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Hello all. I hope all is going well with everyone today. Last night (9/12/2011) I had a dream of the rapture that I must share. I didn't know the meaning of the dream until I prayed and asked God for its meaning this morning. While I was having the dream I kind of sensed what it meant but was not sure; God confirmed it to me this morning.

For those of you who don't know what the rapture is, this is an event that is prophesied throughout the Bible that has not happened and will happen shortly before the horrific events that are in the Book of Revelation commence and/or unfold.

This event (the rapture) has not yet happened, and in accordance with the signs to look for as told by Jesus in the gospels, this event will happen very soon, in fact in a quickness! It could happen in the next minute, the next year or the next couple of years, but time is almost up.

If you want proof of this event called the rapture happening, check out 1st Thessalonians 4:15-18 and 1st Corinthians 15:50-58. Now please allow me to share my dream of the rapture with you, and the interpretation that God gave me:

I dreamt that I was waiting for a bus at a bus stop. The bus seemed to be late and behind schedule and I kept wondering whether it would ever come, but I kept watching for it.

There were people waiting with me at the bus stop, some inside a building and a few outside. At first there weren't many people waiting with me, but as time went on, the number of people waiting on the bus increased and I began to wonder whether I would even be able to get on the bus and get a seat with so many people waiting.

After some time had passed, the bus finally pulled up at the bus stop. I wondered, with all the people waiting inside and outside, whether there would be a horde of people that would push me out of the way in order for them to be first. The number of people that began to get on the bus, were not the number of people that I thought would try and get on.

The people hurried yes to get on the bus, but, to my surprise, very few got on the bus, to my surprise, it was not very crowded at all.

I got my dollar out of my pocket, and took my seat, and began to sit down when I looked out of the back window of the bus, and crowds of people were attacking this man, and it appeared that the people became riotous, yelling, screaming, running around in the streets like mad men and what have you.

God also sent me a similar second part of this dream of the rapture that was just like the first, but I don't have to share all of that part of the dream with you as the second dream was basically similar to the first.

It had the same message, except it appeared that I got off the first bus, was looking to get back on, was afraid I would miss it, but the bus driver picked me up and I got on the bus in safety and without harm.

During the dream, I felt I knew what the dream meant but was not sure. After I awoke this morning I asked God for confirmation, and he told me that I was right in my assessment of what the dream meant; he even told me what it meant. This is the meaning of the dream:

The People waiting on the bus, are the world, at this moment. Some waiting on the bus are intently watching for it in earnest expectation of its arrival, while yes, others are waiting, but are so into the things of this world. They are not really watching or paying attention to when the bus might arrive so that they won't miss it.

The bus is symbolic of Jesus Christ. He (Jesus) is on the way and some are watching for Him, looking to get on the bus and be whisked away. Others are waiting, but are either hoping that He won't come, or that he comes later, or are so preoccupied with the cares of this life, and are really not concerned about when he comes.

Those who are watching for the bus (Jesus) will be able to get on the bus and be whisked away to safety; those who miss the bus, regardless of whether they believe or not. They are not really watching for the bus, and will be left behind to fend for themselves in a much changed world, that will be filled with horror, terror, darkness, sadness, pain, sorrow and much anguish. Happiness will no longer abound in any way, shape or form.

The fact that the people were taking to the streets in hordes, bands, etc. after I got on the bus are indicative of the mentality and the way the world will be after the rapture occurs or happens.

Much war, terrorism, and hatred will abound, because the holy spirit, which was in every man and woman who believed in Jesus Christ before the rapture, will be gone from the Earth. 

The holy spirit is what is restraining rampant evil and sin, much much worse than it is now, to abound freely and without any type of restraint whatsoever.

The majority of the world now does not put God or his Son Jesus first, but family, money, riches, fame, fortune, cars, houses, music, entertainment, sex, drugs, and whatever else we deem more important, or that we worship, are first in their lives and take the place of God.

Many do not care when Jesus will return; others know that he is soon to return but love the things of this life so much more than him that they are willing to take that risk. Others know, and even believe that he is returning, but feel that they will deal with the situation when he returns and/or when the rapture happens.

All of these types of thinking are foolish, to say the least, and many who think this way will admit with their own hearts and lips that they were fools to be left behind after the rapture occurs.

THINGS WILL BE MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH X 1 million trillion quadrillon times worse than what it now is!!!!!!!!! You say I am making all of this up? Then continue on making the things of this world first and get left behind; you will then see, feel, hear and taste evil of a degree that you will probably seek death and hell rather than experience it.

