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The Apostle Paul received visions that were so powerful he was given a "Thorn in the Flesh" to keep him from being too conceited, cont....

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I dreamt I saw a goat at a stop sign. 
Can you help me understand what that means?

Marian: Country
I dreamt I saw my fiancé going towards a little boy that I believed in the dream was is. The little boy looked to be about 2 years old. However when I asked him he said the child was not His and I did not believe him. Next thing I new I saw who I believe to be the mother of the child who was dressed in a black laced dress was holding onto my 8 year old hand and the little boy hand and leading them away. As if taking them somewhere the dress she wore was very fancy long and black. This dream really disturbed me.

Peter: United States
About 3 years ago I had my most vivid dream. At the time i was working at a grocery store that was under remodeling construction. The front entrance was on a completely diff side of the building and the color scheme changed. I had a dream one night where I was with my friend and it was maybe midmorning afternoon and we pulled into the grocery store, but in the dream the front of the building looked the exact way it looks now after construction. All of a sudden i heard a loud boom that literally shook the entire ground. I immediately heard birds by the hundreds of thousands all screaming out like in a choir. I felt a certain uneasiness come over me like a veil had been lifted. Then out of nowhere the sky opened up and a large golden rectangle of light appeared. THe light began to have beams coming from it, and i saw in the distance a body being lifted up in the beam. The beams of light felt safer than the unsteadiness i felt on the ground. I saw a beam come across the parking lot and obliterate all cars and carts in its path. A well dressed woman in black was standing in front of the beam but quickly jumped out of the way, almost out of fear. I opened my arms and closed my eyes and felt the warmth come over me. I then felt a peace and woke up shortly after feeling okay and not scared. 

Vera: United Kingdom
I had a dream i was sweeping a lot dirt and clearing cobwebs in the church i attend. What does it mean

Portia: South Africa
I had a dream floating on top of melted gold and singing a gospel song that says worship him now and then for he is Jehovah, on the other side on my left money in dollars was floating and two man dressed in suits and ties were swept away by the money that they tried to touch and it changed to water?

Tega: United States
I had a dream that I was  being  attacked by men with knives me and 3 other males so I started  quoting the bible scriptures  and the sky open and water was flowing down. and the men got saved 

Nr: United States
i dreamed i was I never the parking lot of a mall and my daughter and mother were on the other side of the building with a bunch of people and out of nowhere tornados started appearing and I grabbed onto the pole from like ramp and had my eyes closed and was just praying in tongues and screaming Jesus at the top of my Lungs asking him not to take my family and stop the storm- He was the maker of the storm and could make it stop at any moment - I was screaming Jesus keep them safe and and something flew in my mouth I thought my teeth broke but whatever it was broke in my mouth like a branch or something and I opened my eyes in my dream to see all these stuff flying at me and then I woke up in real life...I need Jesusto interpret that for me and let it finish if it needs too. I'm wide awake now!

Tammy: United States
Since 2007, I have visions of people or just different faces. I can close my eyes now in see a person. No matter the race or age. They not doing anything that will stand out. I ask God what does it mean, so until he reveals I just pray for the person I see. Sometimes it's myself. But mostly others. Could it be a anointing that not in full bloom yet. 

Felicia: United States
I had a dream that I was sound asleep and I woke up and looked at my window and it was raining blood. So I got up and looked out and it was raining blood with the sun out, but it was only raining on my apartment. Very curious about this dream.

Blesainh: Nigeria
I had a very strange dream where I became the whispering/ swooshing sounds of a cluster of trees. I had planned to wake up and pray but was too tired to follow through, but I was startled by the sounds I was making which was gradually turning into shouts. I have no clue as to what this means. pls help me understand it's meaning. Thank you

 Janelle: Australia - Multiple Dreams

  1. About 8 years ago i was dreaming of a man who was sleeping in my bed beside me. He was talking to me about end days. He said i didnt want to be one of the 144000 because it will be canabilism. I remember standing by my bed then looking at him and saying firmly you are just trying to destroy my faith and once i said that the man turned into a hairy beast

  2. Just before easter this year i was dreaming of sitting at a high round table speaking to two men. I was speaking to them about Jesus/God being real and having faith they were mocking me and i declared how real they both are. I looked to my left and i could see a huge palace in the sky, then there were like snow flakes falling from the sky i reached my left hand out in excitement i knew this moment was special and into my hand fell 3 of these flakes i ate them and they had the sweetest taste. I then called out and said i love you Father and from behind the Castle i saw a huge hand waving at me and all through the heavens and at the Castle i could see fireworks going off. In reality one week later i was talking to two men and we were seated at a high round table and true to the dream they knockin my faith and i was declaring how real Jesus /God is.

  3. Just before Easter two years ago i had a dream i had two round timber nails  through my wrists there were two men pulling them out and they were laughing when they were pulling them out. Next thing i saw many people walking, they looked like zombies. Next thing im aware im sleeping in my bed and im looking upwards through the crown of thorns and there was pieces of bread falling down to me from a loaf of bread. I looked again and this time written on the loaf of bread was 1st Timothy and the bread pieces kept falling down through the crown of thorns. Then there was like someone speaking to me but wothout a voice just more a knowing. And they said to me "We will see how long you remain faithful"

  4.  I've dreamt of flying to heaven looking down a corridor of Angels. I was singing and while i sang the Angel choir sang. When i stopped singing they stopped when i started singing again they sang with me. The Angelic music was beautiful 

  5.  One early morning i dreamt i was kneeling and i could see Israel of old. I knelt watching daily life there then a window frame appeared and in the window was Our Lord Jesus face. My mother sat to my right i knew she could see the other events but i also knew only i could see Jesus face. Jesus spoke to me and told me he loved me as i was focusing on his love for me a light grew brighter and brighter in my mind.

Clarissay: United States
The dream I am about to tell you happened towards the end of last year, I think, or maybe the beginning of this year. Anyways, I dreamt that I woke up and a bright light was beaming/shining out of my chest where my heart was. My heart was beating as if beating four times as fast as a regular human being. I remember feeling scared and panicked just watching the light shine out having no control on how to stop it, as well as trying to calm myself down since I couldn't move laying down on my bed. I tried to breath regularly and catch my breath to be in sync with my heart beat, but I couldn't. This continued and felt as if I was just watching the light for hours shine, wondering when it would stop, even though I never wanted it to stop. I felt special. Like, how could this happen to a high school girl? During this, I also couldn't comprehend if this was just a dream, if it was real, or if I was going through sleep paralysis again.
During that time in real life, I had many moments of going through sleep paralysis, which scared me to the point where I didn't want to sleep again. Nowadays, I don't go through sleep paralysis, anymore, but still feel alarmed that I might go through it again.
I've had a rough childhood and have grown up with many nightmares of my past. I've even had other dreams, knowing they were dreams and not even vividly real as this one, occurring multiple times.
I may seem like a regular high schooler, almost 17, but I feel like I have an old soul wandering and wondering about life and the history of existence on Earth. I feel like I've been through a lot, I have, but I'm not even an adult yet. I wonder what this dream, vision, etc. means.

Lauren: United States
This is a dream My friend had a dream about me: You were standing in a big field and you were standing there with a white force field around you. Neil and his family were there and they kept trying to go through the force field but they couldn't. It was like a wall. But then some other people came and walked right through and start placing some glowing balls in your hand.

Letisha: United States
In 1996 maybe 97, I had a dream that I walked out of th house during the night. It seemed as if I was swinging on an invisible swing under the tree on side the house. As I was swinging I was looking up towards the night sky as if I was waiting for something and that is when I saw 5 stars fall across the sky. After they passed I got off the swing and went back in then I woke up. 
This dream seemed so real as if I was actually outside but I know it was some kind of vision by how quiet and calm the atmosphere felt.
Thank you for your time.

Lori: United States
I was laying on the floor with my knees bend towards me I was holding the prettiest little girl study up on her feet on my  knees and feeling
grateful I turned my head and watched my now living parents smiling down at us as I said thank you to them for giving me a sister. My parents are in their 80s , I am 56.

Enrique: United States
I was standing on a field and there was a line on the grouns. As i look up i can see my brother from the nose down dressed in all white with black shoes. He told me to cross the line. At at the other side of the line it was complete darkness. I was about to cross because i trusted my brother and as i refused to cross the line. He turned into this ugly looking thing that i can't describe. Never in my life have i dreamed with something so ugly. As my brother turned into this ugly thing. The whole landscape turned black. As soon as it turned into complete darkness. A bright light from the sky came down illuminating the entire place. I couldn't see any features of the person behind the light. All i could do was bow down on my knees. And from the light a voice came out that said. No,he is my son.and woke up.

BARRY: United States

Nancy: United States
Two men in long white gowns, one had white hair and white beard and no shoes,the other man looked the same but no beard. They were walking up my drive way hand and hand . It was morning and the sun was shining and a light breeze made their gowns sway, I was in front of my house watching them walk up the drive way and then I woke up.  They were smiling and very loving.  The sun seemed too follow them, the trees were green and the brown dirt drive way. It made me happy

Barbara: Nigeria
I had a dream that I was eating coconut and asked for more from a friend which she gave me and I shared it with another person who asked for more.

