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Christian Prayer Requests

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Every born again Believer has the privilege of talking to and hearing from God. But far too often this great resource is neglected. Christians Should Always Pray!

We are told that our prayers are powerful and effective, and "... if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us - whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of Him," 
(1 John 5:14-15), (James 5:16).

I promise to personally pray for every prayer request! 

Samuel Mills

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Kimberley: United States
Please pray for the restoration of my relationship with my significant other Corey and that he will propose to me like he was going to do this past Christmas. Please pray God touches his heart and allows him to witness the Lord's salvation and that he comes home and we can be a family again and raise our 7 month old together. Please pray that any woman trying to pursue him it will fail and he will realize I'm the only woman he needs. Thank you!

Precious: Nigeria
Pray for me that God purified my blood from virus in Jesus name.

Janine: United States
Please pray for me I have a rare disease stiff person syndrome and there is no cure for it God bless you 

Marvay: United States
I am standing in the gap for my sisters healing.As I plan to read the scriptures daily until manifestation is displayed. Glory be to GOD.

Please Lord give me financial breakthrough

Julie: United States
I suffer from cervical spondylosis with myelopathy. I have severe pain throughout my neck, shoulder, and
arm. I'm not able to do much and want to get well to take care of my Mom, who is also suffering from sciatic & back pain. Please pray for our healing. With Lord Jesus all is possible! Amen.

Tiffany: United States
We have been through the storm, my three girls and I. We were left behind after their father deployed, and are now starting from the beginning. All Glory to God, who has brought us through. Please pray that we will get approved for this wonderful apartment tomorrow 2/29/2017. It will be a new start. It has been a tough journey, and I work overtime to fulfill my children's needs, and those of others. Please heavenly Father move the Property Managers in Jesus name and allow us to get approved for a new beginning, and to never look back. Amen

Karen: South Africa
Please  ask the intercessors to say a prayer for Sachin who had cancer I know he is healed,  got a message that he is in bed most of the time and his hair is falling, but I know he is healed and his hair will grow back and his health will be restored. I speak it in faith this morning amen  his sister sent me a message on sat night that he is not doing good. I will not give up asking Lord   U raised Lazarus from the death u can do it for Sachin I await a praise report

Vish: India
Hello, My husband Ravi was diagnosed with kidney failure and now has to go for dialysis every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please keep him in your prayers. We want the lord to deliver him from dialysis and give him his complete kidney function back. Please pray. Thanks!

G: Philippines
My boyfriend and I had a tremendous fight and broke up. I took the time apart to think, consider, and pray. I still believe in our relationship and I request all of you to pray for our reconciliation and reunion with each other. I know even the hardest of hearts can be softened and changed by God. I pray that God will guide my boyfriend and I to work on our relationship and be together again.

Mavis: South Africa
Plz team pray with me I m not working but I need lot of money for school  fees, rent food for my three children at tertiary level, they are waiting  for their results on Friday this week and won't get them if they didn't pay and won't be allowed to register for class. I've so many debts so plz pray with me I need God's miracle now .

Patrick: Malawi
Please i need urgent prayer for a job, i lost my job 1yr ago, i need a job, LORD JESUS accept my request for a new job, i need to sustain my family, pay debts please have mercy!

James: United States
In the name of Lord Jesus, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the courage to change I things I can and the wisdom to know the difference, Amen.

Elder B F: United States
I have stage 3 skin cancer

Yolanda: United States
Pray for Jaden for his bag spinal pray for healing up with mine develop speech delay pray for Julie to her stomach praying for a learning disability both pray for Rebecca and her stomach car prayer for Cesar where is the nurse pray for healing is the mail and also his body pray for deck that you will find go to the clubs favor is straight arm pray for her salvation Pray for my heart my liver my kidneys pray for my bone disease and praying for me into a panic attack think Sadie fear tormented headaches April heart attacks for us OK

Sidram: India
I & my brother prashant jamadar haven't get any job. so you pray to get government job maharastra state bus Service assit. manager post & DRDO post & other government job you pray i am very crying so spread my request in all world church. I am very

Julie: Kenya
Pray for me I really need a job,a well paying job to support my family I know God always listens n knows the desires of our hearts.

Lois: Ghana
Indeed my God is a faithful God. Faithful is He who has called us and He will do it.I ask God to open a chance for Kwabena to travel to U.S and because His faithfulness endures Kwabena has been emailed to go for his U.S Visa interview tomorrow 11th January 2017.This is de second interview. Praise to God I trust my God will give him the visa dis time dat is tomorrow , It a done deal.My dear Christian Family help me thank God for dis opportunity.

JERICHO: Philippines
I need help, I think someone is trying to kill me. I don't have any clue who this person is. please pray for me and for my family. IN Jesus Name

Thomas: United States
I m on ssdi fallen short on bills and food.  I m believers in the lord and christ. I have look into everything and know God says not to borrow or beg but I m so hungry. Please help!

