"Miracle Dream"

In my miracle dream, I was in a grocery store with a young woman and her son who appeared to be around 2 or 3 years old. In the dream, the woman left me with her son and went off in another direction of the store and disappeared.

I then took the grocery cart with the boy inside and started heading out of the store when all of a sudden the floors, walls, and ceiling became white like snow.

As I was pushing the little boy down the through the hall, a tall strange man appeared. The man's face was a pale white like chalk and he was wearing a top hat like Abe Lincoln and a winged tale black coat. I

thought this man was the child's grandfather as when the man appeared, the boy looked up at him, with his big brown eyes and said, I trampled your flowers.

I burst out laughing in my dream when the boy said that, then the man said, let's go see. As we proceeded to go through another door off from the hallway, my alarm clock went off, and I was still laughing out loud when I woke up.

A month later, I was at the beach and a little boy drowned. Every body at the beach was gathering around his body. I saw the crowd and ran quickly to see what was going on.

As I pushed through the crowd, I saw the boy laying there dead. All I knew to do was to lay on of hands and pray the Lord's Word. I thank the Father as I laid my hands on the boy and quoted scripture of raising the dead.

After about a minute, the boy vaguely opened his eyes and closed them again. I continued to pray the Word; the boy opened them again and then spit up and closed his eyes again. I continued to pray and lay on hands; the boy opened his eyes wide, spit up a lot of water and sand and started screaming and crying.

That day a true miracle happened. When I looked at the boy, this was the same boy in my miracle dream I had a month earlier. In that dream, I was to care for that boy and the man that appeared was Satan who was trying to kill the baby.

That day, my faith was tested. Had I not have been willing that day to put the Lord's Word to work, that baby would not be alive today.

Thought I would share this with everyone. The Lord's Word is quick and powerful, sharper than any double-edge sword. When you speak it in faith, it does what you speak. God's Word does not return void but goes out to perform what you speak it to do.

Forgive me for my story being so long, but it's worth sharing all the details.

God bless you all.


"Personal Celebration - in My Dream"

There is a mysterious personal celebration going on every night, continually, with horns blowing, whistles, whistling, sound of faint air blowing, faint tinker bell sounds. All this celebration is taking place in my ear, every night.

I screamed out one night, GET OUT OF MY EAR! but it does not obey, it just keep on celebrating. I wonder if I could place a tape recorder to my ear at night to record all the celebration and determine what the music is saying to my spirit.

I have become used to it now. At first, I wasn't able to sleep but now it seems as though I fall asleep without its disturbance. It is as though there is another part separate from me but within me and it has its own separate mind but it's within me, and I cannot control it because it is a separate entity, a part of me.

The other night, I said to these sounds, "IS THAT YOU HOLY SPIRIT! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? INTERPRET THIS MUSIC SO I CAN UNDERSTAND THEM AND WRITE THEM DOWN!" But it just goes on like it suppose to do this every night, make music, because it has its own mind and I can't tell it what to do.

It's like during the day I do what I do, and at night, it does what it does, and I guess that's just the bottom line.

I wish I understood what it means but for now, I just wait for the revelation in due season.

God Bless! and Grace and Peace be multiplied to all, through the knowledge of God, and our Lord Jesus Christ!


Charlestine Cannon

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Miracle Dream

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