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John: United States
I appeared in a vision in Hell. Satan was on my left, (I knew it was him, and could see him in the dream but can not describe him because I have no recollection of him). There was rock all around us. We were looking down over a hewn stone wall about 4' tall.

Beyond the wall was a dark valley that went on until you couldn't see anymore because of the darkness. In the valley were cells made of hewn stone, all connected together like a bee hive, except they were square in shape and about 4' wide. They appeared to be about 12' deep and very dark. These went on as far as the eye could see off into the darkness.

Somehow I new I was to be put in one of them. I asked, "Which one am I going to be in?" Satan replied, "depends on how bad you are." Then I woke up. The whole
thing lasted about 7 seconds.

I just assumed it was a weird occurance and didn't think much about it till the next night, when it happened again. This time I was in Heaven, but this time God was on my left side. (Just like the night before, I knew it was GOD, could see him but can not describe him, because I have no recollection of His image). 

God spoke into my left ear, "You still have a chance", then he was gone, and I was standing in a church,  about 10 feet to the right and behind a preacher, who was standing at a podium. In front of him was a wall about 4' tall made of sheet rock, below was the church people he was speaking to.

He stopped speaking and turned his head back towards me to let me know it was time for me to speak. (I knew in the dream I was supposed to speak, but I didn't know what I was going to say; also I am too shy to speak to an audience.) When he looked at me, I said, "I can't". He nodded OK with a disappointed look on his face, and turn back to the audience. Then I woke up.

Immediately I realized that both dreams were from GOD. He knew if I only had one I would just think it was a regular vision; so he gave me these visions two days in a row, and put similarities in both to let me know they were each a message to me.

One was of Hell, the other Heaven. In one I was on the right side of Satan, the other on the RIGHT SIDE OF GOD. Both dreams had a 4' wall in front, and in both we were looking down, and both were only about 7 seconds long.

I would like to receive other views on this. I pray this will bless someone spiritually, and that it will raise the awareness and importance of listening to GOD when he speaks to us.

Caitlyn: United Kingdom
I had this dream on the night before Easter morning.
I was going for a jog with my friend Jess, and it was all completely normal.
The sun was out and the birds were tweeting. It was then that I saw a
All the headstones were identical; a grey curved stone. In the
middle of the graveyard was a huge wooden cross. My friend Jess had completely
. red, but I wasn't afraid, until I saw what was happening in the middle of the graveyard. Jesus was being nailed to the cross.
Blood poured from his wounds, there wasn't an inch of his skin that wasn't oozing blood. I heard myself screaming at the guards, telling them to stop hurting Him.
I ran down to the cross and knelt beneath Jesus as He was crucified. It
wasn't long before a man dressed in blue came along. I had a feeling he was Joseph of Arimathea. He took Jesus and carried him into a stone tomb. Curiously I followed the two men in. Joseph had laid Jesus' body down on a bench cut out from the rock. Quite suddenly Jesus sat up and walked towards me. He was now wearing a green robe.
A couple of weeks after my dream I was trying to interpret it. A website said
that colors explained a lot about dreams so I typed in the color green, (From
Jesus' robe), it clearly stated that green was a symbol of rebirth, new life,
peace, hope and strength

Hi Catlyn, wonderful dream.

In addition to the above, perhaps the color green could mean that you will
flourish, as long as you are anchored in Christ:

"For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters, Which spreads out its roots by the river, And will not fear when heat comes; But its leaf will be green, And will not be anxious in the year of drought, Nor will cease from yielding fruit," (Jer 17:8).

Dennis: Philippines 
I always dream about fish, lots of fish. In one,  some fish in a pond were jumping in front of me. In another, as I walk beside the pond I can see clearly the color of swimming fish - and in still another, I swam in pond to catch the fish with the colors red and white. One thing amazing is that I can breath even when my body is submerged.

Response to Dennis:
This seems to be a very special dream and although I do not claim to have the total interpretation, I am familiar with the meaning or outcome of similar one. 

As you probably know, the fish is a Christian symbol. To dream of a fish is often viewed as a type of calling from God. As in, when Jesus called some of the disciples and told them, "I will make you fishers of men." 

Perry Stone, in his book, "How to Interpret Dreams and Visions" says, "...fishing is usually an indication of ministry and reaching souls. If the lake is small, it is a smaller ministry; if large, a large church or ministry is indicated."

My suggestion is for you to pray and to listen for guidance from the Holy Spirit. I believe He will reveal the meaning for you.

Blessings, Samuel Mills

Anna: United States
I often dream about my deceased family members. We are always continuing our lives in a normal way. Sometimes in my dream I am aware they are sick and will soon leave me but I am not too sad. I always feel good when I awake and know that I was with them again.

It's Amazing How God Works,  by Sandra Adams - is a dream about the rapture, Heaven, and how she believes our thoughts may control our future. (She would like your comments and guidance).

Gladys: United States
 I had a dream that I was dead and alive on the ground floor, and a pastor was ministering with his wife, while i was in that condition. what does this mean?