Marvetta: United States

Deereed: United States
One night when I was sleep I had this dream about reading a bible verse, and then before I could finish reading the verse, it turned into an ancient language that I could not understand.All I remember was that it was in the book of Psalms.

John: United States-Multiple Dreams
Dream One:
This dream starts on a tour of Israel. While on the tour we went through a gate (iron gate) to a church. The church was an old historical church made of the chiseled square stones. I remember entering the church, in the vision all the congregation was up on the alter. Then coming in from the right side of the front of the church was the pastor who was all robed in white. I recognized him as an actor from a movie which I have not seen in many years. (The movie he was in was the Navigator. He played the father of one of the main characters in the movie.) As the pastor walked in from the right he greeted the congregation, then turned to start his sermon. In the vision Sandy and I were the only people in the pews and as he began to speak I immediately fell down and a gold cloud with sharp edges came over me. As it came over me I was pinned to the floor between the chairs. I felt like I was having an episode of a seizure. I was shaking and could not move during this episode. As the cloud was over me I felt as though it entered me.

Dream Two:
I went to Robs with a green lawn mower to see if he could fix it. He said, na, I have something better to fix it. He led us to his neighbors and I followed pushing the green lawn mower. The neighbor was the same preacher from the first dream, I think dressed in white. He looked at the lawn mower and within one second he handed me the bad part which was black to the lawn mower. He said you are not going to find this part in a department store like Lowes. You can only get it from the creator. Then I said do you want this lawn mover for spare parts?
Dream Three:
Looked like I was traveling on a highway and I saw a girl crying over a grave and her friends were trying to pull her away from the grave. Sandy and I saw what was happening and went down and stopped them from pulling on her. We began talking to her about God. It became very chaotic at that point and this is all I remember.
Preceding these dreams, before I fell asleep, God was talking to me and teaching me about the book of Ephesians.

Doris: United States
I had a dream that a women was walking towards me dress in black holding a cross.

PJ: Trinidad and Tobago, 15.03.17.
I dreamt that I was running and saw two coconuts. I stopped and noticed it had coconut jelly inside and I was able to open it with my hands and I ate the jelly. With the other coconut I drank the water. What does it mean?

Andre: United States
This dream was very weird I think i was having a panic attack and i started to shake and suddenly my eyes clos.There was a man in a white robe holding his hand out and I was walking towards him and when I got to him I looked down and he touched my shoulder

Alida: Australia
What is the meaning of dreaming of reel light in the clouds ranging to become fixed icon of light and then single horn sound was heard

Magali: United States
Had a dream of some sort of mountain the moumtain made of flat circular rock and man was landing on its head (pound,pound,pound)as he got to the top. The man was big and look pale his skin looked Grey as if he was dead

Michael: United States
I dreamed I was being led by two red hooded cloak humans with wolf faces and they led me to a field covered in paper and they pointed me to the field and then the paper turned to a twister and then formed the figure or a man and he pointed to a church at the end of a long dirt road what does that mean and I also dream of living in a mansion surrounded by other huge mansions can some one explain

Cleesther: United States
Almost2 years, my granddaughter was getting ready to take me to urgent care. While leaning on her coming out of my bedroom, one of the walls open up and in place I saw a field of pussywillows and a woman stood in them staring at me. I have no idea of what it means.

Mary: United States
I had a dream four night ago.  Four images came to my dream one right after another.
First image: was two mountains with a lake or river between them.  The sun was shining and the grass was green.
Second image: was of Washington DC on a sunny day with the Potomac river.
Third image: I saw a city of Gold coming down from the sky but a cloud was hiding the full view. It reminded me of Jerusalem.
Fourth image: I saw was  a big Red Heart valentine with flowers laying across the front.

Zama: South Africa
Hi there, I have had the following dreams
1. light coming into my bedroom through a window and a door, I tried to close both, both the window and the door wouldn't close, the light seemed so solid. yellow bright kind of light and white curtains blowing.it was kind of beautiful I also asked my maid to close the door and the window and she also couldn't. so we eventually left it like that. 
2. I dreamt of my late mom that she was in a house but she wouldn't let me in, I was sitting on only a floor structure of a house with no walls. neighbours asked why she wasn't letting me in the house, she said I must go back and be successful, something like that.
3. A friend visited me so we shared a bed, she woke up in the morning saying she had a dream about my late mother (whom she had never met by the way, but she said in the dream I did say this was my mother), my mom and I were at a table, I kept moving chairs, but my mom followed me , she was always next to the chair I was sitting at, this continued until she reached the head of the table, and then she called me to sit on her lap. where she was sitting there was a bright light above her head, which I eventually was under as well. she said.
4. I dreamt I was inside my family's old home, where I grew up and I used to read a bible a lot and pray a lot then. I dreamt I was coming out of the house but the doors from the inside was heavily blocked by stuff, which I successfully removed. I came out to a bright sunny day, feeling happy and I asked neighbours to fix my door. then I saw neighbours coming to get water with buckets from our house. I jokingly asked why are they getting water from our house because they have taps at their homes.
There's many dreams which are confusing me. I think deep down I know what these mean, relating to Christ Jesus. But if anyone has better interpretations and insights, ill be glad to hear.
Thank you so much.

Sherry: United States
 I woke up  very slowly but not fully. Looking to the right of me beside my bed was a spinning sand tunnel with lighting as it feet. As I completely open my eyes it rotated out of my room. I need to no what this means please.

Michelle: United States
I was driving a car I ended up running over a child I asked god why would I do that he called out my sick sisters name out.. what does this mean

Lesley: United States
Hi last year my son was found unresponsive in Charlotte North Carolina and I was down there for about a month and he did not regain consciousness.... so I was going to head back home for a while to be with my other children. The night before I was leaving I had a dream I was in a garden and a Angel came to me said "Xavier does not want to come back " and those words kept echoing until I woke up. I woke up punching down on the bed in disappointment .  My son passed away 5 months later. I had the dream in April of 2015 about a month after he was found
Then just tonight I had dream that he was being executed over and over. Not by an electric chair .... I can't remember how but I know I was crying in the dream.  Date of dream 2/5/17
Do you think any of the dream have any meaning

Lolita: United States
I had a dream that a man in a shiny red pickup truck pull up to my house, got out walk up to my door.  I got so scared because my ex-husband was with our children in my house.  I thought they were going to fight. I woke up, but only saw his leg, but never his face.  There was a glass screen door.  I woke up in shear terror before he could open the door.

Carmen: United States
For a while, I was dreaming and envision that. I was at a door and I could see a light coming from up under it. I wanted to go though it but my hand was barely touching it. Today I finely went through it. A bold bright yellow gold light came shining hard. And someone took my hand but I couldn't see their face and we just kept walking in the light.

Rupunza: United States
I was sitting in my living room in a chair about 2am maybe drifted off to sleep I felt the chair I was sitting in being lifting up into the air I couldn't holler out for help couldn't get the words out I tried to hit on the wall for someone to hear me could barely tap the wall in my dream I called out the name Jesus 2 times and the chair was sit back down to the floor.

Tiara: United States
i had 3 different visions in one night of two twin babies just one set of twins I have no kids but my husband and I have been praying and trying for many years now.

Deviprasad: India
I dreamt. ...I was sitting in a library and God Sun was shining  from all four directions.Sun ...bright

Rosey: South Africa
Dreaming of shoes lots and baby's clothes on the line.

Jamesy: United States
In my dream I was lying down and a man was praying over me. He had one hand under my neck the other over my forehead. He said in English "I call upon the four corners of the earth (then he switched to Hebrew ) and continued praying. Now at the end of his prayer he said "shalom". Then slammed his palm into my head and there was a bright light between his hand and my head. Then I awoke at this time.

Bebe: Canada
I never have dreams but last night I had a very short one....It was a blue sky with billowing white clouds and long straight beams of white clouds coming down from the billowy clouds....that is all I saw...what does it mean

Vanessa: United States
I hope that this dream can please be interpreted. In my dream, someone was running after me. I ran and came to a sandy/grassy hill and I try to climb it.But every time I try to climb i would slide down.Then, a very bright hand as bright as the sun reached out from heaven to pull me up. I reached out to hold the hand but the bible verse that say Satan can appear as angel of light came to me then I pull my hand away without holding the hand and woke up.

Please what does this dream mean?

Osagiede: Nigeria
About the dream I had on Friday the sixth of Jan at about 1:30/1:39,I saw two white horse with a horn in my dream, was thinking of catch one or the two with a ring or that looks like a rope in my hand but I didn't cos I was scared what it meant be

Tammy: United States
This is not a dream as I wasn't asleep, I was driving somewhere, probably praying, and as I went through the intersection the seen in my windshield changed instead of other cars, I saw what felt like a male legs from knees down walking away from me towards what I felt was the front of a church, then it was gone, and as I had been praying for a long time for my husband to go to church with me I took this to be a promise that God would fulfill and I was crying and had my hands in the air, Do you believe that this was a promise to me. This happened a couple years ago and last April my husband attempted suicide and now doesn't walk and I've been holding to that promise as proof that God would heal him and I would see him make that walk, please what do you think?

