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"New House and Business"
An Answered Prayer

One day I prayed a prayer for a new house and business that would change our lives. Things had been rough financially for Charles and me, and I will always remember that prayer.

I started off reminding God that I knew he didn't want me to go out, get a job and have somebody else raise my children. So, I told him that I was going to raise them up as he wanted me to, and then I looked up at him, and I said with great boldness "But, you are going to have to take care of us!"

I meant every word of that prayer. Over the years after learning more about GOD, I realized that this way of praying is very pleasing to him. In fact, I believe he had a big smile on his face as he looked down from heaven and saw my faith.

He not only tells us to remind him of his word (Isaiah 43:26), He also says, "Command ye me," (Isaiah 45:11).

Within a few months of that prayer for a new house and business, a man came into our lives that had property in Oak Ridge, who partnered with my husband to fix up his condemned property. Charles for the first time had a regular paycheck, not only that, but we were offered any one of the houses we chose for our home.

God is so good! He didn't just take care of our finances but gave us the desire of our hearts. Every young couple wants their own home. This was something we could never have done on our own. My husband was working job s for the landlord at that time, just to pay the rent.

Owning our own house and business might have been a faded thought way down deep in our hearts, but we never talked about it. We were too focused on trying to get through each day. We never went hungry though. There was always money for food. By the way, this was before we ever heard of food stamps.

This all happened so fast. Charles went to work right away on the house that we chose, gutted it out and changed the floor plan according to our taste. When he got through, and the carpet was laid, I made trips from the rental house, bringing everything down except the furniture.

Load after load, always bringing the children down each time. Melanie was nine months old, and Christy was twenty-one months old. I never gave any thought to the hard work that was involved. The house was beautiful, and we loved our new home.

Later in this partnership, after the houses were fixed up and sold, the owner bought my husband's part by offering us a piece of rental property. It was a nice piece of land with a duplex, and two houses, What a blessing!

In less than six years of my prayer, the rental property and our houses were all paid for, and I give God all the glory! By this time Charles was well established in his own business as a contractor.

The house and business was the beginning of God taking care of us, and I have a lot more testimonies to tell along the line of our finances.

Ruth Byrge

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House and Business

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