I am not saying all of this or informing you of my dream of the rapture or of all of this other, simply because I am a Bible thumping, God fearing, Christ loving lunatic (which I am and proud of it).  I am WARNING ALL OF YOU because I love you, and I don't want ANY OF YOU to be here for what is to come.


God used to tell me that he was coming, or returning soon...now he is telling me that he will be here quickly, which means at any moment.

Seek Him (God/Christ) now when he can be found. When darkness comes (rampant and unprecedented evil, sin, wars, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, etc.), He (God/Jesus) will not be found, or, it will be very hard to pray or find him like you can now.

We are now being warned by God, allowing little previews and tastes of what is to come; but multiply what the world now experiences a quadrillion fold and that is what is just ahead for those left behind.

Seek and believe on him as Lord and Savior now while he can still be found. He loves all of us more than we could ever know or imagine.

Why doesn't he just come down now to make things right? We'd all still have something to say if he were on the Earth right now; we all would challenge him and even refute that he is who he is...WE WOULD STILL HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT HIM MAKING THINGS RIGHT!

Remember, Jesus, who was God in the flesh, was here on Earth, and provided proof that he was God in the flesh, by miracles, prophecies, healings and other things which were tangible proof that he was from God, and was God, and we still crucified and killed him.

The Bible had predicted (which is the word of God) that he would sacrifice himself, and give his life for all of mankind from Adam until the last soul is born towards the end.

It's up to us to choose if we believe in him as Lord, God and Savior. He is not going to coerce us, force us, or mandate that we choose him as our Lord.

All of us want charge and command over our lives, our destinies, our future, even our souls, but let's face it, it always ends up in disaster without God. Take the current situation the world is now in with the economies and the finances; we've tried everything worldwide, and we're still in this mess, and it is getting worse.

Man does not have all of the answers, but God is love, peace, salvation, protection, safety and security, and if we would all trust him, or even acknowledge that he is God, he would keep us safe and no harm would come to us.




Response to Garry's  Dream:

Jocelyn: Philippines
Hi Garry, last night I had a dream its about Rapture, I supposed. There was like an Earthquake, people were so scared, fearful, people were running to save their lives, I was also running, suddenly there was a BIG Hands, that I feel its God's Hands because it feels so good. I was in His big Hands, I called the other people, because they are crying, but they it seems like they didn't hear me.In my dream I prayed" Thank you Lord, that inspite of my sins, You still chose me, you still came to save me," this is the prayer I said in my dream. Then I was calling my mother and sister,,because the big Hands wants to take me to heaven,,,then I woke up calling my sister and mom, What is the meaning of my dream? Thank you.God 

Response to Garry's Dream:

Taquita: United States

Hello Gary I am 27 years old soon to be 28 in 3 days. I had a dream last night that I was in a home surrounded my people who I believe where having church , people where singing and calling out to the lord, I was involved in this too but as I looked at the clock I saw that a lot of time had passed it was 6:15 am in the morning I looked outside it was dark and I began to grow inpatient with all of the praying and singing and I wanted to leave.. as I went to get my youngest son and my friend so that we can leave, I went back to the people who where huddled together singing and praying and they were gone and I noticed my son was gone and a lot of others as well me and my friend went back to my apartment and realized it was silenced and no one was around and as my dream goes on it came to me that God had came back and I was one of those people left behind I was sure of it. what do you think god is trying to tell me? also when I di actually Awake it was 6:14 am that was spooky seeing as that in my dream it was 6:15am. I agree with Dupree I also feel I had a very close relationship with God and I have felt that He has been trying to draw me back to him but I have been so caught up in worldly things and dealing with my own issues and problems I have not stayed true to God and his word. These messages have truly touched me. what do you think?

Belisa: United Kingdom
Hello Garry, I recently got a dream of rapture too. But I was left behind. does that mean he is trying to call me to repent and live a holy life? plus I am a Hindu but I believe in Christ and haven't been baptised.. Can you please pray for me.. Amen

Melanie: Australia Ive been a born again christian for 6 years now, and not long after being baptised, I began to have vivid dreams from the Lord, some regarding people that I later met, and others regarding end times. Recently I dreamed about my late grandmother who is now with the Lord, in the dream she was sitting on her rocking chair knitting and said to me 'I want to talk to you about something beginning with the letter T?" I said 'what do you want to tell me grandma, what is it?'Then she started to tell me about her mechanical heart that the surgeons told her would only last a couple of years,she said" and look at me Im still going strong!" then straight afterward she fell flat on the floor and I heard her heart stop beating, I ran to tell the doctor and he said I was over reacting as we both looked at the time on the clock, I told him exactly when her heart stopped beating, then he began to realise the situation was more serious. Ive prayed to God about it and I feel in my spirit that the dream represents time running out faster than we think!!and that people are being complacent and not willing to recieve the warning straight away. I was encouraged by your dream, Praise Jesus, I am longing to be with Him for eternity!! God bless your sister in Christ

