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"Lasting Impressions"

Lasting Impressions: During this last year my neighborhood has experienced an influx of people going door to door trying to spread their spiritual beliefs. None of them were of my Faith, but all of them were dressed immaculately, smiling, and courteous.

What impressed me most was two young men who asked if they could do anything to help me, (even after I told them I wasn't interested). I was mowing the yard at the time, and even though they were all dressed up and it was 90 degrees, I believe that, if I had said yes, they would have finished mowing my yard for me. They weren't willing to pass up an opportunity to get their foot in the door.

They impressed me. Had I not been grounded in my faith, I would have wondered what these two young men believed, that they were so willing to help someone they didn't even know, or that they cared enough, not even knowing me, to want to help me.

In comparison, I thought about how many Christians had come to my door in that last year. None. Not one brother or sister had been through my neighborhood wanting to talk about the Bible, and if turned away, then asked if there was anything they could do for me before they left. I wanted to cry.

How often had I asked God for someone to help me do something. I'm a widow and mother of a young child. We don't have any family to help us, and I'm getting old. Some people in churches think there's nothing they can do. They tithe and seem to think, " O.K. I've done my part, now it's up to someone else." Only there is no one else.

Jesus didn't just talk to people; He helped them. He never failed to heal anyone who asked. He would even walk long distances to do it. Before He started His ministry, He was a businessman, a carpenter. Jesus knew how to work with His hands, and He wasn't afraid of hard work.

At His last supper, He insisted on washing all of His disciple's feet before the meal. Since people usually had to walk everywhere, their feet got tired and dusty from the road. It was refreshing to be able to wash the dust off their feet and relax. He cared about their basic needs and wanted to do something for their benefit.

He was a servant leader, and I believe He expects the same of us. There are a lot of hurting people in this world, and most of them could use help. A lot of people don't want to talk about the Bible or Jesus, but if you ask if they need help with anything, and mean it, you're going to make a lasting impression. Even those of us who are already Christians could use help.

Phony Christians are a dime a dozen though. Make sure you are ready to follow through if you ask. Those two young men left my home thinking they had failed, but they left a lasting impression.

Carolyn McDaniel 

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Lasting Impressions

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