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Pega: United States

Dream of being in heaven.  Standing in the mansion that God is building for me.  It is huge and wonderful.  A small girl is following me as I move about the mansion.  The girl (who I do not recognize is stunningly beautiful.  There are many other children in the building.  At first, I thought I had to take care of this child. But later realize she was caring for me.  I don't see anyone working on the mansion, but have the sense that God is actively working on it.  There are many small buildings surrounding my mansion.  There does not seem to be a roof on the building.  This is about the third time I have dreamt about my place in heaven.  Each time it is more complete and larger.  I am a healthy, active 85-year-old woman.  Very involved with my church and the ministry of feeding the hungry.  Here is my question.  Several days after having this dream I was at the mall with my daughter.  When I SAW the little girl!  I did not know who she was but know it was the beautiful girl in the dream.

Florine: United States

I didn't have a rapture dream to tell about, but I did dream of Heaven when I was 12. In my dream, I lived in a little white house. We were afraid to go outside because of giants around us. One night I was asleep, and a bright light woke me up. (It was so bright, unlike any light, we can ever look upon). Anyway, in this dream, I got up and went outside, not thinking about the giants. There was a bright shining, golden cross as far as my eyes could see and a golden city at the top of the cross. I was trying hard to climb up this cross. Just then and angel, he had dirty blonde curly hair that laid just under his ears, came down and laid his right hand underneath my left arm and started to ascend up the cross carrying me with him. As we flew up toward the city, I noticed that there was no expression on his face. He didn't look happy, nor sad, just sort of a matter of fact kind of look. It's hard to describe. But I felt at peace with him. The next thing I saw was 12 different colors: red, green, blue, an amber color, a sparkly clear color. They all sparkled, and so breathtaking. More magnificent than the most precious jewel anyone has ever seen on this earth. There was a bright light illuminating from the center of this place that was so bright everything sparkled, and angels were hovering around this central place. (It's hard to describe everything I saw because when I try to recall, it seems to scramble in my mind. I know I saw these things, but I can't speak it.) The next thing I remember is standing on the earth at the foot of the cross when it disappeared. I was thinking, "it's gone, and I'm still up there!" This dream was the most awesome dream I've ever had. Even though my words scramble when I try to describe the place where I saw the jewels, I still know in my mind what I saw.

Loraine: Philippines

I have always remembered my dream, the most vivid dream that I can remember from my childhood. Back then, I just let it go because I thought that it was just like those usual dreams that randomly comes into my head. But then when I grew up, the memory of the dream is still vivid. It was all about me, having white wings like an angel. I was flying, and I saw a very long line of people that seem just never to end. Those people were wearing white clothing, and while I was looking at them, one of them wave her hand to me. After that, I continue to fly until I reached the white stares, with clouds surrounding it. Before I even land to the white stares, I saw someone, a man with a dark slightly brown hair that reaches the armpit, his back facing me, but I just flew past him to go straight to the golden gate, but when I attempted to look back at the man, my dream ended. I have always been curious about it and hoping to know what it means, and it's almost a decade since I've had dreamed of it.

Alexa: Canada

This had happened two days in a row. I have not told anyone except my mo, and I don't even think she believes me. It happened about a week ago now. I was sleeping and dreaming, and in my dream, I was walking I can't remember where I was walking. But next thing I knew there was a bright light and I looked up and saw two men one quiet young with golden brown hair and the other with silver-white hair.  That day before bed I had asked God if there was any way that he could show me that he and his son were real. And I'm guessing that this was his way because after this I woke. It was 4 am when I looked at the time. 

The next night I was in bed. I remember having a nightmare. Then it had suddenly stopped. Next thing I hear was like I guess the best you could describe it is singing. But there were no words. It's was beautiful and peaceful. Then there were big bright clouds and beautiful gates of gold. And I saw my deceased father. Then my alarm went off, and I awake. 

I'm still confused about this. I've been looking about this stuff for the past well since I've had the dream and nothing makes sense. 

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Dreams of Heaven Page 3

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