Enrique: United States
In 2015 i was inconcerated, i was doing drugs and disrespecting my parents, so i was in a really bad spot, while being in jail i started having night mares of me being locked up by myself in a cell, so i started reading the bible and would ask question to inmates that have been studyin the bible, so i started praying and starting a relationship with jessus christ, one night i had the most beautifull dream i had in a long time, in my dream i was seating down next to my girlfrien and surrounded by family members, friends and persons i do not know, inside a golden church, i was happy to be in with my love ones, everyone was happy. This help me get through my addiction and help my change from my old ways. Also had a dream in 2016, i was in some sort of boat with family and friends, i suddenly walked outside and looked up in the dark sky i seen large flying ufos every where, attacking us, i am sorry if you do not understand what i am trying to ask, thanks for your time, jessus christ is my lord and savior GOD BLESS us all and ask that he guide us to the truth, the truth shall set you free

Ebony: United States
I was in a big open field, and the grass was a beautiful green.I was smiling and spinning in a beautiful flowing skirt, couldn't see the color but when I stopped spinning the were a few sheep in the background scattered in the field. I had this dream a couple weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about it.

Sonja: United Stat
I have many dreams and nightmares but the closer I feel to God and worship him and read my bible is when I started having visions. dont know what they mean but wish someone could enlighten me as to what they mean or who to talk to about these visions. Just had one today where in my bedroom doorway was a red curtain hanging with a pulpit in plain view.

Dina: United States
I keep having this dream that my pastor was handing me a set of brand-new keys to a brand new paid home for myself and my children. please tell me what does that mean thank you

Seyi: Nigeria
I was fetching water then the torch i hold mistakenly fell inside the well. What the meaning

Angela: United Kingdom
I was sleeping on my couch when the sun shone brightly through my window and displayed a shadow of what I can only described as a small hill with a tall slim object in the middle and 2 other objects which looked as though it was looking at it please tell me what this means

Laura: United States
I dreamed that I was driving my car through the woods but the path was visible. I went up a steep hill and then came down a steep hill. I then came to a stream but could see big stones under the water that revealed the continuing path. I was afraid my car would get stuck or the water would wash me away but I knew I had to keep going forward. I steadily kept moving and did not ever stop. I made it across the stream and up the next hill and arrived at a house with a steep roof and no windows or doors. I wasn't sure how to get in so I climbed up that steep roof and somehow found my way in the house. In the dream I constantly had feelings of uncertainty and also a knowing that I had to keep moving forward. What does the house with a steep roof and no windows or doors mean?

Johnson: Nigeria
Someone said she saw me in me a dream, with a black suit and a glittering Bible! sweeping the Church....like sweeping some dirt's and sands out, while everyone else was sitting comfortably!! she walked in and joined me in the process.... what could it mean???

Eva: Nigeria
For sometime now have been thinking of leaving the church where I worship because I don't feel God presence each time I go there but because of what the church has done for me,I was reluctant but recently I made up my mind to leave.last night I had a dream where I saw myself in my pastors house playing and laughing with his wife but he was not too happy about it then one of our member came in with my old time friend with surprise on my face,I welcomed her and ask her what she is doing here,after that my pastor asked us to pray.my friend later took me to an old house that the person that brought her lives there but the house was familiar and I told her my sister once lived there. Please I.really want to know the meaning.

Mattie: United States
I Dreamed of this bright light shinning in my face and a women that i know  stood up and blocked the light,but i could still see part of the light in my left eye ? 

Kathleen: South Africa
I had a dream last night and I am unable to understand it. I dreamed opposite of our work is a plot but in the dream it was a massive open field. In the field was a huge Christmas tree which was beautifully decorated. Out of no where the Christmas tree got struck by lightning and caught on fire, which the tree was then burned down to the ground.
I was at work in my dream and this took place in front of us in the open field where it was standing. All of the staff was in panic and afraid, that we all shut down computers thinking perhaps we might get struck. We were all scared and frantic.

Sheila: South Africa
My birthday was on the second of November this year. I decided to lay on prostrate to praise and thank God for that day. I prayed at midnight. I prayed for a long time . After my prayers when I was preparing myself to sleep, I heared a horn as if it was a horn of a ram blowing outside my room.I listened carefully, it was the blowing of a horn. Unfortunately I did not count as to how many times the horn was blown. Plese intepret this for me.This happened at the very early hours, 03:00 or )4"00am

Sheila: South Africa
Please explain this dream to me. I was placed in a place surrounded by very high mountains. A very long table was set before me an unknown people to me. In my car was some documents but a very important one was ontop of them all and it seems we were  fihgting for it. sitting around that table everybody was looking at me for answeres. Please intepret thi dream for me.

Marceline: South Africa
I know this may sound like a very immature dream, but I know that there is something more tô it. So I had a dream last night and it was similar to a movie called the happening, but I did not watch this movie before tô sleep or anything like that. So basically the dream consisted of tall or giant people falling from the sky, everyone reacted as if it was the end of the world or something, I got into the car with my mom and brother and then we were driving to my grans house, then I woke up. 

Amos: Nigeria
First, I dreamt and saw myself in a fire ice,i understood in that dream that it was my spirit self without the body and I remember praying in tongues and I woke up.
Two days after,i had another but this time was as if I was in the heart of an ocean,I was talking to a man and it was as if I was facing the sky,suddenly I saw a object coming with speed towards me,before I could know the object hits me right in the that ocean kind of environment,so I woke up.please what are the meaning?Thanks

Hannah: United States
Yesterday, 11/15/16 I had what I believe to be a vision while driving home from my grandmothers. I was worshiping Jesus and praying in tongues when I began to look into the sun. However, as I stared directly into the real sun it did not blind me and it was shaking. I could see there was something inside of the sun but I couldn't make out what it was. Then my attention was drawn to the clouds that were this color I've never seen before. It was like orange and purple and I saw the sun again shaking and then everything went back to normal. While this was happening I continued praying in tongues hoping that it was the rapture and for a while I thought it was. I felt elevated and in awe. Can anyone interpret this for me? I've never had a vision before this one. I'm 18 years old and just recently surrendered myself to Christ. 

Jo: Australia
I dreamt I was driving towards a storm and could see a huge dark cloud moving to the left of me then behind the cloud there was a huge tornado, before I knew it I was praying to god to protect me, as I was praying loudly I felt the tornado go the opposite way of me then it disappeared. I woke up. 

Cathy: United States
I had a dream or something more of me sleeping in my recliner seeing me lifted up in it to see my crucifix on the wall with a shining light and slowly coming back down about 4 years ago. what does that mean?

Terry: United States
I dreamed that my husband was swallowed by a horse? Me , with the help of strangers were able to barely save him. Any ideas what this could mean?
Thank you

Lavonia: United States
I dreamed I was zooming through a tunnel in the ground. I felt scared and out of control.  I could not slow down and there was no way to steer myself.  I came out of the tunnel into a beautiful sunlit forest.  Then I awoke.  This dream came after I prayed to deepen my relationship with God.  

I had a dream, a friend is smiling at me  and disappear. What is this mean?

Sabina: Ghana
In my dream i saw someone who is very angry with me because i have wrong him.
He didn't seem angry in the dream, he seemed more calm and understanding.
Then suddenly i was offered a coconut. it was really bad so i rejected it, then a second one was given to me, and it was good so i ate it. Can this dream be explained? thank you.

VERA: Malawi
I was praying in my war room, actually i was praying for my wedding, i have a fiance and i want us to tie a knott, I want God to do something on it. Then as i was praying i saw a white bed linen and aside there was a very beautiful rose,  pink and white in colour.
I want to know what can this symbolize.
Thanks in advance

Elizabeth: United States
My sister dreamed I was sitting on a stage and I was wearing two hats. My old pastor was there and when I took off the first hat she said you look beautiful in that one and it was purple. I think the first one was orange.

Natania: United States
As I was laying in my bed I had a vision I looked up at the ceiling there was a-arm from the ceiling the hand pointing at me the arm had a long sleeve with lace Bell sleeve at the end of it it was light in color what is the meaning of vision

Georgina: Australia
I dreamt of asking my x boyfriend to find me a mountain so I can build 3 buildings, first he got me a falt mountain so I told him to get me a higher mountain which he did.The mountain he got me was high and I couold foresee building on top of it.

Michelson: United States
I had a vision that i was in a vast plain land with huge mountains in the back and above the mountains was a cloud that streched across the sky with the sun shining through the cloud in this vision i had a feeling that had allot of work to do but didnt know were to start. What is the meaning of this

Mary: United Kingdom
I went to visit Irene and family. We were in living room. I kept asking where her husband was and they kept fobbing me off. Later on husband appeared. Said his wife had asked him to leave the house. She had called him and said I was visiting and he was to come home. I spent a while chatting with him and tried to sort out whatever problems they were having in their marriage. We seem to have sorted things because by the time I left, they seemed to be on good terms.
I got onto a train to go home. There was a lot of jostling on the train. Quite a packed train and someone kept on poking me in the back. I pushed him back quite assertively. When I got to my home station, I was being prevented from getting off. I said in a very loud voice that I was getting off now and could those blocking my way stand aside please. Thank you very much. Then I walked off the train. I was talking to someone and said I wondered why the back part of the train we were on was packed but the front was not. I walked towards the exit.

