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Christian Prayer Requests

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Every born again Believer has the privilege of talking to and hearing from God. But far too often this great resource is neglected. Christians Should Always Pray!

We are told that our prayers are powerful and effective, and "... if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us - whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of Him," 
(1 John 5:14-15), (James 5:16).

I promise to personally pray for every prayer request! 

Samuel Mills

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Den: Philippines
Please pray for my financial breakthrough. In a very bad situation and has requested for a loan restructure. Please help me pray for approval.

Dianne: United States
My lower back spinal area n my hips under my buttocks unbearable pain interfering with my taking a bath getting dressed going out to grocery shop n I need to find a church home in Brooklyn park Minnesota do you know of any ? 

Shirnelle: Dominica
I trust God but I have no idea what to do I have help people all my life. I have been good this was my worst mistake I think I still don't regret helping avoid someone jail in Malaysia but he have shown no regard to repay me back. I know his been through hell and back but o only did good I was promise to be paid in days so I took loan now it been months I have no salary got 3 sm kids and learning contraceptive have fail me again I am pregnant I live in a sm 2 bedroom house my daf died and my mom is so call mental live in home for the homeless now my debtor have block me and I have no cash my salary is committed I have gotten wright up at works I ask God to take my life but I repent I love my kids my life is on the edge of the rock can't see ungratefulness like that God bible promise says he will pay but it seems bleak too many unfair situations I have no idea what to do my health is also being attack I have a us visa and never travel on it expire next year there is another year for this loan. Is like life is so unfair to me too much for a 33 yes old like me pray God helps me 

Regina: United States
I am asking for prayer to pray that i will have the money to get into my new apartment and to be able to get my belongings out of storage, they gave me util tomorrow to come up with the money or they will sell and or get rid of my belongings plus I need the money to get furnishings to have beds for my children to have to sleep in in Jesus name I pray Amen

Maria: United States
Please pray that my husband and I are debt free we need a financial break through I got sick from stress I am dong better praise God.

Nicole: United States
I need God to miraculous move in my life. I'm in a very difficult situation. God knows the details.  Please pray that I will know God's mind regarding this situation and be able to accept His will. Thank you.

John: Nigeria
Please - pray for me not to fall into shame, disappointment, retrogression and despair. - Pray for me to complete my career program successfully. - Pray for the contrite spirit of God to overwhelm my soul and my desires.

Desiree: Singapore
Dear Bros and sisters in Christ,
Please keep me in prayer. I have been having giddiness for about two weeks and had seen doctor for medication . Doctor says probably due to Crystal dis alignment . Pray that this disalignment of crystal will be restored back to it original position again . Please pray that Abba Father will remove the giddiness n imbalance n heal me completely so I don't have  go for brain scan . Pray that everything is ok. Thank you very much for yr prayer support.

Mario: Mexico
I have been without a job for almost one year. God has been faithful. I really need to get a job to face family expenses and children education.

Fenicia: United States
I would like you to please pray for all that are struggling with addictions, my family who does not know God and a very good friend of mine who is suffering from her 4th stage cancer. Please pray that I continue to thirst and hunger for the word of Christ and for the knowledge and for the wheel to do his will and continue giving myself to him daily.

Shirley: United States
Please pray for my husband he has prostate cancer! He will be having surgery to remove the cancer inside the prostate! I believe that he is already healed in Jesus name! Thank you

Shweta: Australia
Dear Fellow Christians,
Please pray for me, I am 32 and still trying to secure myself a permanent job all my life. It's very difficult to get one, as most jobs they hire on casual without any sick leave or annual leave. I have not been able to settle my life as no job security. Please pray for me in Jesus name who can set me free and help me be independent in my life. I pray in Jesus name amen.
Thank you and blessings to all

Cynthia: India
Please pray for God to heal me from all my heart and lung related diseases.I am very weak and wheezing.
For a Godly life partner for my daughter.

Peter: Kenya
I am looking for a good well paying job. Please pray for me.

