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"Creation or Evolution?"  
Why I Believe

 "In the Beginning God Created the
Heaven and the Earth." (Gen 1:1)

My knowledge of Christ began at the age of 5 when my older siblings and I were attending Vacation Bible School. I had been learning about Jesus, and since I was asking questions, my mother told me about the plan of salvation.

She told me that God loved me and had sent His only Son to pay for my sins and that if I believed this and asked Him to come into my heart, I would someday go to Heaven.

So,  with my mother leading me, I asked Jesus to come into my heart. Later, at the age of 12, I reaffirmed my salvation and was baptized.

During my late teenage years, there was a significant movement among those who believed in evolution, and some of my friends were following them. Although this was unsettling,  I remembered what my mother had told me, and she had always been right before, (or so I had thought).

I once heard a man say, "I know God is real because I talked to Him this morning." I'm sure he had, and this was the way I felt.

Although the evolutionary position demands tangible proof, I only found theories and suppositions, separated by millions of years and yet they teach these concepts to our children as fact. Who can disagree with the assertion, that: "a theory taught as fact is not education, but indoctrination?"

I wanted to know about the Bible prophecies - the story of Jesus - (even the existence of God) - were they valid, or merely legend?

Satan would whisper, "The Bible was written by men, perhaps even after the time of Christ!" However, the Bible tells us that Satan is a liar: that every Word in the Bible was written under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit through devout and specially chosen men of God.

Dreams and Answered Prayer

Then, God began to reveal Himself to me through a series of amazing dreams answered prayer and events that only He could have arranged. 

These experiences were so powerful and meaningful that I have only shared them with a precious few. God in His fantastic and inexplicable ways had chosen to make Himself known to me personally before showing me the tangible evidence.

A short time later I learned of some scrolls that contain the same prophecies about the coming of the Messiah as did the Old Testament.  The scientific world has inspected the writings, "The Dead Sea Scrolls," and most agree they are authentic and were written hundreds of years before the time of Christ.

The scrolls replicate almost in detail, the very words of the Old Testament, including Scriptures that tell of the promised Messiah.

The Messiah, of course, was Jesus, (Christ). The earthly existence of Jesus is said to be one of the most proven facts in history.

But why did the World need a Savior?

A Sin Cursed World - Prophecies of God

Satan had lied and tricked Adam and Eve causing them to sin. Their sins brought about their removal from the Garden of Eden and forced all of humanity to be separated from God and forced to live in a sin-cursed world.

Lifespan was shortened, women bore children with pain and hardship, babies crying, with no way to properly care for them. Destitution, famine, sickness, and poverty prevailed and does even to this day.

Still, God had not forgotten man, and in His incredible love immediately devised a glorious plan of restoration.

God prophesied Satan's end:
"And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel," (Gen 3:15).

Bruise thy head would be Jesus delivering a death blow to Satan on Judgement Day by casting him into Hell.

Bruise "His heel," would be Satan delivering a severe blow to Jesus. (the cross)

In the centuries that followed, God sent prophets to let His people know about the coming Messiah. Some 333 prophecies were written between 1450 BC and 430 BC,  telling of the coming of Jesus.

Then came the Messiah.

Jesus,  Savior of the World

The Apostle John tells us that the Messiah was God's Son, Jesus and that He was sent to earth to die for the sins of the world.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life," (John 3:16). 

Many Bible scholars believe the fulfilled and verified prophecies of Jesus coming to earth are within themselves sufficient to prove the existence of God. 

But there is much more:

The presence of God; answered prayer; miracles; guidance; proof of fulfilled prophecy; historical documents, and even our surroundings: 

"The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork," (Psa 19:1)

I believe God has placed a desire in the human race to know Him and that perhaps this is the reason so many who have not been introduced to the real God mistakenly worship images,  snakes, cows, and other inanimate objects. I am so thankful that my mother introduced me to the real living God. . 

In Conclusion:

The "Dead Sea Scrolls;" and other reliable manuscripts verify the prophecies in the Old Testament. These fulfilled predictions have been confirmed, by historical documents and records.

The followers and disciples of Jesus who wrote much of the New Testament were eye-witnesses. They were so convinced He was who He said He was that they knowingly gave their lives for their faith.

I do not believe these men would have given their lives for something they knew to be a lie. 

For me, the reality of God is beyond doubt. In my most intense times of prayer and meditation, I  recognize with absolute certainty the incredible sweet presence and love of God. I would not trade those times for any I have known on earth.

 "...What god is great like our God?" (Psa 77:13).

Samuel Mills

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