Matthew: Philippines
Hello I'm Matthew from the beautiful Island of the Philippines
Last October 28, 2016 11:45 p.m. a quarter minute before my birthday Oct. 29, 2016 I went up to our roof top, bowed down and prayed to God in spirit with all humbleness. I thanked him for this life, my family, for saving my life with countless near death experiences, for the blessings and a lot more. I also entrusted him  my depression and frustration in life. I also presented my personal wishes. I beg him kindly take away my freedom and rule my life by himself. I was pleading to him to talked to me and show himself before me. I even asked him If he could bless me just how he blessed Abraham, Isaac and Jacob then I ended my prayer. 
As I was looking up the stars in the sky I suddenly P.S. I said Lord if it's your will for me to work in South Korea kindly give me a very kind employer, nice place to stay and a good job position, suddenly I saw a very thick rainbow shooting star in the heavens very fast as they traversed in my sight. At 1st I was startled, then I thanked the Lord emotionally.
Your prayers will be appreciated for me and my girlfriend Mary Ann, for both of us will passed the South Korean EPS-TOPIK exam this coming March or April 2016 or any month of this year, so that we can work in South Korea. Thank you and God bless you all. 
God is good! All the time... and all the time.... God is good!

Lois: Ghana
Praise be to God am still trusting God.He is gud and his faithfulness endureth forever he gave us today again. Kwabena went for de U.S visa interview today but he couldn't attain it. May our Gods will forever be done,we have no fear I believe Kwabena will get the chance to travel this year cos our Lord knows our need.Dear Christian brothers help me pray to God for we are trusting him for the traveling opportunity.Amen

Michael: Nigeria
I need Financial Help urgently and nobody really read to help me. My landlord, school fees and many others waiting for me.

Florence: United State
Please join me in prayer; I need papa GODs' healing. I have uterine fibroids and hep. B

Muriel: South Africa
I two request :
No:1 please pray for a friend she is very sick and needs healing ( Cancer)
No:2 Pray for me , my life and my kids to be capable, understand What God want and be successful and for God to give me wisdom, guidance, streght, Forgiveness, Faith, love and Patiance and a life partner that God has choose for me. 

Tammy: United States
Please stand in prayer for me I'm searching desperately for a nice comfortable hone to enjoy with my husband and family a beautiful home that we can study the word of God to be safe comfortable and feel good about our blessings from the Lord my money is not where it's sapose to be my husband will soon be coming home and I have yet to find us a place applications for apartments are expensive my credit isn't the greatest but I trust the father in heaven to make a way out of no way to bless me and my family please pray for me

Justine: Nigeria
Forgiveness of sin,Gods mercy,to unite with my family as soon as possible in total breakthrough in all areas of life.

Latoya: United States
I want to say my husband  has left me four years  ago for some one who pretended to be. My friend ...i have been  praying  for years and ask god to give me second  chance to fix my marriage  i have hurt my husband  in trust and  love i never cheat on him  we have been distant  for 4 years  i really love him ....like how god love his chruch ...i need help in fight for the love of my husband  i have been loosing hope and faith and crying  ....plz help me plz  to fight for my husband  angel  to come home ....

Sarai: United States
I have been in the shelter for a year and 3 months. I have been waiting to have a permanent home. I have done wrong in God's Jesus and the Holy Spirit s sight. I am ashamed and tired. I feel weak and broken. I want my family to be financially and spiritually stable. I want so much to be done. I'm crying out for help Jesus Please Lord Please

Becky: United States
For healing if vertigo and dizziness. Don't know what's causing it. Thought maybe hormones but not sure. I'm just tired of feeling like this. For God's healing never to suffer with it again. Thank you so much Becky

Aver: South Africa
: Hi
i am deep pain. Two days ago my boyfriend who i loved so dearly left me...he said we must go our own separate ways. We always prayed together and he promised we would get married..i don't know what changed his heart...please help me Lord Jesus for a reconciliation with him. Please bring him back to me for good...he is the love of my life.

Stanley: Nigeria
Lord am in need of money to pay my school fees, and feed myself i don't have any body to help me nd train me properly lord help me and answer my cry o lord thank u o lord

Sandra: United States
PLEASE pray for a complete healing of body for James B. He has rectal bleeding fatigue and tingling throughout his body. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU.

Teresa: United States
Need prayer for healing

Kyle: United States
Hello I would like prayer for me to recieve a wife and hear his voice like never before. Thank you.

Jed: Nigeria
Please pray for me, I want to receive God's divine and permanent healing from seizure attack. 

John: United States
Two years ago, I found out that I had a cataract in my left eye, and not to worry about it.  Just recently, my right eye got cloudy (another cataract).  Seeing that I had a stroke, the doctor decided  to take care of both eyes.  This means two overnight stays.

Tebogo: South Africa
Please pray for me to get back with both my parents again as they have disowned me since I was young I also pray a good husband of my own and the darkness I have in my life to turn into light...please pray for me to seek  God more and never to lose hope...amen

Donna: United States
I need prayer for my 7 yr old I am a Christian and I pray alot and the devil's a lier I know and now he's trying to attack my son bc he loves GOD very much I pray OVER him and ask the Lord to watch over him and he was baptized when he was younger but he wants to be baptized again and I am thankful to hav such a wonderful little boy he'd name is Jayden please pray for him thank you

Rodney: United States
Please pray that God heal my enlarged heart, congestive heart failure, tachycardia, PTSD. If he has healed others, I know that He can heal me. Jesus is my Only Hope.
God Bless You! Thank-You.

Country: Philippines
I am going through one of my worst fears right now. My husband who was the sole breadwinner of my family, passed away and I am left with financial difficulties. Nobody understands my situation because they are all busy with their own issues and I feel so alone to carry this burden. Please pray I survive this challenge by getting a good job so I can stand on my own feet. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen.

