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"Vanessa's Dream like
Slices of Heaven"

Happy Resurrection Day!

First off I’d like to thank you for allowing this space to share these very powerful messages.

And Thank you, Jesus, for your eternal love, grace, and guidance. Thank you, Jesus, for going to Calvary for our salvation. I thank my Father and my Lord Jesus for allowing me these slices of Heaven. 

My Dream - Like Slices of Heaven

My dream started out drifting off to sleep talking to God. I always talk to him like a close familiar friend. So,  as I usually do, I Ask him if I could see a part of Heaven. I said to God, and I don’t care what part of Heaven it is but I’d be happy to help while I am there with whatever tasks you need to be done. 

Walking Across the Sky

Then I found myself on a shelf plank walking across the sky landing on a Plato with pure white pillars that reached endlessly up into the sky disappearing into white misty air.

All the pillars were cylinder in shape and wide as cottonwood trees spaced evenly across the edges of the rectangular Plato every 20 feet or so.

The airy space scenery was misty soft glowing pure shimmering white all around me like laced Ammil frost of the land. 

Immediately I felt my job was lined out for me, and instantly knew the details of my job, and they were very important. I felt very deeply about my purpose and the details for my job while I was there. 

My Job in Heaven was to clean and prepare resting places for souls.

I would pristinely clear the Plato of any debris before spreading crisp white linens across the entire area 60 feet across or so. .. There were several of these Plato’s this was one of many.

The woman Who Knew My Sister

There was a woman who appeared and kept showing me her face, and I was puzzled because I knew her, but I didn’t remember how or why.

The woman handed me the crisp white linens folded neatly, and I tossed them out into the breeze and layered them across the airy ground flat and smoothly making sure there were no wrinkles or creases.

At the edge of the Plato, I placed my sister's ashes facing the view outward across the sky and knelt down beside them looking across the sky down at the Earthy crust’s and landscapes.

The woman came closer and told me she knew my sister. She said she was a very beautiful person inside and out and that she was very special and nurturing. I Said thank you for that, I miss her more than words, she was very special to our family and she was my confidant, she kept our family glued together so to speak. 

The woman disappeared, and I gazed over across the land once again and told my sister I missed her and I pray she is well with God and That was the end of my dream. 

I now realize that the woman who appeared was my Half sisters adopted mother who passed away a couple of years ago and she has been struggling with her loss and trying to cope, and I pray this visit with her in Heaven will help comfort her. 


Thank you, God, for letting me share my very sweet memory in Heaven, and I loved my job, by the way, you are such an Awesome God, and I love you!! 

Vanessa: United States

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Dream Like Slices of Heaven

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