Chantal: South Africa
Dream about standing with crystals behind you in light purple color in front of you was a shadow of a cross i was standing in the shadow of the cross when a hand surrounded by light came directly towards me just a hand no person what does this meaning of this dream mean

Michelle Madison: United States
I dreamed that there was a flood. It was still raining and as I was standing there looking up the clouds look so weird. Then a rope came out of the clouds it receded back into the clouds maybe twice before I became afraid that something awful was about to happen so I kinda bouced or flew away over everyone to get away from the clouds. I woke up after that. Matisse madison at gmail dot comdate of entry:9/29/2016

Gwen: United States
In this dream the man said, God want you back in prayer, your prayers are like "snow on top of the mountain ". Need to understand the significanc3 of the dream

Sherry: United States
A vision of my boyfriend sitting on the couch and he said I am going to buy the next one

Lawtoya: United States
What does it means if you see your house lifted up from the ground?

Joy: South Africa
I had a vision of a old man standing in my kitchen door, wearing white clothes like a dress or gown. And in his hand was a staff and there was a sheep next to him. I would like to know what it means cause it's the second time I'm getting this vision and at night only.

Dionne: United States
I was in church and while my pastor was preaching,I fell asleep for about 5 mins and saw in my vision a mans face with writings all over,tried to read it but then a mad man came up to me and distracted me so I could forget I did but theni remembered the vision.What is it's?

Bobby: United States
Dreamed I was riding in a truck with this Caucasian man,a stranger to me.He was taking me to this house that I would now be living in. My oldest daughter was with me.  The stranger shared that the house had been vacant for a while.  I stated that I use to live up the street and saw this house several times.The driver backed up into a spot and I could see thru the window that the house had left over debris. Once inside the house I quickly noticed the blueish/green carpet in 1 room only. There was ugly dark brown panel thru out the house. Clothing, debris, old furniture that was left inside. There were spacious rooms, all the rooms seem to run together. The stranger said many sick people lived in this house previously and they all passed away. My daughter stated that she would live in the basement but I recommended that she take one of the spacious rooms upstairs. Next, In the back part of the house(not outside) I saw a strange looking young man who was cooking a burger on the grill. Looked like he had on pajamas. He never spoke.  When he finished cooking the burger he turned off the grill and went inside the house,which I thought was my house but it was the adjoining house. I didn't like that, and I thought of how I could put up a petition to separate our dwelling space. Last scene I was sitting on a couch with the stranger and he was telling me how the previous owner had taken care of the home.

Jacob: South Africa
I had a dream we were on the queue for being employed when I reached those people who are busy employing he said to me stand aside I did so and he said the is waiting for you he didn't take me.

Ayomide: Nigeria
I dreamt I saw a small girl sitting in front of me, and she was asking me to carry her, and I gladly carried her in my arms.

Deon: Canada:
I had this dream on August 28. I was in this white room with round tables covered with white table clothes. I did not see or was I aware of anyone in the room other then myself. On the tables was food, one item in particular was bright green broccoli that looked very appealing to eat! I bit into it and it was delicious. In my dream I became aware that this was the wedding supper I was attending that so many Christians speak about!

Denise: United States
Dreamt of a tall mountain and a dog flying down from the top of the mountain towards me and it was surrounded by bright lights; then I woke up

Peggy: United States
I could never understand who this woman was I had a dream about not once but twice... She was sitting in mid air with a bead right in the middle of her forehead and she was a black woman and she asked me" what do you see when you look at me"??? I said nothing I just stepped back with my left leg and right as I was doing that she gave me a smirk I'll never forget...and she replied to me "you're wise you have a lot of knowledge my child" and I woke up..... The second dream I had while in front of her in mid air I demanded she tell me who she was.....and all of a sudden she transformed into this big dragon I'm talking about the dragon was bigger than the sky it cover the entire sky.... and all I did was look at it while it look at me and I woke up again......my question is has anyone ever seen or had a dream about this BLACK WOMAN IN MID AIR SHE HAD ON A DEEP PINK BUDDAH STYLE TYPE OUTFIT WITH A REDISH PINKISH BEAD IN THE MIDDLE OF HER FOREHEAD....IK I SEE A LOT OF UNUSUAL THINGS BUT THIS BLACK WOMAN IS ONE FACE I'LL NEVER FORGET.... I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF SOMEONE ELSE HAS SEEN THIS WOMAN IN A DREAM IN REAL LIFE WHAT???. AND WHO DO YOU THINK SHE IS...IS SHE EVIL OR IS SHE THE RULER OF THE EARTH (GOD)

Bennet: Liberia
In my dream, I was on my knees ready to be ordained as a pastor.
Then I saw the cloud open and there comes a shining star in the cloud.
All of a sudden the whole cloud turned dark and I saw a half moon.
The star intersects the center of the moon. And I saw a black image like my photo
Holding in his hands the intersection of the half moon and the star on a rod and he Lifted it up for everyone to see.

Virginia: United States
Sleeping n awake, feeling overwhelmed. I saw a lot of black spots over spots. I saw the face of someone who had passed and I prayed, then I saw light incense of god has me.

Teresa: United States
Dreams visions of woman surrounded by blue, with missing fingers

Oyinkansola: Nigeria
I dreamt that there was a long queue of people and I was asked to get people from the queue, and as I went back to the long queue, I started picking people and told each of them to also pick 2 people each and we went forward and we were told to jump a hill made out of sand, may be if u jump then u saved, then I saw by the other side of the sand hill, a man as a significance of Jesus and another man as a significant of satan and it was my turn to jump, then the devil used his power to attack me, then Jesus saved me using his power, then I jumped the sand hill

Dimakatso: South Africa
I had a vision around May 2016... I was warming my hands in the sun, the sun was very close, and I was busy calling my cousin's to come and see as I was excited

Seraphine: Kenya
Jesus is coming back



Drew: United States
I had a rather long dream recently filled with many seemingly symbolic parts. In particular, I was struggling with myself and who I was. The most profound part of the dream was when I, out of frustration, thrust my hands into the sands of a large beach by an ocean, shouting "I just want to build a city with my hands but I can't!" As I thrust my hands into the sand, a large city with skyscrapers began to rise out of the beach toward the sky. But, the buildings appeared dilapidated and began to crumble into the water before they could fully rise. On my knees,feeling like a failure, I looked out over the ocean and saw a shining city in the clouds which was as close to perfect as my mind could fathom. That was the end of what I saw.

Joyce: Singapore
I had a dream where i was sitting at a balcony of a hut/House with my dad. I turned back and i saw a large group of people dressed in traditional (european-ish) costume.
They were lined up on a huge road that was behind the house and they seemed to be praying towards a direction. (note: i was turning my head back while seated and when i turned back they were all facing "right")
Then all of a sudden a purple glow surrounded them for several seconds and they vanished    into thin air. The road then immediately went up in huge  flames. I then heard a voice said "Jesus will take the child with no life"

Zachary: United States
I was about 4 or 5 when this dream occurred but I'm 11 now and this year is 2016 so if this stays you all will still know my age.
So the dream was strange... I couldn't read at the time so I don't know what the dream was saying but I dreamed about a scroll that was on a stone plate but the scroll had opened randomly and words started appearing in medieval cursive.
I somehow made out the first word and like many medieval scrolls it was "The," does  anyone knows what it means 

Michael: United States
I had a dream a year ago that I was outside in the woods of Lebanon Oregon, when suddenly I looked up, and the entire sky turned pitch black. Moments later, two fire balls came towards me from the sky.
Once this took place, a mans voice, calming and soothing spoke to me and said, "In order to protect you, I first had to make you forget." After he spoke those words, I suddenly awoke.
Since then and even before that for about three years ever since my 30th birthday, I have had dreams, even visions while I was awake. Its not something I am use to yet. I am not even sure why it happens, since it never use to.

Carrie: United States
I took some of my normal sleep medication and drifted off to sleep. I can't remember much but I remember standing on a grassy hill filled with people, some were my friends and family and lots of other people whom I didn't know. It was night time in the summer, the weather was perfect and the sky was beautiful. The moon was bright and the sky was filled with stars. I'm not sure why everyone was on this hill but everyone was whispering and having a peaceful night when I remember pointing out to my boyfriend that I saw a star fall from the sky. Then another, then another until they were all falling from the sky into nothingness. Then it became very dark. Darker than it had ever been and although nobody spoke and the sky didn't light up, it's like everyone knew what it was. I woke up shortly after.

