"Christian Testimonies"

Christian testimonies can have a very powerful effect upon those in desperate need of encouragement. Are you a Christian who has received forgiveness and perhaps miracles and deliverance through Jesus, and what He did on the cross?

Perhaps you can tell about your conversion experience, or how He brought you through difficult times. You may have been delivered from some tragedy by the power of God, or experienced a wonderful miracle.

Now you can share what God has done for you, with nearly every Internet capable country in the world.

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony..." (Rev 12:11).

Samuel Mills

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"Christian Testimonies"

Judy: Kenya
Praise the LORD. In 2013 August the Lord touched my heart and led me to His alter where He set me free during the mission month in my local Anglican church.  Before this incident I had ignored God's voice although He boldly spoke to me through His word and through dreams.
Since that day my life has never been the same. lt's because of His love (John 3:16), compassion and mercies that l have been forgiven. I have learnt to love, to forgive, to serve Him and to listen keenly to His voice by reading His word.
Even though I fall many times He picks me up. He is always ready to forgive me and led me to the right path. He has protected and saved me from  enemies, accidents, witchcraft, pride,  lies, doubts, dishonesty, family conflict etc. He continues to deliver me through the power of the Holy Spirit.  His blood covers me. He is my strength, my rock my salvation, my redemption, my creator, my giver....
What He did for me He can also do it for you. All you need is to ask for forgive, belief and accept Jesus Christ as your savior. If you haven't accepted Him please do it now. Crown Him as the Lord of Lords,  the King of Kings, the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. If trust Him He will give you everything you ever needed... eternal life.

Do it now through this prayer:
"Lord Jesus I come before you with thanksgiving for what you did for me on the cross. I am a sinner and l confess my sins before you. Please forgive me. I belief in you and accept your sacrifice.  Please fill with me the Holy Spirit to guide me to your knowledge. In name of our Lord Jesus Christ l pray.  Amen"
If you have prayed this prayer, you are forgiven. listen to God's voice by reading His word and being obedient to what He instructs you to do. May God bless you and use you for the extension of His Kingdom. Amen 

Andrew: United States
Psalm 119:57 "Thou art my portion, O Lord: I have said that I would keep thy words."

I am standing on the rock of my salvation, of whom shall I be afraid? I was wrongfully terminated from my job of 8 months where I was never late, never missed a day, never called out, I worked so hard. I worked as unto The Lord from day one. A man who is not a believer caused me to be terminated when he lied about me to my manager who was absent for three weeks. I didn't tell anybody about it because I want to let The Lord handle it. 
It has been three days now. I have been told by HR and managers to not worry and that they are fighting for me. If even unbelievers say "Don't worry, we are fighting this." how much more of a promise, a certainty do we have from our Heavenly Father? Just like Paul and Silas who sat in prison, praising The Lord until the entire place shook apart with the Glory of God, so will I continue to Praise Him until the walls of this situation shake apart with the resonance of God's glory.
I am remembering times past when God delivered me from scary situations and He was ALWAYS on time. His word is true. I thank God for allowing this to happen so that I will be able to see Him perform an
awesome work.

There is an old song which says "I believe the answer's on the way. I believe The Lord has heard me say- "Cast not away your confidence!" says The Lord my God!"
Let us continue to Praise Him in all things and know that nothing takes Him by surprise. Let us lift one another up in prayer. We have victory in all things when we trust in God.

"He Lifted Me up"  I am a faithful servant of God. He is my life and my everything. My journey with him was quite hard yet worth it, until one day..

Lord I Give Up: A story of Jean Pierre Smit's struggles, trials, and finally his victorious search for salvation.

Cynthia: United States
I LOVE JESUS! I TRUST JESUS! I HAVE FAITH IN JESUS! I Am A REAL WOMAN OF GOD! My Heart, My Soul, My Spirit, and My mind All Belong to JESUS! THANK YOU LORD JESUS! For seeking, and saving me when I was LOST in A World of Sin! And ALL I want is MORE of thee,And less of me! For My Good, but for our GLORY!

Timothy: Zambia: All Creation is His
I have always lived by my own understanding. Life has become unbearable. Friends and family are no where near. I have decided to follow and put my trust in the lord. What is impossible with man is possible with lord. All creation is his. The silver and gold is his. The scripture says ; Give burdens to him" Am looking to god for my sustenance. "The righteous shall not be forsaken nor his descendants begging bread" My prayer is that god shall honor my growing faith. Pray for me too 

Eddie Goh's Personal Christian Testimony
This are only a few of the good things God has done in my life: Deliverance from sickness, an auto accident, business failure, and most of all, the revelation of His love.

