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"Freedom of Religion"

Freedom of Religion is the foundation upon which America was founded. Our forefathers paid dearly for the freedoms we enjoy. According to the first amendment, we are to have the opportunity to worship in our churches, schools and everyday life.

There are some in our great country who are trying to cast doubt upon the true intentions of our constitution in the area of religion, and they are making some progress.

If this trend continues our constitution will become so distorted we will no longer have freedom of worship. Our ministers will not be allowed to express Christian principles without fear of being arrested.

Should we be forced by this small minority to give up this freedom for which our forefathers fought and died?

Understanding Christianity

How is it possible that anyone could visit the White House, the US Supreme Court Buildings, or read the US Constitution, then deny that this nation was established on Christian principles? 

To those who would seek to destroy Christianity, my question is, why? True Christianity does not harm, and intends no ill will toward any. Christianity is about love, love for God and all humankind, and in making this earth a better place to live. However, do not assume that love is the same as weakness.

Christianity Will Survive

In the preceding thousands of years, many have attempted to destroy the Christian faith, but have only succeeded in making it stronger. Christianity always survives. It is of God. It cannot and will not be snuffed out.

But why should we give up this great freedom of worship our ancestors fought so hard to preserve? Why put our children through this when it can be prevented? Why allow this amazing country to be brought down to the level of a Godless country? 

If freedom of religion in America is lost, it will only be a matter of time until the other freedoms are lost as well.

What Can We Do?

Rosa Parks is a very familiar name in America. At one time, her race was required by law to sit in the back of the bus. Most of us now realize this was a great injustice.

However, Rosa Parks decided to do her part to correct this great wrong. She didn't fight, or scream hate-filled words; she just quietly kept her seat near the front of the bus. It must have taken tremendous courage. The news made the front page of newspapers all over the United States and was a turning point in freedom for the black people.

There is a great similarity between the persecution of Rosa Parks and today's Christian in America. According to statistics, the vast majority of Americans believe in God and the right to worship as they please; nevertheless, due to a loud and persistent minority, Christians, by a twist of the laws, one here and one there, are losing their right to worship and express their beliefs.

This country was built upon principles from the Bible by Godly men who were willing to give their lives for the freedoms we take for granted. We must stand together and insist on the constitutional right of all religions to enjoy the freedom of religion and expression.

True Christians seek God for resolutions to every problem. We must pray that God will guide us in our quest to maintain and restore our freedom of worship. Also, we must vote! Our numbers are sufficient to protect our freedom of religion at the voting booths.

We need to set our political party affiliations aside, and no longer vote as though we are pulling for our favorite ball team. We must identify and vote the men and women into office who will uphold the constitution as it was written!

The "Silent Majority" has been silent too long. Speak out, and vote!"

Samuel L. Mills


Christians in America Please Stand Up!

Freedom of Expression

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Freedom of Religion

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