Elizabeth: United States
A few years ago I was sick with lupus. I had a dream I was pregnant in chains giving birth on a rock. There where people in white all around me but I couldn't see faces. After all the pain I had a baby but the people in white to my baby before I could even see what it was.i remember crying and reaching for my baby saying no. Time jumps ahead I appeared in front of a man and it was snowing outside. I looked to my left and saw a little boy playing in the snow. I began to walk towards the man in front of me and when I stopped in front of him I looked back at the little boy. All of the sudden something or someone was pulling the boy away from us. I ran towards him but the man grabbed my arm and as I fell to my knees I looked back at him and he shook his head no. All I could do was cry. The sun shined down on me and I felt it on my back like a warm blanket. I looked up to see a big opening in front of me so I I tried to touch it with my left hand and it went right through. I stuck the upper half.of my body in. I was scared if I stepped all the way in I wouldn't be able to go back.when I looked inside it was bright and white inside all I felt was happiness. There was no pain, no sadness or anxiety.  All my bad feelings went away. When I stepped away from the opening it disappeared.  I woke up from the dream and my left hand was warm. I looked for every explanation possible like maybe the sun was shining through the window but it was to far away and had curtains. I'm not sure what to make of this dream. A year and a half later I met someone and 4 months later I was pregnant. Iv always had trouble with pregnancy so it was shocking to even find out. On Feb 17th 2016 I had a boy. I found out at 2 weeks from food poisoning and I knew it was a boy before even knowing the gender.

Lynn: United States
I had a dream that I was present when the world started to fall apart, earth quakes and the Earth swallowing itself...I looked up and seen the heavens....and every time I heard this peculiar sound the earth would swallow up even more. So in my effort to avoid falling into the earth I would jump from place to place....a lady i know who i went to school with, but have never spoke to or had a conversation but is a friend on my face book. was standing in a hospital room with a fresh brand new baby, she handed me the baby and told me to look at it. But in real life she is childless...so as my dream was comming to the end A lady who i was trying to save from the earth swallowing her up screamed what is happening and I looked up and seen heaven and what I think was an angel in a praying posture and i looked back down and her and said.....GOD is FAITHFUL! end of dream.....it has disturbed me because I never dream and I am curious how to know if GOD is trying to talk to me and what information do i hold on too.

Silas: South Africa
Dreamt of two black strong horses coming out of the. Sky or heaven. It wasn't clear. But it had rainy clouds.they had wings flying towards me.

Greg: United States
My dream is this: 
I'm observing my guide work on his/her vehicle and the part that was needed to fix the engine was not cheap.I knew where to get a less expensive part but did not say! I felt my guide was a little upset about the money spent on such a part and felt that I should have said something but did not. Now , as I'm watching my guide working on the car, I felt like a heavy guilt was on me for not saying anything.

This is what Heavenly Father revealed to me: 
As I find out information of end time events that are coming and the people that are asleep need to be awakened. To share this knowledge among my fellow man so you would be ready when JESUS returns. I want to share my dreams and let people know that God's judgement is upon man and HIS wrath is coming! My earthly brothers and sisters, accept JESUS as your Savior and King that you may be found worthy to be at the Lambs wedding feast! Wake up and see with your spiritual eyes and see these earthly events coming to pass! I pray for all! In JESUS name, may His will be done!

Irene: South Korea
Thank you for this site.
I dreamt seeing a Big Yellow Rising sun. It was so beUtiful and I enjoyed its warmth. Within a short time the sun had moved up the sky shining brightly on clear sky.
What could this dteam symbolize?
Thank you. Irene

Vons Barry: Philippines
I dreamed few months ago. I was standing ifront of the sea and the sea like a mirror very clear and not moving. I saw a lot of people there wearing white long dress but faces are blurred. I did not recognized earlier that im wearing white dress too. Theres is no sun that time but the sky is very shine and clear. Then I heard in a few minutes a big and loud voice over the seas and echo. Its a male voice saying "My son it is finished".I dont know what he is talking about. I saw myself crying after the voice spoke to us.

Sherry: United States
I dreamed someone told me that my cat knows who Jesus Christ is, and I was then telling my boyfriend that someone told me that Lily ( my cat) knows who Jesus Christ is.

Any meaning to this? I thought it was very interesting.

Frances: Canada
I dreamt my fiance threw a pretty medium colorful fish away 

Sunil kumar:
I saw white air with a sparking eyes even devils  shake his legs when he comes.they have a family kids I can't recognise who is male and female kids always smiling .once I came and one kid standing in the room holding his elder hand he looked at me and smiled other time I saw them in kitchen I guess that White House suit them well instead of black spirit so there was a black magic on the ceiling so white air soul came and start guarding that wardrobe when I was lying on my bed than they came out and start touching my feet I thought they eating me when someone told me they think I am GOD than I moved into other house I guess first one was better it was all open and white so the next house I was lying again those kids came one was sitting on chair and relaxing than suddenly some made a noise and he ran and hid behind wall I saw that clearly in shadow.. Other thing very important that God keep black spirit in locked up I saw that clearly that there was a worm hole and black spirit was coming out of it when you happy they start going back and hole disappear. So Don't interfere with GOD

Jesus: Puerto Rico
My Father had a dream that houses around his neighborhood were blowing up and he begged The Lord to not to let our house explode and yet our house exploded and that was the end of the dream what is the meaning of this dream?

Interpretation by Joseph, Canada:
In response to Jesus:Puerto Rico.  
The meaning of the dream you father had seems similar to what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah,  Lot could not stay any longer because God was sending judgement,  that's why God did not answer his prayer, or it could be something to do with "not loving the world" as is described by John in his epistles, people can be saved but the world system will end up being destroyed.  Hope this helps.

Victoria: United States
I had a dream about both of parents both passed away and we inside the house we all live in together we trying to decide what color carpet to place in the house , my dad said gold & I wanted deep purple and then I woke up.

Linda: United States:
I was laying in the floor of intensive care waiting room husband very very bad with heart. I fell asleep and later woke up and saw bright lights out the big windows and there was a cross there lit up and a pole beside it with a light . It kept drawing me closers was the most peaceful thing I have ever felt. I did not want to leave .stayed that way for about 5 min. And my friends thought I went crazy from being so tried but I still fell this vision . Can you explain. This

Agnelius: Malaysia
I dreamt that I was flying in space full of stars. Was anxious. Then I entered waters, thought I was going to drown, but instead found I can breath under water, but it was dark. Then found myself on a meadow. Many colors. I can touch and feel the colors, saw my house there, and saw a cross of sacrifice. Turn my head and saw three suns.

De Andrea: United States
I had a dream that five year old daughter was laying beside me in the bed with a white Veil over her face could not remove it. It would not let me remove it at all what does this mean.

Femi: United Kingdom
I dreamt of fishing and caught two cat fishes and I was fishing in a clean water that is like very untroubled clean water lying beneath the water is a big cat fish and decided to jump into the water and catch the fish then I woke up, what is the meaning of this plz?

Terry: United States
I often have prophetic dreams. Since Oct.  2015 through march 2016, I've had 4 Religious in nature dreams
Dream 1:
There are 3 priest sitting at a long table, I'm bringing clothes from my closet and placing on table, as I do that the priest bless everything I place on the table. Everything was blessed except for a bright red dress which they wouldn't bless and I had to return it to the closet.

Dream 2: I was standing in front of some kind of opening, someone asked me if I wanted some light I said no I had light, as I lifted my arms and light shined out from both my arms. But this person told me I always should take more light till I was filled completely with light. 
Dream 3: 
I was laying down, it appeared with no clothes on. And on my body in several places was Jesus name etched into my skin. It was relayed to me, that it was permanent and there was nothing I could ever do, that would cause it to be removed. ..it was permanent. 
Dream 4:
I was at a party and 2 shooters were there, one shot me in my leg,  as I'm running from him screaming I didn't do anything, it wasn't me and hiding from him. All at once I stopped running sat down put my arms up and said, I am yours,  if this is my time I'm ready to go. 

Last dream was in March 2016. 
I have general idea, but this are a bit different, from prophetic dreams.

Thank you! Terry

Mary: United States
I have dreamed  a few times, of be'n with others i do not know, but it is like we are gathering others, taking them to a place of safety, constant gatherings..  then it goes to a field, one that reminds me of my aunts and their is a huge circle with people, some i know, others  i find myself in the center, just slowly turning circles to look at all these people that are gathered. there is no bad or ill feelings here.. it is peaceful,. 

Josh: United States
I was in a coffin and I wasn't really dead and the pastor was talking and as he was talking, I was in the coffin and it was hard to breathe and as they closed the coffin everything turned dark and I just started falling down and it felt like it was never going to end and I don't know if God was trying to tell me something or if it was just a dream.

Raymond: South Africa
I was talking to my uncle on a road that was apparently made in 1939 and I dreamed about the road 3 times now. Then we looked back at the city there was a volcano in the middle and there was lava everywhere. Then we got back in the car, and I was covered in lava but survived. Then I said "The hell raises." Changing my life.

Mathew: Australia
I dreamed of an old man Walking in the sky

Jeannie: United State
I dreamed of a person handing me a lit glass torch and I kissed it many times

Sonya: Australia
Dreamt of my deceaced mother handing me a necklace when I look at her it's in the rotting body stage she then blows a kiss in my mouth which is a loud whistling noise

Elizabeth: United States
I  had  a  dream, my  dream  was like  my sister  and  I  was walking  and I  hear  a voice  that  said  the earth  is on fire, before  I  could  look   up I hear  people  screening  and  running  and the fire was falling  everywhere  from  heaven  I told  my sister  let run and  we  was running  with  my  little  daughter  in my hand, while  running  we saw this  tall man standing,but he  was  not  running  just  standing  there,before  we could  get  to  him, he  said  just  stand right  there  and put your  left  foot  up and stand  on your  right  foot, and  he  told  my daughter  on his  shoulder  while  we was standing  looking  at  people  running  and some  falling  into the fire while  the  ground  open.