Regina Kirk's Christian Testimony
I went off to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on a basketball scholarship, but I didn’t attend church at all…God turned my mess into a message. I will love the Lord forever 

Vaskar's Christian Testimony
This is Vaskar’s Christian Testimony. Although born in a Hindu family, and fascinated by rock music, God had a plan to save me. 

Philip: Kenya : KEEP KEEPING ON
"But as for me I watch in hope for the lord, I wait for God my Saviour; my God will hear me." (Micah 7:7, NIV)
When everything seems to be falling in around us, when the walls seems to be closing in, when everything looks completely hopeless, just remember that God gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist.
God is not ever taken by surprise, He is present to hear and save those who are his from calamity.
Just hold on you will not be crushed neither will you be consumed, His mighty hand will always direct your steps.

Jay: United States (Born in Kathmandu)
I come from Nepal, and I have down syndrome.  My great grandfather was a leader of the Manj tribe in the Lamjung district village where they worship Krishna. The word Krishna means Christ, however, he was a butter thief.

When I was born, in Kathmandu, a Hindu priest put water on my head while invoking and chanting the name of Saint Issa.

I went to  Kapilvastu to get an education when I was 12 years old, but continually moved to many other parts of Nepal.

When I was sick with a (sprung ankle),  a missionary with the Gospel for Asia came and told my family about Jesus; however,  my father banished him from his house,and I was sent to a Hospital in vellore India.

After that we moved to a lot of countries, then finally to America,  in New York.  In 2002 we moved to Michigan , then to Westland, then to Plymouth, then finally here to Florida.

My sprained ankle lead me to the lord, now I am thinking about becoming a pastor in the Episcopal church.

Beta: United States
It was Christmas Eve, I weary sick with flue/cold, chills, hives, killing bone pain, I was not able to stand up. My husband and kids where pleading with me to spend Christmas with them. I went to bed prayed to God, asked Him, "either take me or heal me."

In my room I saw Jesus He was standing at the end of my bed, with white rope, long dark  wavy hair, fair olive skin, crustal blue eyes and  bright white shiny smile. He asked "what you dong in bed while the whole world is celebrating my birthday?" I respond, " I'm sick, my whole body and bones hurt."

He touched both my feet, and I could feel the pain leaving, he came around the side of the bed and asked again, "where else does it hurt,"I  told him my elbow's, He reached out and touch my elbow's and again I can feel  the pain leaving.

He ask again where else it hurt,  I told him my head. As He was trying to touch my forehead I heard my husband talking to me, he said, Hinny are you ok, and touched my forehead ?

I woke up and looked around the room and asked him where He went? He ask who? Are you okay? He said he heard me talking and that's why he came to room, I told him Jesus visited me. I realized that all my pain was gone beside my headaches, and when I took two Advil 30 min later I was like never been sick.

I was completely healed, and started preparing to celebrate Christmas. Since then I have never been sick on Christmas, and Christmas never been the same. We really love Christmas, and we celebrate with my family an friends. About 20 to 25 people love to spend Christmas with us at our house.

I can feel Jesus' presence, and all I can say that  God and Jesus' presence is over at my house.

"David’s Christian Testimony"
Before Jesus, I barely liked anyone, and hated myself. After becoming saved, I felt like I had been scrubbed clean with soap and water, I have never been the same again

Naleli: South Africa 
I thank God for saving me at such a young age. He snatched me away from all the bad things that are happening to people my age. I realize it's not because I'm wise or anything, but it is only by the grace of God that I am who I am.

David: United States
Ready With an Answer
 - Although a leader in his church David found how necessary it is for Christians to always be ready with an Answer

Reena: India
I praise and thank Almighty God the maker of heaven and earth for delivering me and my family from all sorts of false religious groups and cults. Almighty God has been gracious,kind and loving towards me and my family. 

I also praise and thank Almighty God for leading me and all my family members in the truth of His word alone. I praise and thank Almighty God for delivering me both spiritually and physically. Had God not remembered us what would have been our plight?

I praise and thank Almighty God for all His love, care, mercy, affection towards me and all my family members. I praise and thank Almighty God for delivering me from all my problems emotionally, spiritually, mentally,physically, earthly and socially. 

