gown. As I went closer the bride opened her arms wide as if asking for s hug. As I got closer to hug her, her clothes became a very bright, shiny white. She just disappeared and a bright flame appeared from where she was standing and ascended to heaven. I wasn't frightened but asked myself if that was Jesus, angel or a ghost I wake up.
Thank you

Charity: South Africa
Hi, I have just posted a dream and posting another one, in this dream I was walking with a group of people in an unknown  bush, we were walk-in on a wet muddy place. When we reached a place where two roads separated two ladies decided to part ways AND I warned them not to do so but they refused. As we continued the journey suddenly appeared waters every where, and I saw one of the ladies who separated themselves drowning. We stopped wondering how we going to cross over. I don't know how it happened I just saw myself on the other side of the sea alone wondering how I crossed. On the other side there was a river I walked down it and met a man sitting in that river. He asked me if I knew where the name Capernaum came from I said no, he then asked me to sit and I did. He told me that in this river there was a mermaid called Nahum that stayed there and was well known by the villagers of "the cape" that is known as Capernaum. That's when I realized that I was in Israeli. He told me a lot of things and saind come with me I wsn to show you great places. There was a building made if rocks, he told me in that building that's where Jesus had last supper with disciples, we went to another on closer to buildings that looked like bridges and high ways, he said to me this was Peter's house. From there we walked  a long way and reached a place like a tunnel he told me that is where Jesus was buried.  I am not able to explain the events exactly but u still wish to have that dream again. I enjoyed the experience

Sheerah: United States
Hello I had a dream that I was outside and I looked up into the sky and it just opened up and I saw a giant tall man white as snow moving his arms and telling me something but I couldn't hear what he was saying I cannot get this dream out of my mind I just want to know what it means thank you.

Georgia: United States
This is a dream I had several years ago.  I dreamed I was looking out my kitchen window which faces my back yard.  There was a horrible storm in my back yard.  I ran to the living room window to look out.  I was surprised to see a beautiful sunny day in the front yard.  I noticed a Rainbow that was low enough for me to walk through.  I ran to the rainbow and was excited because I knew I could walk through it.  As I looked at it I realized this rainbow was alive.  The colors were glistening, and you could hear a noise like an electrical noise.  I got to the middle of the rainbow and had to back out.  There was too much power in it.  My body could not take that much power.  
I asked God what my dream meant.  This is what He showed me.  The storms in the back yard are the storms of life.  This was hell coming at me.  This was trials that molded me into who I am today, and because I stood and did not fall back : the front yard is the Blessing He is fixing to pour out on me. It is more then I can fathom.  I believe this dream pertains to all of us who overcome.

Apostle Luby: United States
I dreamed that I was in the choir stand of a congregation I used to minister in. That congregation
has built them a new building. I had a mini dream or vision about that congregation a week or
two ago wherein I saw this other musician as their music minister. There was a young lady
getting ready to sing a song and I could see many of the members all huddled around their pastor
as he entered this old sanctuary. He wasn't dressed professionally but in everyday clothes. Well in
this dream, I saw the reverend that was there when I was there. I was getting ready to play the
piano and he was getting ready to sing. However, I pushed the piano away to kill time because I angrily wasn't going to play for him. I caused quite a distraction. The reverend then got on the floor next to the piano and in my face. He was laying on the floor and in my face. I thought he was going to blast me. I got up from there and was angrily being defiant. I knew I was in the
spirit or in a dream and didn't fear of losing my job. I was semi awake at the same time and
therefore could control my actions in the dream. I saw a deacon there that used to give me some
trouble. He was just looking at me and I sat on the first pew facing the false prophet reverend. I
was waiting tooth and nail for the reverend to do or say something against me. I then put my hand
behind my back and told him I had a piece too (meaning a gun). I caused great hoodlum in that
place. At some point I took the gold ring off that particular deacon's wife's hand. As the service
adjourned. I knew that deacon was going to call the police on me. As I walked out the exit of this
place, I knew I was going to be arrested so I didn't act up. The authorities were calling my name
and I answered. I willingly gave them my hands and they handcuffed me. Onlookers were there
but I didn't seem to mind. The authorities were very gentle to me because I went willingly. As I
stood there ashamed and handcuffed, the deacon's wife came to me talking noise. I told her that
I'd be back. This seemed to jolt her and she cried for the police so that statement could be used
against me. I hushed and explained to the cops that she provoked me. She got back her golden
ring. A lady who had been like a mother to me at that congregation was also there and when she
saw what was going on with me and the deacon's wife, she fell to the ground in hysterical laughter to where she passed out. What is the interpretation of this dream?

