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"Carolyn McDaniel"

Carolyn McDaniel Christian Articles

I was blessed to grow up with a wonderful grandmother who took me to church, taught me to pray, and grounded me in the bible. It was through her influence that I learned about Jesus.

I have been in many difficult situations and Jesus was with me through them all. God has given me more to say about Him, and the desires He has for His Children than I can ever put on paper.

I hope you enjoy my articles and find them helpful. I would love to hear from you. Please use the form at the bottom of the page to contact me.

Carolyn McDaniel

"Christian Articles by "Carolyn McDaniel"

"You can't Live Someone else's Christianity for them"

I have a friend who has been gay since he can remember, and now is over 60 years old. Last year he gave his life to the Lord and what a change God can make. He threw himself entirely into the church. Every meeting, every function, he was there. Because of health and financial problems, he moved in with a Christian relative and her husband and attended church with them.

Knowing his background, this lady decided to become the spiritual police. Every move and phone call was monitored. Instead of living in a loving Christian home, it became a jail cell, with her as warden. She tried to live his Christianity for him, and no one is called to do that. Paul says to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. No one else can do it for us, we have to. 

My friend was so suffocated and dictated to that he had to move out. He was miserable. This lady never did and still doesn't realize what she did. You cannot live someone else’s relationship with God for them. That is strictly between them and God and He doesn't need your help. In fact, I believe He would appreciate it if you would just be you and let Him be God.

My friend has moved to another state and I hesitate to ask him anything about his relationship with God because I don't want him to think I'm doing what she did. So, I am content with God's Word that says no one can take my friend out of His hand and He that began a good work in his life is faithful to complete it. My friend is working out his own relationship with God and that is the way God wants it. He is able.

"Carolyn McDaniel's Christian Testimony- "I was His, and even though I had made some terrible mistakes, He found me and brought me back."

"The Prosperity Message God's Way" - What good is the prosperity message if it isn't invested in the kingdom of God? In the early church, the members sold their belongings and put the money in a communal fund to be used for the benefit of all

"A Matter of perception" - is about how we view our life situations verses how God See's them.

"How Much Proof do we Need?" - "How much proof do We need?" is a short Christian article by Carolyn McDaniel on today's Doubting Thomas's and God's supernatural intervention.

"Cardboard Christianity" - "In cardboard Christianity, church members hold up a sign that tells something about their lives and then they flip it over and it tells what Jesus did..."

"Options with God" - Perhaps God doesn't answer right away because He wants to see our reaction to our own prayers...

"Good Enough" - "If I fail, it's okay. Jesus was "good" enough, and that's the main thing..."

"God has a Plan" - "...although my life is not turning out the way I wanted it, perhaps it is turning out exactly the way He wants it."

"God's Photo Album" - "...if God had a photo album, my picture, and everyone else's would be..."

"Lasting Impressions" - "A lot of people don't want to talk about Jesus, but if you ask... you're going to make a lasting impression."

"Less than the Least" - "This woman committed suicide. I was hurt right down to my core. I knew I had failed..."

"Amen, So Let it Be" - "God was raising my awareness of how dependent I am on Him, not just at a..."

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