"Dreams  about Satan
|and Demons"

Grayce: United States
This dream was last year but I still remember it vividly. There were no people around and everything was burning and it was eery out. I was running from something when suddenly I turn around and start fighting this dragon (it wasn't big)  before the dragon flys away to this evil man standing on a pile of ashes and he was laughing menacingly at me. I started to fight him and I believe that he was the devil. I had told my dad about this and he told me that God said that some children would be prophets. Could this be a futuristic dream maybe? Idk but it was weird and scary. 

Paula: United States
I dreamed I was in my son's room and praying for something to go away

Kristina: I dreamt that i was fighting off a spirit that was scaring me and started screaming mother mary at it.
I told my very religious grandmother in law and she tole me she dreamt of me in labour having a baby with stars in the sky and surrounding our heads.
Please help...

Vanessa: United States
I dreamed a black Horse was talking to me and said he was going to send me straight to hell

Phillip: United States
My dream started i was in a field kinda like a park and i saw kids playing but then i realized something was off they were laying with something i couldn't see and when i got close enough i found out it was a demon but the strange thing is it had a weird name, DOGMA.
So the dream continued and I was trying to see these Dogma but no matter how hard i focused my eyes i could barely see them, and and when i finally got close enough to barely see one it laid down and started whimpering.
Next I heard a voice from heaven say, "My time is soon so now is the time for you to choose, who do you say that i am?"
Thats when i woke up

Ruby: United States
I dreamed that my sister was decorating a black angel figure.

Tikia: United States
One day last year I was watching Heaven is for real. At the end of the movie it showed at picture that a little girl had drawn. I started looking at the eyes on the picture. His eyes did not look like the eyes of an ordinary man.
It was like I was looking through the heavens and then I found myself like I was floating through the heavens. After while I heart a male voice from behind me saying, repeat after me. He started speaking in an Arabic, Hebrew, or some other language.
I did not repeat him. He said it another time repeat after me. He spoke the same words in the same language, but I once again did not repeat after him. Again for a third time spoke to me and said repeat after me. Once again he said the said words in the exact language,  but I once again did not repeat after him.
After I did not repeat it for the third time, I came back to myself, and I was now facing the window looking at my backyard. I was so afraid, but now i'm realizing it could have been satan.

Hector: United States
I had a dream where I was traveling in a train at night time. When the train stopped I walked out. The first thing I saw was Jesus on the cross. I fell on my knees weeping. I turned my head to my right and a demon screeched, and I woke up.

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