Anye: Sweden
This was very short i sat on my bed and half asleep and suddenly i saw like a  heavy flow of water pouring down on me.pls really want to know what this means

Peace Akanno: Nigeria
I dreamt of been pursued by the whirlwind which two guys were in it,thereafter I dont know where this speed came came from all I knew was I was uttering Blood of Jesus,lo and behold It dropped me in a church only for the guys in the whirlwind to hold me and they turned ashes,after this I shouted praise the lord there and both old and young responded,pls what does this dream means?I'll be very grateful.

Daniel: United States
I had a dream where im on this iland and all of a sudden im not looking through my eyes but rather seeing through something else. And i see a bunch of figures in brown robes. One of them had the robe down and i saw his head but not his face. He had like a yellow furry head, and half a crown on his head.
Later on one of the robed men came up to him and said " how ya doin my furry yellow friend". He smiled but then he looked at me and said it's time. I then apear in another part of the iland with two strang girls. It felt like we were looking for something but i don't know what.
I walked towards the tree's and i saw faces in each tree. Then a voice came out of no where saying to "wake up". Then i apear undear the guy with half a crown.
I look ahead of me seeing one of the girls who looked like it turned evil. I look up to the guy and again i here the samr words "wake up Elias". Then i wake up.

I had a dream of beautiful grey clouds. I these grey clouds were horses with people on them, the horse were a beautiful grey also. This cloud made a perfect circle in the sky. Then I looked down to feet, a holy bI left was laying there, then I feel to my knees praying. Any suggestions?

Cynthia: United States
I have been having dreams of the diseased. My Best Friend/ Cuzzn. My children's Grandma. My Children's father! In fact I dreamed just this Morning that he was searching for me.Can someone pleas tell me what these dreams mean?

Beke Tamaraumiemene: Nigeria
I was closing my eyes and sang a wokship song in a dream for church and the members of the church day left me behind when I open my eyes and I didn't know the meaning of the dream

Augustus Boltchaga: Nigeria
God bless you Chioma. You have a message but I understand God wishes you could make more out of the materials you got. You should ask God for the "gift" of interpretation. The School, students, your sister, mother, all have been representatives of one thing or the other. The clouds, the angels, the golden colour, THE TREE OF PEAR, all have their meanings. 
It's good you got the concept, but the aim of this delivery is still concealed, at least not fully delivered. 
God gave the description of his beautiful bride: She (church) must be taught of God (school), God's spirit being teacher (Isaiah 2:2-3; Micah 4:1-2). The bride must live a spiritual life, and have a life led by the Holy spirit (your mother and sister in a home with you). See Romans 8:14. Then the obedient to God's leadership are the sons of God, the bride he is coming to rapture. Christ is coming for an obedient and HUMBLE church (the pear tree). 
What he tries to say with the Tree is the parable of the mustard seed/tree... to be contd.

Reginald: United States
I had a dream I was standing on front of a ship with my hands stretch out to the heavens. And I felt I was actually on the ship what does it means

Mpho: Botswana
In my dream I was praying in the middle of nowhere and the light shine brighter on me.And I saw people with weapons and they ask me what is my problem,why am interfering in their business.I just told them that am doing what I have to do. Then i prayed again and the smoke from nowhere came and they all vanished.Then the sky opened and changed into beautiful colours and bounced many times,and I saw face in a form of a cloud looked at me breath heavily and smile.

Cynthia: United  
I dreamed 5 of God's hands on the United states covering the United states with them

Tabitha: United Kingdom
I had a dream where I did something wrong, very wrong but don't know what. I repented for it and I came forth in tongue. My mum told me it was the tongue of satan but in my heart I knew it wasn't. Then a door way came and bright florescent white light shown throught and it gave me a wooden engraving of an angel, one side dark and the other side was light. What does this dream mean?

David: Poland
Hi my dream took a place on the bus I was there with all my friends that I meet through my life,a lot childhood one's and in one point the bus was like in a dark place,but from nowhere the bright yellow light came and I started very slowly going up to sky,all my friend's went on their knees and started to praying I felt great,I mean the best dream feeling ever I was heading very slow to sky and I look on my friends I had blessed them and told them that God will not forget you and he will come for you,they countinue to pray,some of them were crying,I was trying to reach them with my hands but it was too far cause I was already above them being taken by light,Can someone please help me understand my dream,thank you all and god bless you my friends

Hilton: United States
I had a dream that my wife was in the middle of a pool,and there was a guy that threw a orange ball and hit her in the face with it I was standing outside the pool and and I saw him do this I looked at him and started running toward the other towards him as he was climbing out of the pool and her mother stop me, but I my dream I knew the guy was lusting over her,any feedback would be great

Lourdes: United Arab Emirates
Dear sir/madam
I have a dream but i don't know what does it mean, i see the hands of god in heaven and its weaving but i don't know what does it mean. I see the brightness of his hands.

Flowers: Jamaica
I dream see am walking and this man bring me on this rock and say to me this is the rock of gibrlta and put my boyfriend in my hand an say this is ware we start hour new foundshion and i say to the man this is a rock how can i this'bild on this rock him say to me when the time come we will no the man beard tall and white and the hair on is head white what this dream mean

Rashane: Sri Lanka
Hi, the dream I saw had two parts. 
Part one was where I saw people gathered in our church premises.it was so crowded and there I also saw some brothers(preists) from my school.
Then we all saw this stars like objects shining in the sky and that kept getting bigger. Then those stars started shooting to the ground and to see they were saints coming down from heaven. I went in search of St. Jude who was my name saint.I saw him at our church cemetry, but when I got closer, people started surrounding him so I couldnt talk to him.Then while waiting, we all saw this bright light ,a sun like object, the light became faded gradually and we saw a golden globe hovering towards the church and then it stopped and it was Jesus who came out. He was so tall like a giant and was wearing a crown and a robe.He passed me, then I told myself, "Jesus, Cant you remember me?". Then he turned at me and told that I was one of the chosen ones.Then he asked my to follow him and took me to the road side of the church.We were playing a game which I faintly remember, but I recall me having some sort of a power to manouver objects from my mind.That ended the part one of my dream, then all of a sudden I remember me being at my grandmother's place.
There I met God the father himself.He was shorter than I with a white beard, old and was wearing a white robe.He was glowing like an angelic figure. I went to him and said ;"father, I want to kiss you and Give you a hug". And he let me do that.that was it.

I just want to know the message that god is trying to give me.whether its a heads up about the judgement day or something else?

C: United States
I was driving a car and my grandmother was in the passenger seat. I parked the car and she got out. She walked over to the train tracks and as the train approached fir knelled down in front of it. The train continue to go as she was knelt down before it. After the train was out of sight, I did not see her.

Wayne: United States
In the dream I am walking up a hill and go to support my balance from falling down the hill. I grabbed hold of a near by rock edge and it change to a crystal and then it felt like something was trying to pass thru me or speak something thru me and I said In the Name of Jesus and awaken.

Tekell: United States
When I was a little kid I remember having this dream, and I can't seem to get it out of my head. 
I was in this white house in the middle of nowhere. I walked outside and I was in a white cloak with a wreath on my head. I was walking with flowers on both sides of me. Then I stopped... the sun was usual, but then it started to go black.
After that everything started to vanish, then I woke up. And that's all I remember about the dream.

DAMEKA: United States
I dreamed that I was dying my pastor's wife hair a medium auburn color (reddish-brown). I was a little nervous because I wanted it to turn out right for her.

Violet: South Africa
I dreamed of flying up in the sky, i saw a yellow brick house on top of a mountain. I went around the house trying to find a door but there was none, only windows high up on the house.

As I was again flying, and the windows were opened and out came a swarm of bees. They were so many i became scared that they would harm me,  but they did no, they only followed me.I spoke to them and said, "go back to your house," and they returned to their house.
I had flown about ten minutes when i saw many people dressed in black. They were many, and they were attacking me. 
I remembered the bees I had seen earlier. I called them, and commanded them to kill those people and they killed them all.

Briet: South Africa
Dreams about a man in heaven, he was half body and wearing a cap and black and white clothes 

Rebecca: India
Jesus please help me get money. I have many many financial problems.  

Travis: United States
My prayer request is to find my soul mate/ the love of my life. A companion that will love me as I love them. Someone I can build a great future with!

Kylie: Philippines
Dreaming mary with red eyes then she sent me to the cemetery.

