"Brian Visits Heaven and has an Encounter with Jesus"

I've had several dreams that seemed WAY different than regular dreams for about 10 yrs.  About 3yrs ago, I had the most POWERFUL and unforgettable dream/vision of all.  At the time I had been hitchhiking/hobo-ing cross country.  


While in my tent, one night:  I was walking through an industrial part of a city.  I'd just gotten off a city bus and was walking toward the end of the street.  There were many people coming from the other way.  They didn't look happy, just intent on getting to their own destinations.  A guy about my age (33 yrs old at that time) came up to me from the other way and asked, "You do realize you're not in the same realm as earth right now?"  I didn't say anything and was confused.  He told me to follow him and then about a minute later he left.

Brian Visits Heaven

I looked to my left and there was a lady and a small group of people behind her.  She said, "I'm glad to be here. How about you?"  I just said, "Sure."  But, not knowing where 'here' was.  We got to a big warehouse and stopped at a big bay door.  It opens up and we all walk inside and all the way to the other side of the big room.  

There were 2 young men up in the rafters operating the doors.  We continued to walk straight outside onto a sidewalk leading to the left and then curving to the right.  We walked through a tall stone archway and stopped in front of a huge wooden gate with a stone wall on either side of it.  It opened and we all walk through, and, 

WOW! WOW! WOW!  The most beautiful city park I've ever seen.  It was a field of nice green grass, rolling hills, a big shady oak tree out in the distance.  The sky and clouds were so much more beautiful than I've ever seen!!!  We split up and I walk around alone.  I came across lots of other "people" (humans?) laughing, dancing and enjoying themselves in this nice park.

When I came across one particular small group of people a lady in the group looked at me and said she was glad to see that I had made here.  She pointed behind me and said, "He's here."  I looked behind me and was SHOCKED!  

It was Jesus!!!

"He" was very familiar and much taller than me. He was wearing a long blue shirt with yellow-ish flower designs and a white open robe and barefoot.  He was exactly like the portraits.  He was smiling down at me with big blue-ish eyes and a big bright light was glowing behind him.

He was holding a large bottle with some type of plant inside, and a piece of paper on the bottle with about a dozen lines of sentences that I didn't recognize the spellings.  I said, "I can't read...."  He said, "I have something you can understand".  Then he held a small tv picture style of a video.  It was a recording of cities, people, cars, etc.  

Symbol of Love

The video went in reverse (like back in the time of "creation).  It stopped by a pile of sand in the shape of a person in the fetal position.  

The wind blew the sand away and uncovered a rose,  the symbol of love.  I figured it out!!! He told me, "When you come back, you will understand everything."

At the same time, behind him, was an old lady who was upset and looking for something in a backpack.  Then another tall person wearing a dark robe with a hood on his head walked past us and told me, "Congratulation, you made it home."  I looked back to Jesus and fell to the ground and cried. The small group of people danced around me and Jesus was still smiling!!!  I know in my heart that Jesus spoke to me.  That's the most realistic dream I've ever had. I know in my heart that Jesus spoke to me.  

I woke up with tremendous energy and got out of my tent and danced IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT IN THE WOODSY MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!

I'll spend the rest of this life thanking Jesus for finding me.  And really hoping that He meant it when he said I would be coming back to the place in the dream, HEAVEN!!!

Brian: United States

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Brian Visits Heaven

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