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"The Word is a Seed"

The Word is a Seed

A seed is small – compared with what it grows into/becomes. Life is hidden inside it. 

It needs suitable soil to grow and time and patience are needed to watch it grow. 

Then there is the fruit that results and the wonder of multiplication. 

The Word appears incapable of giving life to my soul, transforming my character, filling me with strength - and yet it does. Believe this, and one of the chief secrets of Bible study is found – the pledge and power of God working on my behalf in every word – His Word.

The Lesson of Labour

The seed needs to be gathered, kept and put in prepared soil (my heart). Different parts of the Word that meets my need – God’s sunshine and rain will then come to release the life and growth.         

As the seed grows and roots develop, then shoots and branches come. I can watch and appreciate, in patient expectancy, knowing that in time, I will reap if I continue to be diligent.

Fruit will come – even though the 
seed may be small and it is difficult to look ahead and have patience – believe, and many more of the same seed will be supplied for sowing with other people.
Not only the Word, but also the “Kingdom of Heaven is like a seed” – like a hidden seed in the heart of a regenerate person. Christ is a seed. The Holy Spirit is a seed. The exceeding greatness of the power that works in me is a seed.

The hidden life is there in the heart, but it is not always felt in its power. The divine glory is there, to be counted and acted on even when not felt, to be waited for in its springing forth and its growth.
Knowing that all these seeds will grow and produce and reproduce, yield my heart hungrily and entirely to receive this divine seed – the seed supply is freely available, not just a few, but as many as I want. Ask, and I will receive – seed for producing fruit and to plant in others.

Knowing and Doing God's Word

Knowing and Doing God’s Word

The Bible is not merely to be read, learned, quoted – it is the source of life, peace, and righteousness. Every time I read it, have the expectation of receiving more of the will of God in my life so that I can do His will and walk in His light. Unless I have the will to do and live what I am shown, I will not receive. 

 He will do what He says, and I must do what I am instructed to do so that the real meaning and worth of the Word can be revealed. The Word is the food of life. Food is best enjoyed when I am hungry. Approach Bible study with a longing to find out what God wants me to do and have the determination to do it

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The Word is a Seed

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