Leanne: Canada
Hi, I am wondering if you can help me with a dream i have. "I am with alot of children who are playing at the bottom of a large hill very tall. they are getting muddy and having fun then they all take off up this mountain like hill and as i watch them i feel fear and call them back the minute i call they vanish in sort of an explosion that turns into a rainbow" The dream is very disturbing. Please help

Joseph: In response to Leanne from Canada.  Sometimes dreams mean the opposite of your feelings.  The rainbow speaks of Gods covenants, the steep hill being in the valley probably of life's dangers and trials.  Climbing the hill speaks of growing up and the explosion the uncertainties of life but the rainbow is Gods covenant and word and promises.  Hope this helps.

Mindi: United States
I dreamt I was being chased or running from something and I hopped into a fast car and was driving like crazy. 

Next, I was hiding, or hiding someone in a log cabin, and thought we were fine, when all the sudden these Indian spirits began circling the cabin and started reaching through the wooden panels and windows towards me.
I looked and saw an old fashion fainting couch, and this woman was laying there. I think she was the one I was trying to hide, but not sure...then her eyes became a piercing green and then she then was also after me.
When I awoken my head felt weird, I was shaking, and felt odd.

Erica: United States
Dreamed about being in a church and a young guy name was mentioned and I saw figures that look like his two sisters

Oluwatobi: Nigeria
I am a born again christain in a university, I had a dream last night that i was sitting on a bench or something and there were 2 other people sitting between me and a christain girl i know from my department in my university, suddenly those people stood up and then she moved closer to me and kissed me on my lips, at first I was surprised, and when she kissed me the second time, I responded, it was a short kiss. please what does it mean, that was not my first dream she was in, but those were in different circumstances.

Judy: Kenya
I am saved although I have battles within me which l am fighting off by using the word of the Lord. 

I have many dreams but l would like to share three which l have no idea what they mean.
1: I keep dreaming I am unable to climb stairs.
2: I saw two tall building falling down in our capital city and everyone started running, including me.
3: In another dream, l saw objects fall on earth from the sky and there was a lot of distress as people ran. Some objects fell on people, and I started praying telling God to forgive me my sins. 
There are more dreams that keep disturbing me and l will share them as well. God bless you
Please pray for my family salvation. My husband and daughter. 

Alejandra:United States
I had a dream I was crawling up on a hill. There where people I did not recognize near me and they where crawling too, but I kept thinking about my family at the same time. 

The sky was light gray in front of me and dark gray behind me, and there was wind. A man I had never met came up behind me and told me that there where going to be 30 lightning strikes in the future. A voice in my head asked me, do you want to know what lightning feels like? (I now know it was God talking to me). Then lightning struck about 30 feet away and about 3 times I felt the power of the strike, but it did not hurt me, and then my dream ended. 
I don't know what this means I have been thinking about it a lot can someone help?


Jennifer: Philippines                                                                    
I dreamed I saw God's image he only standing near me and look at me angry,then a man called me to take a child and put inside the refrigerator I was scared because I heared the child cried...and I woke up scared of what my dream means...please help me interpret it thank you...

Joy: United States
Last night I prayed to gdo to show me if the man who came into my life is made for me and to show me if or not in my dream so different places in my dream this man would appear to stop me from making the wrong choice and would save me from whatever would harm me. He himself has been praying to God for an answer such as mine I don't understand it's at all the dream was all over the place one part I think he stopped me from marrying a non-faced person 

Rachael: United States
I need help. My sister passed away 2 years ago. I have seen her in my dreams maybe 7 times. Yesterday she was in my dreams. I asked her to stay with me awhile. She replied that she would stay awhile. Then all I see is bright white. I am scared and begin to scream to myself to open my eyes. (My children will be alone) it takes me a little time to open them. The white is there until I do but I was unable to move. I felt like I was falling deeper. Like I was going away. I am afraid that I was dying. I don't know. Please if anyone can help me. God bless you all!!

Gregory: United States
I dream standing in the back yard of I once lived. I looked up toward the sky, there am seeing flying toward me with angle wings violent color. Upright like a man with a bird face,  and feets like bird feet. It landed and started moving it mouth as if it was telling me something. Started walking toward me and showed know threat or harm. And later walked pass me.

Ashley: United States
My boyfriend and i have 3 kids together been together for 8 years here lately things haven't been so good with our relationship my oldest daughter who is 6 years old was taking a bath one day and screamed for me to the top of her lungs i raced in there to tears in her eyes i asked her what was the matter she started splashing the water up in the air at the back of the tub she looked scared when i asked her what she was doing she said trying to show you she said she saw a gray thing that was spinning around but it was gone shortly later she had a friend that no one could see for about a month  now she don't speak of him but here about 2 weeks ago my baby daddy and i broke up every since he left i been having this same dream over and over again that has really open my eyes to things i have not seen before the dream is a man standing over me with wings what does this mean any advice i would love to hear from you soon thank you

Elizabeth: South Africa
Hi I normally dream either breastfeeding a baby or nursing a baby. A lot of times God does give the meaning.but lately I've dreamed of my late sister  dressing me up or doing my hair .for my wedding . She looked happy .i've lost a husband to death just after my sister .ur was both unexpected death both  people that believed in me..I am engaged to be married .please tell me the meaning if my dreams .thank you .God has always given  me answers ti my prayers.

Sam: Nigeria
I dreamt where I was given a test written on sand ground standing beside the examiner standing with one leg and trying to write on the ground with the other. As I mistakenly cover the test with sand the examiner came and uses his leg to sweep off the sand covering the circle chat filled with lots of numbers like quantitative and there is a space or my answer. Seeing the space I did a little calculation and wrote zero in the chat with my leg. This is the least of complex and cryptic dreams I do have. 

Natasha: South Africa
I had a dream we were in an office building and myself and a woman I do not know went and got some tea. Walking back from getting the tea a beautiful man walks pass nudges me and says to the lady walking with me she does not want me and smiles. I just shrugged him off and thought to myself why you would want to be with me. We then went up the escalator as we got to the top we had to go up with the next escalator however this lady took the one going down and i asked her why are you going down we need to go up she then started walking up.  I noticed that there was a whole in the top and it looked like she was going to fall in with her left leg but never fell in. My dream then changed my manager says she wants to wear a jeans the following day to work and asks me if they will have a problem with it i then told her no i want to do the same and i don’t really care what they think. What does it mean. 

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Tanisha: United States
I had a dreamed that I went to my boyfriend house to talk to him. When I pulled up he was sitting on the front porch and out of nowhere a demon appeared 

Jeanie: United States
Was looking at buying some property and had a dream of the such property that I was walking thru it and came up on a dim room and a woman spirit came ought of room and said" Don't come back here anymore" ....does this mean anything?

Carmen: United States
I dream of god sunday morning he save me saying come on lift me uplike a wind flow and my daughter and my twin like a super flew up thank u

Success: South Africa
I had a dream that I was praying for a person who was possessed by demons and then he become delivered.

Rebecca: Philippines
I dreamed I was sitting on a bench when I saw in the sky 2 planes ...One plane was twirling and landed on like an overpass and the other plane crash landed on land... I was scared, terrified and i was just calling on the name of Jesus and then i ran to the streets and tell the people about the accident... Then we went back to where the planes landed.. The plane which landed on the overpass all the passengers were safe... But the other plane which landed on land were all wounded and bloody... End of dream

Phylicia: United States 
One night my sister, friend and I were standing outside on my front porch & I happen to look up to the sky. First I noticed the moon looked a little crazy. It was a full moon wit a bright orange along the outside of the moon. I paid it no mind. Something told me to look up again & clouds had formed & I seen my friends face that I had lost a month before. He was the same way that I last seen him (in a casket w/eyes closed) only difference is he was smiling. The clouds again shifted & a second person appeared. He face never moved so it appeared to be as if someone was standing over him. Since his death there has been talk about foul play. I'm wondering was this his way or Gods way of giving me a sign or a better understanding of this all.

Dorothy: United State
I had a Dream that I was calling on the name Jesus and heaven doors open for me one night

Rebecca: United States
July 28, 2015.  I dream I am at church, long chairs with cushion all different colors. Lots of people. I walk to the sanctuary, I saw 3 gold cross with Jesus. My understanding is Jesus is coming. Or for me is 3 gold is reward that person no more suffering because prepare for us to to see golden place in heaven.

Lauri-Ann: South Africa
Hi my name is Lauri-Ann. 4 days ago in afternoon I was alone at house and heard familiar people voices like clearly but no 1 was home besides me. I dreamed the same night about a sangoma don't know 4 who it was. the next night I dream off a woman in our family who said she didn't know I love her so much which I don't. this morning I dreamed off a gorilla that came at my parents house and that gorilla is angry. I heard on back stoop he talk to my child and that gorilla give my grandfather 2 papers which must be given to me 1 is amount written r5000 other 1 r16,500 wasn't cashed money. now tonight I saw Jesus in a dream vision but he didn't say anything. what can all this means help me please? 

Thapelo: South Africa
I had a dream walking with my dead brother we were going to see my other dead brother. I passed by the loo and when I came out I looked for my brother and only to find he was sitting with gambler playing cards for money and my other brother was also gambling. What could be the meaning of this dream 

Andrea: United States
I dream that a lot of rain was coming and I came on a particular street where the drain was flowing heavy. I jumped over the drain and my married ring fell off. I went to get piece of stick to get it out the drain and as I was doing so, another gosh of water from no where came and wash my married ring under the dungeon that leads to the sea. Then I woke up. I would like an interpretation of this dream

Response to Andrea"s dream:

This is to Adrea U.S.A: I can only decode few dreams due to the fact that mine are always complex. Most times too complex for me.

