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"Christian Poetry" 
By Mark Bouchard -      Page 1

"What is the Depth of This Sad Day"

Lord what is the depth of this sad day
As I've craved some merriment along my 
And yet it seems all the dirge day long
That every whim has played out wrong

I tried my skill as it was for that,
But it ended up bad with nothing pat.
And no my wishes they where granted not;
For this sad day has spoiled each 

And bitter now am I feeling to boot,
As it seems there’s no one what gives a 
So life was vicious on this sullen day,
And all my merriment did practically 

Now fixed with frustration did I turn to Thee,
And sought Thy word what it 
might be,
But yet I shrugged and heaved a sigh;
And into your acceptance labored I.

Yet here I sit as I ponder this,
With my every thought life seems amiss.
However my Lord as I lean on you -
My soul does’ brighten in a beautiful hue.

My troubles they dim to seem so slight,
In all of your wondrous Glory light.
And once again as it always shall be,
When I’ve turned to You, You've turned 
to me.

So now mine eyes do brim with tears
As You my Lord have belayed all my fears.
My problems still they wait for me,
But the real weight is stayed with thee.

Mark K. Bouchard - August 2013

"Just Try and Imagine"

Imagine the danger of being born in a manger,
whilst an insane king ruled your world.
Of being born from the womb into a world of doom,
and from the heaven to the earth being hurled.

Imagine the job of saving the mob, whom you created from dust and clay.
Those who disposed of all the love you’ve proposed,
who don’t listen to the words you say.

Imagine the tree and their feelings of glee,
as they beat, bashed, and tortured you.
And as you hang there to die under the Heavens great sigh, then your work here on earth is through.

All your followers wonder did Heaven just blunder,
Or if they were somebodies taint.
But when three days past you appear to your cast,
And Thomas became you’re Saint.

You rose from the grave with all power portrayed
and left on a cloud from their view.
The tasking soon started with you dearly departed;
would be loves everlasting coup!

They each lived without pause and all died for the cause, for us millions, never being renowned.
With love’s dedication and your bloods’ supplication, 
Your life given, under thorns you were crowned.

Mark K. Bouchard - Dec 2013

"An All Saints Prayer""

Dear Lord Jesus, Humbly now I come to You in prayer
And I thank Your Heavenly Father for always being there
For knowing every need and plea before it’s even asked of thee.
No matter what ever we ask in general or something deeply personal.

Now Dear Lord I’m asking boldly for daily blessings too
For all the folks at church that sit upon each pew.
For aches and pains and suffering, for each ones tithe and offering
For all whom come in need to Thee – for cancer, backs, hearts and surgery

But even more so God I do ask for this, For the soul that is lost with life amiss
That You would bring them to this house of prayer with folks who would love to meet them there.
Lord touch their hearts and bend the knee – and bring their empty soul to Thee!!

Mark K. Bouchard - August 2013

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Poetry by Mark Bouchard

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