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There are many beautiful mysterious dreams on this website that bring hope, healing, fantastic wonders and glimpses of Heaven, angels, and even the rapture. 

I am convinced that the dreams we call nightmares are quite often the result of too much chili on the hotdog, and who of us has not had a nightmare? However, they can seem to be very real (those who submit them are very sincere), and some may contain messages from God?

Be warned that some may find these dreams, called nightmares, to be unsettling, and children should have permission from their parents.

Below are some of these dreams.

Ashley: United States
What does it mean to dream about being sleep and a figure flies in the window and kill the person next to you then flies back in the sky through the clouds in the the print of an angel

Dennis: United States
I was standing and dark image grabbed me covered my mouth. I attempted to scream and free myself but I struggled. I eventually was awaken by wife.

Chelsea: United States
I need help with these dreams about dead people in dark white robes

Nesha: United States
I had a dream last night...some would say it is horrifying. It was thunder-storming really bad where my family and I was at...then I hear this loud crack in the sky...this crack connected with another crack and as it connected the sky opened up and It was dark red and wind blew every where...then I woke up? This did not scare me when I woke....i just want to know what this mean exactly?

"Tabitha's Beautiful and Strange Nightmare"
Last night I had a very scary beautiful and strange dream which some would call a nightmare. I could glimpse into the heavens my body began to slowly descending....

Arpan: Nepal
I was returning from college but had missed my last bus and decided to walk home. When I reached home it was dark.
When I went inside I saw a strange man sleeping in my bed. I was very scared, my mind went blank, couldnt help myself and just killed him - stabbed him with a knife. I was very frightened so I draged him to my back yard and burried him without any others help.
I didnt retuned to my room but just started walking. I went far away from my house as I walked I saw the same man whom I had killed pass by my side. I ran, and avove the hill I saw many people gathered and when I reached there I saw the same man whom I killed and buried was laying there. He was dead but no sign of stabbing. I was so surprised and again I ran from there. Again in my way the same man trying to talk with me.....he was wispering but I didnt heard. I again ran and I saw a graveyard where people were burying the man who was talking with me and whom I killed that very night. Then suddenly I wo
ke up.

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