"Dreams about Hell"

This dream about hell was so scary. I have had many dreams of the lord coming, about 4-6, but only of going to heaven twice. The dream I bad last night went like this.

I believe I was in the mall, when all of a sudden I saw a big beaming light coming from the roof top. Immediately I started bursting out in tears and crying asking for forgiveness. as I was crying I thought I had to find him. I saw him floating like an angel and it was like a bright beautiful yellowish light though, and when I spoke I begged for forgiveness, and it looked like he was laughing, sorta.
Then he was asking for my siblings and I pointed to where they were. Then he brought them out, and I remember asking everyone to forgive me for everything. they were looking at me like I was crazy or something. The best thing I remember is getting ready to go down this slide that is supposed to tell you if go to heaven or hell. when u slide on your back to go down its like you will see a sign that will turn green or red and the message will change every time when it's your turn inside the slide.
When it was my turn I was so scared as I slid down and the sign turned red and my message was wailing, and the first thing that came to my head was the painful screams of the lake of fire and the dreadful sound of torture of day and night.
The slide was getting hotter and hotter as I went down, and I tried to stop myself from going down but my hands were getting too hot. Then I woke up with my heart pounding because it was so real.

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Dreams about Heaven

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Dreams about Hell

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