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Vincent: Philippines
Thank you for sharing this wonderful lesson on the Gospel of John. May the Lord continue to use your gift in teaching others. God bless your ministry.

Gabriel: Canada
This is a good and well summarized study of the Book of John 9. I was looking for some preaching sermons and landed on this one. Thank you very much for the work, well done and organized.

Elvis: Kenya
Re Gospel of John Bible Study: Awesome

Robert: United States
Your bible lessons on "The Arrest of Jesus," "The soldiers mocking Jesus," and "The crucifixion and death of Jesus on the cross" were very well written. 
They were extremely helpful in better preparing me to teach my Sunday Bible class about the final days of Jesus' life before dying on the cross. Again, thank you.

Jocelyn: United States
To guest writer Ruth Byrge: Blessings! I just read your article of your new home. I am currently renting a 3 bedroom apartment with my five kids. My lease is up October 31 and I am believing and trusting God for a house. By faith I have been looking and saw something I liked. 
What I wanted to tell you is your article gave me hope. Many blessings to you.

John Sathyaraj: Malaysia
I really enjoyed your Bible Study on the Book of John; very informative. Thanks

Marian: United States

I am teaching the Bible to a group of women at our church. I really enjoyed your book of John and used quite a bit of it for the study. Thank you for providing it on-line 

Akinwale: Nigeria
God bless you

Angela: United States
I have accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior, this 5th Day of October, 2014. I am free from sin.

Paul: United Kingdom
Good compilation of stories. 
"Planted by the water" touched my heart. We really don't have to worry. Just find your tree in the water which will always be with you and will always protect you. 

Victor: United States
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your dedication to ministry and let you know I have been following the study through john and find it SO incredibly informative, verse by verse. Ive encouraged my friends to visit your site. I sincerely hope you will be doing this for other books in the bible! thank you for being a blessing in my life!

Thembi: South Africa
Thank you very much. We thank God for you and for this site. Be blessed. Thembi

Calvin: United States

I love this sight. It is very informative.

Susana: Philippines
I've learned a lot from these passages, and its a big help for me, because i am just a rookie when it comes to the word of God.

Anthony: United States 
Amazing site! Thank you for your contribution to The Kingdom of God, His Son Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit!

Minua: Ghana
Hi, Thanks you for your teaching I would be happy to have more materials from you that would enhance my ministry.  Jesus Bless you

Pastor Richard: Nigeria
i really enjoy these teachings,  keep on as the Lord gives you His abundance grace.

Marian: United States-Visitor Comment
Thank you. I have been so blessed reading what  you wrote on the Gospel of John. It's the best I've seen and believe me I've been scouring the internet looking at commentaries and sermons to enhance my Bible study of John. God has blessed you with this material, and It will bless my ladies bible group immensely. Thank you for letting me use it.

David: United States
|I recently found some of your articles on the Trusting In Jesus web-site. I have found them very helpful and inspiration in my own study as well as preparing for my Sunday School Class.

Martyn : United Kingdom 
Stumbled across your website today and found some really encouraging stuff. Keep up the good work!

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Visitor Comments Page 4

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