"Chay's Dream of Heaven"
Interpretation by Toni

Chay: United States

I had a dream several years ago that i went to heaven. When I arrived I ask, where is my family? And someone answered me, don't worry, your mom and your younger sister are coming. 

After she said that I heard another voice saying someone wants to meet you, so I looked, and in the distance I could see my oldest brother riding in a boat on the lake (he passed away in 1988, someone murdered him).

I wave at him, and although I never got to see him closely, I know even from the distance that was my brother. What does it mean? My brother is in heaven? Please, can someone interpret this?

Toni's Interpretation

Chay: "I had a dream several years ago that i went to heaven. When i arrived i ask where is my family? And someone answer me dnt worry your mom and your younger sister is coming."

Toni: The Bible has numerous scriptures  regarding heaven but after reading your dream I'm moved to focus on this one for this portion of your dream in John in the Bible where we are told that no man but Christ has ascended to heaven...

"John 3:13 - "And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, [even] the Son of man which is in heaven." 

That being said the detail of you dreaming of being in heaven definitely means you are near and dear to God's heart and he is wanting you to truly embrace something informational for life application:-)

Chay: "After she said that i heard another voice saying someone wants to meet you so i look all the to distance i see my oldest brother riding in a boat on the lake (he passed away 1988 someone murder him)."

Toni: The imagery of your brother symbolizes your self in many facets but mainly in how a dream message is impacting your reality. 

Our Heavenly Father uses certain details to relate to people as the dreamer when messages are being relayed by Him to correlate and drive home specific a self condition information and other heart based informational details. 

For example, certain personal emotions or symbolic analogies are two of many examples that God may visually chose to use when He is involved with a dream message to the dreamer. 

The specific imagery varies from person to person based upon how certain details impact you personally. For instance, lakes to me may be a scary ordeal because of a past fears, bad experiences etc where for you it may mean a peaceful, tranquil, happy emotional experience...

God may be wanting you to embrace something similar in your examination of the scene of your brother for you to find a new found wholeness within your own personal walk along with other life applicable details he may be revealing to you. 

Examine your heart and ask God to reveal this info to you as you yield to what He has already or will tell you because it's so much more impactful to your individual relationship with God when the revelatory information comes to you after asking for specific personal details & in the end no one but God gets all the glory:-)

Chay: "so i wave at him but i never got to see him closely but i know from the distance that it is my brother. What does it mean? My brother is in heaven Pls. Someone can interpret this."

Toni: The boat in the water and your brother being in the water waving at you & you not being able to get close is a symbolic spiritual detail that God wants you to examine from a perspective of how it applies to your own personal spiritual condition.

Losing a loved one is a very difficult process but we must allow 
ourselves time to transition through each part to fully heal:-)


keep yourself a dream journal and rewrite specific details about this dream and any sequential dreams that that you aren't mentioning here such as how you felt when you saw your brother? Was it a lake you are familiar with or one that you have never seen etc?

Also note what you were doing when you saw him... Was it day or night? Was it peaceful water or not? Was the water dark, muddy, clear, blue clean etc? What place in your life were you at personally when this dream occurred to where you are now etc:-) 

By logging these details along with praying over them allows you to analyze the message from a Biblical perspective such as dealing with certain emotional conditions you may have been in at the time such a as if doorways such as habitual fear, grief.

Unfinished business etc may be at the root or if a 
directional detail is what God is doing in your healing process or both! 

Either way as you go through the dream journal process on each detail you may have not allowed yourself to open up to with God it draws you closer to God as you keep Him the focus:-)

Next, find scriptures in the Bible that speak to those small dream details and any possible missed emotions... 

Not only do you learn about the dream info God may be telling you but you truly continue healing as you meditate on God's infallible word messages as He saturates your heart:-)  

Below is a quick  Biblical meditation study reference for a deeper understanding:-)

"The words of Scripture are living words. (See Hebrews 4:12.) They contain eternal wisdom held in the shell of human words. God wants us to “break open” these human words and begin to discover the rich wealth of personal application and understanding that they hold.

This goal can be accomplished as 
you memorize and meditate on Scripture.

The Apostle Paul said, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you [live in you] richly in all wisdom” (Colossians 3:16). Meditation on Scripture will cause Scripture to “dwell in you” and become a source of wisdom in your mind, will, and emotions.

Remember, meditation cannot be done in a hurry. It takes time. Doing studies on the meaning of a passage and committing it to memory prepare you to meditate on it.

As you meditate, the Holy Spirit will teach you the ways of God through His 
Word. (See John 16:13.) Use the following keys to meditation:

Worship God in Your Spirit

Your times of meditation should be times of worship and fellowship with God.

Worship God in your spirit as you quote God’s Word back to Him. Reverence God’s Word and purpose to “do according to all that is written therein” (Joshua 1:8). Info obtained from http://iblp.org/questions/how-can-i-meditate-scripture

I'm Praying with you for your continued  successful process & God's expected end.

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Chay's Dream of Heaven

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