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Troy: United States
Love the poems!!!



R: United States
By faith we can see the invisible, believe the incredible and receive the impossible.
بالإيمان نرى غير المنظور، ونصدق غير المعقول، ويتحقق لنا المستحيل

Eric: United States
I want to thank you for your website and the good work you have done to show the glory of the Lord for healing. We are building a church in a new age infested community. I am shepherding a small flock to train them to be evangelists and salt and light. Thank you for equipping me for equipping them.

: United Arab Emirates
Greetings to you ... Send me some Bible Study materials..... it will be helpful for me to grow and to be useful of the Kingdom of God... 

Matilda: Ireland
Thank you for this exposition.  Really super to read through each verse and have it explained and applied.  God Bless.
In Christ

Donald: United States
Please send to my e mail, what a blessing.

Judith: United States
Thank you for your ministry 

David: Ghana
I love this. It  reminded me of St. Augustine's quote that "grace works on nature "

Kathleen: Australia
Hello, I found your site by "accident".  It was a Holy Spirit led accident.  I am a 71 years young Grammy in Brisbane Queensland, Australia.  I have not read everything on your site but I do agree with all that I have read so far. Thank you for sharing. Love and blessings, Kathleen

Deborah: United States
I am learning more about the word of God.

Rachel: United States
So encouraged 

Jeremy: United States
This study on john has been a miracle for me. Everyday i come home and read it and study. I wish you did a study on every book in the bible.

Mr Mbatha: South Africa
I love your explainations

Geofrey: Kenya
Transformed life

Aquilla: United States
I found your site by accident while doing some research.  I believe the same as you in Statement of Faith.  Thank you for sharing your Christian faith.

Pastor Kels Paul: Cameroon
Love it and need more.

Angela:United State
reat information

Retna India
Precious spiritual insights are infused in your exposition. Glory be to God and thanks a lot.

Philemon Isevakwe: Uganda
Thanks for the wondreful comforting word. Am blessed by reading this.

Godwin: Nigeria
Great soul searching stories.

l like your ministry. Blessings

Denis Nyabuto: Kenya
I have visited your website and am blessed with your teachings and am here by requesting you to send me more through my email so as to teach in the church here in Kenya thank you and I hope that you will be in touch with us so as to grow in knowing the will of God.Welcome Kenya.

Charlie: United States
I appreciate your listing of the more important commandments of Jesus. Thank you very much!!!

Makori: Kenya
Dear  brethren in Christ,
Our  hearts is spiritually touched with your encouragement reading from your website.  Kindly please share more with us and help us with your teaching materials for they will help us in our fellowship here, and to win more souls to Christ Jesus. We pray and request you kindly if you have Bibles to send to us, and that the Lord will lead you to come and share the word of God with us. We hope that God bless us to share more in his kingdom, and please pray for the  orphans who  worship with us.   
Happy to read from you in Jesus name.

Emanuel: India
Thank you 

Praise God

Gedzah: Ghana
God Bless you!

Annie: United States
Thank God for you and your prays.

Gideon: Nigeria
Thanking Jesus for privilege to hear His word that gives LIFE and faith

Jimmie: United States
Good Site, God bless all the time

Karen: Singapore
Regarding article on Hope: It's very motivating and inspiring!! Also a good reminder during our hard times

Santha: United Kingdom
Very good site. Thanks

Cherroid: United States
God is good he is awesome!

Ude nwankwo: Nigeria
Wonderful and enriching scriptures. I believe. Amen

Benard: Kenya
Dear Beloved, Thank you for standing with the truth. I was looking for Character development teachings which can guide me in my teachings. I am teaching the word of God in High schools, churches and I am also doing door to door evangelism. I found your teachings to be inspiring and I have already printed it.
This is the work I have been doing since 2008. many souls have come to the Lord and I am establishing them in the truth. We do have challenges like bibles and other materials which can be used by the genuine Christians who are thirsty for the truth.
Thank you dear beloved and continue to pray for us. My phone number is ___________. Thank you a lot.

Omoniyi: Nigeria 
Wonderful and enriching scriptures. I believe.  Thanks a bunch! Am really blessed. Amen.

Priscilla: India 
Praise the Lord. Thanks for sharing levels of faith. They are motivating and helpful in self assessment. Be blessed.

Fe Delantar: Philippines 
Thank you for the article on faith. It is very enriching in understanding the kind of faith one should have. This is very helpful for me and is very good to share to others in the community too.

