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"Happy Birthday Poem"
For My Sister

For Your Caring and Your Love

"Happy Birthday" 1998

"Hi This is Betty!"

We hear you say when we call

The Cheerful voice at the other end

Says, "come chat with me."

And is a welcome invitation to us all

I must say that many times I've been thankful

As all alone I would be

And knowing your friendly spirit

I called you up and took advantage of your hospitality.

Time is something we all cherish

And have so little of

But you my dear sister have given

This and more

To many along the way through

Your caring and your love.

                                            Ruth Byrge

"Wish You Could Know My Sister"

Wish you could know my sister.

She's so kind,

If you can't believe me,

Well, Let me tell you what she did one time.

She gathered together this bunch of food,

came to my house

and with her helpful manner

created for us such a good mood.

She even after dinner

washed each dish.

Not to mention how she filled my freezer

with all that fish.

We finished off the day

with a pleasant country drive.

Thanks to her and the weather

What a nice day to be alive!

Love you,

Ruth (November 1998)

                                             Ruth Byrge

A Poem For
"My Brother Jim"

To: Jim
August 1994
From Ruth

I have a brother whose name is Jim.
sometimes, though not often, I would talk with him.
We loved one another in our hearts we did know;
though like many others, we neglected to show.

As time passed by, the circumstances were;
through the sickness and death of our Mother;
Although at times tempers would flair;
I began to feel close to my brother.

Then one day as tensions were high;
and I was more troubled than showed;
For to our dear Mother we had just said "Goodbye,"
Heavy was my heart from the load.

Some harsh words were spoken,
They shouldn't have been,
I wish we could call back that day.
We could show Love to each other and "just be good."
Mother would want it that way.

Since that time I have wondered why
I chose those thoughtless words to utter
For God knows that deep within my heart,
I didn't mean to hurt my brother.

It's time for forgiveness, I hope you agree.
I miss talking to you, "My Big Brother."
A family is precious and you're part of mine, 
You can't be replaced by another.

So, what should we do? Should we kiss and make up?
I bet that would make people wonder,
For God in His wisdom would never Let Love
Like we share in our family go under.

Ruth Byrge

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Happy Birthday Sister

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