Alexa: United States
It was in a dream , like a short moment /vision.
The night of Dec 2,2016.
Soon after , i found out it was a warning of something horrible  to happen.
Suddenly, on a pitch black sky, I saw five giant,huge figures standing above me. They were so big that they covered the whole horizon.And what scared me the most was the size, very vivid color red.I have never seen anybody so big.I felt crushed by the size, and seeing holy people in my dream so real !!
I was lying down in bed at night and I saw two saints,or angels with no wings on each side wearing white robes, and one saint or Jesus in the middle , all that in a shape of a triangle.Jesus was wearing vivid red, a color so bright.They said or did nothing but looking at me.I never forget how scared I was in a dream and after I woke up. I knew it was from Heaven instntly,so overwhelming.
All of them were wearing gold belts and gold crowns.I felt the fear, very scared.
Woke up, could not stop thinking about it.Told my mom and my friend. Two days later, my husband moved out.Found out, he had somebody.

Juanita: United States
I dreamed that a strange woman walked in my room and told me I was supposed to be preaching 

Fenicia: United States
The light at the end of the tunnel!!
There was a dream I had a long time ago and it's just one of the dreams I've never forgotten. There was a field and in this field there were horses,families and what looked like should have been flowers all over the place and there were Flames everywhere.  Horses was running around looking very confused, children and their families screaming for a help and the flowers were wilting as they were burning. I looked around to find a safe place and I saw a tunnel.  I ran toward the tunnel as I ran inside the tunnel I saw a tiny little pin hole of a light very far off.  I could still hear the screams of panic and I could smell the fire but I kept running and it seemed like the longer I ran the longer the tunnel got but that pinhole became larger and larger.  When I finally reached the end of the tunnel and came out of it those same horses was eating the grass which was so green and pretty and those same children were playing and running while their parents were looking happily at them,the lilies and daffodils was so colorful and I cried as I looked back toward the tunnel because I knew  there was devastation on that end.  During this time I had this dream my life was so out of control with drug abuse and alcoholism and everything that was not of God. My spirit was letting me know even though my life was out of control there was a better life waiting for me but I had to know and put God in my life first and foremost and have faith that the battle was already won and He would never leave or forsake me if I just turned my life over to Him as I have now done. 

Tanisha: United States
My dream...there was a bunch of tornados hitting the ground destroying people. I had the responsibility to tell people to repent and they would be saved. I was saved the people i loved was saved. I dont know what i did to be saved and my loved ones to be saved but i had no guilt about it. But i felt very responsible to spread the word. Satan was the tornados and the Lord was in my mind and heart telling me to tell whoever would listen to repent.

Tammy: United States
I had vision last night. I was sleep in suddenly a rushing fierce wind I would even say mighty, blew in my face continuously, I became afraid for it wouldn't let up, I began to try to move my arms I couldn't, I tried to speak, I couldn't, so I finally was able to say Jesus. Then I began to quote te Lords prayer, then the wind ceased. I was frightened by it for it was real, I felt the wind from cool to cold, I felt my hair blowing. Could you tell me what this means?

Jeanne: United States
My dream opens in an auditorium.  I could not find a seat since all seats were filled to capacity.  I could see myself stand off to the side.  A small boy was on the stage.  He appeared to be about 3 years old.  There was nothing else on the stage--no props, nothing but the boy.  There was no sound from the audience but we seemed to be waiting for this boy to do or say something.  All of a sudden, the boy was holding a small, silver rod.  He fumbled with it and then 5 small white flags dropped down at once from that rod.  I saw myself approach the stage towards the boy after seeing some yellow thread on one of the flags.  I tilted my head and leaned in towards the flag to get a better look...and then I woke up.

Jen: United States
I had this dream a few years ago, but I believe that it may be coming to understanding now.
I was on a winding path on the top of a hill.  The path was going toward the ocean.  In the beginning of the path it was beautiful scenery open fields and view of the ocean from high up.  As I am walking down the hill, I am suddenly in a tight road in a foreign city (some asian area).  There are people selling asian foods and I am thinking how nice all the food is.  Then suddenly I realize that I am going the wrong way, so I turn around and head back up the path.  About half way to the top I come to a Y in the path and I meet a movie star Tom Behrenger and he says that he will help me from this point on.  Then I wake up.
When I had this dream, I was not near the ocean, but I am now living near it and I am now working with a large asian population. I am wondering if I am suppose to leave here soon. I am wondering about the movie star.