Mehrzad: Iran 
I love God 

Kihara: Kenya 
God bless u

Mary: United States
God bless the lovers of truth that have put their trust in God and don't want to reinvent the wheel. God made us free and free indeed. 

Luma: Cameroon
Love your articles. I wish to be receiving these from time to time. thanks. God bless you.

From: Nigeria
God bless You for good work. To God be the glory forever. 

Philip: Kenya 
Thank you for your teaching. I am indeed a free man, redeemed, and loved by God with eternal love.

Christine: Canada
I love the reading and commentary. It opens up the scripture, helping me to understand. Of course I asked Jesus, who is in me, to help me see Him in this reading. Thank you for providing such a read. 

Chile: Benin
Very inspiring, and I would encourage this ministry to carry on. My prayer is that our Heavenly Father will enrich and bless you. In Jesus name.
Evangelist Chile Harrison

Grace: United States 
I love your website so much. I had a dream of Jesus and I went to search for dreams and where you can post them. I found this. I have never found a better website I love this! :) I know I'm only 12 but I'm so amazed by how many people God and Jesus have touched through dreams and visions. it makes me so happy reading these. be strong and faithful to God. have a great relationship with them. they are the most important people in your life. they are always with you and love you very much. God bless you all:) 

Edmund: Guinea
Thank for this teaching on faith. I have learned many things as the result of this teaching about faith. God bless,  

Violet: Papua New Guinea
Thanks so much for the studies.. This is my first time going through studies and I thank you so much for spending your time to do that for some of us who are hunger for the word.And I believe the studies will help me a lot.Thanks and God bless

I enjoy this site very much so And would love to become a member. Please consider me as a member I love my Heavenly Father and Lord And Savior dearly, poetry, as well as prophetic Blessings and visions and dreams are all part of my daily life.and nightly.. I believe the Lord sent me here, because I am here by a poem Titled "Virtuous Woman" thank you for your consideration Graciously  
Serena Baze

Charis: India
I was looking for a cure, a comforter, i had no bible with me. But was using my cellphone, had nobody to talk to, so i said to myself, let me read something about the love of God and how bless i am. Now I have found this site n read it.

Pastor Peter: Kenya
Praise the Lord Brethrens. I have really enjoyed reading your article on Catching fish, it is so inspiring. I just wish this ideas would be taught to our people in the 3rd world (as we are normally referred to). 

Please pay us a visit and release these insights to our people. Come, lets catch the men around as they are being destroyed by various forces, ie; Alcoholism, drugs, prostitution, aids, poverty, traditional cultural beliefs, etc etc.

Daniel: Singapore 
Thank you for sharing.

Hudson: Malawi 
Good material may the Most High God continue blessing you.

Deborah: United States
Jesus heals the sick & Healing scriptures are very inspirational and helpful when you are feeling down. Thanks.

Tony: Nigeria 
Highly inspired. Please more of it.

Trocks: United States

Tom: United States
Beautiful - you have answered my questions perfectly. Thank You!!!!

Anda: Nigeria
Your site is so nice.

Sharon: United States
This place is new to me, but I value it and will use it often. My great grandson is in the hospital, his parents have asked for prayer. This site has aided me in praying for him. Thank you so much for this resource. May God bless all of you who have made it available. In Jesus' name.

Ram: Nepal
This sermon blessed me. I will share with my church members. THANK YOU.

Alice: United States
While watching "THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD" I had several questions on the death and bringing back to life of Lazarus. After reading Your Page on Lazarus, I believe in what my Big Book (Bible) says. Confusion is not of the Lord, but TRUTH is.

Samdan Church:
"Glory to God in the highest,and on earth peace to men on whom His favour rests"Luke 2:14 We wish you Merry Christmas Happy New year 2015. Rev.R.K.Pant Hetauda

Rem: Nepal: Plan of Salvation Page
Thank you for these words of God and this message of Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy Christmas and merry to you.

Mbuyu: Congo: I thank the lord jesus who inspires your poems to strenthen our faith. God bless you.

Vincent: Philippines
Thank you for sharing this wonderful lesson on the Gospel of John. May the Lord continue to use your gift in teaching others. God bless your ministry.

Gabriel: Canada

This is a good and well summarized study of the Book of John 9. I was looking for some preaching sermons and landed on this one. Thank you very much for the work, well done and organized.