Norma: United States
Please pray for me my goiter came back nodule in thyroid I feel depressed

Ash: United States
Pls pray for me and my financial situation! thnks

Getrude: United Kingdom
Please pray for my family's situation and mine. We need financial , healing and relational breakthroughs. Please pray also for a situation with a neighbour whom i believe is an occultist. A lot has happened since she moved in. Please pray for me to get financial breakthroughs to cover my needs, debts and to help other relatives in need. Please pray also for a little girl named Harlow suffering from Leukemia. Please pray for God to give her instant and supernatural healing in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Jamal: United States
Pray for my mind because satan is fighting me in my mind. Pray that God will free me in my mind and thought thinking. Pray that my mind would stay on the Lord and Kingdom of God, Jamal.

Ryan + Catherine: United Arab Emirates
Dear Prayer Eagles, 
Please join in prayers that my boss will accept the withdrawal of my resignation in our company. I need to stay in our HR department as my husband is with me now and praying to have Mechanic Asst job in the same company God willing using channel of His blessing for us. We are claiming that Holy Spirit has already intervene on the situation and preserved us both as couple here in Dubai UAE for Gods purpose. We will be still and know that GOD is in control in Jesus faithful name.amen Isaiah 65:24 + Philippians 4:19+ Ephesians 3:20 + Psalms 37:4 + Deuteronomy 28:1-13 + Psalms 37:4, 
In prayers with thanksgiving, Eagle Ryan and Eagle Catherine

Manoj : India
God, I need money, very urgent. Please help me I will do any . I am India please help me

Donna: United States

Please pray for me. I need $1200 quickly. I am about to lose my home insurance and my cell phone. The remaining money is for other bills and the balance of my mom's rent and phone. Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you all!!

Sherine: United States
Please pray for my friend Glenn  to love me deeply. I ask this in Jesus name 

Charity: United States
I am dealing with chronic migraines daily and random seizures pain addiction to pain medicines no job/ depression/ anxiety....I need a touch from the Lord of Lords and King of Kings!!!!

Laticia: United States
Please pray for my brother Huey he is going in to have biopsy done Monday . We need Jesus to heal him and all that is sick .my family has been under an attack . I know this going to be another testimony of Jesus Christ he can speak and all is done . Nothing is to big for my God . Thank you prayer warriors your crown a waits you in Heaven Amen. May God get the glory of all our lives Amen.

Tryphine: South Africa
Please pray for our house not to be foreclosed

Leo: Canada
Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus -
I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen.
_____________________________________________Dear everyone, please pray for this prayer request above, and please share it with everyone, everywhere! Until it comes true, and Jesus returns to save His people - which hopefully, by then, will include all the people of the world!
Thank You!
God bless you!

Amanze: Nigeria
Pray for relationship with my friend to be restored.

Nicole: United States
Please pray for me im a single mom of two girls there father got addicted to heroine and is now in prison it is very hard for me since he has been gone I ask that you please pray for him to get out soon he has been gone for 2yrs but he is sentenced to 5 I pray he doesn't have to do the whole time because we have a 1yr old that he has never met because I was 4mos pregnant when he went to prison I struggle each an everyday to make ends meet I pray but feel God doesn't hear me I just want to be able to move into a better apartments and more affordable for me and my girls and to be stress free and to have peace praise God please keep me my girls and they father lofted up in pray. Amen 

Grateful: United States
Thank you Father God for my parents,my sister,my loving spouse his son & my health and safety.In Jesus name.Amen
I come in prayer on behalf of my spouse to keep the house out of foreclosure and off the foreclosure list..I pray & believe for supernatural Fiancial blessing to pay off the home & other bills car note utility bills & cell phones right now I decree it Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen

Zu: United States
Can you pray for me. For God's glory and names sake. For fellow believers sakes to strengthen their faith and to give faith to the unbeliever. To discourage the devil and enemies of God. Pray He save my marriage puts divine protection over my wife and marriage. Especially from the man whom already tried to ruin my marriage.Praise God she was not unfaithful may she never be. Please restore out marriage and may it last forever and never break.May the next time we speak be divinely appointed and may God make sure what He wants to be said is said. No less and no more. But may marriage receive all the blessings of protection restoration and joy by His grace and mercy for I do not deserve this blessing. According to Your will it is done already in Jesus name amen.