Now to your dream. If u are married. There will be turbulence. I mean hard time ahead that will will take your marriage from you unless you pray hard favorably if u do it with your spouse or wife in agreement. And if u are single. You have to pray against turbulence that might come to stop your relationship from getting to the altar. GOD bless you

Lisa: United States
Had a dream that a cloud form into a hand pointed at me to touch me

Maria: United States
I have this dream often that I am naked on a mountain looking over water like an ocean that has crystals in it and it's like a sunset but instead of the sun  being out the MOON is and it's huge there's no being or end just that and sometimes I'm pregnant  I have Dreams about the full moons often but the dream but that is significant To me 

Mary: United States
I dreamed that i was standing  in a pulpit and I was dressed in a long white robe and stars appeared all over the robe,and when I opened my mouth to speak the word of God lit up every star..years ago I had a dream that I was in the midst of multitudes of people and they were screaming the wind of the clouds is coming the wind of the clouds is coming I looked around to see why they were yelling and I looked up and saw a whirlwind in the clouds all at once I was caught up in the clouds and a sea of glass surrounded me  in front I looked out through the glass and seen sand inside the whirlwind and it began to make a castle then all at once the crystal of the people below grew more fierce the wind of the clouds is coming the wind of the clouds is coming but now they were running around trying to hide themselves the castle was have way made and I woke up

Beta: United States
When I was pregnant with my son and did not know I was having it. I did not wanted to know. Three day before he was birth  I saw in my dream like I was walking in a open filed with gold color wheat and the wind was moving the wheat as a soft ocean waive, as I was walking in the pathway tour the sun set, from far away I saw a man with a white har and white rope, at first look like an angel as I got close it look like a ghost, as I got closer I see an old man, I stopped I feel afraid. He come tour me and spoke with an angelic voice said to me " don't be Afraid" I asked him who are you? He respond "I'm John the Baptist ," I asked him what you wan? He said "nothing, we have a gift for you" I wake up and relies It was just a dream, but the whole think was so real.  I told my dream to one of my neighbor, she was wondering what the dream meant, three days later my son was born, she come to visit me at the hospital she said the dream, the gift. OMG. Can someone explain ? I feel I have direct personal connection

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Wendy: United States
I dreamt that a guy came to my house, I noticed he was wearing white. He said he was very hungry and I made something for him to eat. As I entered my room, he didn't know I'd come out almost immediately, I saw him remove the key of my house and started running away, I ran after him and determined to involve the police to arrest his mother, but met her along the way and she started begging me and promised returning my key.

Bekham: Saudi Arabia
Dreamed of traveling from one country to an other

Deb: United States
I dreamt my boy took me high up into a mountain and sneekingly took off in a van and left me there. He was wearing a red shirt.

Madeleine: Malaysia
In my dream, I was looking out through a whole glass panel (I might be in a ship) and right in front of me was the the sight of deep blue ocean with calm but huge waves. I was overwhelmed by the ominous deep sea. However, I felt secured inside this place. Hope to hear from your interpretation of my dream.

Thank you so much. God bless

Anne: France
My boyfriend took a photo of me. I was standing in front of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. And two birds flew on the left side and it was captured in the photo.

Please I would like to know the meaning of this.

Anne: France
I dreamt of a sea with blue clean water and all of a sudden green apples started popping out of the sea. I was among a few people..We picked up the apples and put them on the market to sell. I stole one apple and put it my pocket and I woke up.

Please explain to me the meaning of this dream.

Barbara: United States
I dreamt that I was removing thorns from the balls of my feet. It seems that I got the thorns while at church. I would remove the thorns painlessly, but when they were removed they became alive and aggressive. When removed the thorn would turn into a leach- type creature and would attach to my arm and my husband would have to pull it off quickly or burn it to make it release...I removed three or four of them in my dream.

Sherry: United States
I had a dream I had my arm stretched out to the sky and a fish fell from the sky and caught my arm.. what does this mean..

Paul: Nigeria
In my dream I saw myself wearing a top, but when I put my both hands I discovered that the armpit was slashed (torn). But I did not wear it totally before waiting up.

Riquca: United States 
God is truly amazing. Last night I had a dream that I was laying in my bed while it was daylight outside, and I could hear voices of my family talking throughout the house. I wanted to get up out of bed to see them but I couldn't. I felt paralyze and I couldn't move.
So I called out Jesus, but I couldn't move. I even started speaking in tongues but I still couldn't move. Finally I was able to move so I went to the window and I saw the sky covered in white fluffy glowing clouds. It was beautiful, but I didn't want to see the sky I wanted to leave the room. 
That's when I woke up and immediately went back to sleep and dreamed again.. 
It was the same dream but this time I couldn't get up, no matter how I tried I couldn't get up. And I tried waking up but every time I woke up in the dream, I was still stuck in the bed. I gave up on trying to wake up from the dream just wanted to see the clouds again. That's when I was able to move. So I went to the window again and the clouds were just as beautiful as before. 
Then they started to get closer and closer; then I realized that I was the one going to the clouds. I was flying up through the clouds; then I woke up for real, and I could feel the presents of the lord over me. 

Arembe: United States 
I dreamed about being in a room with some other people and we were being held captive by penguins. there were many of them and when they slept they all squashed together so you couldn't recognize what they were. we had to be very quiet to escape and when someone made a noise, they sort of exploded apart from being a group. when we got out of the building, we were in a strange town - sort of Bavarian type - and there were soldiers everywhere with gold faces. any idea what this is?

Marry: Nigeria 
I had a dream/vision that two dogs were standing beside a open door. What is the meaning?

Response to Marry's dream:
To Marry; pray against powers that wants you to keep committing errors and sinful mistakes when you are close to your testimonies and blessings. Sam: Nigeria

Magdalena: United States 
Last night I had a dream that someone gave me a gift, probably a 12" in length box. When I opened it , the content was a beautiful brand new clarinet. In each of the 1/3 parts, with 1" white tissue wrapping paper in each part. I removed the small white tissue paper and tightened each part so as to prepare and play the small clarinet. As I placed my lips over the mouth piece a crisp beautiful melody began to sound out of the basic notes. I walked around a group of people sitting on their chairs, (maybe a church). Then I approached a while male about in in his late 40's. His hair was minimal and uneven. Bald spots here and there, same with the hair. A trail of light brown hair made up for an entire half inch ring of hair all around his head. However, when I asked him, knowing that he was an excellent musician, how I would become better as a musician, he answered to my surprise, "you need to fix your hair". I thought to myself how can he tell me to fix my hair when he hardly had any.

Patricia: United States
I keep having dreams and visions of me standing on a big mountain, and a lot of people all around me. I am talking to them about God. Wow!

Pari: Pakistan 
On 25th April night I had a beautiful dream. I dreamed I was at my home and when I looked outside from the window I saw a big, pretty snowflake in the sky, but it did not fall down from the sky. 

I was so happy to see that and was surprised because the sky was clear and there was no clouds, only a single snowflake in sky.

I was shouting for my mom to see as I ran to the top to get a better view. When I reached the roof I saw that the snowflake was very big and soft like cotton. Suddenly it began to melt, then vanished into the air.

I was still trying to understand the symbol of snowflake, when I saw the sun going down and I saw the tittle bit of fire come to me from the sun.

The fire was speeding toward me and I was surprised and a little fearful when the fire came near and touched my right hand and was absorbed into my hand.

I was shocked but my hand was not burnt, then I look at the sun and again more fire was rushing toward me from the sun. I was afraid and I was thinking about what had happened as I went down to tell my mom about the incident.



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The Apostle John basically wrote the entire book of Revelation by visions from God

Although prominent throughout the Old and New Testaments dreams and visions are hardly mentioned in most churches today, and are rarely a topic of conversation.(top)       

Are They Relevant Today?

Peter, quoting prophecy from Joel 2:28, "And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions."(Acts 2:17)

According to Scripture, God continues to communicate with His people in the same manner, and we should be expecting it.

The following is a recent entry
from a young visitor:

Grace: United States 
"I love your website so much. I had a dream of Jesus and I went to search for dreams and where you can post them. I found this.

I have never found a better website I love this! I know I'm only 12 but I'm so amazed by how many people God and Jesus have touched through dreams and visions. it makes me so happy reading these.

Be strong and faithful to God. Have a great relationship with them (Jesus and God). They are the most important people in your life. they are always with you and love you very much. God bless you all"

Yes, God fulfills His Word. He still speaks to His people through dreams and visions.

Of course, not every dream is from God. As I once heard an old preacher say, with a mixture of humor and truth, "sometimes it is the result of too much chili on the hotdog."

Dreams and Visions always seem to come when we least expect them. I have had several very powerful life changing visions, and they all caught me by surprise. Although some occurred many years ago, they are as clear and memorable today, as then. 

Samuel Mills

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