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"Adrianna's Call from God"

I have had a call of the Lord to minister his words since I was very young. The first time I knew what I was experiencing I was about 9 yrs old. 

I always thought not me, and I'm not special. I'm too young; I'm too average, and I'm a GIRL! 

But of course, the Lord persisted. He was determined to get through to me one way or another.

I was about 18 when I had to get my wisdom teeth removed, and I opted to have all four extracted at the same time rather than a little at a time. It was such a procedure that they put me under ( twilight-anesthesia). I remember my oral surgeon counting back from 10 and my eyes getting heavy but it wasn't like falling asleep it was like waking up. 

As soon as my eyes closed, I was shocked by this unimaginable bright light. I was outside and standing high on a hilltop overlooking a terrifying scene. Only the sunlight and the grass were with me on the hilltop.

The Comforter

I wasn't afraid or panicked because I felt a presence with me. It is hard to explain, but for my whole life, I've had someone at my left shoulder guiding me and even helping me through the darkest depressions.

I recognize the sensation of someone standing taller than I am protecting and comforting me at my left shoulder. 

Without words, I knew what the terrifying scene that unfolded before us was, hundreds of thousands of people were on fire. They were burning in a hot slow ember driven a mangled apocalyptic nightmare. 

There are no words. The sky was dark as night, but I knew it couldn't have been because I was standing in the sun, I felt the breeze on my face and the soft earth under my feet. 

I wasn't afraid there was no sense of terror. I thought I was being shown something. And then I woke up in tears.

God is Real

My operation was over, and I knew what was needed from me. I felt it in my bones like I needed to run out of the building and scream it to people on the street. That God is real;  the end times will come, and we need to come in line with what our Creator was called us to do. 

I had even managed to pull myself from the anesthesia early, and they came in to give me something to calm down. I was so emotional I couldn't get it into words; I couldn't describe what I saw or what I felt.

 I sat there looking at my mom in the corner of the room (who was surprised I was already waking up ) with tears in my eyes, and I said," I need to tell people; it is real they need to know. Can anyone hear us talking? I'm not crazy; it's REAL, and it's going to HAPPEN to us." 

Then the nurse who was seeing me came in and shes largely pregnant at this time, and I had tears in my eyes, and I asked if I could touch her stomach, and she let me and kind of laughed it off with my mom. 

Then she left, and I'm dizzy as anything, and I ask my mom, " she's pregnant, will she take care of her baby?

Everyone Needs to Know

She doesn't know what will happen, she needs to know. Everyone needs to know and be prepared. I think I scared my mom a bit but ever since I've felt different like something is in my bones something is waking up.

I've never been a radical or someone who even generally believes scare tactics work, but I think that's what shook me up about all this.

 It was something truly terrifying that I was shown so that I could save people from themselves. Something is stirring in my soul, and even as I write this, I can feel something turning on.

 I hope whoever reads this finds some meaning in it and I hope someday to be able to tell my stories in a way that helps others. Help them through their troubles. Help them see past their physical selves and tap into what I believe is all-encompassing energy around us. 

And by doing that we can become united and moving into what we are called to do. Move into the next stage of humanity where we are united on a scale larger than we can imagine. I feel like everyone needs help and I need help navigating this feeling and pull towards something unknown.

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Adrianna's Call from God

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