Patrick: Malawi
Please pray that i get a job this months am 10mths jobless,i lost my job unceremoniously,am believing for a job this mth,God have mercy,let me get a job to clear all the bills and have peace of mind and sustain my family please Lord,remember me,may your precious blood speak to my situation!

Tiffany: United States
Please pray for my husband. He has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. My mother for dementia. My daughter for PCOS. Myself for healing from Hashimotos autoimmune disease and a reoccurring infection. My son delivered from video games and find the Lord. Thank you

Paakow: Ghana
I am a young i got an accident and through that i lost my right thumb.pray for God to restore it for me. i believe in Him

Carmen: United States
Please pray for me I found a lump in my breast and have no insurance to see dr. I am a Christian and have been believing and speaking healing scriptures. I know by Jesus stripes I am healed , but I also know where two or more are gathered in his name it shall be done . Thank you saints for your prayers .

Lois: Ghana
Contact Form: Dear God pls let Kwabena win the American visa lottery this year. Give him the chance to travel to the State next year with many more opportunities and bless him for me.

Aba: Ghana
My mother has become a habitual drunker and has developed diabetes out of the excessive intake of alcohol.she is been hospitalized now as a result of high sugar level. I have tried so many means to stop her from drinking but all efforts fails,her situation is disgracing and terrible God, there is no money care for her a the hospital. Life has become so difficult for us. We just don't no what to God pls heal my mum, listen to cry and helps. If she dies today she doesn't no u. Pls father make a way for us. U are a miracle worker,u make the impossible. Pls God listen to us too. People see my mum and they laugh. Our help cometh from u God.

Hannah: United States
Please pray that my relationship with Christ will begin to grow more and more every moment as I desperately want more of Him. Also pray that I will be able to hear his voice and for his will to be done in my life. Thank you and God bless you all.

Shatan: United States
My family and I are renting a home.  The only reason they rented it to us was that we get our credit straight to purchase it by the end of July.  Well as we are trying to get that together everything seems to be falling apart for us.  I pray and I pray that God will do the miraculous!   We are really trying.  We have faith that God will see us through but sometimes I just get overwhelmed and think it's not going to work.  Please pray for my family that we don't have to move again.

Rofhiwa: South Africa
Things in my life are not going well,am like person who is standing on the same place there is no progress in my life,all things are blocked by enemies.I need God open the door of my life,and my family.

Analyn: Philippines
Please, Heal my mother .shes getting low platelets pls. give her good health and cure her. i love you Jesus in your name. i trust in you...

Sharon: Trinidad and Tobago
I am asking for prayer concerning the property I am livng on.  I am a widow and the onwers of the property have increased the sale of the lands from $15,000 to $200,000. When this deal was made, my deceased husband could not afford it because I had just had major brain surjery and the medical bills had to be paid. I cannot afford the $200,000 dollars and now they have renewed a lease for $6,000 per year.  I find that this is totally unfair. Please pray for me that Jehovah God will make a way.  Thank you

Michelle: United States
Please put sammy on your pray list she is 25yrs old and just got diagnosed with lung cancer she has never smoked, ever. Healing scriptures in the bible I am standing in the gap for her

Lois: Ghana
Dear men of God, pls help me pray to God.
I need an opportunity to travel to U.S.A or Canada with sponsorship to school and work there as a nurse or anything good God has for me there. I just don't know how to go about doing this. I have no help anywhere so all I am doing now is praying to God for His direction because I know my God is in control of Gud opportunities. When is best for me is known by God, but I am hoping and trusting in Jesus name. Thank u father 

Allyson: United Kingdom
Heavenly Father 
I give you thanks and praise for being a God of mercy and forgiveness.  I pray for your forgiveness this day as I struggle with my lustful thoughts.  I wish to honour you with my body and keep myself pure for you and my husband should you desire for me to have one.  But Lord the wait has been long and hard.  It will be 20 years of being single and celibate and and now in my 40's I fear not being able to have children and a very lonely life ahead of me.
Your word says you will never leave me or forsake me and you will draw near to those who draw near to you.  But my sins and lustful thoughts keep me at a distance from you and my doubts as to why my prayer for a husband and family go unanswered.  I do wish to honour you Lord so I pray for the strength to be holy as you are holy so I may have an intimate relationship with you so I will no longer seek to satisfy my flesh or desire that which you would not want me to have.  Strengthen me in my weakness and be my Lord , my lover and my very best friend.  I need you Jesus.
For your glory, Amen

Hattie: United States
I'm having a knee evaluation tomorrow can you please pray that I pass the test so I can get my job back I trust God with all my Heart.

Deka: Indonesia
GOD, we need money today, please send it to our bank account

Lizbeth: South Africa
I'd like to see the power of God in my life. I have situations that are burdens. I need healing, financial breakthrough and power to overcome dream attackers. I believe God for my answers.

Rachel: United States
Please pray for me and my family that God would open up doors of opportunities in my life in a beautiful 4 bedroom home safe and healthy

Brian: United States
Personal prayer request I have personally (written request to God the Father Son and Holy Ghost).

  • Urgent Return of what is owed to me and prayer and blessings for the people that wronged me. 
  • 7 financial blessings 
  • That the sale of my property goes off without any problems
  • That I can continue to help people like I have done all my life

Abhishek: India
I am in need of financial help.