Felicia: United States
Hello my name is felicia im wrting to ask for prayer for my best friend tamara king she is 35 years old and has stage 4 cirvical cancer the cancer is now trying to spread please pray for her that she is healed and able to enjoy life a while longer please 

Louise: United States
I don't have a job, my lease is up Aug 2017 and I don't know what is gonna happen with my kids and I. I do trust God!Amen

Myra: South Africa
Please help me in prayer to get my South African spouse visa sorted and to get my son’s birth certificate. As Matthew 18:19 says "Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. I stand in faith and believe he will answer my prayers.

Sharon: United States
Please pray for God to make miraculous change in my life and open new doors for me

Naakwilla: Namibia
I need prayers to be called for an interview next week and get a job because I really need it. I was called today for an interview and the interviewer really disappointed me. He made wait for almost 6 hours without being interviewed and I have been patients with him just than when he call me in at 2; he told me to give an introduction about myself and after I was done with it he merely told me that it was just a general meetings to get to know each other and he will call me in 1-2 weeks there to go for a proper interview with other applicants that will be interested in the post. I felt really bad about it but I know Our Heavenly Father will never fail me; my hope is in Him. He is the only one who can help me get a decent job; let's pray for me to get a job. May The Lord bless you abundantly in Jesus Name. AMEN

Franklin: India
Dear Rev Pastor
Greetings, my name is, I am a practicing Advocate/ Lawyer- Legal Attorney, I am practicing in the Supreme Court of India. My Father who is aged around 84 is bed ridden because of leg bone breakage. Please pray for him, so that he could able to walk. My father believes that Jesus Christ is son of Almighty God.
In our family, we have financial hardship, please pray. We are also praying for us and you all.

Dante: United States
Please pray for me to leave my wicked ways. There's much confusion going on in my life. I would like to build my faith stronger and live actively and walk as a Christian. I want God to wrap his arms around my Family and protects us from all that's going on in the world! I've been very weak and hurt is bleeding out!

Louise: United States
Please, I need prayers for my financial aid appeal to be approved so i can finish my bachelor degree.I am a lost soul and need a sign from God.  
Thank you, Jesus!

Donna: United States
I read your testimony and my heart was truly touched. I am a single mom of 7 and I have been praying for a very long time for a brand new home.I am deeply touched that God took care of your family as he is well known for caring and loving us. Please pray for my family as we wait on the Lord during this difficult time.

Leni: Namibia
Please pray for restoration of peace with my best friend, for him to forgive me and for us to have peace.
Thank you

Please pray for my dad ,HE is critically ill from what is suspected to be cancer. His name is RURIRAI NDONGA

Rachel: United States
Praying for a miracle. my friend Karen Barth has tumors on spine and brain. I pray that she gets through her treatments. I pray for strength and comfort in Jesus Name Amen!

Frederick: South Africa
Dear Lord, Please protect me, allow me to walk a free man, set me free from all this burden and heartache. Let me be the winner in all this and give me the freedom I so badly deserve. Dear Lord please help me. Dear Lord please walk besides me, heal me Lord and allow everything to work in my favour. I put my faith and trust in you Lord. Hear my prayer in Jesus Name, Amen

Keijo: Sweden
Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victim to save  place of Scandinavian, thanks for helping, bless, keijo sweden

George: United States
For God to do miracles in me and, my helpmate, Stephy's life. We've been praying to see God do miracles in our life concerning different areas of our life. We just want to see him in a different way. So we've been reading, "miracles, signs, and wonders shall follow the believer" praying that God do miraculous works in our lives. Please, pray God does major miracles in our life and that we receive the manifestation of these miracles, possess it, and the provision to keep it. In Jesus name amen

Joby: New Zealand
Jesus I love you so much lord.Please forgive all my sins.Please my saviour please help us to get our residence visa.

Stephanus: Indonesia
GOD, i need money right now, please help me.

Patricia: United States
Just diagnosed with breast cancer.  Have not seen an oncology doctor yet but have been praying the healing scriptures morning and night. Asking Jesus to heal me if it is His will and I believe it is for He wants his children to be well.  

Letisha: United States
 First, i want to thank God for all that he has done for me. 
I asking for healing in all areas of my life, financial, health, career and family with the blood of Jesus.
Thank you God ...Amen

Mae: Philippines
Hello! Please pray for me,that my anxiety, fears, guilt and depression leave my mind and body through Christ our Lord. I've been battling against these issues for months...I've been praying a lot and I know God heard me,and will answer my prayers. I believe he will never put me to harm nor forsake me...As he always do...Please pray for me also..