I expel all falsehoods and unclean spirits from my life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!I expel all damages caused to me and my family members by the false religious groups cults in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! As per 1 peter 1:5. 

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!In His great mercy He has given us new birth into living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. 

I praise and thank Almighty God for helping us to live in the truth of His word alone. I thank Almighty God for all His amazing and wonderful blessings in my life. Hallelujah! Praise be to God!

Maureen: Philippines
I used to be an atheist. I used to scorn God, because of the trials that I have faced in my life. But now, I see the true beauty God has given the world, and that is faith. 

I heard Him call me, in which I had subtly asked, "Is it me, Lord? You're actually talking to me?"
I heard Him tell me that He loved me, that I should get up again, and that everyone in heaven, the angels, the departed, and Jesus Himself, were cheering me on on this race, and that I may have stumbled before, but that never really mattered. I felt loved, protected, cherished. 
Only then, did I KNOW what God truly is: He is peace, love, family, mercy, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and humor.
Now, ever since I have been saved and decided to walk with Him, my relationship with my family changed, we became closer, my friends and I became closer, I learned to forgive the people who hurt me. I learned to apologize, and to get up again after falling, (because that's what Christ did) and I learned to surrender to Him, becauser He has everything under control.
I have been set free rom a short-tempered, and cold spirit by the Blood of Christ, and by the grace of God.. 
Truly, the day I decided to hear Him speak was the day I was set free. God truly works miracles, I turned from a disrespectful atheist into a faithful and happy Christian. God bless you and see you in heaven! 
Love from the Philippines!!

Shiv Arora: India
Basically m from Punjabi family (Pakistan and northern India), but Almighty lord bring me under His kingdom.
For a long time, I struggled with my life facing rejections and failures, but the lord held my hand and brought me out from the failures. I feel the lord around me.
One day before sleep, i prayed and said, lord i really want to see u.
I had a dream and i saw a white light that was soooo bright that i couldn't even face it, but i somehow manage to see with full courtesy.
I saw, 10 ft above my head, a man standing, and i felt numb when I saw the lord. I cried a lot and thanked the lord for bringing me to the kingdom of joy, and for answering my prayer's. Thank u Jesus thank u. 

Genet's Healing Testimony.
God is real!!! He is always with us!! He is a healer, protector, and provider He is mighty and powerful!!!! ... 

Tanya: U.K.
Shortly after, while still on the machines, I began breathing on my own. This was all  a part of God's perfect plan for my life, He is our hope in a hopeless world...

Angel: United States
"Angels Miracle Birth"
Hello! This is a part of my Christian testimony!
I was born a stillborn baby, my whole body was blue with no sound of life, and God raised me from the dead!
My mother's sister was there at my birth and
witnessed the Power of God raising me from the dead!
To make a long story short, I was born by midwife, (my mother's sister).
Just before I was born she asked for a glass of water, shortly after here came this stillborn baby girl! 
At first, mother's sister did not know what she was going to do with the glass of water.
Taking the baby by her feet, (with her little head down toward the floor), she dashed that glass of water in my face, and God put breath into my body. THANK YOU JESUS! SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO!!!
God told my mother's sister to name me Angel! that is how I got my name, right from Heaven!

Jim's Testimony:
After his father died, Jim became depressed, and, though still a teenager, began doing psychedelic drugs and LSD, then he started going to church.

Strong Hold of Drug Addiction: I took a giant leap of faith and cried out to the Lord with urgency,  “You say Your Word cannot lie, and that you died for these things...

Mike Nicholas personal testimony
From a life of drinking and drugs, to salvation, which has led to a great home life with his entire family being born again.

Tracy’s Miracle Testimony: 

Tracy had accepted Christ as her Savior, but later in life began to doubt, then one day she had a direct answer to prayer resulting in a miracle.

Francis F Fayiah's Autobiography and Testimony - Glory be to God in the Highest for delivering me from amongst thorns

"I will Tell of His Love" - Great is God and greatly to be praised. For the rest of my days I will tell of His love, mercy, and grace to me.

"James Hogancamp's Personal Testimony" - Bro. James is serving a life sentence in Holly Springs, Ms. He prays that his testimony might help others.

- "His Love is Eternal" by Satish from India - I LOVE YOU FATHER, THANK YOU VERY MUCH...

