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"How Much Proof
do We Need?"

How Much Proof do we Need? I was reading Matthew 28 in the Message Bible, and it suddenly hit me that the angel didn't roll away the stone so Jesus could get out, but so that the women could see that the tomb was empty. Jesus was already gone!

" Meanwhile the eleven disciples were on their way to Galilee, headed for the mountain Jesus had set up for their reunion. The moment they saw Him they worshiped Him. Some, though, held back, not sure about worship, about risking themselves totally."

Isn't that still the way we are today? How much proof do we need? Even though Jesus showed himself to the women after they left the empty tomb and told them where to send the disciples to meet him, some were still afraid to totally commit even after seeing Him with their own eyes.

This man they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt had died, was alive, and doing exactly what he told them he would do. One gospel says that Thomas didn't believe, but Matthew says some, meaning more than just Thomas. I'm glad to read that because many times when I feel especially dense, I wind up thinking I'm the only one who could be that stupid.

If these men who actually witnessed the Lord die and come back, hesitated to believe, then I find myself in good company. And it reassures me to know that even though this incident happened, every single one of them spent their lives for Him, suffering terrible hardships and dying for Him.

There is hope for me. Jesus has proven himself to me time after time, and yet it seems my first reaction when adversity comes is to hesitate. I don't like this about me, but there it is God has proven Himself to me over and over and done so supernaturally at times.

My best friend at church, who is a Godly teacher, once told me, after I had related yet another experience to her, that she wished God would do things that way for her. I told her that He knew she didn't need that kind of proof, that His word was enough for her.

God does things differently for each of us. He knows what each of us requires to move ahead. There was a time when my daughter was small, and we had just moved into a different home, and I was so afraid at night that I couldn't sleep.

I would pray and pray in the bed for protection for us through the night, and one night as I was praying with my eyes open, I saw a ball of fire appear outside my window. The next night the ball of fire appeared at the foot of our bed as I prayed.

I believe God sent an angel to assure me He was there and would protect us, so I reasoned in my heart that either I believed His word or I didn't, and after that, I could pray and go to sleep in peace. He knew I needed that kind of supernatural proof to move on and He loves me so much that He's willing to do whatever it takes.

I related this experience to a friend of mine at work one time, and as I told him, his eyes got big, and he had the funniest expression on his face. Then he told me he had just read about this happening to someone else.

When my daughter told her aunt (my sister) about some of the supernatural things that happened in my life, my sister just laughed and told her I was crazy. But let me tell you, we serve a very supernatural God. There is nothing natural about Him.

If you're at a place in your life where His word alone will get you through then, I believe He honors that greatly. We all need to be there, but if you're like me, and for whatever reason, wondering how much proof you need, He is always willing to do whatever it takes to get you there.

My friend did have a supernatural experience with the Lord a few years later. She was taking care of her dying mother and was to the point where she was so tired and heart-weary that she felt she couldn't go on.

As she sat in the bedroom that night with her mother, they both got to hear the angels singing. It was something they both needed, and what a beautiful experience. My friend will never forget it. It gave her strength to go on.

God knows just what we need and when we need it. I believe for all of us who can believe and are open to it, be prepared, for our awesome God is more than willing to give us not only natural but supernatural experiences in our lives, to take us exactly where He wants us. How much proof do we need?

Carolyn McDaniel

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"How Much Proof do we Need?"

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