"Dreams about Angels"

Rihan: Dominica
I woke up last night by this dream...... It just began where I appeared in a window of our previous childhood home, admiring a bright light coming from the dark valley and then it came to be two beings,two andels with white robs and golden brown belts and long hair.Then they spoke to me saying that I must change for friday is a good day sat will be my last and sunday the world would end,but thier mouths did not move nor did their faces had reactions. Thier hands were opened or raised high. Then I went outside crying and asking god show me a sign if its true. And when I went back in and fell asleep I dreamt again A black shiny sun raising.

Tity: Sierra Leone
I had a dream i was wearing white and I was drowning. I tried to call my husband but he did not turn back to help me and all of a sudden i saw a child and she gave me her hand and drew me out of the water. the water was clean and the below the water was green but as the child gave me her hand, i had some doubt in my mind that can this child help out of  because she was too small but she saved me and she was also wearing a off white dress with stripe on it.

OROGOT: Uganda
I saw Angels through strong light from a dream. What does this mean?

Yui: United States
I had a vision of an angel more than a decade ago when I woke up in the middle of the night. A gigantic, bulky/ripped being entered my room then radiated amazing light by my bedside. Told me not to worry because God loves me so. It was during a pretty turbulent time in my life. Then 2 Years ago, during another incredibly turbulent time in my life, I was awaken by a warm breath on my face and it kissed me - not the sexual kind, but the firm, gentle kiss that a parent would give to a baby on the lips. I opened my eyes, and a being in light grey robe was sitting by me looking out. Then another being that radiated bright light in grey robe told the one with me to "let's go, the sun is rising" and both left. When I blinked, they were gone and the bright light was gone - but the sun was just rising in the horizon. I believe God sent these angels to comfort me when I felt nobody in the world understood or cared about my life or me.

Marissa: United States
This is my first time dreaming of angels it was so beautiful and crazy at the same time. 
It started off hanging out with friends and family at a birthday party and out of nowhere the wind started acting funny and pulling the trees i thought it was a tornado so i walked outside looked at the sky and seen the tornado.
I panicked and told everyone to hide in the basement as i did i had to run outside and get something's from my car as i did someone in a black truck stopped to save me. As i got in the truck i looked at the sky and i could see the tornado ripping trees and dirt and houses and cars and everything in its path then i turn to look ahead on the road and their was a funeral all black everything down to the roses and i told the driver to stop i got out and asked if they needed a ride to safety they told me no so i got back in the car and kept going when i looked at the sky again i could see balls of light looking like birds in the sunset but what was weird it was like the sky was fighting the tornado and the angels where fighting the sky to keep the tornado and darkness away. Then i turn around and there is a helicopter falling it had got struck by lightning and u could see the people who where struck taken out by the angels and when the helicopter crashed it made a fire tornado but the angels some how fought it 

Jjess: United States
I dreamt I was hanging out with friends then all of a sudden I was driving at night. Someone swerved over in my lane, the next thing I know I was running really fast into a bright light. Finally I began to fly upwards really fast through the air with angels it was the must beautiful thing I've ever seen. But before I reached the top I woke up thinking I wasn't really awake it was so real. I remember panicking as I was reaching the top because I felt like it wasn't my time. I mean I have a child I just received a marriage proposal.it was definitely something I've never experienced.

Johnson: Nigeria
I have three major dreams about angels that I would love to know what they mean.....
   (1st) I was in an open place, like a field. and I was the only male there, every other persons where young females, but I noticed they were very plenty! and they were all Muslims.... and were also dressed like Muslims girls..... and while in that gathering, I looked steadfastly into the Heavens, and immediately the Heaven's opened, and a mighty and gaingentic angel came down. it didn't have wings.... and he came straight to me and collected the piece of paper I was holding..... and walked way up back to heaven,as though he was walking on some steps in the air..... and I understood in that dream that what was contained in the paper he collected from me were prayer points! but I don't know what exactly.... and then I woke up.     
   (2nd) I was in a dream, and I was hiding that the back of an angel because a wild beast was trying to acctack me and I was so scared, but the couldn't acctack Cus of the angel was holding a sword that was pined down to the ground!! and all of a sudden, the beast became four, like a Lion, Dragon, Bear etc... they were trying to acctack from East, West,North and South! and the Angels became four also. protracting me from been attack from the 4 corners of the earth.... they were all holding swords in their hands.... but this time I wasn't scared! I was jux standing in the middle of the four of them not minding the wild beasts..... my hands were jux wild open! not lifted or raised but stretch.... towards my sides, then I woke up.    (3rd) I was in a dream in my School, I was walking to my class with one of my course mate, and I was an angel! I was made to understand that he was a seraphim angel.... the angel was radiant with wings and was holding a flaming sword in he's hands...like he was protecting something but it wasn't me in particular, and I saw the angel and jux could hardly take my eyes off....until my course mate said to me, its okay stop looking it an angel....I see him too... and then we both entered our class and I woke up.........