May God bless us

TF: United States
Please pray that my son will pass and meet all the requirements necessary to become a State trooper. Pray that he is healed from head to toe inside and out and nothing gets in the way of his dream coming true. Pray that he is protected at all times and is an honorable and humble officer who ALWAYS puts God first! Pray his relationship with the right one happens also. Praise God!! Amen

Alice: United States
Please pray that Lillian & Jill will have a good relationship with me. Pray God will break any demonic influence that is blocking our relationship. I love my daughters. Lord, have mercy and restore my family. Thank you Father. I praise you and glorify your name. In Jesus, Amen!

Rita: United States
Please pray for a miracle in my life. I need restoration in my family with my two daughters. I've had this problem for a year now, both are married. Please also pray that our Heavenly Father will draw them & their husbands to Jesus for salvation. Please watch over them Lord & bless their families....thank you prayer warriors. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

Cornelius: Papua New Guinea
Please pray for my Hire Car business. Its not may any money and the car has been breaking down. Pray that all curses upon me and my business be broken.
Secondly my rental properties have not been rented for the last two years now, I think I might be under some curses. Please pray for me.

Doreen: Uganda
Please pray for me, i will be having an aptitude test on Wednesday next week, may God give wisdom unknown before that i may pass this test and my i receive fave before examiners and also before the panel that will interview me after the aptitudes, Amen My name is Manashn

Marlene: United States
Please pray for healing for me and my 9 year old, for deliverance, and to see His mighty hand at work in my life. I desperately need Him. 

Gurjeet: New Zealand
Hi iam facing lot of problems regarding money I need money urgently I believe in god I don't have any money just like 4$ but iam in bad debt of 80000$ I need money all people calling me for there money I feel iam going in depression please help me I sometimes feel like dieg but I just say god will help me please help me 

Barbara: Australia
Please pray that all fear, anxiety and depression leave my body. I ask for supernatural answers to two problems I have regarding my pets. God knows my needs. I don't want any pain from these problems. Thank you and God bless

Deborah: United States
Dear lord thank you for all you have done for us and thank you for my little family and the big side of our family to I have a friend and two cousins that need you nor one just had a triple bypass Stine and then Vance who is fighting addiction and now in univerity of maryland with blood clots I also have a friend that I almost lost do to drinking achol and smoking cigarettes  I feel he is slipping away again and my husband and I love him dearly if you could please wrap your arms around all of us My precious Lord as you know I'm not well myself and God can you please help me undertand my dreams so that I may be able to help someone before it's to late I also would like you to wrap your arms around my pastor his wife and my church family I love you lord and you have help me come a long way and gave me the right for my neck and back surgery please God help me with my nerve diseases I'm asking you for healing for you the pain in my legs are getting worse I try to stay as active as possible as you know and please give me the strength to use my stepper for my legs love you God and I'm really trying hard and hope I can be a preacher one I sure do have faith that all my prayers are answered please God I know you have the perfect timing and my disabilty is right around the corner and you will give us the perfect house and vehicle love you God you are my number one you have always been there for me and thank you I sure do wish I could have grown up in religion and please tell my mom my brother and grandmother hello for me and I miss them and I am do my best to see them again  with all my love and thank you for all the resources that are provide for us seekers and for the roof over our heads and keeping us safe in this  not so good neighbor I wish drugs would just fall out  and For you god to be everyone's number one love Debbie AMEN

Temnit: United Arab Emirates
My name is Temnit, I am leaving in Dubai with my husband and 2 kids, working and serving the lord with whatever we can. We are from Ethiopia and living here from the past 22 years. 
My husband, Pastor Mesfin has been diagnosed with diabetic and I always have a fear for my kids too. BUT I strongly believe sickness is no from God and the healing power of our God can heal this sickness from my husband. Also for me I did hemorrhoid surgery 7 years back, it was not done well and I was in a pain for almost 2 years + last year again I did fistula surgery in the same place and I am suffering with pain again. Please pray for me, my husband, my daughter Heyab (13) and my son Noah (8) to have full health so we can leave happily and boldly preach the Gospel to generation. God’s miracle in Jesus name Amen!
Please also pray for us for God’s protection, especially for my kids that God will lead them with his spirit and they will not mix themselves with the world system, because of the blood of Jesus pray they will lead and move in higher in every area of their life and shame saying to others they are successful because of God and the blood of Jesus….let them be an ambassador the Christ Jesus. 