Elvis: Kenya
Re Gospel of John Bible Study: Awesome

Robert: United States
Your bible lessons on "The Arrest of Jesus," "The soldiers mocking Jesus," and "The crucifixion and death of Jesus on the cross" were very well written.
They were extremely helpful in better preparing me to teach my Sunday Bible class about the final days of Jesus' life before dying on the cross. Again, thank you.

Jocelyn: United States
To guest writer Ruth Byrge: Blessings! I just read your article of your new home. I am currently renting a 3 bedroom apartment with my five kids. My lease is up October 31 and I am believing and trusting God for a house. By faith I have been looking and saw something I liked.
What I wanted to tell you is your article gave me hope. Many blessings to you.

John Sathyaraj: Malaysia
I really enjoyed your Bible Study on the Book of John; very informative. Thanks

Marian: United States

I am teaching the Bible to a group of women at our church. I really enjoyed your book of John and used quite a bit of it for the study. Thank you for providing it on-line

Akinwale: Nigeria
God bless you

Angela: United States
I have accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior, this 5th Day of October, 2014. I am free from sin.

Paul: United Kingdom
Good compilation of stories. "Planted by the water" touched my heart. We really don't have to worry. Just find your tree in the water which will always be with you and will always protect you.

Victor: United States
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your dedication to ministry and let you know I have been following the study through john and find it SO incredibly informative, verse by verse. Ive encouraged my friends to visit your site. I sincerely hope you will be doing this for other books in the bible! thank you for being a blessing in my life!

Thembi: South Africa
Thank you very much. We thank God for you and for this site. Be blessed. Thembi

Calvin: United States

I love this sight. It is very informative.

Susana: Philippines
I've learned a lot from these passages, and its a big help for me, because i am just a rookie when it comes to the word of God.

Anthony: United States
Amazing site! Thank you for your contribution to The Kingdom of God, His Son Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit!

Minua: Ghana
Hi, Thanks you for your teaching I would be happy to have more materials from you that would enhance my ministry.  Jesus Bless you

Pastor Richard: Nigeria
i really enjoy these teachings,  keep on as the Lord gives you His abundance grace.

Marian: United States-Visitor Comment
Thank you. I have been so blessed reading what  you wrote on the Gospel of John. It's the best I've seen and believe me I've been scouring the internet looking at commentaries and sermons to enhance my Bible study of John. God has blessed you with this material, and It will bless my ladies bible group immensely. Thank you for letting me use it.

David: United States
|I recently found some of your articles on the Trusting In Jesus web-site. I have found them very helpful and inspiration in my own study as well as preparing for my Sunday School Class.

Martyn : United Kingdom
Stumbled across your website today and found some really encouraging stuff. Keep up the good work!

Jimmy: Uganda
I want to thank you for preaching the kingdom of God to people. I am one of those who is blessed with the Word of God, and Spiritually blessed when i read your  words.   My bro thanks for the Word,  may God bless you in Jesus name,  Amen. Glory to Him who created the universe,  and every thing,  Amen

Andrew: Nigeria
I appreciate God through this message. God has inspired you to write these powerful messages, and  i really appreciate it. May God continue to uphold your ministry in Jesus name. Amen

Mercey: United Kingdom
Thanks for the above Bible study about the True Vine. The explanations of each verses are very clear, thank you so much for helping me understand the Word.

Gladys: Kenya 
CC: "Bible Scripture Quotes:"
Very nice and inspirational. Be blessed

Lodrick: South Africa
Amen and Amen I started to read, and I'm willing to read more from this site. To God be the glory in Jesus's name. I'M BORN AGAIN TO WIN.....JESUS CHRIST IN ME.

George: Uganda
Shalom men of God, I am excited for this message and deeply moved that Christ finds me faithful, knowing whom I believe. May blessings flourish upon you.

Boitshoko: South Africa
Regarding article entitled,  "Finding Hope in difficult Times": Thank you so much for this message,  it truly changed my behavior and the way to viewing my future. My moms death has drifted me far from God. Although I tell my self that things will one day be alright I honesty doubted it, but your message has changed that. Thank you.   May the good Lord Bless you for your work

Gabriel: South Africa
Regarding article entitled, "Levels of Faith: Great article, helped me a lot as I needed to identify my level of faith.

Elizabeth: Australia
Praise The Lord for his Word and thank you for giving your time and love to share and help in our studies of The Living Word of God

Smitha: India
Very very nice scriptures

Herman: Canada
Thank you for this lessen how Jesus was Mocked.
Bless you.