Anna: United States
I just woke up from a dream today. In the dream I saw a world at a rush and appeared that everyone was running.. I was floating on some water but I reached dry land. I then saw angels looked like humans with big wings. I observed one disappear in the dark sky. As I saw the one disappearing, it  was a beautiful sight. It looked liked stars shaped like wings, it was gleaming and shining as it disappeared. The last thing I remember was looking up while smiling. I could remember not being scared. 

I have a special Vivid dream this night first i saw a feather falling down from the sky. There were many and I was trying to catch them so i could wish, And then later i look up in the sky  and i saw a clouds in the form of a angel which i saw a wing color white like a light . Then later the angel turn to the form of a heart form, and there i clearly saw Jesus Christ and he looked Young and was wearing a white robe. And then later i saw a Angel again without wings then a man who looked like My Man when he will be old. Then later i make a wish of Jesus christ he would purify My heart. Then i see My future when I am old and My man and I were together in a bed. I saw myself in the mirror and I looked like My Mother. Then i woke up

Berenice: United States
I had a dream where I was standing on a really high mountain with a friend. The sky was very cloudy, but it started opening up, revealing a very bright light that illuminated the whole sky.
There came two angels (one adult female and one child female) flying down. They flew in circles around me as if they were asking me to follow them. My friend could not see them though, only I could. The angels flew up to the sky and disappeared into the bright light.
What could this mean?

Vickie: United States
I had a vision while I was woke this morning I open my eyes and I closed them to shake it but it was still there. What does this mean 
It was the sky and it was a clear sky with a light behind the clouds . I thought there was white bird flying up thousands and thousands then it got closer. It was angels going up towards the cloud in beautiful white dresses and beautiful white wings that hung beside them there eyes were closed but they had there heads upward towards the sky.
There were so many all colors all ages .The first one had gold loose  hair she was white but it was thousands  of them. I thought I was going crazy cause I was awake; also today I spoke in tongue for the first time since my son pass almost 4 years ago. I don't know what it means I know that it was clear.

DesiRae: United States
Yesterday my sister in law informed me that she miscarried for a second time. I have a lot going on in my life and our pastor also informed us that our Church would be joining another Church. As I slept last night I dreamed that I was at my childhood home, watching 5 beautiful little girl angels, dancing and singing beautifully across the pasture from our old home. I don't know what this means. Currently I have 2 daughters, my Brother and sister in law have 1 daughter, and they have miscarried twice. Though we never knew the sex of those children.

Ash: United States
Last week I was praying and suddenly all I could hear was my voice.I couldn't hear any body around me.And when I came to and for a split second I forgot were I was.
And then yesterday I was praying I closed my eyes and saw angels falling.I don't know if they were light or dark angels.and when I came to I remember saying "The angels are falling." and then for a split second I forgot were I was.

Rachel: United States
I dreamed that someone said lighting  and tornado, and I was facing east I saw lighting figure , but I saw Angel  figure  just get the larger and larger,my husband  was hiding behind me, I put my hands together and was praying, the angel touch my hands, tell me what that means, please 

Heather: Australia
I had a vision of a Angel she was a bright light coming toward me & when she reached me she was small & I was standing in front of her she had a folded up paper in her hand & she handed it to me with a beautiful smile & I started to cry & then she threw gold glitter all over me .

Cris: Philippines
I saw an angel (I think it is a vision) he was descending from heaven, He was holding a sword. He went down because I felt he needs to do something important here on earth. I felt the intensity of his emotions. What could it mean?

Sarita: United States
I dreamed I was in a large field and others were behind me and on the right side of me.  There was a huge waterless wave that came across us.  To my right was a Male Angel.  I fell to the ground and I was upset that I did not turn into an Angel.  I believe The Holy Spirit was trying to tell me that my Angel was here to help me. A friend of mine told me that. I love Jesus and I am a born again Christian.  I cannot wait to see him.

I had a dream that i was on top of a city building with many tall buildings surrounding me. it seemed as if i was the only person there. the sky was dark  as if there was a huge fire in the city. I then saw this angel with fire wings coming towards me. it was like nothing I have ever seen before on TV or any where else. The wings were huge.

