"Lasharka's Dream
Of the Rapture"

Hello, I have had several dreams about the end times, the tribulation, and the rapture; and  most of them were very scary. Below are my dreams.

Kasharka's Dream of the Rapture:
I dreamed I was walking next to Jesus in the sky, in the clouds, holding his hand, and He warned me about the antichrist.  I saw a man who seemed nice at first, but when he turned around and looked back his eyes were red, and he gave me a deceitful smile.

I saw the moon turn red, the sun was darken.  I saw people on fire running and hiding,  I felt the ground move, and felt the fire.

Dream about Gabriel, Messenger of God:  He came to me and gave me strength, then he swiftly flew back up to Heaven.  He was so weak after giving me his strength that he could barely make it back to heaven.  Suddenly I heard a loud voice,  and then I saw the brightest light, and heaven open. The angels and elders came to help Gabriel.

Dream of a False Christ:  In this dream I saw people being deceived by the false Christ.  I saw people who were being taken up,  and others being  left behind.  The ones raptured first  turned to white spirits;  then I was raptured up . I turned into a spirit as well, but  all I saw was a bright light and a cross. 

Jesus was so bright you couldn't look at him.  I saw stars falling from the sky, and an army of men forcing people to take the mark of the beast.  I saw rivers that turned blood red, (like the Word says),  as the blood of men, and I saw war take place.

I have had some of these dreams at least three times; in some,  I saw planes fall from the sky, and  people running and hiding.

I believe the prophecies are at hand.  Just look at the world wide news and you will see that the focus is on Israel; with things going on between Israel, the Palestinians, and Hamas.

Christians are being persecuted daily, and the death toll is rising. Jesus said Christians would be killed for his name sake. 

Follow the signs Jesus gave us to look for his coming. He says,"keep watch." 

It's sad, but many will be destroyed for a lack of knowledge of Gods Word. Those who take the mark of the beast, even by mistake, will do so for a  lack knowledge, and will be deceived.

The mark of the beast will be through technology, an angel in disguise. His number which will be set up on a world wide system; and soon.

We must know how to endure through starving and other tribulations.  No one will be able to buy or sell without that mark.

Whether we love Christ, or the antichrist,  and even if we have to die for Christ for refusing the mark, we must go through many tribulations.

The only way to beat the end times is by prayer;  by using Godly  knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and in resisting the devil.

We must watch and repent daily,  and we must daily ask God for the word of Truth,  and strength to help us know how to endure and survive during the end times.
Lasharka's Dream of the Rapture

Lasharka: United States


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