"A Dream that Worries Me" 

I was woken by the mother of my kids from a dream that honestly worries me a bit. I had been dreaming that I was walking around an area where a lot of people I knew from my past where there,  doing what they normally do. As I pass a couple of then I ask where my mother was. She had ask me to help her move some things to her new place, but I was late because I wanted to sleep a little more. Therefore I asked these guys to tell me where she had gone. I found her and one of my sisters looked at me and smiled

A Big Party

Then all I remember was a lot of people getting ready for a big party. There were many people from different races. Including gangsters and kids and many other people. My family seemed to have been invited to because they had gotten  ready. So I'm walking around and everyone is having the time of their life, kids and adults were swimming in a big pool together like a day in summer. But everyone was there for a wedding from what I can tell. I was the only one that felt was not invited because I was not ordered a tuxedo. I was wearing a old muscle shirt, shorts, and sneakers. So I felt like I was punished and wished someone had came thru and had gotten me a nice tux to wear. But no one did. 

A Spanish Worship Song

So I went upstairs to a room where the bride and a lady were talking. When they notice me I excused myself and left to the room next door. I was there alone, and I began singing a Spanish worship song, when out of the blue everything inside me changed. I heard rain outside, but when I walked to the door and looked outside all I saw was a foggy landscape, like they show in the movies. It was dark and the ground had some sort of fog going across, except it was daytime and no one was there. 

Woman in Black

I focused my attention on this one window in my view and I saw this lady dressed in black resting her arms on the glass above her head, starring towards me. I was thinking of going to speak with her but it frightened me, then suddenly an idea came to mind, go back inside and worship in prayer to God. With these thoughts, I go back inside, close the door, and begin to worship because I was thinking that maybe I had died. While in the process of this thought I felt like like water was falling onto my arm and I heard sirens as if I had drowned and was under water.

Worshiping God in Spanish 

So I remember going by a pool and continue worshiping to God in Spanish then I woke up to the mother of my kids shaking me awake. But I do remember as I'm waking up muddling the worship song and it being in my head..

Jose: United States

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A Dream that Worries Me

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Why is it so difficult for our educators and society, in general, to understand that love and respect for one another taught from a young age can solve much of the world's hostility and social problems!

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