Joe: United States
Very very insightful very very helpful

Robert: United States
Wow, I am amazed in reading this account of feeding the five thousand. I never thought of this account aligning with the Exodus. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thank you and God bless you in your ministry of serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rose: Kenya
"God bless you so much for these inspiration stories, the more you bless me with them the more I also bless my friends by sharing with them. The word of God said go and spread the gospel. So whom am I to keep to myself these good news which can be used to transformed someone's life somewhere."

MIKE: United States :

Larry Scott: United States
"Praise God,  love the story about Lord I need money that really blessed my heart we found your site searching the web for that very reason lord I need money as we were looking over the site we came across yours which is very encouraging keep up the good work and continue to build up the body of Christ God is our a supplier he will supply all our needs the Lord is risen glory be to God."

"God bless you."

Peter: Kenya
"Thanks so much Mills for your brilliant approach about generational curses that for sure have been used wrongly by many ministers to an extent of telling their followers to plant a seed to break those curses."

Jimmy: South Africa
"Thanks for these powerful words."

Terry: United States
"Hey was just researching Jesus feeding the five thousand as we are studying that in our Bible study class. I found this to be enormously enlightening and enjoyed reading very much."

Pastor Dan: Belize
"Great studies.
Darkness is threatening to overcome the world again but only if carriers of the LIGHT of Christ refuses to shine. Physically speaking darkness can NEVER overcome light what more of Spiritually?
Matthew 4:15-16(NKJV)
15'The land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali,By the way of the sea, beyond the Jordan,Galilee of the Gentiles: 16 The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, And upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death  Light has dawned.'
More grace on you all. Keep up the good works. Dan"

B Ratnam
: India 
"Thanks for your guidance to understand truth from samaritan woman .  May god enable us to make  it known to many who are seeking to understand like ethiopian officer from philip.  May we bring many perishing souls to saviour from our neighbourhoood."

Bruce: United States
"CC Commandments of JESUS: thank you and may God continue to bless you so richly with his grace."

Steven: United States
"Love this site,  it helps me to remember that Jesus has a plan for my life and I need not be afraid of change. "

 Martin: United States
"I loved all of these commandments they opened my eyes to The Lord.  With all my heart thank you, GOD BLESS YOU."

Diana: India-Visitor Comment
"Hello, Am glad to have come across your site. I appreciate the way you are exalting our Lord Jesus Christ. I love Jesus a lot & wish to be with Him in eternity."

D: United States 
"I really appreciate that you didn't leave off the first part of this verse. There is a reason why a person of God bears fruit. So often we in our nature want the fruit but forget the reason why it bears. I love that you did not forget why. Thanks for leaving the context of this verse held together by the word of God & teaching the fruit part with the trusting God part. You did well my Brother. Keep up the good work & remember & acknowledge our great Lord in all you do. Thanks be to Christ Jesus for your courage & accuracy!"

Samuel: Nairobi Kenya
"Dear brother in the Lord; Samuel, i thank the Lord for allowing me to know you, and the call in you. I have just been able to read one of your studies entitled :" About the Holy Spirit". I am blessed! Thanks to God for giving you sound doctrine of His mighty word brother. Be increased in the Lord. I will visit your site wherever i can brother since I access internet from a cybercafe shop. With your permission, i may want to print out some articles from you to study at home if this is feasible. I love to study God's word and teach it out to the brethren here and such studies are exhorting to the body of Christ. Again thank you Samuel for your commitment to the Lord. I will be commiting you to the Lord brother in prayer. Lydia my wife salutes you. Titus 2:11-15."

Love the Lord Jesus for He loved me first. I am happy to see and learn of the edifying word of God in this site. Thank you my brother and namesake too!"

G: United States
"Dear Brother Mills: Thank you so much for your efforts here. I am teaching from John 14 this morning. YOUR work will bless quite a few people in bible studies this morning in two different bible studies in Dallas, TX. I googled "What are the commandments of Jesus?" and your gracious work appeared. Thank you sooooooooooooooo very much! May you receive a fabulous, serendipitous blessing TODAY! Much love."

Sikheto: South Africa
"Thanks for the information about Jesus Christ."

Susan, United States
"I LOVE this web-site, it's just what I've been looking for... the basics of Salvation explained. Thank you so much for providing it and may God continue to bless you richly!" 