Please pray for my sister to have a baby - she been waiting for 7 years her name is Zaid lives in Ethiopia with her husband and my mom.

Thank you and God bless you and this ministry!

Andy: United States
Hi I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many of my problems, thank you very much for your prayers... Blessings to you! Andy
Also... I need prayers so that I can go to bed early, so that I can be productive during the day, also that I can pay all my bills off. And get out of debt, so that I can give generously to deserving ministries... I also have a court case coming up I HAVE to get ready for,  and Rosa getting married!  Thank you very much for the prayers... amen... blessings to you!... Andy
Further…I would like prayers so that I could start talking to ex-girlfriend Dyna again and have a good relationship with her and her daughter, and that she would be on fire for God! And if she is not the one, then to find a Godly wife.Thank you very much and blessings :-) Andy

Jimy: United States
Please pray that God would restore my hope and faith and life in Him. 

Betty: United States
Need prayer.  I have to go tomorrow to get mammogram again. They say they saw something and need to check it again.  In Jesus name there not going to find anything. 

Jamilla: United States
Hi im coming here asking for you to pray for my healing. Im very afraid i may have cancer, it has really taken its toll on me. I've been waking up out of my sleep in a panic. Praying in my sleep begging God to spare me. I have a doctor's appt on April 28th and im praying everything comes back negative. Id really appreciate it if you prayed for my negative results as well. I also lost my job last October and would you to pray that God blesses me with a new job so i can provide for my daughter and save. Ive been going through a lot of changes in my life, that have been draining. Regardless i know God is indeed in control. I fall short, theres things i need to work on,but i pray diligently that God sets me on the right path. I will also be praying for all of you as well. God bless and continuously have faith.

Jackie: United States
I want to be married by the end of 2017 to my soul mate of 45 yes. I Am Ready!¡! It has been 3 years !!

Angela: United States
Angela. pray that God heal my body. I'm dealing with out of control high blood pressure. and a closer walk with Christ. and my family.

Alfred: United States
Please pray for Eric McDonald’s salvation!!!
Eric needs your prayers…

Jacqueline: Namibia
Please pray for me and my husband. We want to start our own catering and nail salon business but we have no finance to even register the company and we are facing debts i believe when two and three gather together in prayer god is with them . in Jesus name .

Kimberley: United States
Please pray for the restoration of my relationship with my significant other Corey and that he will propose to me like he was going to do this past Christmas. Please pray God touches his heart and allows him to witness the Lord's salvation and that he comes home and we can be a family again and raise our 7 month old together. Please pray that any woman trying to pursue him it will fail and he will realize I'm the only woman he needs. Thank you!

Precious: Nigeria
Pray for me that God purified my blood from virus in Jesus name.

Janine: United States
Please pray for me I have a rare disease stiff person syndrome and there is no cure for it God bless you 

Marvay: United States
I am standing in the gap for my sisters healing.As I plan to read the scriptures daily until manifestation is displayed. Glory be to GOD.

Please Lord give me financial breakthrough

Julie: United States
I suffer from cervical spondylosis with myelopathy. I have severe pain throughout my neck, shoulder, and
arm. I'm not able to do much and want to get well to take care of my Mom, who is also suffering from sciatic & back pain. Please pray for our healing. With Lord Jesus all is possible! Amen.

Tiffany: United States
We have been through the storm, my three girls and I. We were left behind after their father deployed, and are now starting from the beginning. All Glory to God, who has brought us through. Please pray that we will get approved for this wonderful apartment tomorrow 2/29/2017. It will be a new start. It has been a tough journey, and I work overtime to fulfill my children's needs, and those of others. Please heavenly Father move the Property Managers in Jesus name and allow us to get approved for a new beginning, and to never look back. Amen

Karen: South Africa
Please  ask the intercessors to say a prayer for Sachin who had cancer I know he is healed,  got a message that he is in bed most of the time and his hair is falling, but I know he is healed and his hair will grow back and his health will be restored. I speak it in faith this morning amen  his sister sent me a message on sat night that he is not doing good. I will not give up asking Lord   U raised Lazarus from the death u can do it for Sachin I await a praise report

Vish: India
Hello, My husband Ravi was diagnosed with kidney failure and now has to go for dialysis every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please keep him in your prayers. We want the lord to deliver him from dialysis and give him his complete kidney function back. Please pray. Thanks!

