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Do you believe that God visits children? Apparently He does. This is a new page for children's dreams. Scroll to the bottom  to enter your child's dream or visit from God.

Dreams of Children

I had a dream of walking in a cave and seeing jesus sitting in a very large chair made of stone. Jesus was sitting with his arms rested on the arms of the chair looking at me. i said to myself, I am not afraid. I stood in front of him, looking at him. He had a long white rob on and brown hair, I believe shoulder length. Jesus did not speak, but i knew it was him. I think I was around 5 years old. I have come to love God and Jesus, having a personal relationship with them. I believe it was Jesus letting me know he is with me. I had a hard childhood and survived many hardships. I can see now that God and Jesus has always been with me.

Christina: United States
WITH JESUS IN THE CLOUDS This was a Dream I had at age 2...while camping. I woke and told my mother and father everything. And I still remember it in detail to this day.
iam sitting amoung other children on a cloud and jesus is standing to my right.
He opens his hands to all of us on the cloud and give us food...jelly bean looking food. I look over the side of the cloud and a Great Sea to the left...Land to the right.   With an un- measurable amount of army's on either side. I look up Jesus and he says..DON'T WORRY, STAY HERE, I WILL BE BACK FOR YOU. I MUST GO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. Then he gone, I was content with others around, no fear, no nothing at all. Just completely happy. Then I woke.
This is the first of many prophetic dreams.
I believe there are alot of people with seeing god and jesus in a field...those people should meet, get together and strengthen their faith ! 
I would like to get together and speak with the ones who have dreamed of being IN A CLOUD....not seeing one. I believe we should pay attention to our dreams...God is telling us where we are at. And for some It IS A WARNING! !! Stay alert! Because if God can make a 2yr old dream and remember that dream above all else! He can do anything in your life!!!! Go to him, speak to him constantly! ! In your home, at your work, in your car..standing in line at a grocery store. TALK TALK TALK TO GOD !!!!! NOW! SEE WHAT HE WANTS FOR YOU AND EXCEPT IT GLADLY. I LOVE YOU JESUS! !! PRAISE GOD!

Marelise: South Africa
I had a dream 22 years ago.  I was 7 years old at the time. I remember it till this day very clear and vivid. 
I was playing in the dining room of my childhood home when my Grade 1 teacher arrived to tell me that I should not be scared, but the angels are coming to get my cousin.  
Later on in the dream, my cousin and I are playing outside. I was telling him about the angels, and he came to sit on my lap (weird as he was 3 years older than me), I held him so tight.  With that, an angel came from the clouds, he was in the form of a chubby child (cupid like). He told me that it was time, and I needed to let go.  
I still remember the powerful feeling of the angel pulling my cousin from my arms.  I finally let him go and the angel put him in an antique bathtub and dragged him down the road, and they disappeared into the heavens.  
I am not sure of the time period but my cousin passed on shortly after my dream.  He fell from the back of a bakkie (pickup truck) and broke his neck on impact.  My uncle was the driver of the bakkie. 
Till this day I have never told his family about this dream.

Kayla: United States
This was not my dream, but my 4 year old son's dream. 

His dream started out like a normal little boy's dream, robots and such, but then he tells me that he started hearing trumpets in his dream, and the earth started cracking. 
After the earth started cracking, he says we ran upstairs and Jesus was there. Out of curiosity, I played the sound of a shofar on my phone, he confirmed that was the sound in his dream. 
Now this is not the first spiritual encounter he has had. When he was two years old, he and his daddy were in a wreck that should have done some damage to my son. The next day, my son told me he had seen Jesus in his daddy's truck, he said, Jesus was holding him and telling him he would be okay. 

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Children Dreams

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