"For all who would Believe," by Robby - How come I don't see him? Where is he or she or whoever he is? Why did he create us all and then hide from us...

"Pauline's Christian Testimony" - I finally know just how much Jesus loves me...

Greg, "I surrendered my will to Jesus" and trusting in Him has had a powerful effect on my life.

"Edna Edwards" -The Beautiful Christian testimony of Edna Edward, from Sri Lanka

"Bobbie J Davis" - When I was about 12 years old, we had revival at my church so my brother, sister and I sat on the “mourning” bench...

"Carolyn McDaniel's Testimony" - Do I have a testimony? YES! And it's all about Jesus Christ and what He's done for me.. "Kristen Heir's Testimony" - With God All Things are Possible

"Praise God Anyway" by Donna - When all fails, continue to praise Him, He will always be there.

"Ruth Byrge's Testimony" -I have always loved God, and always had a tender spirit and wanted to do what was right; like some others, I strayed...


Sandra: United States

Danish: Pakistan
I use to work for a company which was not doing so well. I was one of the lead people and was responsible for 80% of company revenues, and all marketing and new product development activities. Our company had been negotiating a "third party acquiring deal" with a large group for more than 8 months, and finally the deal was sealed and the takeover had started. My boss said to me that "you would be redundant in the new system".
I came home and was not OK with the situation at all, speaking to my parents, (I live with my parents and they are my responsibility so we are just 3 people at home).  I told them that I worked 4 years for this company and had asked my boss to recommend me to the new management,  but he didn't seem interested in doing that and hadn't even tried to me. He told me that,  Mr. Ali's team will be doing everything.
To this my father said, don't worry the one who helps you is bigger than your boss and God will do what is best for you.
Two days later I got a call from another person saying that someone from Mr. Ali's  team has resigned and he wants a person of your profile as a replacement;  so I spoke about you, and I think you should give it a shot. So I contacted Mr. Ali and met him for an interview, and he said,  leave your CV with me,  call me after 4-5 days.
I called him as per his instructions and was told he was travelling. A few days later I get a call from the HR department and was called in for an interview, along with 2 other candidates.  The interviewers included Mr. Ali, (the Managing Director of the company), 3 other directors, and the HR person.
The interview went well and I got an offer call next day from the HR person. He said,  we have approvals to be made on each hiring, so please do not resign from your company until I give you a confirmation call, (he did not know that I had been laid off recently).
I kept waiting for another 2-3 days for the confirmation call,  but didn’t get any calls.  I was broke, jobless and frustrated,  so I prayed to God, " I don't care about anything I just want a joining call tomorrow."
It was a Saturday next day,  around noon when the marketing director called and asked, where are you? I told him I was home, its Saturday so i'm spending time with mom and dad. He replied,  we have a lot of work to do, and I think you should come to the office on Monday and start to  take control of your responsibilities.
I told him that, I don’t have an issue with that, but the HR person hasn't confirmed my hiring yet, he still needs internal approvals on my case. The marketing director said,  its just internal approvals you need,  be in the office on Monday and we'll take care of the formalities while you are there.
Today I am thankful to God who never lets me down, and it is true what the bible says ... "things that are not possible with men are possible with God".  I am now an employee of the same company I asked my boss to recommend me for, and technically,  my ex-boss is a client for me now,  as my current company took over his company and this is one of the projects on my portfolio.
The best part of this miracle is this that Mr. Ali is my boss now. My ex-boss and this whole project take over and executions,  were handed over to me, which makes me at par with my ex-boss.
All glory to God's name for he is the living and true God. Amen

Lan: United States
Hello, this is my Christian Testimony:  When I was an unbeliever, I asked God if he exists. Later, I also asked him if he was Jesus. He answered both of these questions and now, I am a firm believer that God exists and that he is Jesus.
For a long time, I struggled with witnessing to people. I struggled with what to say and how to prove to unbelievers that God exists and that he is Jesus. Later, I realized that I could simply tell them to ask God if he exists and if he is Jesus.
Now witnessing is easy. And I believe if this way of witnessing to people caught on, that the world could be changed!!! God will answer these questions. I believe that telling unbelievers to "Ask God if he exists" is a great way of witnessing to them.
I was also thinking that it would be great if you tell your congregation about this and if your church would advertise this on billboards!!! In Christ, Lan

Justo zChalaire: United States
Thank you Jesus for restoring my sight

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