G: Philippines
My boyfriend and I had a tremendous fight and broke up. I took the time apart to think, consider, and pray. I still believe in our relationship and I request all of you to pray for our reconciliation and reunion with each other. I know even the hardest of hearts can be softened and changed by God. I pray that God will guide my boyfriend and I to work on our relationship and be together again.

Mavis: South Africa
Plz team pray with me I m not working but I need lot of money for school  fees, rent food for my three children at tertiary level, they are waiting  for their results on Friday this week and won't get them if they didn't pay and won't be allowed to register for class. I've so many debts so plz pray with me I need God's miracle now .

Patrick: Malawi
Please i need urgent prayer for a job, i lost my job 1yr ago, i need a job, LORD JESUS accept my request for a new job, i need to sustain my family, pay debts please have mercy!

James: United States
In the name of Lord Jesus, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the courage to change I things I can and the wisdom to know the difference, Amen.

Elder B F: United States
I have stage 3 skin cancer

Yolanda: United States
Pray for Jaden for his bag spinal pray for healing up with mine develop speech delay pray for Julie to her stomach praying for a learning disability both pray for Rebecca and her stomach car prayer for Cesar where is the nurse pray for healing is the mail and also his body pray for deck that you will find go to the clubs favor is straight arm pray for her salvation Pray for my heart my liver my kidneys pray for my bone disease and praying for me into a panic attack think Sadie fear tormented headaches April heart attacks for us OK

Sidram: India
I & my brother prashant jamadar haven't get any job. so you pray to get government job maharastra state bus Service assit. manager post & DRDO post & other government job you pray i am very crying so spread my request in all world church. I am very

Julie: Kenya
Pray for me I really need a job,a well paying job to support my family I know God always listens n knows the desires of our hearts.

Lois: Ghana
Indeed my God is a faithful God. Faithful is He who has called us and He will do it.I ask God to open a chance for Kwabena to travel to U.S and because His faithfulness endures Kwabena has been emailed to go for his U.S Visa interview tomorrow 11th January 2017.This is de second interview. Praise to God I trust my God will give him the visa dis time dat is tomorrow , It a done deal.My dear Christian Family help me thank God for dis opportunity.

JERICHO: Philippines
I need help, I think someone is trying to kill me. I don't have any clue who this person is. please pray for me and for my family. IN Jesus Name

Thomas: United States
I m on ssdi fallen short on bills and food.  I m believers in the lord and christ. I have look into everything and know God says not to borrow or beg but I m so hungry. Please help!

Matthew: Philippines
Hello I'm Matthew from the beautiful Island of the Philippines
Last October 28, 2016 11:45 p.m. a quarter minute before my birthday Oct. 29, 2016 I went up to our roof top, bowed down and prayed to God in spirit with all humbleness. I thanked him for this life, my family, for saving my life with countless near death experiences, for the blessings and a lot more. I also entrusted him  my depression and frustration in life. I also presented my personal wishes. I beg him kindly take away my freedom and rule my life by himself. I was pleading to him to talked to me and show himself before me. I even asked him If he could bless me just how he blessed Abraham, Isaac and Jacob then I ended my prayer. 
As I was looking up the stars in the sky I suddenly P.S. I said Lord if it's your will for me to work in South Korea kindly give me a very kind employer, nice place to stay and a good job position, suddenly I saw a very thick rainbow shooting star in the heavens very fast as they traversed in my sight. At 1st I was startled, then I thanked the Lord emotionally.
Your prayers will be appreciated for me and my girlfriend Mary Ann, for both of us will passed the South Korean EPS-TOPIK exam this coming March or April 2016 or any month of this year, so that we can work in South Korea. Thank you and God bless you all. 
God is good! All the time... and all the time.... God is good!

