"Praise God Anyhow"

When you don't have a job, praise god anyhow. (He knows your needs and he is just on time, never late) When it seems the earth is breaking up beneath your feet and you feel you don't have anywhere to stand, stand on the rock of Jesus (he said I will never leave you or forsake you).

When something seems impossible and you can't humanly find a answer, remember nothing is too hard for God (he specializes in things that seem to be impossible).

When all fails continue to praise the Lord (this is the hardest time to do it) Complaining and murmuring got the Israelites no where but plagues and staying in the wilderness for 40 years instead of the land of milk and honey.

I have learned the hard way. I have always cried to the preacher or who ever would listen when things got bad, but when I turned it over to Jesus and praised his holy name, and repeated scriptures to God about his promises, I got joy, joy deep in my heart and the sun shone brighter and the tears stopped flowing except in joy and raising my hands to God.

I have been through so much, but I am learning that God hears our prayers when we are his. He knows who trusts him (it says so in the scriptures). God knows our hearts and he sees his children when they go through affliction.

God has compassion, his mercy never dies he judges the righteous and he will always be there for his children . You just got to have a little faith, a little trust and a lot of praise and spending time with God every day and reading his holy word and you will be ok!!!!!!!!!


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Praise God Anyhow
By Donna