Jennifer: United States
Well, I just moved to Fl, im late in pregnancy. I have appealed my unemployment due to me leaving without a cause (nonsense!). I appealed it, now i have a phone interview in 2 weeks. I really dont feel like doing this phone interview, cause the lies might be there, or they might cross examined me hard, or put me in the spot. I am in shambles, for i need income, steady income. I cant work of course, and my husband only can do so much like roof over our heads. Theres many things i need to get for the house, for I had to start from scratch. I want to work from home, but dont know where! i want to start my own business, but with what, how? I want to provide, have my own income, to balance things in the house. i still did not get things for baby, Its hard to get paperwork, like insurance so my children can go to school. I cant go anywhere, I feel my feet are tangled up. I try to get things for the house, but they always, always fall thru. I dont know what to do anymore. I dont know whats happening Most High, what is happening. Show some light please!!

Gwen: United States
An at home business for me and my degree.  I am 83 yrs old and she is 60.  I am retirement she us a helper, really hard work. Reconcile my family in JESUS.

Amelia: United States
I about $500,000 to get out of debt and purchase a home. I know the Lord knows my situation and why I am in it. I also ask for forgiveness for my part.  God has been so good to me and I trust he will continue to be whether he answers my prayers the way I want it answer or not.

Elizabeth: United States
I need a miraculous prayer for healing a illness in my body that I know God is working right now to removed it. I need an anointing person to touch me in the name Jesus.

JOSEPH: Guinea
Am married with a son but no job no money but I have talent to do plenty but non has profited me now I'm in agony what do I do? I don't want hardship to take away my faith away I NEED MONEY. Pray for me.

Angella: United States
Finding hope in difficult times, I love that. It's helped me with my problem. I been trying to get my disability so pray for me.  I got gallstones and I've got to have surgery next week. Thank god for my faith in him, I love Jesus, amen. Send me some bible study and verses in the mail. 

Akon: Nigeria
Please I need the favour of God in terms of money for accommodation.l am 39 years old still single, I need born again christian as spouse. I also need a good job as a graduate in Accounting. I also want to have closer relationship with God by hearing from God directly. Thank you for praying for me. God bless. Akon.

Kavaliya: India
I need money for my lacks romba. 

Rosalinda: Netherlands
Please help me pray for my two children. That the Lord will continue to have their heart. That they will continue to humble themselves to Gods work and be good christians.

Yasanthi: Sri Lank
Im 40years old. i want a prayer for my diabetics and for my husband

Rose: United States
I am a born again spirit filled intercessor. Would appreciate prayer. Thank You! Expect A Miracle

T,rakesh babu: India
Help me please my life problems

Nancy: Canada
Need healing of this fear and anxiety. Need money, a great job, hope and freedom. Amen

Leticia: United Stat
Healing for bro Paul,  and encouragement 

kate: Philippines
pray that the father of my hild will finally come to his senses and come back to us. Lord take away is fear and akl the evil that satan has him believeing. May the blood of Christ wash over him everyday. 

Brenda: United States
I read your posting i am facing eviction on a home i was to buy ive been here 9 years unable to secure a morgage my landlord, a pastor, is keeping my downpayment and has started eviction. I can not find a home. Please pray, your posting has helped me thank you

Rajeshree: India
Heavenly Father,
You see me, You know me, and you know my needs. You know everything about me, and I thank You, Father, for Your grace despite my shortcomings. Thank You for taking care of me, and for providing all I need.
Father, my housing situation needs to change. I ask You, Lord, to guide me to the right home, the home that will be best for all aspects of my life and the lives of my family and all others involved.
I love You, Father. I know You love me. You watch out for me, take care of me, and strengthen me.
I trust You.Therefore I place my home seeking in Your hands, knowing You already have a place chosen for me – one that will be the best possible situation for myself, and all my loved ones. I thank you for that.
Lord, I would like to buy a house, and I place that desire into Your Hands, asking for Your loving guidance in all matters. If You want me to buy a house, then make that possible. Clear the way and prepare the path for all things to happen in the time You deem best for them to happen.
Your loving-kindness has brought me this far, and I trust, Lord, that You will continue to provide all that I need.
Thank you, Heavenly Father, for listening to my prayer, and for comforting me. When times are hard, you are always there for me, and I know you always will be. Your love makes my living worthwhile.
In Jesus’ Name, I lift up my soul and my prayer to Thee. Amen.

Patrick: United States
Please pray for my family. Several months ago we invited a homeless woman into our house, but she turned out to be very violent and threatening to us. She also practices Wicca, Tarot, black magic, etc. She now refuses to leave and says that she can take legal action against us if we try to make her go. My family has given her ten days to leave, but I know she will fight it. Please pray that God will pull her from our house no matter how determined she is to stay. Thank You. 

Beatrice: Nigeria
Please pray with me to find a good teaching job.

Bonolo: Botswana
Pray for me, I need a well paying job so that a pay off my debts. I remain with nothing every monthend though I have to take care of needy kids, some orphans

i...am from tamilnadu-india....am 33 yrs old..doing hotel business...because of my BAD CREDITS i couldnt manage anything...i realise my faults...i got many credits for big rate of interests...now am helpless...i got many threatens from creditors...MY ONLY HOPE IS GOD....ITS POSSIBLE IF ONLY ANY MAGIC SHOULD COME IN MY LIFE...I NEED HELP...PLS GOD ..PLS HELP ME TO RECOVER FROM THIS CREDIT PROBLEM AND I WILL B TRUTHFUL TO ALL...PLS HELP ME..PLS...EVENTHOUGH I AM AN HINDU I BELIEVE ALL GODS...,.MY LOWER EDUCATION WAS A CONVENT IN WHICH I BELIEVE JESUS AND MARRY MAATHA...

