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Articles for Christian living covers some of the deepest and most difficult questions, Passages, and Godly principles in the Bible: The Trinity, gifts, faith, the Old and New Covenants, angels, demons, etc,

 This growing collection of unique inspirational stories and articles are the real life experiences of people from all parts of the world. God is alive, Jesus is Lord, angels are present, and miracles abound.



Christian testimonies can have a powerful effect on those in need of encouragement. Those who have witnessed God working and performing miracles on their behalf have shared these powerful Christian testimonies.

These articles are by invited guest writers of the Trusting in Jesus website, and are from their own collection. They are all Born Again Christians with a burning desire to share what God has given them.

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Christian Living

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Jesus was teaching a very different message than the people of His day had ever heard, and He was using these short and simple stories like a skillful artist to illuminate these wonderful new principles.


These amazingly wonderful Christian articles have been submitted by visitors to the Trusting in Jesus website.

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  1. Dreams From Heaven Supernatural and Glorious

    Sep 19, 17 08:02 PM

    Mysterious, fascinating Heavenly Dreams and visions. Submit your dreams and help others interpret theirs.

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