"It's Amazing How God Works"
My Dream of the Rapture

It's amazing how God works. I had a dream of the rapture. In my dream, I was in a building close to the sea with very big windows, which meant I had a very good view of the sea.

It was a beautiful sunny day when all of a sudden there was a rushing noise like thunder. There was a massive tsunami at sea which caused the biggest wave I have ever seen to hit the earth.

It dawned on me then that it was the end of the world. As the weave hit over us, I lifted my hands, closed my eyes and said these words over and over again...in the name of Jesus...in the name of Jesus. 

The wave devastated the land and seemed to consume most everything on it. I waited for the knock of the wave, as I recited the name of Jesus.

The atmosphere around me was suddenly filled with angelic singing and I felt as if a light shawl possibly made of mist was wrapped around me and I started to slowly ascend upwards into the clouds.

I felt as If I had died, without experiencing the physical pains of death, but rather just spiraling and ascending into the heavens.

When I opened my eyes, the singing had stopped and I found myself in what looked like a waiting room. There were a few people in the room that meant the entire world had not been affected, there were still lots of people roaming out there. I looked around frantically for my kids, but they were not there.

People were streaming into the room as if straight from earth into this room, groups of kids especially. Suddenly my little Danielle came in and I gathered her into my arms and walked out the room with her. 

Outside of the room looked like the departing area at the airport. It dawned on me then that we had died. I looked in the distance and it was like no land I had ever seen.

On my left, the land was rocky, filled with rubble and gray in color, no sun, just a horrible gray. On my right, it looked a bit like Beverly Hills, beautiful mansions, lavish plantation and beautiful sunlight filtering through the clouds. These two places were separated by a very thin road that was hard and rubbishy. 

I made my way towards the mansions and in my mind; I started to select the place I would now make my home.

As I made my way towards this, I was suddenly overcome with such emotion, because it dawned on me in that instance that heaven was not a physical place, but a state of mind. In other words, we can create our heaven or hell just with our thoughts.

Our thoughts are like seeds that produce our circumstances, our situations and everything else.

In other  words, all of our thoughts while on earth become our heaven or our hell someday, and it continues into death, where we reap the benefits of our thoughts.

I was lead to believe that our thoughts are seeds that become our end reality, which in turn affects our heaven or hell. I'm still wrestling the meaning of this dream.

I would like to have some guidance on this dream or even comments, because it really set me thinking about a lot of things.

Sandra Adams: South Africa


Hello Sandra and thank you for your dream submission.

And what a wonderful dream! God must love you very much to lavish His love, wonders, and beauties on you in this manner.

Although I don't believe I have the total understanding of your dream it is clear God is trying to show you something in particular. My suggestion is to ask Him to reveal the dream to you, (and I will also pray). That is the way I have found the meaning to most of my dreams.

In as much as our thoughts are the products of our beliefs and faith I do believe they have very much to do with our future, and of our eternity,   whether it is in Heaven or in Hell. 

Being a Christian I believe Heaven and Hell are real places created by God, and that we each have a choice to make, either accept God's plan of salvation and go to heaven, or ignore His calling and go to Hell.

I have had many dreams in the past that, at that moment, were very confusing. Most often, the dream is revealed to me only after I have prayed and sought His answer. 

In some of my dreams, this has taken several months, and was revealed in a moment’s time, either by the Holy Spirit, someone who knew nothing about the dream, through what we might call Divine Providence, (an occurrence that could have only come from God).

Perhaps there will be others who can add more understanding. The one thing we must consider is that if the dream is from God, it will align itself with His Word.

Samuel Mills


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"It's Amazing How God Works"

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