"Half Lion Half Man
Face In the Sky"

In real life, my job is real estate. and why I am bringing this up is because in my dream I was driving and my sales manager (whom, I have had problems with in the past and has tried to get me fired and now is better at getting along with me) calls me while I am driving (in my dream) and asks me if I can pass by a property to check out if the place had power connected. so I agreed to go and check it out.

I was alone in my car. I added the address in my GPS and it said that I should be there in 8 minutes, I felt like the GPS was taking the wrong way and I don't know what I did on the GPS and it directed me the correct way and said 6 minutes.

Anyhow I get to the property and this property looked like an old building. The unit I was directed to check out was on the 2nd floor. When I get closer I can see from the window that it was dark and abandoned and trashy looking, and I feared to go in.

I step inside and I try to see if there was power but I get frighten by the presence of a person, whom I think was a woman. she/he was standing in the back of unit in the dark and looked dirty or a bum. I wanted to say the power was on because I was afraid to go in and really check.

Suddenly my mom and older sister show up as if they were accompanying me there. my mom is sitting on the bench which is located outside by the window next to the door of that unit. My older sister goes inside the unit and says she forgot something, I in scare tell her no what are you doing? there is a bum in there. She still goes in and closes the door.

I in scare get a stick and start banging on the door to get in and get her out and she calmly says relax I'm just talking to her as if the person was offering the unit for sale.

I am confused so I sit next to my mom and suddenly my older sister says buying the unit is a good idea and my mom feels that she is right and is about to sign some paperwork. I am sitting next to her and in so much confusion I say to my mom and grab her by her hand as if I am forcing her to leave with me and I tell her mom, this is not a good idea I feel sad here and as if someone died here, I don't like this feeling, lets go.

My mom with no hesitation agrees and walks away with me and I with relief walk away leaving my older sister behind, but eventually she catches up, and suddenly my smaller sister is there too accompanying us.

we are walking down these steps and I am explaining to them how sad/scared I felt up there by the unit and I started to shake off my body as if I had got goosebumps and was trying to release these negative vibes and as if my body had carried a bad spirit from the unit and I was possessed.

suddenly I stopped while still shaking my body off as I start to speak/yell in tongues and look up at the sky and I see the face of a lion that is half lion/half man and suddenly I felt relief as if it was gone.

I woke up so scared, my chest was hurting as if someone was sitting on my chest and my heart was racing. I was so scared & confused when I woke up that I had the urge to call my mom. I called her and was so happy to hear her sleepy voice. I was worried for her. I don't know why. 
 Now I want to mention that I believe in God, love him & I am grateful and my mom would take us to church once in a while and she will always speak to us how good god is and how we have to pray and give him thanks and be good hearted. so I have taken that with me my whole life.

I am not perfect and I don't go to church anymore, maybe once here and there and take my kids but I pray to God once in a while and also give him thanks and also speak to my kids about how good God is as well like my mom. why I am saying this is because I have never spoken in tongue, don't understand of it ONLY seen it at church.

So feeling possessed, while speaking in tongue looking up to the sky and seeing a half lion half man face in the sky has had me thinking about this dream non stop and it makes no sense to anyone I tell them about it. Please help me understand. is this a message? 

Stephanie: United States

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Half Lion Half Man Face in the Sky

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