Etha: Indonesi
Halo. My name is Etha. Kindly please help me in prayer. I've been in very desperate situation. I don't want to die. I've been praying for 15 years for miracle that God will give me a husband and career of becoming scientist in Europe.  I hope God will hear my cry day and night upon this request,  amen.

Suzie Tay: Malaysia

Cindy: United States
 Plz pray for clarity of my boyfriend Roberts mind, and for complete restoration of our relstionship, in Jesus name

Sam: Vietnam
I suffering to prepare $8,000 dollar within these two days repayment to the bank. Otherwise, I will lost the job soon, the bank had send the final warning to me for the settlement, if the final day I can't remittance the amount they will come to my work place and talk to my General Director. I had tried hardly explain to the bank and company with y situation I unable to make necessary settle for the outstanding debt, the reason were after my both parents had pass-away since last 3 years and the latest on 2015 Christmas. I had become broke sue to supplied the medical fees and funeral ceremony. From the credit card to loaning the monies I had try my best to keep the life sustain during my mom alive. I knew that I had over limit my ability, but I believe there is the faith for them rest in peace. 
I believe god had giving miracle support me to manage and challenge the new life. I wish that the god could have me to let me settle the bank and sustain the job. I will be back-pay to god within this year with securing the job and daily expenses. I very confuse and lost. please guide me to the right way and overcome the darkness moment. Amen

Marvin: United States
I need her to come back. I need her to remember the closeness and care we shared. It is unbearable without her.

Alan: British Virgin Islands
Please can you kindly pray for my friend Alan, he had heart failure, his pulse was 180, nearly died, he has spent a lengthy time in hospital, He is back again with water retention in his legs & body. My Lord please heal Alan, let him have good health so he can walk again, & his heart to be repaired. He had enough of poor health, Lord you're a good mighty Lord, & will never forsake you child Alan, I give you praise & glory, Thankyou

Beryl: South Africa

Fortunate Bawinile: South Africa

Roxane: United States
I pray in the name of Jesus for healing over my sons right ear. He has been suffering from not veritgo (so the dr thinks) he has had a hearing and balance test and not able to hear clearly from his right ear. Has seen several drs and currently on a leave from work because he was taking to Er from a bad episode of dizzyines and vomitiing. He has an MRI next week. I am praying to god for a good report and for him to open up the airway of the inner ear canal reduce inflammation and pressure and any buildup causing temporarily hearing lost. I pray that he is able to feel better each day and hear clearly from both ears. I declare healing over his life no bondage or sickness in the name of Jesus. Crown him with favor of healing from the top of his head to His feet. Heal him set him from whatever has overcome him this past 6 months. Bless him. Thank you 

Beverly: Namibia
My life s a mess. My daughters father left for another woman. I am unemployed

Peter: United States
Please pray for healing of my family situation: dishonest life of my 21 year old daughter who has been rebellious sine we had adapted her and anxiety of my wife over this situation. This has been going on for years while continually praying. My daughter needs to open her heart to Jesus and start honest new life, and my wife have peace in her heart so the family can begin to heal.

Nolubabalo: South Africa
I'm in too much debt. Ever since I started working nothing seems to go my way. I have sleepless nights thinking of solutions to payout. It's come to a point now that I borrow to pay another. I'm struggling to pay my child's school fees and put food on the table. 

Martina: Italy
Please pray for a couple Nick C. and Susie B.
Please pray for them, please pray for their salvation, please pray that their heart will be “captured” by Jesus Christ. 
Please pray for me too, I own a shop and things are not going well.
Thank you, Martina

Chitra: Guyana
I'm feeling sick an depress I was told something back I have galstone but now I'm also feeling pain in my lower back an im scare to go to the doctor because of negativty .....i also want you to pray for my mom who is bed riden she has headstroke thank you

Rokanane: South Afric
Doctors said I have fibroids. Please pray for me Amen

MARVIS: Nigeria
Pray for me-MARVIS for me to heal of unusual sickness.

Ruby: United States
Pray for my husband that they will give him a chance and not lock him up he owes 73,000 back pay childsupport from his first marriage which I wasn't aware he had a daughter until he got locked up a week ago he needs prayer lots of it not sure when his going to court  but pray they will free him and give him a chance

Emmanuel: Nigeria
I bless God for what he is using you to do.  my case is that I have the calling of God upon my life to go into fulltime ministry but I need financial assistant. presently my wife is in 400 level in the university of Abuja here in Nigeria but as am talking to you I don't have any money to pay her school fee. but God has been paying it since all this while. today's date is august 23 2016. and her expiring date to pay here school fee is 3rd sept. I need speedy intervention from God. pls put me in prayers I love the Lord Jesus Christ he has been Good to me so much.

Barbara: United States
Please pray for my 12 year old grandson Christopher. He has had 3 major brain surgeries in the last 3 weeks due to a brain infection. He is very critical and doctors say there is major brain damage and he may not live. Jesus is my savior and I praise him.  Please pray for Christopher's healing.  I believe with Jesus all things are possible. Please pray for us. Thank you

Amazed: United State
By the power of Jesus stripes we speak supernatural divine healing and health to Marjorie ..restore health and wholeness  in Jesus name we agree Amen.