Antoinette: South Africa
My mother received a message from a complete stranger, the stranger was a guest preaching at my brother's church and as my mother was only visiting she had never been to that church before.  The Preacher, before she even started preaching said that there is a lady driving a small white bakkie (my mom was the only one there that fit the description)who needs to come and see her afterwards as she has a message for her.  So after my mom went to her and the preacher said that she had had a vision.  In this vision she said she sees my mom being in a hurricane all her life, every now and then she's at the centre (the eye) and everything is calm, but then she gets dragged to the outside and its a struggle.  Then she saw the hurricane being turned around (changing direction) and my mom being pulled up and out from the centre, way out and very high.  About a month after my mom received this message, we rushed her to hospital and she had had 5 operations now in less than 2 months.  Oh and on her way to this preacher another complete stranger stopped her and told her to sit down, another woman, she had said that she received a message that my mom was going to do great things and that her(the stranger) great grand children would still be talking about it.  Also about two years ago when she had just joined a new church.  Her first time going there the lady sitting behind her (whom she then did not know) put her hand on my moms shoulder and whispered " your going to do great things with the youth".  When my mom asked her about it she couldn't explain why or what made her do and say it.  Since then she has received subtle messages similar to this and even had a lady come up to her giving her study materials and books ect. that she had never had the chance to finish studying to become a pastor.  Im really worried about her as these operations have made her extremely weak and every day seems to be like a roller-coaster.  Just need to find out what all this means.

Howard: United States
I cannot seem to shake this dream I had as it was very vivid and received shortly after I completely gave up trying to walk my life through my own understanding and allowed our Lord to take over.This dream and the amazing profound calling to 1 thes 5 has taken my life on a completely new path.. 
DREAM: I was here on earth, unaware of my surrounding though. I remember seeing this Globe filled with lightning and I was telling people around me that this was it, the end, yet of course they all thought I was crazy and I said look at that pointing to the horizon and there was the sun that completely filled the whole horizon like it was inches from the earth, but it was not burning anyone and I said you cannot tell me something isn't going on, then me, my mother, and father in law were suddenly in the car searching for my brother, we passed by so many people that were packing up their stuff and others that looked sad. We took many roads, but always ended back at this church, no matter which way we went, we always ended up at that same church and were drawn inside where there was thousands upon thousands of people on their knees praying, that's when I woke up. Please help me to understand what this means

April: Texas, United States 
I had a dream where I was flying around warning people that in 3 days rocks would fall from the sky.  I kept saying it over and over, 3 days and then I saw some gray rocks falling.  I then flew down to a man whose face I saw clearly. There was something about his eyes. I told him that the molestation was not his fault, that God loved him before it and I didn't see it, but God did.  And to get up and walk.  He stood up in this electronic wheelchair and was put against the fence and he was going to come down and walk

Joseph: Canada
I had a vision several years ago.  I remember I was praying just a short while, and I was asking God "what do you want me to do"?, I had finished a year of bible college and thought maybe that was in preparation for something.  But almost instantly after I prayed that prayer I was able to see the sky even though I was in a room, and i could see stars almost like when a person looks at the constellation and sees the dipper etc, but the image shaped by the stars was me as a soccer player, since there was such a contrast from my focus in prayer to what I saw in the vision I've often dismissed it but it comes up once in a while because I wanted to be a soccer player most of my life.  I guess it could mean my destiny is to be a soccer player but I'm older then most players but I know nothing is impossible for God, he gives strength and ability at any age.

Whitney's Dream while Seeking Understanding:
I was seeking understanding when I had this dream in late January/early February of 2016, and I'm still struggling to determine exactly what God is trying to tell me.

Jennifer: United States
I had a vision more than twice that I was in a field of grass and meadow with Beautiful wild flowers and the colors were beautiful lots of yellow and white and I was standing in the meadow it was very bright and the sun was shining down on me there was a man with me holding my hand and he was about to ask me to marry him I believe . I had this vision in church more than once 

John's Dream of a Floating Palace
I was forced to make life's most important decision, and my face was white as a ghost. What will I do when the time comes?

Half Lion Half Man Face in the Sky

In Stephanie's dream she unexpectedly began to speak/yell in tongues and sees a half lion half man face in the sky.

Awakening Dream

I was walking along in a place which I knew wasn't earth and there was a moment of becoming suddenly aware that I must follow God's will and not mine.

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