Lily: United States
I had a dreamed last night.... I was sitting in a workout bench went a coworker came from behind to kiss me on my cheek , I pushed him away because I felt  it was inappropriate, minutes later I started to feel tire emotionally as well as spiritually and saw my self on the floor when I look up I saw a white horse with an angel that wore a white gown with a red cape, the angel was so beautiful with brilliant green eyes and soft curly hair, he gets off the horse and comes towards me kiss my hand and I was replenished in every way a person can be.... What a birthday gift!!!

Micah: Philippines
Hi I am 11 years old and I had this dream last February.. in my dream all of the angels and people went down from heaven.. then I was terrified and hid behind a wall then my mom told me that there's my grandpa and I peeked and saw him smiling at me then in a sudden my fear was gone.. I went out of our house and I saw many people and then two angels went near me and we became friends.. then I asked them how will they go back to heaven then they said that "do you want to know how?" and the other angel took my hand and controlled my hand then I feel like my soul tries to go out of my body and I saw a bright light.. I was terrified and my soul went back... then I woke up... what was the meaning of my dream? 

Arlyn: United States
I had a dream when I was a little girl that til this day I have yet an explanation for. I have never forgot about it. I was in my room and 3 angels came to my window asking if I was ready? I was never able to interpret what the meaning of this dream meant so I have never forgotten about it.

Lakeia: United States
I dreamed I was walking down the road, and I looked in the sky and it was beautiful and it was full of Angels flying around, it was as if the Angels replaced the clouds, and one came closer to me and formed from a cloud to an Angel in front of my eyes, but didn't say a word.

Obiechina: Nigeria 
I dreamt an Angel flew from heaven to me with a plate. He gave me the plate but when I looked four cubes of coal of fire was in the plate. He said eat, I took it and ate it, but it did not hurt me, and the angel left with out a word and flew back to heaven with the plate. I woke

Angela: United States
I had a Dream about an Angel! I was in an a car seating passenger side,it was at night and i saw up in a sky very big like a low cloud but formed.. It was checking every car the was coming in  the area it was like we was in line to get in this area, and you could see  the Angel but it would only form when car would come up to it!! It's was like it was protecting good people! Then I woke up.

Eunice: United States
I saw two Angels and they were helping me to get back on my feet in my dream. One of the Angel told me, there will be many blessing with me. The other Angel told me I will have peaces with my family and from, what I have went through as a child, and how my family treated me, they will answer to GOD SO WILL I. 

Pari: United States
I had a dream that I was in a car at night in the passengers seat, and I saw something white glowing in the sky and it was rather big. 
I turned to the driver and asked if she could see anything, and she said no, and I was the only one that could. 
I believe it was an angel because it flew past my car and had big wings, and I could see it was a woman. She was still glowing white while flying.
I continued staring but she soon vanished. I saw another as well but it was farther away from my car. 
Also in my dream I saw thunder and lightning. I was looking out the window, and the wind was blowing very fast, and I was scared. After some time the clouds were gone, and I went outside and there were lights in sky. 
The lights were large colorful circles of lights in the sky. Suddenly a big circle of lights came down on a tree of my home. 
Then a men came to my home and said to me, "many lights will come to your home, and lots of blessings will surely come to you." I was surprised that I could hear him, even after he was gone.

Logan: South Africa    
I Dreamed of white flashy lights falling out of heaven. A big white horse, and a human figure with big white wings sitting on the horse. He told me to fix things, and then he will come again and fetch me.

Alish: United States
I dreamed of a lady standing next to my bed. She was wearing a white veil praying. I did not appear scared when I saw her. She appeared very sweet and peaceful. I couldn't fully see her face.

Florence: Namibia
I came to know Christ in 1995 and from that day whenever and wherever i close my eyes and sleep i will dream and sometimes being scared to go to sleep. we are in 2015 and is still dreaming. i can write a whole book about these dreams. i remember i dreaming that where i was working, my colleagues were in their offices and it was dark. i was the only one outside and saw in the sky a battle between angels and demons. they were on horses and i could see the weapons they used. i tried to show them but i was the only one who could see. after that i was given a cup of oil from above to pour out on myself. when it was empty i gave it back but then was just told that it was not yet empty so i poured it on me and later i was wet from the oil and then i woke up. 

Alish: United States
I dreamed of a lady standing next to my bed. She was wearing a white veil praying. I did not appear scared when I saw her. She appeared very sweet and peaceful. I couldn't fully see her face.


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