Theresa: United States
Pray for my daughter sherita Porter for the Lord to heal her body 

Janelle: United States
Please Pray for my Son and for a Way for us to have Him Holy Baptized. Thank You and Much Love In The LORD Always.

Debra United States
I need prayer for my faith to be stronger, that my body & my sons body is healed made whole again I need money just to pay the bills but I know that I am the head and not the tail I pray for a debt free truck a bigger house insurance on both & life isurance I pray that I can do work for the Lord that He will use me


Emilia: Namibia
Spiritual husband

Laura: United States
Please pray for a miracle. I'm 27 weeks pregnant and was told a couple of days ago that our baby girl Leah's heart has stopped beating. I will be induced tomorrow, but I pray for the Lord for a miracle of life. I pray that as I deliver tomorrow morning, our baby girl will be crying. Please pray for this miracle that only our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ can do.

Judith: United States
Having a lot of anxiety and broken sleep.  Please pray.

David Sterling: United States
Need healing I have been experiencing blackout spells and trouble with my head and chest pain and high blood pressure and acid reflux disease I need a miracle immediately in the area of my health 

P: India
Need money, please pray

Charles: Kenya
I have never seen peace in my finances since I started working 20  yrs down the line.
I have planted financial seeds in both good and better grounds.
We even bought a nissan matatu with my wife to help us pay the debts we have and also stabilise our income.
From the time the matatu was bought it has brought nothing and has not even worked because of errors of drivers and mechanicas.
Now I believe God for a total financial deliverance and  no matter what we re victorious and nothing will deter us.
Father I pray now that you give me miraculous money to free me from all debts and that i have abundance to help the poor in Jesus Name.
I also pray that you God also do similar thing by providing to other brother and sisters and families who under go similar hardships.
We  trust you God that you are our Jehovah jireh in Jesus Name we pray amen.

Jill: United States
I want total relief from the symptoms from the stroke I had and the symptoms from thalamus syndrome which I was diagnosed with after the stroke. The root cause of everything is pkd. Also protection from the heat and humidity in the Midwest that I wouldn't have heat stroke. We have a room air conditioner that sort of cools the house. The noise from the fan and air conditioner annoy me.

Barbara: United States
Lord I need$400.00 indeed the money bring my army man home so we can get merried and I need it by Tue ok and I want to thank you for thing you have already done  for me please help I love you god

virgilio: Philippines
I am 56 years old unemployed Filipino seaman. I can not be hired anymore because of my age. I am drowning with mountains of bills and credits need to be paid soonest.I have some health issues  with no source of income also that is why I can not support my family. Please help me to find an employment or source of income other than my line of job to support my family thru your prayers . Please help me to have abundance and prosperity in my life thru your prayers. I am 56 years old unemployed Filipino seaman. I can not be hired anymore because of my age. I am drowning with mountains of bills and credits need to be paid soonest.I have some health issues  with no source of income also that is why I can not support my family. Please help me to find an employment or source of income other than my line of job to support my family thru your prayers

Angela: United State
Please pray for me to get a new house as soon as possible

Shelly: United States
Need some healing ears ringing thumping in ears floaters others health problems I need head to toe healing I believe by his stripes we are healed this sight very encouraging I speak in tongues am a born again Christian want someone to pray for me getting anxiety and depressed 

Lois: United States
I Just found out I have cancer, two days ago while in the emergency room, please lift me up in prayer, for HEALING in Jesus Name Amen!!!!!!

Annetta: United States
I need money to move into my own place. My social security isn't enough to rent a place. Lord I'm willing to work hard and long. Give me a chance Lord. Jesus I met you and you stayed the night in my house when I had one. Jesus help me! Help me Jesus! Annetta

Debra: United States
Lord I need a lot of money, so many bills past due. Mortgage going into the second month past due.  My pay check isn't enough to catch up.
The Lord is my source.  Lord please help me, the tax on the land past due.

Edith: United States
I desire healing from multiple sclerodis. I am currently in a rehab hospital but will have to leave doom. I have faith that I will be able to stand and take a few steps before I leave.  I will need a caregiver when i leave. I am paying for my care and I' have been abused by the ones that I had hired previously. I am asking for prayer that God will touch my body and heal me and that God will send the right care givers to me. Amen

Sam: United States
(Job) Prayer for Sam
That I get a good job, paying 10 a hour, plus over time, a job with insurance, close to home, and that I save 500 a monthly or more for college . & in the future after I graduate college, that I make 100 thousand a year.

(GED) Prayer for Sam
I pray that I go to ged classes, and be there on time, that I get tought everything I need to know for the ged test, and that I take my time and understand everything, and I pass all my ged test on the first try.

(college) Prayer for Sam
I have more then enough money to pay for all the years that I go, & that I get a dorm for all the years that I attend college, 2 bed and 2 bath dorm & that I get accepted in college, & that Im a fast learner and can remember, make good grades & no d's & no F's, & I pass all of my classes, I spend time studying for college work and doing homework, & I go on a shopping spree for college clothes, & that I make more then enough christian friends all ages & most certainly my age group such as older then me, & that I get along with my roommate & have no arugements, & become really really good friends them, & dont drop out of college & that I get a good job, high paying while im in college & that I spend my money wisely & that I get the perfect career Job before college, of my heart desire. & that I get scholarship, or discount on college and dorm.

