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God Gives Us the
"Desires of Our Heart"

Yes, God does give us the desires of our heart

People will sometimes say, "Well, God will provide your needs but not your wants." However, according to God's Word this simply is not true. Psalms 34:9-10 says that we shall not want any good thing. Of course, there are conditions to be met. He just asks that we love Him, put Him first and these things shall be added.

I had always wanted to take a trip out West, but with the exception of a trip to Milwaukee as a young girl, had never traveled to any great extent. Of course, I wanted this trip to be with my family and I was fast losing them to lives of their own. The way my husband worked as a self-employed contractor, when he was working we had no time to go, and when he wasn't working, of course, there was no money.

This is the way our Heavenly Father worked it out for us all. It came at a time when my husband was semi-retired, my daughter who was still at home was between jobs and had a just signed up for unemployment.

My other daughter was married and expecting her second child whose husband d was somewhat self employed and working jobs with my husband. We also had a friend who had no family ties and was working at McDonald's in Florida. Easy enough to quit a job at McDonald's in order to go out West with the rest of us.

The deal was this: a lady, who was a former customer of my husband's ask if he and my son-in-law would move her furniture to Washington State, and set it up in her new apartment. The price she wanted to pay them was $6,000.

We knew we had the perfect set up for a nice vacation trip for the whole family. We then rented a moving van along with a seven passenger van and headed out along with our friend from Florida.

It was a wonderful two-week trip. The Grand Canyon, The California Redwoods, the Los Angeles Zoo, the beach, (just to name a few of the sights).

What I thought was interesting, too, was in spite of the fact that we started on our trip right after Thanksgiving in November, we never once ran into bad weather of any kind. I would like to think it was because of my prayers and confessions that the roads would be clear and that we would have no trouble.

Think about it! A van packed full of a bunch of Tennessee Hillbillies, basically unemployed, doing what most rich folks don't take the time to do.

Sure is fun to Let God be God!

Ruth Byrge

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Desires of Our Heart

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