Gabby: United State
"Thank you for this beautiful study of Jesus and Lazarus, it has truly moved me to faith."

James: United States
"I have enjoyed your web site a great deal. I recently was healed by God and His wonderful power has made me pain free since 2 auto accidents in 2005. The doctors said they could do nothing except surgery and only as a last resort. I went to the Supreme Physician and was healed. Praise God."


Ambrose.J.Chakre-Visitor Comment
"As thousands and thousands of people browse through your Wonderful Website it is my prayer that everyone will experience the new life which is in Christ. There are people dying and they need to be resurrected not in sin but in Righteousness. You are a gift from above and i pray that you continue to grow stronger and stronger in Him. With Lots of love and regards in Christ" 

Malcolm: United Arab Emirates
"Dear Sir, Greetings from the UAE. Praise God for the website. It is very encouraging to read your articles and testimonies. Keep up the good work and God Bless." 

Rhonda: Bolivia
"Hi, I am a missionary in Bolivia from the USA. I am teaching on this passage on Sunday and found your site while doing research. Really nice, concise study. Thank you so much for posting it. May God bless you greatly! Those of us on the mission field really appreciate the resource!" 

Thato: Lesotho
"I would like to thank you for your inspirational words, they really helped me a lot. I am now aware of how Jesus died for my sins, how it became that I am now a loved one. Now I can shout with pride that jesus died for my sins and he is the most powerful god. I gave my life to him to work as god in my life for a real salvation. May the lord god almighty highly bless and protect you. 

Dear Samuel,
"Your emails are very encouraging to me. When I get down I read them over and over. I am so thankful I found this site and have added my prayers to yours for the requests. I have also told friends about it. I'm ready for VICTORY! God is Good! May He bless your work." Sincerely, 

Isaac: Nigeria

Felishia: United States
"I really enjoyed your article on the feeding of the five thousand. I am a college student and used your article for a very important paper. The details you provided was extraordinary in helping complete my paper. Thanks for the help! It is really wonderful to know there are still people like you out there trying to get the word of God out to the lost. Thank you!" 

Jama: Somalia-Visitor Comment
"Am Jama Kaise from Somalia. I was a very strong Muslim and even memorized Koran when 12 years old. fortunately after i made studies and comparison between Christianity and Islam, i've got the truth of Jesus. i was baptized 2 years ago and i am committed to serve for the Lord. i printed out the study of Gospel John on your site so, still am studying. thanks for providing us such study like this. God bless you." 

Sabrina: United Kingdom
"Thank you for the study of feeding the five thousand it has really allowed me to gain more understanding from this scripture."

Linnette: United States
"Very encouraging and uplifting to hear the word of god everyday. Thank you so much for sharing with each and every one of us.. I will continually read the scripture every chance that I get.. Thanks again and to god be the glory.." 

Sturdevant: United States
"This web site has truly blessed me. I typed in www.Ineedmoney.org and I got www.trusting-in-Jesus.com and I was reminded to trust Him. I am in a bad place financially and I'm trusting God to see me through this. You have encouraged me." 

L: United States
"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the words spoken in this article during a trying time in my marriage. I know that God is at work for his purposes in the matter and that he is using this situation to refine me and glorify himself. I searched for an article on "trusting God" and came upon your post. Thank you for taking the time to write.... God's Blessings in Jesus Christ's name...."

Norma: United States
"Trust is always the hardest thing for most of us to do. I find that people can do all kinds of work for God but still not trust Him. Yet trusting Him is the principle thing. How can you serve Him if you don't trust Him? Thank you for sharing a vital and timely word."

"Thank you for your wonderful website! May God bless you! I am a Christian keyboard player and really going through dark and uncertain times. The evil one hates our worship BIG TIME!! Your words have given me real hope and encouragement in focusing on our Savior who stoops down to comfort us and release our burden(s) to Him in the knowledge that He will never leave us nor forsake us...and has the victory!!"

Collette: United States-Visitor Comments
"Barry forwarded this to me. I love all of your inspirational stories and your amazing poetry!!... I love to write too as I believe our words are from our heart and are there to inspire (root word for in-spirit :) others. I can tell you love the Lord and as both you and I know when you find that "sweet spot" in Him, nothing else really matters. Thank you for being a dear friend and inspiration to Barry as well.....One day you will hear the words "well done my good and faithful servant" We love you," 

To all my brothers and sisters in Christ: 
Thank you, and I love you,

Samuel Mills

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