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Bread for the Hungry - Trusting in Jesus

Bread for the Hungry Christians refer to their relationship with Christ in their Christian walk. In Luke 24:13-35, we read about a couple of followers of Christ who are walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus shortly after the death of Christ. So much has taken place recently in Jerusalem. The man named Jesus who was a friend to many, a prophet, a teacher and even thought to be the Messiah by many of his followers has been crucified and buried. The latest rumor is that his tomb has been found empty. These two followers are troubled by these events and looking for answers. Why did this happen? The walk to Emmaus from Jerusalem was a 7 mile walk and would have taken them a few hours to complete. These sorrowful, weary travelers are suddenly joined by another traveler. He began asking them why they were so downcast. They wondered where He could have been to not know the events of the past few days. They did not recognize Jesus although they had probably sat under his teaching on a number of occasions. They had perhaps been present when he fed the 5,000 or when he turned the water into wine at the wedding in Cana. The story says that their hearts warmed within them as he unfolded the scriptures and helped them understand the events that took place were prophetic and had to occur for scripture to be fulfilled. He took them to the books of the prophets and the Psalms. They stopped for the night and this time when Jesus broke the bread for the hungry their eyes were open and they recognized Him.

This story is such a parallel to our Christian journey. We can walk with God and not really know Him. We can read the scriptures and not understand what we are reading until the Holy Spirit illuminates them and opens our eyes to reveal truth to us. We, like these fellow travelers, are captivated by his presences and we hunger and thirst to know him better. Matthew 5:6 says blessed are they who hunger and thirst after Righteousness for they shall be filled. In Job 22:7 we see that our call as followers of Jesus is to give water to the weary and bread to the hungry. In fact not to share the bread of life so that others may see our Lord is considered a sin.

Not many of us are called to be an evangelist like Billy Graham or Steve Hill. In fact most of us would consider ourselves just ordinary people. But the last commandment that Jesus gave as He ascended into heaven was that we should go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. How does one ordinary Christian go into all the world? Scripture says that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

As we share the bread for the hungry with those in our community, we are preaching the gospel. A friend of mine shared a testimony of God’s faithfulness with me yesterday and I cried with joy. The gospel was preached as she shared how God had provided a miracle by making a way for her husband to receive the best possible chemo treatment available today, at no cost.

They miraculously met the drug representative of a major drug company who was able to provide this treatment through her company. The insurance company had denied their claim and said that a cheaper, less effective treatment would be provided. My friends had many questions and wondered why this cancer had happened. Their attitude in the face of this adversity has enabled God to be glorified and the love of Christ to be shed abroad in the hearts of many people whose lives they have touched.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit, we carry Jesus where ever we go. If we knock on a door and take someone a free meal or give them a hug, the Holy Spirit is with us. We are Christ ambassadors.

Recently I have been reading accounts of the messages preached by Smith Wigglesworth. These are inspiring and stir me to want to draw closer to the Lord, to be full of the Spirit and presences of the Lord so that I carry more of Jesus with me as I go out into a world full of hurting people who are looking for answers.

As an ordinary Christian, I can go into all the world with bread for the hungry, to preach the love of God to one person at a time, through one act of kindness at a time.

Don Nori, editor of Destiny Image Publishing Company, says that we should be consumed with a passion for His presences. Dr Michael Brown stated that “if we walk in intimacy with God, we will follow Him with Holy abandon!” Let that be our prayer, that we carry people to the Father just as Jesus did and that we represent Abba Father with total devotion and abounding love. May our focus be on Jesus and not on our self.

Patricia Harris

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Bread for the Hungry

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