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Raine: Philippines

I saw in my dream lots of people and angels walking in the sky. I am down stairs in between a door and a window, others from the sky go down and enter the door and after the window. I feel so happy and excited that time, then I ask the man whose in front of the window and charge of every people going in, he wears clothes like Abraham. Can I enter now the window? He said to me, you have lots of memories, and you still can't afford to leave them, I answered I would leave some of it. The man let me choose which memories do I need to leave by showing me pictures which are not clear, but in the pictures are a big man standing which I think is my husband and the 2nd picture are little ones maybe they are my children, although their face is not clear if they are my family members.

Shonna: United States

Five years ago I had this dream it was so real I was standing in the middle of a field I was praying, and as I was looking up towards heaven I saw all kinds of jewels and rubies fall from heaven I stretched out my arms as they I cried and smiled.It felt so real like I was in his presence.

Terry: United States

Hi, my name is terry, I had a dream last night, about being in a building with a long desk and a man standing behind it. There was a line of people walking through the line, then they would go through a door with light running left and light running right one would take them to heaven the other to hell. I saw an inmate walk to the desk, the man behind the desk said." I see you served 30 years in prison". The inmate responded I guess ill serve a lifetime in hell then. But as he went through the door the light from heaven grabbed him. This dream startled me, and I woke up right after. 

Mary: United States

This dream was a few years ago, (I was about 12 or 13), so the details are a bit fuzzy. At any rate:

I didn't see anything aside from light. It was so, so bright. However, what I felt is one of the most important memories I have: it was warmth, and love, and goodness. I stayed for a time, just... filled with joy and happiness, all the way to my core. After a while, a voice (male, but other than that I can't describe it; the dream was about five years ago) said, "Mary, it's time to wake up." And I did.

This dream has kept me going through a deep, deep depression. It's quite literally saved my life. I wish I could better describe the beauty of what I felt.

Quoting: United States  

I had a dream that I was in heaven, and it was so beautiful and white I saw sheep and a man in a white robe but all I could see was his feet, and he just stood before me and then I woke up. Like wow where was I, that dream was so powerful

Joanna: United States

Dream of being in heaven when I saw bright white cross I look down then I woke up in my dream it's like I was running so fast n when I saw the big bright cross I was scared like asking myself what happens, then I woke up.

Langston: United States

I dreamed of heaven opening up

Ian: United States

I was dreaming that I was going to heaven but was actually climbing mountains and more mountains but then out of nowhere I was at the moon clearly people were talking about that we were going to heaven and I was confused that we were me my mom and my sister I remember saying to my mom that are we leaving and her reply was yes. I also remember that the "mom" had stores, and it was really weird, and there was this kid that was holding the door for me but my mom and I of course said thank you and my mom was outside lol but I managed to let her in and the store we were at looked like the same store I was in another dream I was with my dad and my best friend trying to buy a huge glazed donut but remembering that there was a huge spider.. Back to the story, I was at the store with my mom, and she said something that I don't remember, but I heard in the background that we were going to sleep, and then I woke up.... It was the strangest dreams I had in my life, and I'm just a 12-year-old kid.

Victor: United States

My friend and I ran up to a man in a white robe, we tried to look at his face, but it was so bright.He held on to our shoulders as we flew up in the sky so fast.Then we arrived at Golden gates (I knew it was heaven)the golden gates opened and then BAMMM!I woke up; I wish my dream were longer.

Amanda: United States

I was looking into Heaven it was so beautiful. I was in such awe that I saw a table, so I went and sat down. My hair was long and straight so pretty almost like glass, and I saw my children, but they didn't recognize me. I was just stund at Heavens beauty that I turned my attention back towards the Heaven, and to my right I saw a man and as I was about to call put God my just recently passed boyfriend walked up and I said "Eddie" and he said "there you are I have been waiting for you" and he took me back to this little room which was made of all wood...just beautiful...he said "this is where you will stay when you get here" but then I heard God speaking to me, and he said "Do works on earth, my child, because this is where your treasures lay" and then I woke up

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Dreams of Heaven Page 2

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