(Husband) Prayer for Sams future husband
I pray God will supply me this kinda man, that he's protected, fully prospered, doesnt watch porn, and that he gets prophecys about me before we meet and after, He's not deceived, talks to me first, asks for my number first, He's 6'0 or taller, believes me when I speak, doesnt lie to me, a faithful christian, dont fight, dont mess around and dont have sex before marriage, no witches talk to him, and all curses and witchcraft broken off of him, wants kids one day, very protective over me, sweet, understands, has a career job or going to have one, he's hot such as good looking, and wait awhile before saying I love u and actually mean it.

(Me, family) Prayer for Sam, and her family
Receive comfort,healthy,guidance,reputation restored,our mind restored to the fulliest,fully prospered,not tormented,anointed,not harassed,not deceived,wisdom,protected,not controled,favor,receive the benifits and promises of God,strength,rest,help,peace of mind,joy,silence mind,happiness,love,set free,perfect sleep,not murdered,see no evil,no fear,no anexity,no sadness,no distress,recieve courage,receive prophecys,no false prophets bout us,delivered,blessed,spiritual growth, money,The Lord gives us our heart desires.where their were any lies told bout me..that the Lord reveals the truth,no witchcraft being done on us,witchcraft is broken off us, and all witches stop talking to us & all evil witches and warlocks move from my parents neighborhood, & Gods will for my life comes right now,receive miracles daily,everything the devil has stolen from us they receive it back 7 times,and Provides us away of escape.

(Prayer for Precious and Faith)
They are healed,protected,loved,happy,never sad,never scared,no nightmares for them, and they receive comfort,fun stuff for them to do, all witchcraft broken off of them, have no pain, witchcraft stops being done on them, and the Lord favors this prayer request.

(Prayer for Rick,Trish,Kenny,Pam,Krishna)
I pray that all my family members are reborn again & get bapizted, and that the holy spirit enters their preasnces & that they feel it, & lead them to the church that they are meant to go to. 

(Peace of Mind) Prayer for Sam
That God did not give me a spirit of fear, but of power love and sound mind.
& Sams mind receives peace,silence all day long.
& Sams memory is stored.
& Sam and Jesus are the only ones who have control over her own mind.

(Prayer for Sam and, my family, friends and church family)
All witches and warlocks move far away from my parents house and never return.
No witches and warlocks can move into a house near my parents house,my place im living, my friends and church family house and on their block.
All witchcraft stops being done on me, my family and friends and church family.
All witchcraft broken off  me, my family and friends and church family.
No witches talk to me, my family, and friends, and church family
& All witchcraft stops making contact with me, my family,friends and church family.
& Jesus cancels and strip all rights of the evil one to torment and afflict me,my family, my friends, and church family.
& that I receive my miracle today, and my family and friends and church family do also

(Prayer for Sam, her family, her friends and church family)
No weapon formed againist me,my family and friends and church family shall not prosper.
God prepares a table before me,my family and friends and church family in the presence of their enemies.
All harassment stops happening during church service, and that we come into unity.
No witches & witchcraft can touch Jubilee church service, and the members of the church.
& that the Lord gives them their heart desires & miracles happen daily in our life.
Not deceived
Thank u

Tamika: United States
Going thru a storm

Konstantine: Singapore
Hello, I am due to getting married in a month. I need to get a house but the cheapest one cost over $250,000, I need a financial break through!! I have been renting for my whole adult life. Please pray for me.

Evita: United States
Pray for my husband Chris. THANKS

Alexis: United States
Please pray that god swiftly punishes the devils that mock me and laugh at me severely and slowly.

Debra: United States
I'm 58 and need prayer because I have diabetes, high blood pressure, effect from a stroke which left my right side non functional, severe back pain, and stomach ulcers, but I still want to work for God I need prayer for my children and grandchildren, a house that's plush a bathroom in the master bedroom, a truck, that God is going drive insurance on both plus life inurance, I would like to have a church home that I can get and the people are truly GOD'S people

Li: China
Please pray for that God can protect my eyes and head because I always knock my head on the floor violently in order to pray because I am stressed in my job as a Leisure and Cultural Services Department Workman II in the Kak Tin Playground, thank you.

Sandy: United States
Please pray for physical healing in my body I'm in bad pain.please lord hear my prayer 

CARLA: Bahamas
Special prayers for both of my parents who suffers
from High Blood and Sugar Diabetes.

: Tanzania

Father God you are our savior healer and deliverer ..we give you PRASIE ..
I ask the prayer warrior to touch and agree in Jesus name for Marjorie the manifestation of God healing power in her physical body DNA complete mircale ..Amen Shrikant: India

Pray for my future life partner that God given vision and talk to us that we will be together inn future   and same name my family Got during prayer that name I never told them but some days before she Got confusion. She heard about a girl who was so spiritual and praying Tungus she also has a boy for that boy she said she got answer but that boy made relationship and destroyed her life and left she is thinking what vision we got and what God told us is really from God. Behind our marriage there is big plan of God because she is from south Indian rc and I am north Indian ag and belongs to a Brahman family because God told me you will be the testimony for tribes I am assure but now she not so we want you to pray and ask to God that is really this from God her name is Sharon and my is SHRIKANT  if  really it's not God will so we will sepreat from each other because we don't want anything which God not Like .

