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"Our Small Shells"
A Lesson from the Simple Crab

If not for God's Word the human race may have been forced to learned their virtues from God's other creations. For instance, we may have learned faithfulness from a dog, perseverance from an ant, and creativity from the spider. 

Thankfully, we have God's Word, but we can still learn from His creations, even the simple crab. A crab does not grow, as do other animals. While their body continues to grow through out their lifespan their outer shell stops growing when it reaches a certain size. As the crab continues to grow it is forced to find a new shell that is larger and better. 

Why is it so natural for the crab to step into something new, and so difficult for humans? In order to continue growing, we must often step out of whatever is keeping us from continuing our growth. 

A good example of how difficult it is to leave our small shells would be when the Children of Israel, though living in captivity and misery, were at first hesitant to leave the land of Egypt. 

Even after leaving, many of them wanted to go back. They were apprehensive and concerned about how these changes would affect their future. They were afraid of the unknown. 

Growth in following Christ often requires us to leave something very dear and important behind, (Matt 19:29). The Israelites were required  to have the faith and determination to follow God, regardless of the consequences, before they would leave  their small shells. 

If not careful, we may find ourselves clinging to a bad situation, such as a job, or personal relationship that is no longer working; and for the same reason as the Israelites, the fear of the unknown.

Perhaps we can learn to bravely climb out of our small shells, and into the hands of the Holy Spirit. There He will guide, comfort, and lead us into the newer broader path of His choosing. 

The One who knows the number of hairs on your head and every sparrow that falls, has a continuing and often changing plan for your life. Those who make the commitment to bravely step out in faith will find that His paths are always the most rewarding.

Regardless of your age or position in life, with Christ it is always just the beginning. By letting go of the old and following His guidance you can discover a fresh new life, filled with unique experiences, and no restraints. 

Samuel Mills

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Our Small Shells

Our Small Shells

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