"Prophetic Dreams"

J: United States
The sun went down and never came back up again... The world was so dark and very cold. I woke.
2017- saw a Islamic or Indonesia woman in a dark cave area, kneeling and a person with a blurry face made her kiss a severed foot that was attached to a stick... Please what horrible dreams is this???  
2004- i dreamt i was on a foreign beach.. Pretty, crisp sand and quiet waters... I looked around while standing on the beach and saw hundreds of dark skinned people around, all faces were blurry!!! I heard silence for a few moments and i immediately screamed for people to run to the left. I knew in my mind , a tsunami was coming. As i ran with the people, i was swept away by thr high waves and then i awoke. Once i woke up, i called my friend because i was crying so hard , shaking and in shock of how real that dream was... He told me to turn on the news but i thought he was joking with me... Was no joke at all.... I was dreaming what had just occurred in Indonesia. 
So please... Any one with help on the other two would be highly appreciated of insight....  The 2004 Indonesia tsunami was just one of the millions of true vision dreams ive ever had... The rest were minor things... Not a huge event in history...  

Mercedes: United States
12/1/16: Hello, I tried to look up my dream meaning but I couldn't find what I was looking for. 
I dreamt that my family was on a boat at night but it was really windy and I begged my dad that we wouldn't go until the morning. We went to a hotel and then walked around with my parents behind my husband and me. As I looked up  (because the court yard or wherever we were, was in the center of everything and in the open).
I saw a rainbow, and clouds that were a dark purple blue color, and then I saw many more rainbows, and some were circles and others horizontal and vertical. It was really beautiful.. unwashed trying to get a picture of it and as I did the people around me started running, and my husband was pulling me, and I looked up and saw the clouds turning into stairs, many in different directions.
I took my husband's hand and remember people running, and I was looking up as the stairs came down... And I woke up and have been thinking about it all day.
If you could tell me more or less what this means I'd greatly appreciate it thank you!(:

Sharon: Bahamas
I was laying down just praising God and the vision of God came to me I was wide awake he was standing in front of me and in his hand was this huge lock, he said to me that the lock symbolized everything that people had locked up from me, but he's unlocking it and no man will lock it agin

Rejoice Nipah: Ghana
I saw the clouds open and beautiful golden jewelry,cloths which I said in the the dream that I will give it to the poor,was felling down.I also saw a drawing symbol. And the number 696 appeared boldly written in the clouds. Can u please help me understand this dream? Thank u. God bless u.

I had a revelation. It starts in New York. A drastic weather change will happen and kill a lot of homeless families, great earthquakes will strike.
The elite have built an underground city because they know of the change,  but they won't be safe, and their underground cities will be destroyed.
The dollar value will not be worth much. Three countries will be united by money; U.S., Mexico, and the last one I can recall!
The Mongolian people will be killed (genocide) purposely to reduce the number of people for more control. I saw how their mountains were crushed by bombs and I could see people fleeing to safer grounds. I saw this bright golden light coming from a mountain. it was something God has hidden, and like scriptures, they will be revealed and protected .
Then the ocean turn red and a voice told me it was from all the sea creatures floating, and because the ocean is so polluted. The fishes created high Mercury which cause them to die and poison  the sea.
There will be chosen Christians, who because of their good hearts, will be the help for the needing ones by providing food, survival, and hope . There will be huge blocks of ice and hail that will strike Egypt like nothing ever seen before . 

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Prophetic Dreams

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