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"Dreams about Birds"

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Jesus is God: Netherlands

I went back from school to home, and I fell asleep on my bed. In the midday, and I woke up in my dream, and when I looked outside, I saw a giant white bird flying above the city, and I saw many white circles flying towards him.

Bernard: Ghana

I dreamt that I was in trouble and a flying eagle came to catch me and hide me in the chest.

Jennifer: New Zealand

A bird dropped a key into my hand, and opposite was a funnel of swirling cloud, and there were 4 blackbirds hovering in a square or diamond shape

Naomi: Canada

 Dreamt I looked up in the sky, and it was dark and stormy, almost like a large funnel cloud forming, and all kinds of birds were flying in the circling funnel. And I was sitting on the roof of my house with my husband looking up at the sky, and I was singing very loud, and I felt happy.

David: Nigeria

I had a terrific dream about an eagle.

In my dream I was standing, outside the building where one of my pastors was leaving, while I was watching just across the road, a mighty eagle with great wings and with nature of man flew past me and landed on the roof of a house.

Immediately it turned directly to the sun that was rising from the East; It raised it's mighty wings and bowed to the sun. I was amazed and scared, then it flew again out of the building, while I remained in my position watching.

At evening when the sun was setting the same eagle came again and perched on the same roof, with a staff of authority in its wings. While I was watching, it turned towards the setting sun and bowed again.

After that, it lifted up the staff and started speaking, boastfully claiming authority and control. It boasted in the form of man, With strength and conviction. I couldn't understand or hear what was said, but It's demonstration clearly defines that.

I was terrified and ran into the house where my pastor, wife, and daughter where sleeping and woke them up with what I've seen. Them I woke up. What could this mean?

Jacob: United States

On a Sunday morning, November 25, 2018, 3:32 am

I Had a dream about driving on a road in my car. It was beautiful doves or some sort of birds millions flying into the sky and the sky turning sunset or bright and a giant man figure flying up into the sky and a flying lion as well, and what looked like to be a 4 Column stand (roman) like in the Bible bring brought into the sky by birds. Four pillars connected like a judgment stand or throne. I was however fully aware I was sleeping well In my bed or a bed somewhere and woke myself up. Then after a good feeling up goosebumps.

Jeff: United States

My mother was in a hospital bed after her heart stopped and her lungs were healing she had a dream. She saw thorn birds flying downward, and she wanted to follow them;  as she followed and got closer the birds changed colors. At the end was a crack of light where the birds were flying down and into a small opening.  She got scared and wanted to go in the opening but was afraid she wouldn’t fit. Her dream ended as she watched the birds fall towards the bottom, change colors, and go into the crack. What does this mean?

Kimi: United States

I dream of a beautiful grey sweet bird that flew in my arms and allowed me to hug it. Flew right to me in my arms and other animals were following me around.

Roshni: New Zealand

I dreamt of a hill.  With lush, long grass and fresh breeze in my face. I could hear the birds chirping.  The day was beautiful.  Sun was shining. Upon the hill, I saw my son, my eldest.  He was looking at me pointing to the sky.  I turned to see what he was pointing at and all I saw was white clouds. Everything went silent.  I could see some faces in the cloud looking at me then all of a sudden out of that cloud a huge grand eagle formed and flew down to me. He was beautiful,  majestic, and at first, I felt a little scared.  It stopped on top of me and hovered there for what seemed like forever. Everything slowed down to slow motion. I could feel the wind from his wings on my face, and I could see Its eyes were golden and just staring at me. My heart felt calm, serene, and peaceful. And when it flew back to the sky I saw 2 or 3 faces looking at me; moments later it formed into a cloud again.  I will never forget this vision for as long as I live. 

Reta: United States

I had a short vision or could've been a dream that a massive eagle was standing in front of me. It wasn't doing anything. It was just standing there looking at me. I wasn't afraid. I've never seen an eagle that big. It was AMAZING!

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Dreams about Birds

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