Minnie: United States
Please can anyone interpret this meaning of this dream as a friend of mine had 2 days ago. ...she saw herself cutting the cow and separating the meat she didn't let her husband kill the cow instead she killed 4 cows by herself and separated the meat portions, she said she saw lots of bones instead of meat as meat was less in all the 4 cows also in that dream she saw the blood . Can anyone give the meaning?

 Angel: United States
Two entries:
1. In the first dream people were desperately looking for food, and there was none.  Society broke down to total lawlessness. Never would I have thought that this would happen in America.  When I woke up in the morning the memory stayed with me all day and it bothered me tremendously. 
2. That night I prayed and asked God what caused the event. *That night I was standing in a beautiful field looking out to the city.  I looked down and my daughter was standing next to me.  just then I heard a loud boom!  I looked up and the city was gone and in its place was the mushroom cloud of an atomic explosion.  I said, oh no!  then I just reached down and held my daughters hand, and I woke up. 


Teresa: United States
For years, I've had recurring dreams of disasters coming to the U.S. as part of God's Judgment on this country for it's sins. In them I start receiving thoughts/voices telling me to perform certain preparations and to "make a place of refuge" for those in need. I've prayed for clear interpretation, but thus far have not received it.


A: United States
In my dream, I was in my bathroom with my brother talking when suddenly, he and I looked out the window (the window is about 1 foot tall and 3 feet wide) and saw these red and yellow lights. Some of the lights were blinking. We looked at this for a total of 2 to 3 seconds before we shot up. The moment we were shot up I knew that it was the rapture. Then I woke up.

Robert: United States
I was getting out of my bed to go to the bathroom. When I stepped into the hallway there was a bird, a normal looking brownish colored bird on the floor, and I thought,  what is a bird doing in the house?  At that second the bird flew up at me at my face, and I woke up. I think it was a vision.

Jim Randall: North Korea
In my experience I seldom think about them being from God, because the ones I have had (that were from Him) had different implications that, at the time, were not obvious (to me).I believe most are from random events of the day mixed with issues that are going on in our lives. 

I'm glad that God can speak/communicate through dreams because it may be the only way I can't mess it up.

Sometimes I dream about things that I thought about or read before I went to sleep. At times they are so real that I am confused when I wake up as to whether they actually occurred in my awake state.

You know as kids we had the wildest imaginations, then somehow when we grew up we lost a lot of that. I believe it is sort of an expression of our long forgotten imaginations, fantasies (not necessarily sexual!) which we want to carry out in real life, other times, fantasies we absolutely don't want to occur.

Does that make any sense? The brain is definitely an amazing thing.

Jeanette: United States
To all who are bless by God in dreams and vision:
Seek the lord pray for understanding of your dreams. The word of god states that He would pour out his spirit on all flesh in the last days. SEEK THE FATHER, press for Him, cry out to Him, and He will bring His Revelation and understanding to His people. Clean Water means holy spirit.

Prince: Nigeria
I was standing on the pulpit and reading the Bible to the congregation. Verses and chapters were called out to me and I would tell them exactly what was there. It was as though I had memorized the entire Bible

Then I was given a name for my ministry, and every other thing the ministry should contain, including, " hospitals, schools, a place for the homeless, motherless, alms and foods was given out to those that were in need, and they all confessed Christ as their lord and Saviour.

The name I saw was, "Harvest of souls Ministry." Then I woke up in the middle of the night,  and immediately wrote it down.

Bert: Canada
Had a dream that someone stole my pickup truck!

Jeremy: United States
My wife, my son and I were looking at the sky and it was dark and it funneled down to the earth around me was a road to my right, a highway straight ahead, and a highway to my left.

We started walking toward the funneled sky in amazement, we wanted to know what was going on. All the sudden something like a grenade went off on the road to my right,  then the highways started falling apart. Icould feel everything, the vibrations, all of it.

We ran back and as I entered this gate two guys were walking towards me. One guy leaned up against the gate saying something that didn't make sense. The other guy was still walking towards me. His eyes were dark and evil reddish, and he attacked me.

We tussled around until I was on top of him. As I looked into his eyes I heard the other man say, "here it comes." I opened my mouth and the guy with the dark eyes disintegrated.

Then it was just me and the guy leaning on the fence. That's when it ended ended.

Kimmi: United States
I had this vision that my mom and I were berry picking, and i came upon a bull elk. The elk was mad and was chased me around in this field. My mom stopped me, and she said she would take over, so the elk could chase her, because I was exhausted. I replied back to her and told her no that I wouldn't let her put herself in danger.
Then she said, "I'm your mom, and that's what mothers do.

Then the bull elk was chasing both of us. It stopped in its tracks, and layed his head down like he was bowing. I stood there looking at this elk, curious as to why he stopped so sudden and now was bowing. That's when my mom yelled out with excitement and said "Oh my gosh it is him!" as she pointed to the sky.

When I turned around everything was very bright, like something unexplainable. And there was a man walking towards us from the sky with his arms wide open. I remember his white robe and seeing his feet walking in mid air like he was walking on solid ground. He had shoulder length wavy hair, but his face was not visible due to the beautiful bright light behind him.Then I woke up.

So I'm curious what this mean?

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