"Children Dreams"
And Visits from God

Do you believe that God visits children? Apparently He does. This is a new page for children's dreams. Scroll to the bottom  to enter your child's dream or visit from God.

Children's Dreams

This was not my dream, but my 4 year old son's dream. 

His dream started out like a normal little boy's dream, robots and such, but then he tells me that he started hearing trumpets in his dream, and the earth started cracking. 
After the earth started cracking, he says we ran upstairs and Jesus was there. Out of curiosity, I played the sound of a shofar on my phone, he confirmed that was the sound in his dream. 
Now this is not the first spiritual encounter he has had. When he was two years old, he and his daddy were in a wreck that should have done some damage to my son. The next day, my son told me he had seen Jesus in his daddy's truck, he said, Jesus was holding him and telling him he would be okay. 

Kayla: United States

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Children Dreams

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