Libin Georgey: India
My grandmother is not walking and she is so fat please pray for my grandmother it request Pernalia: Namibia
  In depression condition please help me

Rev. Prophet, I am from India (Kolkata). My name is Smriti Hembrom.
I am going to appearing for WBJEE (Medical) exam and AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test). Exam dates are 01/05/2016 (AIPMT) and 17/05/2016 (WBJEE). I can't concentrate in my study so I did not study anything but I want to get 1st position  in these exams. Please pray for me to get 1st  position in these exams. I want to get miracle in my study and exams result.

Rodney: Country
 My amazing wife told me very randomly she doenst feel in love with me anymore,has always been very against drugs but has now started smoking pot, told me she doesn't like herself,doesn't think she's a good person and hasn't ever felt married even though 2 months ago used scripture to call me out as her husband and to line me up with Gods word  ( and I'm glad she did ). She has some deep issues she can't even tell me about. I hurt so bad she is not able to feel loved. We are having trouble finding a counselor we sleep in seperate rooms and she took off her wedding ring that she has always adored.the enemy is lying to her and she doesn't have good Christian friends and has met a lot of non godly people from her work who she leaves to go be with and is not really talking to me about any of it. And it's just so not like her and so fast.I ask for prayer for us both my name is rodney and her name is Esther. Also my best friends wife just said she doesnt want to try anymore in their marriage and has walked out on him.his name is Matthew and her name is Anastasia.thank you so much for praying for us. May God bless you and guide your hearts . Please also pray blessings on our marriages in Jesus name!Verghese: Kuwait

As i am working in Kuwait as safety officer but job is not surety so please pray for my good job in same profession with good salary.
secondly my son (joel) is studying in class 10th it is an important stage so need good marks in exam as well as a good spiritual and physical.waiting for gods phropecy in my life

Imtiyaz: India
My name is imtiyaz khan i need help plezz pray for me .i am difreson .lost for money .My life is very critikal marriage problem so ple save me life 4/4/2016 Need money jesus Pay money 500000 any parson help me jesus  help Jesus thanks 

Tammy: United States
Please pray for me I need a miracle now my lights are due to get disconnected I need gas money to handle important business I need I needoney for kids this is a uproar please no food please pray for me

Dee: United States
I have a very important appointment on April 12th 2016 at 945am which could greatly affect my future for better or for worse.  Please pray for me so my outcome will be positive. I am praying and trusting God to see me through and turn the situation around for the better. Thank you very much!

Prosper doku: Ghana
Lord i need money

Nomthandazo: South Africa
Please pray for me I'm desperate for a job, i really need it as I'm unemployed. I need a job please please pray for me i need it. 

Shanice: United State
Hi. I'm 18 and for the past year my mother, brother and I have been living with relatives because we lost our home. This past year has been very depressing and humiliating. I have been through hell and have considered suicide countless of times to escape the situation I'm in. My mom has tried finding us a home but for some reason she still can't get one. My mom has been thinking about moving down south but I have been getting bad feelings towards moving down there. Please pray that we will get a nice home in the state we already live in and that my mom doesn't have to travel so far leaving behind friends and family. Please pray that we will move out of our relative's house and live on our own soon! Thank you!

Pam: United States
Please pray for my marriage. My husband is going thru a difficult time with stress and anxiety. This has been causing a lot of stress in our marriage. Please pray that I will have patience thru this difficult time, that I will be able to support him and that he will get thru this difficult time and ask for help as needed. 

Naomiy: Australia
Please pray for me to be saved and born again as per John 3.
I have been going to church for several years but do not believe I have ever been saved.  My prayer request is to be saved - born again as per what the Lord says to Nicodemus in John 3. I have been drawn to Christ on many occasions but do not believe I have been given a fully converted/saved heart with the Holy Spirit of Truth residing in it.
I also have demons of fornication due to my sins of idolatry, adultery (spiritual) and fornication (spiritual and physical).  They attack me physically whenever they like and my prayers to stop this are not answered, this is how I know I cannot be saved and be in God's flock.  I feel I must be reconciled to God the Father through Jesus Christ urgently.
I will be at church this Sunday in Australia asking for spirit-filled Christians to pray for my salvation and deliverance from demons, around 9:00am Melbourne Time.
Please pray fervently for me.

My lord kindly give me good health so that I can serve my family and help relatives iam suffering from serious illness which affects my daily routine

Nawwar: United States
Pray. For me and my wife got my house we been married for six years no house and no place to stay please we need a place to called a  house where we can rest.

Precious: Zimbabwe
Lord Jesus.
Help me. I want to get married. When God is blessing other young people with weddings, please do not pass me by

Please agree with word of God by his stripes Ann is completely healed normal blood sugar /blood pressure ,area a creative miracle of health /healing ..miracle for Ann entire family

Velu: India
I need money 

Geraldine:United States
Doctor, says I have stage 4 kidney failure. Jesus said by his strips at the scourging post, by His death and resurrection I am healed. Please pray in agreement with me. I am healed!!!

Julie: Philippines
Please pray for Joel to be free from the bondage of watching pornographic movies and horror movies.May God also deliver him from gambling playing lottery.And May his new  christian life really grow with God's grace.And may his children be saved to and may come to know Jesus as their Saviour.

Shirley: United States
Prayer for my brother in law he is sick and for my self healing for my hold body thank u

Simon: South Africa

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