Lois: Ghana
Praise be to God am still trusting God.He is gud and his faithfulness endureth forever he gave us today again. Kwabena went for de U.S visa interview today but he couldn't attain it. May our Gods will forever be done,we have no fear I believe Kwabena will get the chance to travel this year cos our Lord knows our need.Dear Christian brothers help me pray to God for we are trusting him for the traveling opportunity.Amen

Michael: Nigeria
I need Financial Help urgently and nobody really read to help me. My landlord, school fees and many others waiting for me.

Florence: United State
Please join me in prayer; I need papa GODs' healing. I have uterine fibroids and hep. B

Muriel: South Africa
I two request :
No:1 please pray for a friend she is very sick and needs healing ( Cancer)
No:2 Pray for me , my life and my kids to be capable, understand What God want and be successful and for God to give me wisdom, guidance, streght, Forgiveness, Faith, love and Patiance and a life partner that God has choose for me. 

Tammy: United States
Please stand in prayer for me I'm searching desperately for a nice comfortable hone to enjoy with my husband and family a beautiful home that we can study the word of God to be safe comfortable and feel good about our blessings from the Lord my money is not where it's sapose to be my husband will soon be coming home and I have yet to find us a place applications for apartments are expensive my credit isn't the greatest but I trust the father in heaven to make a way out of no way to bless me and my family please pray for me

Justine: Nigeria
Forgiveness of sin,Gods mercy,to unite with my family as soon as possible in total breakthrough in all areas of life.

Latoya: United States
I want to say my husband  has left me four years  ago for some one who pretended to be. My friend ...i have been  praying  for years and ask god to give me second  chance to fix my marriage  i have hurt my husband  in trust and  love i never cheat on him  we have been distant  for 4 years  i really love him ....like how god love his chruch ...i need help in fight for the love of my husband  i have been loosing hope and faith and crying  ....plz help me plz  to fight for my husband  angel  to come home ....

Sarai: United States
I have been in the shelter for a year and 3 months. I have been waiting to have a permanent home. I have done wrong in God's Jesus and the Holy Spirit s sight. I am ashamed and tired. I feel weak and broken. I want my family to be financially and spiritually stable. I want so much to be done. I'm crying out for help Jesus Please Lord Please

Becky: United States
For healing if vertigo and dizziness. Don't know what's causing it. Thought maybe hormones but not sure. I'm just tired of feeling like this. For God's healing never to suffer with it again. Thank you so much Becky

Aver: South Africa
: Hi
i am deep pain. Two days ago my boyfriend who i loved so dearly left me...he said we must go our own separate ways. We always prayed together and he promised we would get married..i don't know what changed his heart...please help me Lord Jesus for a reconciliation with him. Please bring him back to me for good...he is the love of my life.

Stanley: Nigeria
Lord am in need of money to pay my school fees, and feed myself i don't have any body to help me nd train me properly lord help me and answer my cry o lord thank u o lord

Sandra: United States
PLEASE pray for a complete healing of body for James B. He has rectal bleeding fatigue and tingling throughout his body. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU.

Teresa: United States
Need prayer for healing

Kyle: United States
Hello I would like prayer for me to recieve a wife and hear his voice like never before. Thank you.

Jed: Nigeria
Please pray for me, I want to receive God's divine and permanent healing from seizure attack. 

John: United States
Two years ago, I found out that I had a cataract in my left eye, and not to worry about it.  Just recently, my right eye got cloudy (another cataract).  Seeing that I had a stroke, the doctor decided  to take care of both eyes.  This means two overnight stays.

Tebogo: South Africa
Please pray for me to get back with both my parents again as they have disowned me since I was young I also pray a good husband of my own and the darkness I have in my life to turn into light...please pray for me to seek  God more and never to lose hope...amen

Donna: United States
I need prayer for my 7 yr old I am a Christian and I pray alot and the devil's a lier I know and now he's trying to attack my son bc he loves GOD very much I pray OVER him and ask the Lord to watch over him and he was baptized when he was younger but he wants to be baptized again and I am thankful to hav such a wonderful little boy he'd name is Jayden please pray for him thank you

Rodney: United States
Please pray that God heal my enlarged heart, congestive heart failure, tachycardia, PTSD. If he has healed others, I know that He can heal me. Jesus is my Only Hope.
God Bless You! Thank-You.

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