Response to Garry's Dream:

Dupree: United States

Hello Garry, your Dream of the rapture has truly touched me. I too had a similar. I was surrounded by what seemed to be millions of people, and we were all grouped together in one huge area. It seemed that most of us was waiting, while others were in hysterics. I soon felt myself being summoned, and I suddenly realized we were all facing our judgment. Then the scariest thing happened, one I've dreaded for quite sometime. I was left behind, as I was seen unfit for the kingdom of God. I began cry like I've never before, and I suddenly woke up. The last few years of my life I felt something telling me to give my life to God, but was always something else holding me back from His salvation and blessings, keeping me in the worldly things. But I have given my life to God finally, and it has been rough looking ahead and there have been tribulations, but I believe God will see me through. Thank you for sharing your dream, and God bless.

Response to Garry's Dream:

Lancelot: Jamaica

Hi Brother Gary, I saw your DREAM OF THE RAPTURE and was so blessed to read it. The moment you started sharing your dream the Holy Spirit started giving me the interpretation and I am very happy to say that He gave me the same interpretation that you got.

Jesus is coming soon but not everyone in the church is ready. Yes they know of the coming rapture but the still continue to live their lives carelessly and as a result the bus (rapture will leave them behind), after which they will be forced to go through the tribulation. The man you say being beaten by the mob represents a Christian. This is what will happen to Christians after they are left behind.

I too have been getting rapture dreams.

May God continue to use you mightily in His service to warn mankind of His coming.

Response to Garry's Dream

Katie: United States

Dream of the Rapture has completely caught my attention.... Because I had the same dream...

I am 28 years old I have no children and at one time in my life I was very close with God. He has sent me signs numerous ones and I am now putting all the pieces together. I am compassionate I love humanity...my life path number is a 9 and I want to help the world and love and protect the children of the world. I have went through my own trial and error but my heart and soul is passionate about helping others. This dream I had was a few weeks ago and I cannot forget it...most dreams I do forget in a few days but not this one.. I remember it clearly I was on a bus for some reason the color of the bus rings blue or grey of some sort slate blue possibly. I was already on this bus with others all types of people men women children all groups...and for some reason I was placed outside of it only to witness the horror that was all around me innocent souls were being slaughtered everywhere it was the most scariest thing I have ever seen...and it was like I was placed there in those different moments and places to bear witness to souls being harmed in all ways... I could not do anything I cried through the entire process in my dream... It was just so horrible :( I only remember running I tried to stop it but I failed... then I woke up... and I woke up so sad and almost crying at that point as well. I actually had to sit and think about what I just saw. and since then I have seen signs a red tailed which I took pictures of ... also before the dream praying mantis two of them actually three of them were on the window of my home. I have told others about he dream and they think I am crazy. But I am not I know I am sane. I feel like this is all happening to me very quickly in a years time frame I have been shown these things...all of these things including street lights at night going on and off when I pass under them or if I am emotional and such. My family even saw me the other day at the waterfalls but I was at work sitting at a desk on another side of the mountain. They said I waved at them and I was happy looking. I feel like I have been chosen to tell about my vision and all the other things that are happening to me to help awaken others to what is coming. I am so thankful that I found your dream on this site... and out of all chances I found it. I love God I always have and still do. I am so happy that you have seen a similar vision as I have :) please let me know your feedback :)I included two emails if you could send a response to both I would love that. God bless you and your loved ones :) thank you so much for reading my message.

Garry Responds to Katie:

Hi Katie; thanks for your dream/vision post which is a blessing to me. Your dream/vision is also a warning of not only Jesus' return, but also of the horrors to come during the tribulation, and, you must share it on the forums, with friends, family and others; do not hold back unless God tells you to. Thank you again for your dream. Pray always that you will be accounted worthy to escape the (terrible) things to come. Jesus is coming shortly and very quickly (not soon anymore); his return is imminent. Post it on facebook and other media to let your friends, family and others know, and to remind and warn them to be ready. May God richly bless you (he already has)and keep you in his care.


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