"Dreams  about Satan
Demons and Witches"

Chris: India
I had a dream at night... I saw a person (Tall and dressed in a red vestment garment). His looks were not like satan but some of his features were like satan. He had long fingers. He will be standing very far away when I try to look at him, but the next second he will be standing next to me. He spoke to me in some language which I cannot understand. He always kept moving his long fingers while he was glancing at me... I saw my dad and mom also with me. I was completely in fear.my wife was afraid to come next to me in dream

Alethia: United States
7/25/17 I had a dream recently. it took place in a dull like church. I was sitting in the back of the church with my boyfriend looking at the backs of people heads. Nothing was going on just people sitting facing forward. My boyfriend was talking to me pointing out somebody in the choir saying " look, that's a devil". When I glanced at the person she was moving weird like a twitchy type movement  and eyes were black. I looked away quickly and told him I was scared. My boyfriend says,"don't be just close your eyes and pray". I told him I didn't want it to come by me and he said that it was but don't be scared. I looked up again trying to see the person again but she was normal. I begin to feel scared when my eyes fixed on the aisle and saw something coming towards me. It looked like the character from saw that ride the tricycle instead it was on its feet. I kept telling my boyfriend I was scared and he told me just close your eyes and pray and say you're not the same and I did when I was praying I saw the thing zoom closer but it didn't touch me and it vanished. He pointed another person out. It was a little girl with burgundy braids  sitting on her parents lap who was dressed in all black. I did not see the little girl face because she had her head down.  we  started to stand to sing. I stood by the the little girl who was still sitting in her parents lap with her head turn away from me. We song (No Weapon). At first I couldn't quite catch the tone the people were singing in. But then I got on tone  I begin singing to the top of my lungs and the people stop singing to listen to me sing. the music was still playing. I song that song with every breath I had I was crying, sweating, I even drooled  alittle. What does this mean?

Christina: United States
I was very very sick in the hospital after giving birth to 7 1/2 pound twins. They twins had affected my gallbladder and my kidneys shut down after giving birt.  They kept me in recovery for several days I was not allowed to eat or drink anything  I remember being very very thirsty and very very hungry. All I could do was suck on ice chips and I wasn't allowed to swallow nor could I have that cheeseburger I dreamed of. I fell asleep at night while I was in  recovery and I had either a vision or a dream. I was in my bed, my hospital bed, and I saw this figure at the bottom right corner that I feel was the devil.  It didn't last very long,  it didn't talk to me, it just kind of was a swirling figure and it was dancing but I could make out that it was the devil or so I thought so.  There were no horns and he was not red. He just looked evil and he was kind of a swirling object but I couldn't make out his face the shape of his face was kind of like the Tasmanian devil that I remember from Bugs Bunny Maybe he was trying to take me but I would not let him., However there was no communication I just saw him dancing there  but it scared me so much so that I thought I was going to hell instead of heaven. I felt I had been a pretty good person and I truly believe in God and in His eternal life and heaven.  I told my mom the next day, who is a very strong Catholic, and she brushed it off as a hallucination due to my sickness and  the amount of medication they had me on for pain. I had never been on pain medication before this.  I trusted in her and believed her. But it is still an experience that scares me till this day. I still believe in God wholeheartedly and believe in His afterlife. This was an extreme experience and I hope I never have that experience again.

Claire: United States
This is my dream!  I dreamt I was taking care of two children for someone and I was playing with them in a park! Two women was was also there just sitting and knitting something but they were watching me secretly I could see them from the corner of my eyes! Then one of the child run off to pick up something and I turn to go after the child while the other one was still playing ! I get the child and turn to come back only to see the child lying dead with her beautiful hair cascading all over the ground . I rushed over and couldn't believe what I am seeing! I  look over st the women they are now pretending they didn't see anything so I realized they are looking very uncomfortable but couldn't figure out how they could get to the child so fast without me seeing them and I realize they are witches for the soon both disappeared in my eyes! I am panicking and then a woman who came out of now where and was calmly calming me down she saw everything but she didn't know what to do! Do I steady myself and told her to keep watch for any sign while I pray! She must alert me ! I put the other child in front of me to keep her safe and I knew down and began to call upon the great Hod of heaven and earth to breathe the breath of life back into this child and I pray and pray then the child cough and I realize something is happening and I pray even more ! The child was now alive ! Then the women were now coming back with a huge crowd  and the police to arrest me so I quickly call out to them saying hey you witches look and see what the power of Hod can do! The parents were there for the children first so I gave the children into their hands and the woman who was with me and I started to run as fast as we can Fir I did not care to deal with the crowd we were running and leaping and rejoicing in the power of the Lord our God ! Then I look st her as we were running and she is no a woman but a young man now! I didn't say anything I just kept in running and rejoicing in the Lord!
Please help with interpretation! This is my second time I had dreams like this! Thanks so much for your help God bless you !

Grayce: United States
This dream was last year but I still remember it vividly. There were no people around and everything was burning and it was eery out. I was running from something when suddenly I turn around and start fighting this dragon (it wasn't big)  before the dragon flys away to this evil man standing on a pile of ashes and he was laughing menacingly at me. I started to fight him and I believe that he was the devil. I had told my dad about this and he told me that God said that some children would be prophets. Could this be a futuristic dream maybe? Idk but it was weird and scary. 

Paula: United States
I dreamed I was in my son's room and praying for something to go away

Kristina: I dreamt that i was fighting off a spirit that was scaring me and started screaming mother mary at it.
I told my very religious grandmother in law and she tole me she dreamt of me in labour having a baby with stars in the sky and surrounding our heads.
Please help...

Vanessa: United States
I dreamed a black Horse was talking to me and said he was going to send me straight to hell

Phillip: United States
My dream started i was in a field kinda like a park and i saw kids playing but then i realized something was off they were laying with something i couldn't see and when i got close enough i found out it was a demon but the strange thing is it had a weird name, DOGMA.
So the dream continued and I was trying to see these Dogma but no matter how hard i focused my eyes i could barely see them, and and when i finally got close enough to barely see one it laid down and started whimpering.
Next I heard a voice from heaven say, "My time is soon so now is the time for you to choose, who do you say that i am?"
Thats when i woke up

Ruby: United States
I dreamed that my sister was decorating a black angel figure.

Tikia: United States
One day last year I was watching Heaven is for real. At the end of the movie it showed at picture that a little girl had drawn. I started looking at the eyes on the picture. His eyes did not look like the eyes of an ordinary man.
It was like I was looking through the heavens and then I found myself like I was floating through the heavens. After while I heart a male voice from behind me saying, repeat after me. He started speaking in an Arabic, Hebrew, or some other language.
I did not repeat him. He said it another time repeat after me. He spoke the same words in the same language, but I once again did not repeat after him. Again for a third time spoke to me and said repeat after me. Once again he said the said words in the exact language,  but I once again did not repeat after him.
After I did not repeat it for the third time, I came back to myself, and I was now facing the window looking at my backyard. I was so afraid, but now i'm realizing it could have been satan.

Hector: United States
I had a dream where I was traveling in a train at night time. When the train stopped I walked out. The first thing I saw was Jesus on the cross. I fell on my knees weeping. I turned my head to my right and a demon screeched, and I woke up.

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