"God Has a Plan"
For My Life

God Has a Plan: I have asked God to take control of my life, and told Him "not my will but His," giving Him free reign in my life. Yet when things happen in my life that I don't consider good, I immediately cry and complain to Him.

The bible says His ways are not our ways, but it seems because I don't necessarily like the circumstances He's using to bring about change in my life that maybe I'm not really giving Him free reign.

God uses whatever He considers necessary to bring about the change in our lives that He desires. We really need to learn and know that not everything He causes or allows to happen in our lives is going to be comfortable for us, or even seem good at the time.

I just lost my job of 19 years and right now it couldn't seem darker in my life, but I know God has a plan for my life, and obviously it includes this major change. Somehow this is going to move me in some direction or to some place that He wants me to be.

It's definitely not comfortable for me and I can't lie and say that I like it. I am way more like the children of Israel when they were in the wilderness than I care to admit. Although He had delivered them from so much already, and was providing for their every need, (not want but need), proving to them that they could trust Him, they still complained over every little thing.

They were always ready to believe the worst about God, that He really didn't care about them, wouldn't take care of them, didn't really love them. If He did, why would He let these bad things keep happening. Exactly like me. Maybe, exactly like you.

But listen people, God has a plan. He doesn't exist to serve us- we exist to serve Him. Sometimes we get too comfortable in this life. God is good and gracious, and the more comfortable we get, the more we care about us and the less we care about others.

God created us, He understands our nature, and like a painter who is finishing his creation, He is constantly touching us up here and there, so that in the end , His work of art will be exactly the way He wants it.

I wrote a little note awhile back and I think it applies perfectly here - "my life is not turning out the way I wanted it , but maybe it is turning out exactly the way God wants it."

I am still praying "not my will, but yours," just like Jesus did, and like others, I have to add, "forgive my unbelief", and trust Him to get me through this difficult time.

When we tell Him, "use me any way you want, take control of my life," we better be ready to believe His word and trust Him completely; because things are going to change, and we are going to see just how much we really do need Him in our lives, and just how much He can accomplish through a faithful servant.

Carolyn McDaniel

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God has a plan

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