Brian McMichan's Summary of
"The Inner Life by Andrew Murray"

Brian McMichan lives in Queensland, Australia and does some wonderful studies of Scripture and Christian literature. In this study he slowly implemented Andrew Murray's guidelines from his book "The Inner Life" and wrote them out as the Father's Spirit revealed new understanding into Scripture passages. This study can empower all who will read & apply it in their walk with the Lord. 

Andrew Murray was a noted missionary leader, educator, and writer who placed great emphasis on a rich personal devotional life, and for the edification of the believer-building them up in faith, love, and prayer.  He had 240 publications that were translated into more than twelve foreign languages during his lifetime alone. Several of his books have become classics, including "The Inner Life."

A daily time of solitude set aside to pray and read God’s Word is of utmost importance. Time spent in fellowship with the Lord will bring a blessing, and empower your spiritual life, even as it prepares you for soul-winning and intercession. 

Concerning Sickness,
Disability and Infirmity

Faith is an Act

Brian McMichan says faith is an act then comments on a true story by Smith Wigglesworth on the mighty healing power of God.

The Importance
of Fellowship

Morning Fellowship
Fellowship with Christ
Fellowship with the Father
Unbroken Fellowship
Prayer and the Word of God

Prayer is a Key
Part of God’s Plan

Learning How to Pray
Prayer Approach
Becoming a Man or Woman of God
The Power of God’s Word

The Word is a Seed

The Word is a Seed
The Lesson of Labour
Knowing and Doing God’s Word

Obedience and Action

Becoming a Doer of the Word
Keeping Christ’s Commandments
The Word Is Life

God as the Teacher

The Heart and the Intellect
God’s Thoughts and My Thoughts

The Heart's Desire

True Meditation
Having a Childlike Spirit
Learning of Christ

Meek and Lowly of Heart

Christ My Teacher
The Life and the Light

 Spiritual Understanding

Principles of Bible Study
My Position in Christ
The Will of God

Quality Time
with the Father

Feeding on the Word
Holidays and Your Quiet Time
Your Inner Life
The Power of Daily Renewal

Renewed by Grace

Renewed In God’s Image
Renewed and Transformed
Sanctify them Through the Truth
Teachings from Psalm 119

Brian V McMichan 
Queensland, Australia

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